Sightless Discovery

March 12th, 2015 by

Scheduled – August 6, 2016

Cost – $65.00

Length – 6 hours

Preregistration required – email to inquire

Do you remember times of past when you were a child? Did you ever play games where you were blindfolded and had to rely upon your other sense to figure things out? As people get older they tend to shy away from such games and styles of discovery. Instead the cliché or classic styles of exploration become the norm. This dramatically limits the experiences we can potentially gain. By staying within the rigid lines of “typical” we become stagnant even in our pursuits to grow and explore.

The Element Mountain Sightless Discovery event is laid out in such a way to combine the childlike nature within us all with the deep and multilayered discovery and understanding of the adult mind. After all, we are both child and adult all through our lives. We learn and reflect that which surrounds us- children and adults alike.

In this Mink level event you will learn to genuinely tap into and discover your senses in a way that most adults do not embrace. Together as a group we will embrace darkness in order to find the light hidden away within all of our senses. Need is many times the most effective teacher. During this event you will immerse yourself with the group in the mountains of Vermont. While the natural world surrounds you and tantalizes all your senses, you will learn though great fun how to listen to them all.

Most people take sight for granted and thus lose the ability to hear everything coming into us from all our senses. Typically when people can see they forget to feel, listen, hear, smell, taste and truly live within the full embrace of life the human is able. In Sightless Discovery you will learn how to get back to that child heart and learn to open up to the out of the ordinary explorations that can move you in deep and powerful ways.

You will be presented with fun and challenging tasks to awaken that creative child spark within you while balancing it with the adult mind of real life connection…

Come on out to Element Mountain for Sightless Discovery and have some powerful learning FUN!


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