Wooden Chalices- Youth-Made

March 30th, 2015 by

Handmade Wood Chalices


This page is dedicated to beautiful wooden chalices being handmade by my 15 year old son. He began making a wooden chalice for a class project in school and decided he enjoyed it. His first chalice came out so well and was gift for his mother and me. We suggested if he enjoyed making them, and since he is obviously good at crafting them, that he try selling some.

Each chalice is made from pine, stand upon a sturdy base, rise up on a stout stem and support a generous bowl on top. They have a very Medieval feel to them.

Since they are handmade each one varies in size, general style and wood-grain detail. After the chalice is completed in construction it is generously treated with mineral oil to not only seal it, but also help preserve the wood.

These chalices are fully functional and so can be used for drinking hot or cold liquids from, including spirits. They can also be used for centerpiece decorations, bowls for holding things like potpourri, gemstones, coins, shells, and countless other unique and special décor or sacred items. You could very well use them to hold and serve nuts, crackers, dried fruits, dips and so on. I would think you could even place a small plastic container inside to hold a little plant and thus use it for a plant holder.

Use your imagination and I am sure you could find your own special use for these beautiful handcrafted wooden chalices!

We have no idea how many he will make or how long they will last for sale. Though for now I told him I would dedicate this page to sell what he had, when he had them. The prices vary from chalice to chalice dependent on size and quality.

Below you will find links to chalices he has for sale at this time. All monies go directly to my son for his fine work.

So why not support the artistic creativity of the youth and look into purchasing for yourself or as a gift for another one of these beautiful handmade wooden chalices today.

Care Guide: Though the chalices are made from wood and treated with mineral oil, with use they will begin to dry. If you notice dry spots and lighter colorations starting to appear after use and washing, just gently warm the chalice and apply olive oil evenly to the surface. The warm wood, where it is drying, will absorb the oil and seal it once again for continued use.

More will be posted as they are finished 🙂


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