Plant Medicine Essence – stage 1 philosophy

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Scheduled: April 9-10, 2016

In our Plant Medicine Essence, stage 1 philosophy class we embark upon a sacred understanding to our most intimate connections to the plant world around us. Since ancient times around the globe people have been utilizing plants for food and medicines and through this evolutionary process, deep and profound understandings grew of these primal yet refined connections.

Even if you ate no plant material whatsoever, but only ate meat, you would still be ingesting plant energy. All animals contain plant energy, even if they are strict carnivores. Even the strictest carnivore eats plant material in the form of herbivores. The herbivores eat the plants and those plants and their energy become part of the herbivores body, its flesh, bone and blood. When the carnivore dies, the body returns to the earth and in-time becomes fertilizer that plant seed will use as food. It is all a cycle, an ancient and sacred cycle that each one of us is part of.

Many pre-technological peoples called the energy of plants and animals, minerals and elements, “Medicine”, or “Spirit Medicine”; thus the term Plant Medicine. Since our connection to Plant Medicine Essence is indisputable, it behooves us to learn about this energy and our intricate connection to it. This knowledge and understanding can be used to better our quality of life through health and well-being, but also through deeper and more profound conscious connections to the environments of this earth and our placement within them.

Many people today ingest plants in very non-beneficial ways that clash with the seasons, their personal body constitution, time of life, energy and nutritional needs, healing requirements and position upon the earth (environment where they live). Many of the old teachings have faded away with the ancient ones who knew them well. As humans slowly moved away from living with the natural world and began seeing it as something to dominate, control, alter, destroy and reap profit from, the primal conscious connections to life around began to sever. This created a division, a split inside humans because the subconscious retained the wisdom. But the stronger the external distractions became, the less and less people listened to their subconscious. Societies as a whole began to suffer from this internal division.

Through this suffering lifestyles bent upon destroying the natural world of plant, animal, mineral and element increased. The use of chemical sprays and other heavy toxins were employed on food sources, residue pollutants from chemical productions began filling the water, air and soil and pure state of the plants began to change under the stress. In response, instead of working to find more healthy ways to deal with humans needs, humans turned to genetic modification, further destroying the primal integrity of the plants, animals and all life touching and dependent upon them.

Natural plant medicines slowly faded and were replaced by synthetic chemically derived “medicines” of which many have horrible health side-effects and do a large part in the contribution to pollution. People taking these debouched synthetic chemical “medicines”, get hooked on them as the chemicals many times do far more harm than good and then found need for more chemical concoctions to abate rising symptoms.

The brighter side of all of this is that the real connection to the plant world was never actually lost. We are still here, as are the plants. We still consume plants and so they are part of our bodies. The only real issue is the lack of conscious awareness today for the intricacies and potency’s of these ancient and sacred connections. Not all people lost this awareness and the knowledge of the connection between plant and human. The information continued to be used and passed down from generation to generation, just on a much smaller scale than it once was. Even with large corporations and government organizations trying their best to completely destroy this knowledge and the use of any natural plant for medicine (since they do not make profit on what they do not control, plant and person alike), the drive for natural medicines is returning in many areas of the world.

Here at Element Mountain we strongly believe in this ancient connection between plant and human and not only the potent dynamics between, but also the purity of its sacredness, this mutual bond of life. This is one reason we offer this class, to educate people who wish to learn of these sacred and very real connections within themselves so that they may bring the knowledge and practices into their lives to potentially increase its quality. It is not just for people either. The more people reconnect with these scared understandings, the more people will return to the practice of respecting the plant kingdom and hopefully cease the annihilation of its integrity.

In this class, Plant Medicine Essence, stage 1 philosophy, you will be delving into and learning about the following:

  • What is Plant Medicine Essence, what are its purposes
  • Where does it come from (Peru, Amazon, Shioibo, Native American, etc)
  • Are there different kinds and practices
  • How does it work
  • What plants can be used and what parts
  • Elements of the plants in extraction form & what element/organ/body function they affect inside us
  • What seasons are best for which plants
  • Where to find the plants and plant material
  • When to and how to best harvest (day, night, dusk, season, low ground, high ground, moon phase, etc)
  • What is the process, structure, length and purpose of each step
  • How to approach it
  • How to decided upon a plant
  • How to start the process
  • Lifestyle alterations during the process
  • Specific on brewing and amounts
  • What to expect
  • The healing process
  • Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical workings of the process
  • Conscious – subconscious connection
  • And more…

This is a class for those who truly wish to begin the process of embarking upon a healing path of self, of plant and reconnect with the primal yet refined sacred connections of body, mind, spirit and the earth through the plant kingdom. This class is the first class of which all is explained in detail. You will leave with a solid understanding of the how’s and why’s, enough to start your own personal Plant Medicine Essence healing at home if you wish.

The second class offering is for those who wish to actually start the process in a more traditional manner, with guidance and the natural environment surrounding you as you immerse all you are into the greater energy.

This class takes place indoors as it is a stage 1 philosophy class and not actual practice. It is a preparation class if you will.

Anyone 18 or over is welcome to sign up.

For more details on this class or to sign up, please email us at

Pre-registration is required. There is limited space and once the class is full, it is full.

Cost for the two full day class – $199.00 total


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