Camel’s Hump Hike

August 25th, 2015 by

Rising 4,083 feet above the Lake Champlain Valley floor, the Camel’s Hump juts up to the Vermont sky with its highly unique physique. Positioned along the Vermont Long Range’s northern half, Camel’s Hump claims the third highest mountain in the state, tied with Mt Ellen. A classic landmark today from many areas in the middle to northern parts of the state, the Camel’s Hump has a rich history back throughout the time before European settlers. Native American’s who lived in the region also knew the mountain well.

Of its many names from various peoples through the centuries, Camel’s Hump holds its current name since the eighteen hundreds and it is even a sub-name or slight variation from a name given to it in the seventeen hundreds, Camel’s Rump.

Being the highest mountain in Vermont yet undeveloped, Camel’s Hump is one of the few also home to one of the last remaining alpine ecosystems in the state. Between the incredible forest transitions, the breathtaking views from the summit, a true alpine section and the overall general splendor of the surrounding environment, the Camel’s Hump is a hike well worth the walk!

The hike gains 2,645 feet from base to summit and covers just shy of seven and a half miles round trip. We embark upon this hike on September 15, 2015.

If you are interested in joining us for this guided hike, please email us at info@elementmountain for more details.

Also if you enjoy hiking make sure to ask for details pertaining to the September 18th hike up Mt Horrid and over to Cape Lookoff mountain as well!


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