Website Fixing

October 16th, 2015 by

Greetings to the World,

This is a short information article on the Element Mountain website. Many of you may have noticed, especially from the Wolf’s Den side, that there are certain areas of the site not working properly over the last few weeks. Some of our side bars are down, the videos and photo page is stationary, some people on the member’s side (Wolf’s Den) are having some issues accessing various areas and other small technical details.

This is just to let everyone know that my webmaster is fully aware of these issues and has been working to track down the source and fix what needs fixing. No worries, the issues seem to have occurred from automatic WordPress updates and plug-in updates that were not entirely compatible with the running code. It has all been caused by the simple (or not so simple) technical errors through an ever increasing and convoluted virtual world of digital technology.

With that being said, some of the website code will need to be re-written to fix the core of the errors. This opens and opportunity to address the overdue side project of publicizing the Wolf’s Den once more to allow new members to sign up through the automated system. For many months new members have had to be signed up manually by me via email communication. It works, but it will be far more efficient with the automated system in place again.

So hang in there, the technical issues are being addressed and progress is being made. Once it is all said and done not only should all the glitches be resolved, but we should have the Wolf’s Den back open for automatic signup! In the meantime, if anyone wishes to become a member of the Wolf’s Den, please email the school at for details.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support!


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