Northern Twilight – for sale

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Northern Twilight

Northern Twilight

The Wolf has been revered for as long as humans have been in contact and sharing the land with them. People observed the many similarities between the Wolf, wolf pack and human, human families throughout the ages. The Wolf has been a grand teacher to human beings by-way of their traits and interactions with the environment. Descriptive titles such as Wildness, Pathfinder, Hunter, Teacher, Guide, Watchers, Caretakers, Protectors, Warriors, Scouts, Family, Parenting, Compassionate, Listeners, Intuition, Fearlessness, Leadership, Playfulness and many others have been used to describe the Wolf. The Wolf has become an embodiment of many high qualities and traits humans have aspired to throughout time on the earth. The howl of a wolf on a cold winter’s night is truly the sound of the purity of wilderness that touches the depths of our very soul.

The Lion has invoked visions of wildness similar to the Wolf. Once again, humans have revered and feared Lions throughout ages. Unlike Wolves, healthy Lions are documented to prey on humans in their natural habitats with frequency. Living in prides on the vast continent of Africa they continually struggle the many hardships that go with the territory. Thus the Lion has been tagged with titles like Courage, Strength, Assertiveness, Pride, Aggression, Domination, Family, Intuition, Patience and many others. If the Wolf speaks deeply of the purity of wilderness and a pathfinder, the Lion speaks equally of raw courage and aggressiveness. Humans have aspired to building and upholding the difficult traits of the Lion across many cultures upon this earth. The Lion holds that special place in the hearts of human beings that speaks of Bravery and Leadership.

Together the Wolf and Lion make a unique and powerful mix of energies, lessons and guidelines to quality living. White is a hue of purity and where anything can exist, the color of the north, a place of healing, spirituality and the vast expanse of the forever. Winter is the time of elders, purification, renewal and spirit. The boreal forest of the far north is a symbol of the purity of the wild, the rawness and untamed energy of the earth. Sunset is the time of reflection, experience, introspection and inner strength, especially when combined with violets, lavender and midnight blue. The white wings upon the backs of both the white Wolf and white Lion speak of the highest level of the animal energy. Put that all together and the powerful symbology of the image you see becomes quite clear, like the glistening stars on a cold winter’s night.

I saw this image in my mind some years ago during a vision. Through the digital art world the vision was able to be brought into physical reality and onto the canvas. I think the image itself speaks for itself, and those who understand the depth of symbols will feel it.

Today I am placing this beautiful image up for sale to the world! I have three different formats available for purchase.

  1. Stretched canvas – 12” x 18” ——– $59.99 + $19.95 shipping inside the United States
  2. Un-stretched canvas – 12” x 18” ——$42.99 + $19.95 shipping inside the United States
  3. Foam core – 12” x 18” —————–$39.99 + $19.95 shipping inside the United States

Shipping might be slightly lower depending upon your location and will be taken into account upon sale inquiries.

(For shipping outside the United States please email me for exact cost at )

Methods of payment accepted are Paypal, Stripe, Personal Check or Money Order. Orders usually ship within 2-5 days of payment.

If you are interested in purchasing this beautifully powerful piece called “Northern Twilight”, please email me at

Northern Twilight

Northern Twilight


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