Ancient Wisdoms Hike

April 25th, 2016 by

Scheduled – June 11, 2016

Cost – $180.00

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Within this event we will be taking a short hike in the high country of the Green Mountains, to immerse ourselves in the wilderness and connect with the land. We will be upon one of the oldest mountain ranges in the entire North American continent, on mountains that once stood as high and even higher than the mighty Himalayas. An ancient range holding truly ancient memory of this earth.

Once we reach our council site in the wilderness we will open to the lessons of the innate wisdoms of female and male energies based upon the natural dictations of this earth’s wilderness. In this physical life there is male and female, female and male for a purpose. Each has their unique wisdom, energy and power. It is the responsibility of both to openly share their personal wisdom with the other so balance can reign. However, this practice has suffered a very long time ago and severe acts of imbalance have swept the world ever since. Men lack the inner feminine and women lack the connection to their inner masculine. Though we are born with the potential to gain the wisdom ways of the opposite sex, we require by the sacred pattern to learn this potential and growing of it from the opposite sex.

Once this natural and sacred process stops or slows down, the male and female lose the ability to properly find, grow and use the opposite wisdom inside for internal balance and external action then suffer. Male requires female to be fully male and female requires male to be fully female. One wisdom requires and relies upon the other in the sacred way of existence. Both are only a half of the whole and so must learn from the other to uphold balance.

Beyond this we will bring forth the deeper connections and understandings of the 5 Original Wisdom’s of the world’s human races.

Unlike science tries to tell us, Native Americans as well as many other pre-technology cultures understood that humans did not all evolve from the same ancestral species. We did not sprout op on the African continent and travel round the world. It has been widely believed and known that the human species came from numerous races that all began in different areas of the earth. There were many bloodlines, not one original. These bloodlines were strong within themselves and the spiritual abilities of those people far surpassed most people today, because their bloodlines were not washed down.
When the bloodlines of the various human races were strongly intact, the sacred wisdom bestowed on a soul level was understood and embraced. Each race had bestowed upon them the higher wisdom of the physical universal ways that directly connected to spirit.

They were not meant to be clashing or in competition with each other. Rather the 5 Wisdoms were and are compliments to one another in every aspect. Each Wisdom supports another and together they weave an energy web of balance, of harmony. It was only when these Wisdoms started to slip from human understanding, due to the washout of genetics, that they became strewn from understanding on a whole within the mixture of races. However, this does not mean the original understandings were lost within the original race genetics, only in the confused mixture of genetics.

Even though I have written about each of these, based upon Meechgalanne’s teachings, this event will delve into a more complete portrayal of the depth contained within these teachings. In the wilderness we will explore more completely the ancient wisdoms presented by this earth and layout ways that we can all use this information on a personal level in our own unique lives.

Most people know that Gratitude is one of the most important energies to success and well-being in this world. Also on this hike we will be discussing the 12 Layers of Gratitude passed down to me from Meechgalanne’s people. His people believed that unless one could become aware of, understand and honor the 12 Layers of Gratitude, the strength of one’s prayer, wishes, higher evolutionary attainments and connections would suffer and flounder in this disconnect. These layers are not based upon some regions text or teaching, but in the base and thus foundational principles of the natural world around us, which means they can be fit into any form of belief.

  1. Female & Male – Medicines of Opposites
  2. 5 Original Wisdoms
  3. 12 Layers of Gratitude

Plan to spend a full day in the wilderness with Element Mountain in beautiful Vermont for this powerful event!

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