Christine Joanna Hart Show Interview & White Wolf

May 7th, 2016 by

Hello from Vermont and London!

Below you will find a link to the Christine Joanna Hart London radio show that took place on May 5, 2016 where she interviewed White Wolf for two hours.

Please be advised, White Wolf stated on his article that’s associated with this interview:

“*** Please remember that what follows are only what my brain and body claim to remember as dictated. This does not make it absolute. Trauma does many things to the brain and makes it very difficult to successfully orient the details. Does my brain contain vivid memories and vague memories of the following – yes. Does my body remember events dictated below – yes. Have I experienced traumatic recall from working through the time periods these events are dictated to have taken place while in therapy – yes. Does this automatically mean it is 100% fact and truth – No. This means there are areas of my brain and body that have been traumatized that believe the below dictated details and events are truth, but that does not necessarily mean they are. They may be all true or just partly be truth, and again the brain is a vast frontier that the top specialists in the world do not fully understand. Like I stated above, Trauma does many things to the brain and makes it very difficult to successfully orient the details of traumatic time periods and events. I claim the details below are my memories, both brain and body, but I cannot and do not claim they are completely true to the actual events and time period, only what the trauma remembers. I was young, angry and was forcefully induced with drugs for the below events and also had been traumatized numerous times in my early life by other events that have been proven to be fact.

Yes my brain feels what I have remembered and detailed below is truth. It is fully convinced the information is fact. But my core accepts that the brain has been traumatized and even though my core accepts some of it as fact, I cannot bring myself accept all of it is as my brain remembers. This is the biggest difficulty with traumatic memories. Some tell me this is avoidance, some tell me this is logical and others tell me it really does not matter because the healing processes are all the same no matter if it is all fact or just partly so.

So with all that in mind please read with that knowledge and remember that this article was not written for the intent of trying to format some legal prosecution or convince others of absolute fact. It is just information taken directly from brain and body memories during a very traumatic time period of my life. I present it as such. Through therapy I have come to give acceptance to the possibilities that yes some of the details happened, but others may have been generated in the brain only from the trauma of some of the events that actually took place.”


If you are interested and have the time, why not listen in:


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