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Word has it that the Dream Catcher came originally from the Ojibwe Native Americans around the Great Lakes region. The oldest legend surrounding the Dream Catcher can be found from that tribal people. However, like all good things, the Dream Catcher spread far and wide as time flowed across the land.

If we leave the purity of tradition aside and just focus on the Dream Catcher as more of a Nature based form of Art, we can open the creative process to levels not bound by tradition. As stated in the above link, Dream Catchers were originally only 3”-5” across and the web typically contained a certain number of “points” to represent various energies like seasons, moons and directions.

What I was told years ago was that native peoples found that placing spider webs over their babies while they slept helped them sleep better since it kept insects at bay. Beings that pre-technological societies were very spiritual in nature and aligned at a very foundation layer with animism, they placed a great deal of meaning in details of their lives. The telling went on to then say the people started placing belief upon the spider webs that helped their children sleep better. In the morning they might find dew drops upon the webs that glittered with light and color, shape and movement. Since the energy of the web possessed such energy the people began making webs strung in hoops. Willow is one wood easily bendable and so used frequently for hoop construction. In time the handmade webs were decorated with natural objects felt to add dream powers and protection to the webs. Practicality turned spiritual.

As with most things the idea spread from one people to the next across the land. As time moved along the true origins of the dream catcher was lost, especially since it became so widespread among the people of Turtle Island. In the reach to reclaim and protect identity in a modern country that has done its best to erase the ways of the Native people of this land, various tribes laid claim to the dream catcher. Well why not? After all, dream catchers have been in many tribes for a very long time. One of the most powerful claims is by the Ojibwe Nation. However, recently I viewed a story-telling by Elder Woablaza. He tells a story of the origins of the dream catcher that is interesting. I think the main reason I enjoy it is because it places no claim by any specific tribe, but to people in general from the world of spirit, absent of tribal division and possession.

I have always loved creating things of beauty from natural materials that are filled with energy. All my life I have been fascinated by tribal craft from Native American to Viking, Celtic to the Asian continent and so on. Through the years I have studied and crafted many unique pieces of nature Art utilizing the many natural materials found in the wilderness, while holding the respect and memory of the people’s who brought these creative patterns through the ages. I see the practice of Nature Arts based upon ancient cultures to be a link, a bridge from today’s world to the world in-which once was; something to keep alive memory and the beauty of those cultures.

With that in mind, I offer handmade Dream Catchers for sale, both single hoop and double hoop here through Element Mountain in Vermont. As with my real and replica claw necklaces, I use natural, high quality materials like bone, horn, semiprecious stones, glass, leather, wood, seeds, nuts, shells, feathers, fur, hair, resin, and metals. Nothing plastic is found on anything I create. I place great care in what I craft and every piece is unique, I follow no patterns. Instead I allow the natural materials speak to me and guide my hand to take the shapes they form to best. The hoops are made from a variety of materials I harvest from the forests here at Element Mountain; beech, ash, maple, oak, willow, pine, hemlock, grape, birch, aspen and more.

Here you will not find what you see in so many places theses days – inexpensive cheap slapstick manufactured “dream catchers” from some Chinese factory made with synthetic pieces and glue. Most all dream catchers you find on sites like amazon and ebay are made in factories in countries like Thailand and China and sell for a few bucks, and you get what you pay for.

The ones found here at Element Mountain are Real, Original, created with Respect and Passion for the origins of the materials and truly reflect that reverence in their presentation. It is very simple, if I made it and do not like it, I do not sell it. I believe in craftsmanship, something the modern world is losing to the fast paced demands of instant gratification.

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Below you can browse through some examples of my work. All of those were made and sold. Just click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

White Wolf



“I ordered a double hoop dream catcher from White Wolf after receiving a cougar claw necklace he made for me. I was so impressed with the necklace and its quality I knew I had to have him make me a dream catcher. When I received it in the mail I was so taken by its beauty and energy! It’s so beautiful and nothing like the mass produced one I bought in a gift shop last year. Since I’ve hung it up I’ve received more comments on it than anything else in my house. It’s an amazing piece of work! Thank you White Wolf.”

L.P – North Carolina


“I recently received my custom dream catcher from White Wolf and was truly blown away. I have come to realize that will always be my reaction when receiving something hand made from Wolf. Outside of the superb craftsmanship and authentic look, it felt so me! Ordering anything custom from White Wolf allows him to apply one of his very rare to find esoteric skills of sensing your uniqueness, and applying it to your order making it a powerful and beautiful item just for you. Everyone that has seen it has asked me about it and how to get one.  I hung my dream catcher over my bed and it not only looks amazing but seems to bring me peace, grounding, strength and sometimes even a better sleep 🙂 “

Matthew – New Jersey


“While unwrapping the newly arrived double dream catcher, quiet waves of energy emerged from it.  “Interesting,” I thought, “these energies feel as if ‘they are me’.”  My opinion has not changed.

Netting, woven within encircled willow vines, forms a void in its center.  It is a perfect oval. Within this egg-form hangs a small dream catcher.  Suspended here and there are small polished stones and trinkets of etched, painted bone spools, anchored by a Canadian goose feather.  Almost like a memory box, all in a swirl of netting.

White Wolf, you have done it again!  You have blended a traditional concept into your own multidimensional storytelling with nature’s material.  How can several circles form so much meaning?  It will take some time to unravel the secrets woven within them and their accompanying treasures.

What more can be said than White Wolf’s dream catchers are works of art, filled with energy and mystery for the recipient to discover.  Thank you, White Wolf!”

E.F – North Dakota


“What a wonderful gift arrived in my box- It is a rare day when I open a something I gift myself with. Such joy and delight and magic and wisdom and love we all encoded in your craft.  Thank you so much, it is very special and dear to me.  I placed it in front of the window where I work and I am going use it as a reminder to be balanced and connected.”

Lucy – New York


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