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August 16th, 2016 by

My new e-booklet entitled Illuminating Lies: My Fact Finding Mission following Shadow Scorpion is now available through both Amazon and Smashwords, as well as all affiliate e-book sites such as Barnes and Noble and many others. For only .99 cents you can download this booklet in any compatibility version you require.

See what original viewers say:

“Illuminating Lies” is a brief update to White Wolf’s personal healing journey of CPTSD caused by extreme traumas from dangerous cult activities and deep, mind control programming as a trained assassin.  This brief addendum punches holes in beliefs commonly viewed by many.  White Wolf concisely explains his compelling new conclusions about false memories, false beliefs and how they have so deeply contributed to his CPTSD.  

Since publishing his updated 2015 memoir, “Shadow Scorpion,” White Wolf has made some very important and jaw-dropping revelations through research and deep healing about himself and about the Illuminati, alien species and supposed off-world interferences, werewolves, global programming, – what is and what is not. 

Be prepared to have your mindset further challenged on these topics and more!”

This booklet is so eye opening, refreshing and honest! It takes an extreme individual with an incredibly clear and strong mind to be able to go through their life, time and time again, and always work diligently at healing disease, removing falsehoods, programming or whatever garbage others have put in their mind through covert and ongoing trauma from such an early age, regardless of how painful and confusing it may be.

“If you’ve read Shadow Scorpion; memoirs of an assassin, then this accompanying booklet is a must read! When White Wolf wrote Shadow Scorpion in 2010, he was still very much struggling through earlier stages of healing from the extensive trauma endured in his life. Shadow Scorpion was one result of this healing process. However, for 6 years since its publishing, his deeper awarenesses through continued healing have helped him shed falsehoods such as false memories and bring forward facts and realities of his past involvement with dangerous cults and mind control projects. This booklet brings to light those facts in a clear concise format to assist in Illuminating the Lies.

White Wolf’s ironclad pursuit of digging and peeling away the falsehoods of his heavily programmed and controlled past continues to show what the human spirit is truly capable of. No matter how dark and complex life may have been, there is always hope if someone wishes to believe in it. Through his personal evolution, he openly presents to the world in this booklet the many lies he’s discovered implanted in his memories about topics such as Illuminati, alien species, werewolves, global programming, and more. Illuminating lies and discovering hidden facts have been changing his life in dramatic ways since the publication of Shadow Scorpion. White Wolf is not one to pretend contentment when areas of his life remain questioned by his own heart. In this booklet he shares with us all his discoveries in hopes that the more fantastical seeming areas of Shadow Scorpion will be clarified and laid to rest.”

You can find this e-booklet here:


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