Dire Survival Game

December 29th, 2016 by

ScheduledJuly, 2017 (exact dates to be announced)

Cost – $420.00

Preregistration required – please email info@elementmountain.com to inquire

Length – 2 days and 2 nights (for interested groups this class can be extended to 4 days and 4 nights)

Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine

Meals – Included/Supplied

This is a fun filled, challenging and learning skill oriented Element Mountain event we call Dire Survival Game!

Imagine yourself deep in the mountains with a small group of people. You are on foot and disaster strikes. Members of your party become injured, your gear is scattered and some is destroyed. The sky says “Storm on the way” and the only way to survive is to successfully treat your wounded with what you have, utilize the remaining gear and traverse with the injured across the landscape back out.

That is the gist of this challenge. Each one is slightly different based upon time of year, how many people, exact location, weather and whatnot. Nevertheless, the main idea is just that; remotely located, disaster hits, the group needs to deal with wounded and low or inadequate supplies for everyone and the only way for everyone to have a chance at survival is to muster what you have and get out.

Innovation, ingenuity, fortitude, controlling emotions, awareness skills, focusing on complex issues, and working with what you have to successfully navigate the situation at hand ~ this requires the attention, cooperation and various skills on various levels of the group of participants. White Wolf will be present the entire time to observe and offer guiding hints to better allow the group to come up with their own solutions when they get stuck.

This challenge is not to see a bunch of masters easily working their way through the difficulties, but normal people dredging their internal resources and working together for the same end result – the successful survival of everyone.

Yes this event is made to be challenging for a purpose. One main reason for the challenging nature is to help participants find things of strength and knowledge inside themselves they might not be conscious of. It is designed to pit people against the weaker aspects of their nature so that they may learn to overcome and in-turn gain deeper perspective, understanding, self acceptance, confidence, and hardcore skills that can be aptly applied to all areas of one’s life.


This is an overnight event where participants will be primitive camping (tents or bivys but no accommodations) in the wilderness. Meals are supplied by Element Mountain and included in the coast of the event.

Preregistration is required. Once you register you will receive an email containing a full equipment list, times, locations and directions.

For more information, questions or to preregister please contact us atinfo@elementmountain.com or 802-349-0601


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