Dream Catcher Workshop

December 28th, 2016 by

ScheduledApril 9, 2017 

Cost – $75.00

Preregistration required – please email info@elementmountain.com to inquire

Length – about 5 hours

Where – Vermont

If you have visited our handmade Dream Catcher page you might wonder just how such intricate creations are made. Perhaps you have fancied trying your own hand at creating dream catchers utilizing natural materials? If you have then why not join us in this Dream Catcher Workshop!

White Wolf will demonstrate how he fashions high quality, handmade unique dream catchers in this workshop. Hoop material and webbing material will be provided for all participants. White Wolf will assist everyone in the workshop in creating their very own dream catcher of whichever design they choose.

The workshop will include:

  • Demonstrations in building single dream catchers
  • Demonstrations in building double 3-D dream catchers
  • Demonstrations in building double hoop dream catchers
  • Personal assistance in creating your own dream catcher
  • Natural Hoop material – you will construct your own hoop
  • Webbing materials
  • History and Lore of the Dream Catcher

Participants may feel free to bring any adorning items like beads, feather and other personal objects to place on their dream catcher.

The workshop will take place in Vermont and consist of about 5 hours.

Preregistration is required so ample supplies can be brought for all participants.


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