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I realize that not many people in today’s society are so open about their health, but since I own Element Mountain and have many dedicated and caring students and friends around the world, it just seems appropriate, polite and even professional to keep you all somewhat informed. The reason of course has nothing to do with my personal wish to share my health with you because quite bluntly it is time and energy I could place elsewhere, but rather so you all understand the large spans of silence and minimal activity of the school and very sporadic scheduling of events, camps and classes.

An article I wrote not too long ago laid out complications of Lyme Disease and the speculation by some of my health care practitioners that I have borrelia infection and this is the underlying cause of my many symptoms that keep my health upon the edge. Information has changed since the writing of that post – of course.

I went to the specialists in Lyme recently and it appears I may not have borrelia after all – which would be so nice. Of course this is not 100% positive yet, but we did find out what is causing many of my symptoms and could be the core reason for every symptom.

Supposedly both my liver and spleen are both in a weakened state and they are unable to move blood properly. The spleen is also unable to move all body fluids properly (one major job of the spleen). The liver and spleen are deficient in proper energy and so cannot move what they are supposed to move. This means blood gets pooled and trapped in various areas of the body and sort of festers/stagnates. Other fluids also get struck in various regions as well.

Some of you may recall that I was poisoned in 2005 which severely damaged my spleen, stomach and small intestine. The liver and kidneys also took a heavy hit, obviously since toxins go through both liver and kidneys as the body attempts to flush them out. Yes it left me mostly bedridden for almost three seasons and then took another four years to completely heal from the damage. Well I knew I never completely healed since my body has never been the same as prior to the poisoning. Nevertheless, I felt and was told by some doctors that I had healed and everything seemed to be functioning properly.

Well after the four years of intense healing were up I felt as good as I ever had in those four years. In the following couple/few years after those four I felt I was strengthening and all was well. That positive feeling was short lived. I began noticing my health start to slip. It became harder to remain healthy and full of energy. Each year that passed my health and energy became less and less. I had no idea why and frustration, disappointment and even depression started seeping into my life.

Alternative healthcare practitioners, medical intuitive, western doctors, specialists and test after test after test and thousands of dollars showed nothing but symptoms stemming from something else, but nobody could say what. Each year symptoms grew more intense and more numerous until the list spanned over seventy five major life interfering symptoms. Each year I witnessed my life and all I love to do (including all I do through Element Mountain) degrade and slip away. During the short periods of time I felt decent I would try scheduling a class or event, but each year and each season the schedule got shorter and shorter.

However, you all know full well that I am tenacious and have energies that will not rest if my life is not going as I would like; yes anger is one of them as it has been a lifelong companion. So I have continued to plug away at figuring these issues out because I am not ready to bow down and accept this quality of living, or lack of.

Most days lately I drag around with very low energy, chronic pain, exhaustion, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, slight nausea, system nervousness (ironically common in cases of stasis and severe energy depletion), intense headaches and even my cognitive functions have been slowly degrading over the last couple years; hard to focus, difficulty with memory and whatnot. Those are just a very few of my daily complications dealing with my ability to function. I may sleep 10-12 hours and still be exhausted when I wake and then need a nap or two during the day. It is difficult to get much accomplished with those feelings and it places me in rather bearish moods.

Anyway, it seems my body did not fully recover from the damage done when it was poisoned. It did not even gain long-term advantages when my blood was changed from A to O through bone marrow stem cell therapy and transplant in the 80’s.

The specialists are terming it “Stasis” of both blood and energy of a “chronic” nature. They tell me in their observations it is being caused by the spleen being very weak internally and the liver also being weak and is very widespread throughout my bodies systems. Both they say are most likely due to the damage done from the poison. They also believe the blood shift stressed the body to a point where eventually organs would weaken from it. After all, anytime you change something major in the body it is a trauma that will affect the entire organism and systems. Supposedly at first and for many years my body was strong enough to utilize and capitalize on the advantages of the change; however, time always has its say. The organs never fully regained their strength and so as the years moved along the organs slowly lost energy to the point where they could no longer successfully move blood and fluid = Chronic Stasis.

Since the spleen moves energy upward to the lungs, the lungs are also very weak right now. The threesome of liver, spleen and lungs being so depleted really take toll on energy, immunity and the delicate systems of nerves, circulatory and endocrine systems.

I am told this will take a bit to correct because of the level of stasis and depletion, and even after we get it evened out it may be a condition my body will always have to deal with. Therefore regular attention and maintenance may be required to keep everything moving smoothly. Still I would rather work with this than some nasty stealth parasite. It was eastern medicine that helped me survive the poisoning and so it seems it will be primarily eastern medicine that will assist me with this level of heal recovery. Interesting. I go to two separate places twice a week for sessions.

This is where I am and in a small candle flame what is going on and what I am dealing with. I write articles when I have the energy and mental clarity, but beyond that simple chores of living seems to be more than enough to wipe me out each and every day. Creating dream catchers does not take too much energy and seems to help me relax and bide my time you might say. Since I really enjoy making them they add a bit of pleasant focus time in my day. Since the winter holidays are coming up I have been making quite a few.

Consider yourselves informed. I wish you all a very healthy, happy, safe and prosperous holiday season and start of the new year. I also extend my gratitude to you all for your support, interest and ongoing patience. I do hold the hope that one day I will again have the energy and health to fully open and expand Element Mountain, but for now I continue to rest and dream. 🙂


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