Orienteering Wilderness Course

December 28th, 2016 by

Scheduled: May 13-14, 2017, plus the night of the 12th

Cost – $410.00

Preregistration required – please email info@elementmountain.com to inquire

Length – 2  days and 2 nights

Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine

Many people accustomed to the outdoor life have played with compasses before and some folk find them to be great fun. Not only are compasses excellent tools for survival and navigation, they can also be superb learning tools through games. In the Element Mountain Orienteering Wilderness Course the compass is both tool and game piece.

This course takes place in the Vermont Green Mountain Wilderness. The natural landscape of the wilderness becomes the playing board for this game. The Orienteering Wilderness Course is a team effort and learning experience.

Before the course actually begins, participants take part in a short compass familiar class onsite. Once everyone understands the workings of the compass and how to use it for navigation without maps, details of the course are detailed.

At the start participants are broken up into small groups and each group gets a compass and set of directions. With their survival packs, compass and direction they set out into the course. The object is not only to successfully navigate the course, but also to acquire the clues along the way that will assist each group in the challenge set up at the end. Also along the way there will be basic survival skill tasks laid out to accomplish in order to find the next clue.

Once each group finishes the navigation and task course they will find themselves in a location where the final challenge awaits that will require the cooperation, ingenuity and sense of fun to accomplish!

This is an overnight event where participants will be primitive camping (tents or bivys but no accommodations) in the wilderness. Meals are supplied by Element Mountain and included in the coast of the event.

Preregistration is required. Once you register you will receive an email containing a full equipment list, times, locations and directions.

For more information, questions or to preregister please contact us at info@elementmountain.com or 802-349-0601


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