School Closing

November 29th, 2017 by


I am publicly informing you all that the Element Mountain school will be closing.  After 10 long years of being open here in the Vermont Mountains it is time to move on.

Though I have poured my heart and soul into the school and the dreams and hopes for it for a decade, it has reached a point where the path needs to move on in new directions.  This has been a difficult decision, very difficult but all things change and must change in order to evolve.  The fact is that ongoing health issues are forcing my hand and preventing me from maintaining the quality in the school that I’ve always upheld.

The Element Mountain website will remain live for the remainder of the year. However, I will no longer be investing time on the website or planning classes/events. Wolf’s Den members may continue to visit and reread articles as much as you would like. You may continue to comment or discuss with each other as well. It will remain as is for the year. If members wish to contribute articles you may do so.

My Tribal, Viking, Mountain Man Craft ETSY store will remain live as I plan to continue making and selling them. The Twitter account for Element Mountain will also remain live and information will be posted from time to time. The Amazon and Smashwords ebook sites will also remain live as I may publish new ebooks again in the future. My Youtube account will remain live for now. I have yet to decide if I wish to keep it. The Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu website will also remain active indefinitely as it is separate from Element Mountain and the events for that business stand alone.

If anyone has a small group who wishes to take a class or participate in an excursion you will need to contact me directly and request it. I will require full commitment and payment up front in order to schedule it and work with you to make it happen. I am willing to teach or guide, but from now on you will have to come to me with that full commitment or it will not happen.

Thanks to all who supported and participated in the Element Mountain energy.  Perhaps we will reconnect in another venture down the winding path.  In the meantime do not forget about the above linked sites as they will remain open and live.

~To the Fires of spirit, the Waters of heart, Winds of time and Earth our home~

White Wolf


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