About Us

About Element Mountain

Welcome to Element Mountain where the roots are strong within the earth, ideas are fresh in the gentle breeze; growth is ever flowing with the clean waters and our spirits burn brightly within the eternal fires of existence. Element Mountain was named such in honor of the essentials of life, the core elements themselves, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Each element is intricately woven together in a perfect tapestry of magnificence that we call Life and here on Element Mountain we embrace openly the deep medicine and understandings of this tapestry. Like all life our energy is borrowed from the 4 sacred elements. What came before returned the core energy to the world and from it we have grown like a phoenix from the ashes left behind from a blazing fire that gave light to another time. The mountain is strong and firmly present in the now, in the present with roots laced deeply into the planet, absorbing and learning from the ancient wisdom gained over eons. Wide at its base, Element Mountain is all encompassing yet humble in the knowledge that it is but one of many. Rising steadily to great heights where land touches the clouds and vast sky above, Element Mountain attains inspiration while remaining firmly grounded.

The foot of the mountain is rich in physical life and skills while the peak is free from burden and released of attachments to attain the great medicine of the non-physical energies that move all things. Fresh waters, refined and pure run down the mighty slopes feeding every skill, feeling, thought and movement with the emotional tools of genuine learning. The blazing fire is the spirit that sits at the core of Element Mountain giving it life itself. Though we are in-fact a school of wilderness skills, awareness, self healing and baseline spirituality, the title “school” is not part of Element Mountain because it creates limitation. Situated in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Element Mountain is a place of exploration, growth, creativity, understanding, humility and the primal forces of what we call Life.

With its birth in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Element Mountain encompasses the knowledge and wisdom found at the core essence of life itself and that which is continually passed along through the ages so that all may benefit. Our focus is on Natural Wilderness Living, Healing and Spirituality. We are far more than just a wilderness survival school in Vermont!

Element Mountain has 3 main areas of focus:

1- Awareness
  • Of self
  • Of surroundings in life (physical and non-physical)- wilderness
  • Of connections to everything/spirituality
  • Of illusions and reality
  • Of intent  native “scout” ways
  • Of self healing
2- Wilderness Studies
  • Wilderness Survival skills/bushcraft on all levels
  • Wilderness Living skills with balanced intent & spirituality
  • Exploration and understanding of the true “wilderness”
3- Spirituality
  • Core truths found in every facet of life
  • Universal laws
  • Realities that create your life from within

Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Living, Spirituality, Healing and Awareness all here at Element Mountain! Situated within the lush Green Mountains of north Vermont, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the western world, Element Mountain is dedicated to helping people from all over the world in finding the deepest areas of their personal potential through genuine experience through both the primal and refined energies that make up this world.

Here we believe in respect, friendliness, integrity, willingness to try, both childlike fun and aged wisdom as well as attaining balance within and around our personal self. A rich combination of both the physical focus of wilderness skills to the mental aspects of philosophy, paralleled with the practicality of self healing and awareness methods can be found throughout Element Mountain.

Found laced throughout the power of the 4 seasons are fluctuating classes and events geared to all skill and adventure levels. Classes vary between outdoor and indoor environments. Events take place from the vast waters of Lake Champlain to the lofty alpine mountain tops and deep wilderness areas easily found in Vermont. We strongly feel that to learn about the primal forces of life we must touch them, feel them, wander through them and bask in them like children do in their hearts. Only when we learn how to shed our armor can we truly experience the reality of who and what we are; find our deepest connection to the medicine of the elements that literally create all that we experience and set ourselves free from illusions.

Element Mountain is not about one person, one energy. It is about dynamic and diversity. This is why we occasionally offer classes and materials from guest instructors from various quality backgrounds and skill levels. All scheduled events and classes can be found on our Schedule Page. When we are children we go off to camp and have the time of our lives. As we age social obligations seem to interfere and the spark gets buried within. More time passes and we bring our own kids to camp, drop them off wishing we could go as well as we drive to work. The child is still within us all. That vibrant spark is also inside each and every one of us. All we need to do is make the time to honor it and dissolve all excuses as to why we cannot.

Here on Element Mountain we strive to create an atmosphere through outdoor classes and events to allow that inner child and spark of enthusiasm to journey back to the surface and embrace the fun in life as we once did as children. We do this in a way that also pacifies the mind so that the logistic aspect does not interfere with that creative aspect we all require to attain personal freedom- balance- elemental balance.

The opportunity is here for you. Come and journey with us.

“When I came across Element Mountain on a Google search I held little hope. I’d been to many wilderness schools across America and most were about the same, shallow and incomplete. Those that weren’t had so much New Age confusion that I just couldn’t stand to be there. Element Mountain is truly an amazing place! The structure is defined; the classes are small and amazingly comprehensive. The school doesn’t hold that commercial air about it like so many others. Its genuine and White Wolf Von Atzingen, one of the owners and teacher is among the best I’ve encountered! His ways are open, honest, light-hearted, sincere and of the highest quality. He’s an amazing teacher and I’m so happy I found him and his school in Vermont!”

F.J.- Entrepreneur