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  1. How was survival camp? I kind of miss the blogs.

  2. I shared your link on Facebook. I hope you and everyone attending have a good week doing Survival Camp.

  3. I look forward to attending this year’s Combat Survival Camp. I attended last year and learned simple, yet highly effective skills and techniques. As White Wolf says, “Simple Works.”
    I also learned about myself; things I was in denial about. For example, I have always been non-confrontational. Sometimes, Retreat is the best course of action. When retreating is not an option, the only move I had was Freeze. Even though I practiced some martial arts as a youngster, I have little to no skill in self defense. Making matters worse, I don’t exercise.
    To quote White Wolf more accurately: Simple Works. Complicated Breaks Down
    I encourage you, reading this comment, to sign up and make the commitment if you want to learn about self-defense and survival. See you there !

  4. Urban yes. Yes I understand you would not want to live there.

  5. Usha:

    I think you mean Urban rather than rural but yes I understand. I could never live in the urban life!

  6. Joanna:

    I actually have thought for years that it would be great fun to live on a small island in a lighthouse for half a year or so, just for the experience 🙂 Perhaps one day though we will live on the northern rocky Maine coast. Time will tell, but for now we remain in the forests of the Green Mountains.

  7. Hi White Wolf, nice pics, and like Joanna says you all look happy, and I was wondering the same thing, what on earth am I doing in a rural area?? Great sunsets too. Thanks for sharing, will this be the last article? Boohoo! Take care!

  8. Good to hear you had a great vacation, White Wolf. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos. What a nice family you have, everyone looks happy. It would be lovely to live that close to the sea away from all the madness of town life. I hope you and Paula can move out there one day! You could live in the light house! Haha! 😀

  9. Hi everybody,

    what I was wondering is, maybe we can copy and paste the articles of White Wolf (with his permission ofcourse) into a file, together? I know that I would like to read his articles in the future. However, I don’t have much time to do it all by myself. Maybe we can divide it up in parts (for example, on person does A-D, the other D-G etc.)?
    We have had this idea before, others were interested and White Wolf was ok with it back then.
    Best, Usha

  10. Thanks Joanna, take care.

  11. Hi Usha,

    It’s been an enjoyable experience being part of the Wolf Den. Thanks for your imput too. I think you have been one of the most active members along with Diane. I fully understand why White Wolf has decided to make these changes. It’s just part of business really. Maybe somewhere down the line we will cross paths again. I have bookmarked the Dreamcatcher shop and Martial Arts website and can keep in touch with White Wolf that way. For now though I will enjoy reading some of the past articles I may have missed.


  12. 🙂

  13. Hi everyone,

    sadly the Wolfs Den is closing. I know that we can still read and comment, but I am not sure we can keep the fire going for a while and it is something that does not need to be, only ofcourse if it happens naturally.

    Diane, Wolfgrylls, Prajna, Joanna, Frederick, Mark, Matthew, Julia, Kip, and others I might have forgotten to mention: thanks for your support and sharing! It has helped me a lot, and it was very enjoyable to be in touch.

    White Wolf thanks again, I hope that life will bring you lots of healing and interesting experiences. I am very grateful for my time in the Wolfs Den, it was great.

    I am going to check the website now and then, but for now:

    All the best!


  14. In this poem there is beauty to it. It is a fine thing when something difficult is uplifted by art and made into something beautiful.

  15. Exactly. The reaction is all part of the social engineering. It’s designed to make people angry I’m quite sure. Divide and rule via basic emotional triggering on all sides.

  16. Fredrick,

    Thanks for sharing such and in-depth dialog of your personal discoveries concerning the deeper connections between the external and internal worlds of self awareness. Sounds like you are dabbling in many different pieces of the total energy you seek and feel. You also sound like a seeker and so I am sure as your life path continues you will come upon many other pieces that will simply enhance and expand what you already have. Such is the way of a heart-felt path.

  17. These wild “demonstrations” are no accident and most likely infiltrators are causing or directing mob situations. All of this to get the public sympathetic into allowing the growing militarized and weaponized police and sheriff departments in YOUR area. What happened at Standing Rock was a staging for all federal, state and local officials to fine tune their wares and to implement state legislation accordingly as directed by TigerSwan. It moves across this country on an intricate Black web. Everything is moving into place.

    Please read this following report by citizen journalists who acquired information documents through FOIA and received additional 100 documents from an informant. Much of what I surmised is now documented about what was really going on at Standing Rock and DAPL.

    In recent weeks local community newspapers have received a long “thank you” letter from key local government figures to the public for being so patient and supportive of DAPL. This figures into the new public relations aspect of TigerSwan. So, intimidation, divide and conquer while using a Jihadist approach of war does nothing more than set the “battlefield.” Then, pick up the pieces and thank everyone. Would you believe that the owner of Energy Transfer Partners recently wrote out a personal check of $400,000 to a tiny town for school renovation, not close to Standing Rock, on the pretense of bearing with inconveniences during the protests…. ???!! More fomenting of animosity, distrust, greed etc. Now, other area townspeople are wondering where “their share is.”

  18. It is not at all surprising to me that the “minority” overrun the “majority.” My personal definition for democracy is this: The loudest and most bullying win – usually a scant minority… at least for a while until the quiet, subdued ones become stalwart enough to stand together for themselves. By then, all mayhem ensues, which is what the grand orchestrators are provoking.

    Unfortunately, until we learn how to quell or direct our anger, we end up being no better than those who are led down this bullying path. Since colleges are considered safe zones for “Free Speech,” they are giving a Pass to non-accountability. Once again, everything is backwards and upside down. Domination and control is at its finest. Seems like ‘they’ are planning for a repeat on steroids for the summer of ’68. This time the war to win is within ourselves.

  19. Its interesting, I have received 4 emails from Den members commenting on this issue in response to this posting in the last few days. Each is basically saying the same thing, the subject and the people the article talks about make them so mad they have to refrain from commenting their thoughts here because they are so emotionally extreme. Well I understand.

    Its hard to believe the minority have whined enough and loud enough that they are getting their way among the majority and even going so far as to undermine the the integrity of entire communities and public systems. I am certainly not saying there are many things that are in need of serious change, but going about it in a way that simply throws malicious hate around and creates more hate may not exactly be the most productive path.

    Here in Middlebury college this spring there was a guest speaker who was attacked and hospitalized and the rioting kids got nothing more than a slap on the wrist! The community was outraged but yet the insane liberal students got way with it!!

  20. Interesting, I agree, I think of it more as a collective spirit, an expanded group consciousness or energy melded with the associated elements of the land and culture itself. Considering that today is Memorial Day, I’m thinking more about people like Geronimo and Crazy Horse, and ancient warriors of the Apache clans. Spirit Warriors, that is one of the main elements that I identify with and has always kept me alive and going. Although I have at times possibly felt the consciousness of higher beings or Angelic like energies, lately I have been interested in Ritual Magic, working with the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and wood. I like to use herbs and crystals, I don’t know where some of these energies come from but I know that they exist, or perhaps it is my own thought and intention that believes in them that creates it. I also think that whatever energy matches you and empowers you, is also within you. I also think it has to do with archetypal energies, like shooting a bow in the wood, drawing in all of the surrounding energies of earth and air, or making a bow drill fire. The Apache has always been with me, I was just out in my yard standing under our large pine tree which I hardly ever go to but I felt like getting down and making a bow drill fire and doing a pipe ceremony right there. When I was younger my aunt gave me as a gift for my birthday a wooden jewelry box with a painting of an Apache in buckskins wearing a red headband, the symbol of the Scout. Nature and the Woods have always been there for me. I started reading Tom’s books when I was quite young so those states of consciousness became a part of me, but I never got deeper into the physical skills which I have wanted to do. I was quite good with working with leather and hides and craft work, but lately it is hard for me to focus on anything physically such as that. I really would like to get deeper into the skills, especially things like hunting but I was never really around that or knew anyone who was especially being that I was raised in this modern culture and I am only 28 years now. Where I live though is a lot of country environment, which I try to get out to as often as I can walking, hiking and exploring. Physically it just seems easier for me to focus on things like martial arts or exercising. It’s only been just recently the past few years that I have gotten deeper into more ‘pagan’ studies. Which I have become quite fond of, and I have found that working the physical skills of these cultures really connects deep into me. Things like carving staves and making personal magical items. This fits well with me, and where I live in Missouri we’ve got the Ozark Regions of Mountains which I’ve always liked.

    But yeah, this is a great Article. Sometimes I can think too much, Virgo traits.

  21. There is quite an irony to this subject. For years we have heard about “embracing diversity.” Yet, this very concept is the opposite of what plays out. Sexism and neutrality of gender identification continue this format, which is a logical explanation of why those languages that innately identify male/female in the sentence construct are also attacked. There is great focus on making the contrived English language as the predominant language. One more example of eliminating cultural roots and identifying the masculine/feminine.

    These days in an attempt to intimidate or shut someone up, the challenge of racism is used at every opportunity. Somehow racism and sexism are becoming interchangeable.

    College is a time to explore self identity and to build on it. It is also well known as a time of community activism with idealism to make a better world. Unfortunately, this is used to further other agendas and we now have “safe places.” Sounds much like “Free speech zones.” Empty herd mentality and helplessness all wrap up into a disconnect with true self. Hopefully, others see through this maelstrom and do not get further caught up in it.

  22. Well I’m not a huge fan of Breitbart news (or most other news sources), but the article indeed touches on a subject that is becoming more and more important in society it seems.

    I’m not sure if the safe rooms all have teddy bears and all or if they’re mostly just safe in terms of ideology and protection from opposing ideas. Either way it’s very Orwellian isn’t it?

    I think this trend towards encouraging victim mentality identity politics is just one part of a massive divide and rule campaign and sadly it’s playing out quite successfully. People are so caught up in their respective movements, they can’t see what they’re moving towards or who is moving them.

    To me, it doesn’t really matter if someone is queer, straight, white, black, brown, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, right, left, whatever. They’re all
    Human beings deserving the same baseline respect.

    But If they can’t have a conversation without shutting down at the mention of a new idea that doesn’t fit their preprogrammed world view then they can have their safe spaces I suppose and stop annoying the rest of us.

    Just be glad you guys don’t have to speak French. We have a whole other level of insanity here with the emergence of “non sexist language”. It’s too complicated to explain since you’d have to speak
    French to fully appreciate the insanity of it. Trust me though it makes your safe rooms look like the best idea ever in comparison.

  23. Diane:

    Interestingly my acupuncturist just told me the other week one client he had got very small tattoos of coiled snakes on both their Stomach 36 points which keeps it continually activated. For those of you who don’t know its a traditional longevity point, among other uses. Just thought that was interesting.

    But yes tattoos traditionally can be found in all the races on every continent, however today, even though some people like myself still place a great deal of thought and genuine purpose to the practice/art, most have turned it into a fad or status symbol – shallow and wholly ego based; like so much of the modern culture.

  24. Well this article might spark a good barn burning conversation….
    1. Why are the parents paying for such nonsense, or do they cuddle up with their young adult child in front of the TV while texting each other?
    2. Which leads me to a story from several years ago. A manager interviewing college graduates for a vacant position: What would you think when one graduate comes in tow with his parents. Yes, the parents insisted on sitting in on this interview for their adult child’s job interview!
    3. Several days ago my retired teacher-friend said that the newest directive for kindergartners is to have no free play times. ALL times, including recesses, are to be guided and orchestrated. So, another brick is laid to start these new classes into complete control with no creative classes or free periods. Is it any wonder that students can no longer tolerate open discussions with differing opinions? Common sense and creativity/imagination are left at the kindergarten door and never returned back to them.
    4. “Safe Space” is commonly used in the workplace with varying definitions, such as Job-safe with no work injuries, GLBT “safe,” and a place to verbalize whatever bothers or concerns employees with no judgment… sounds like it has already arrived in businesses, albeit without security blankets and cuddle toys (or do we really know what is included in these judgment-free zones?). All in the name of “team building” at Utopia U.
    5. Interesting that “No Safe Spaces” speaks to No Free Speech.

  25. Hi Joanna,
    Yes, tattoos are interesting. It strikes me that we are left with a meaningless shell of what once was a most significant part of self-expression and representation. “Fad” in its true meaning: for a day.

    Our species is driven to “make a mark” as each of us wants to express that we have made a difference. The permanence of these tattoos and their representations are our legacy that may be found by future generations on mummified skeletons. Imagine the horror of what they might find! Today, we examine the pyramids, carved stones and rocks for clues of previous civilizations. What will we leave behind in the annals of time besides a layer of dust and chemical residue from this throw away society?

  26. It’s an interesting topic Diane. I actually really like tattoos but would never get one myself because I just don’t have any desire to have something permantly imprinted on my body. I certainly wouldn’t have one done because it happens to be the trend of the moment.

    I agree with White Wolf getting a tattoo design has to be deeply personal to you and unique. I cringe when I see people get a partners name or famous persons name tattooed on there body. Very often as soon as it’s done the relationship usually ends shortly after. People always regret it!

  27. Yes it’s amazing how many people I see imprinted with tattoos of Disney or super hero characters, ghouls, devils, demons, zombies, skulls, ritualistic designed snakes and all manner of other low level astral trash, imprinted on their bodies for the rest of their lives locking them into those frequencies. I suppose each to their own. I mean its their body, not mine, but it is confusing because there is noting truly empowering about such designs.

    The Russian mafia and Japanese mafia have elaborate tattooing practices that are designed to literally tell the persons story through life and their deeds. People trained to read these tattoos can quite literally read the persons whole life on their skin. Quite amazing.

  28. Your welcome.
    Until this recent dream memory, I gave little thought about the significance of tattoos, especially of their traditional purposes. Native American grandmother Elders occasionally can be seen with facial tattoos.

    Your comment of “random energy” summarizes the ignorance of this world. We do not remotely understand consequences, significance or the interweaving of our thoughts, actions and intentions to every thing. All of this gives way to the seeming chaos as now expressed. Everything matters.

  29. On the other hand, yes I have tattoos, over a 1,000K worth. But every single one I have I designed with my own hand, they are my creation, and each one I thought about for at least a year before committing to actually having it tattooed. That includes the actual placement on the body and the deeper meanings that went along with it. Each has profound meaning and combines physical, spiritual, mental and genetic energies unique to me.
    I would never have something inked into my skin that someone else designed.

    I also searched around for the right shop to have the work done. I went to many artists and interviewed them, felt their energy, and studied their styles. This is why from personal observation I estimate 90% of tattoo artists out there are crap artists who do crap work. I also sought out shops that uses only organic inks from plant material rather than the toxic ones containing heavy metals, preservatives, plastics and bone char.

    In my personal opinion tattoos are not for everyone and they should be approached and treated with great depth. If someone wants to get one I think it’s important to really sit with it for a long while and feel it before committing. Then look for the highest quality shops and artists who use organic inks only.

    I think many of these low grade tattoo artists just take advantage of the tattoo fad and ride the money from compulsive walk-ins just looking for any old thing imprinted on their bodies.

    Thanks for the article Diane 🙂

  30. Diane:

    The art of tattooing is an amazing thing that certainly spans human history. I agree it is astounding to see the severe difference between people who get tattooed for deep and profound purposes verses the great many who simply do it because its cool or the fad (which I think today is the majority of people with tattoos).

    I know there’s a lot of controversy over tattoos these days and rightly so. Most tattoo shops have “artists” that are quite terrible who use toxic inks to boot. So many people just walk in, pick a random tattoo design out of the artists book and get it. I have been to plenty of tattoo shops and have seen many times people just walk in, say they were driving by and felt like getting a tattoo, look through the design book and get one right then and there – spur of the moment they imprint themselves permanently with some random energy – rather insane.

  31. Yes, that instant of surprise unveils a moment without time. There is a oneness and of being a universal self, if that makes sense. These are the expressions after the first reading of “Surprise”:

    With a gasp I suck in my breath
    And stiffen for a microsecond.

    Out of the corner of my eyes
    I saw a deer and her babe.

    What a delight!
    What a surprise!

    By the way Happy Anniversary to you and Paula.

  32. 19 May
    Hey, Wolfgrylls, if I can chime in here. You are so fortunate to be learning this stuff in your 30’s. Yes, it is painful but so rewarding. And, you can continue forward in shedding so many of these false constructs that interfere with how we should be learning and living.

    By the way I observed through the years that many guys “come of age” in their early 30’s, if they do at all. So, congratulations and make the best of your new year ahead! Yes, you can trade off that hat/crown of self saboteur for one much lighter.

    It is my experience that about the time you think that a certain issue is resolved, it comes back in a different way to continue more dredging out of the buried… just saying. We can handle only so much at one time and more, deeper comes later. Fortunately, these deep diggings are spaced out enough for us to be able to handle those stronger doses. Ahhhh, sweet Life!

  33. Hey Wolfgrylls, sounds like fun! Haha seriously though, I get what you’re saying. I think that’s a common challenge, trying to define the many unknowns in life and oscillating between worst case internally generated scenarios and the more “real life” ones as you put it.

    Don’t beat yourself up though, and for what it’s worth don’t doubt yourself too much too. The subconscious is a vast and mysterious thing and sometimes it has something to tell you. The tricky thing is figuring out what that something is.

  34. Hey Prajna! Yeah it;s been a while, thanks for your welcoming comments!
    Yeah that 33rd year, June 30th I will be officially out of it…
    It’s funny that you should mention reenactment, that’s actually one thing that I have been focussing on (the healing of it) recently as I realized that that was one theme that I kept alive without even realizing it. I would attract certain situations and then respond according to (please forgive me for using the word) certain programming in me, mind patterns etc.
    These patterns would follow the same up and down sort of structure and basically pull me under no matter how hard I tried. One of them would be to fill in gaps of knowledge about certain events and fill them with worst case scenario imagination, my internal saboteur would twist and corrupt my own thoughts until my logical brain would have no option than to agree and conclude “yes, the “facts” state that such and such is really that bad”, that kinda thing. So now I am, amongst other things, working on shifting my perception to real reality versus the one that my angst riddled brain is trying to sell me…
    Anyway, it’s nice to hear from you! 🙂

  35. I definitely see the disappointment in this. In some way though this could also be titled Acceptance or even Awakening. Perhaps a prelude to Hope?

  36. The beauty of the written word is that tomorrow’s reading of it may bring an entirely different message, and each reader gleans his/her unique take-away.

    I guess if one reviews his life in a more dispassionate or unattached view, disappointment might be used.

  37. Diane:

    I think emotions have layers depending upon the layer of the self they are being experienced by. Yes disappointment of not getting the flavor ice cream is a viable expression of disappointment but to me that speaks more of an inner child level of experiencing the emotion. The poem does not speak from that particular level of this emotion but rather a place of complexity where disappointment is running through many layers of an adult structured life in-which disappointment has been experienced throughout the layers of an individual through time.

    So yes, the poem is brought forward from a drawn experience throughout life and complies into a singular emotion – disappointment. Though a more simplistic expression of disappointment is just as accurate if it is being felt on a more simplistic level.

  38. Right this is along the lines of what I had read. Thanks.

  39. This poem presents valid feelings/reactions drawn from life-experience. Maybe it is the place that I am in at this time, but my first reading of this flowing, descriptive poem felt more like reflecting on free-falling in a river rapids, of disillusionment with battering and bruising. The loss of idealism and innocence; underlying tones of helplessness.

    Descriptions of “muddied and bloodied,” “sucked of life, drained of vitality…” all denote deeper experiences than of simple disappointment, but rather are ones of hopelessness and momentary despair. They are valid, longer lasting and deeper than a retrospective moment of disappointment.

    Disappointment is when there is no peanut butter chocolate ice cream and I opt for vanilla.

  40. Prajna:

    It’s nice to see you’re taking the time to write poetry White Wolf, I always find this a very healing and rewarding practice. There’s a lot of honesty written into these lines.

    Thanks 🙂 I plan to start posting the second part of the series tomorrow; a second set of emotions through poems. Yes to tap into the self to access individual emotions and bring forth their voice requires open honesty, otherwise it doesn’t work 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to stop in and share your comments and insights on a few of the targeted emotions. Always interested in hearing others emotional truths and personal observations. And of course thanks for your wishes 🙂

  41. Hey Wolfgrylls, good to hear from you! Long time no read. I remember my 33rd year, it did quite the number on me. Don’t despair! There are surely smoother waters ahead.

    What you mentioned about current events and triggering brings to mind the phenomenon of reenactment. From what I understand this is when the mental and emotional states that we hold inside relating to past traumas are brought to light by something that triggers us in the present. Some people say we tend to reenact past traumas in our lives in an attempt to heal from them, by bringing these hidden states to light. Not always succesullfy and probably usually unsuccessfully judging from the general human condition and society at large.

    Anyways, not to sound cliche or New Agey but maybe there’s an opportunity there for more complete self awareness and healing, and if there is I hope you are able to work with it if the time is right.

    Hope to hear from you again soon!

  42. Such a range of emotion we humans are capable of! They really can seem all-consuming.

    It’s nice to see you’re taking the time to write poetry White Wolf, I always find this a very healing and rewarding practice. There’s a lot of honesty written into these lines.

    The happiness one made me smile, a nice reflection of our modern day Instagram culture.

    Wrath certainly got a lot of feedback! Funny that the conversation steered so quickly towards the topic of women who rape children. I don’t really identify with the emotion of wrath consciously. I do identify with the desire to destroy, but it seems much colder, more calculating and less emotional. Who knows, perhaps there’s an underlying emotion of anger or wrath there that stays below surface level. In any case, the poem communicated this emotional state very effectively.

    I like the joy poem. I also agree inner joy and the type of happiness sought by most are not the same. Inner joy is sometimes fragile and fleeting but it is also resilient and rooted in the embracing of life.

    I know all emotions have their purpose and none are more worthy than others. Still, I do wish you and the readers here much joy in your hearts and lives.

  43. Yeah, Sami and Karl, where are YOU???

    Miss your sense of humor, your take on things and your submissions. Maybe we can politely shame you into stopping by once in a while.

    Best of luck to both of you and your endeavors. Have a great summer.

  44. By the way, I have read (but can’t remember where) that women are nearly as much involved in abusing males sexually as males sexually abusing females, but that there is a great taboo surrounding this. Apparently a lot of males do not talk about this abuse, which is why some say that this is the reason that it seems to happen only seldom.

  45. White Wolf, maybe we want to face our ”shadow”, face what normally is covered by ”civilisation”, in response to your lines:

    I find it interesting that of everything that was displayed in this poem, it has been the rape line that was targeted for discussion… I also find it interesting that out of all the emotions targeted for a poem in this series it has been the one of the heaviest that has been the subject of most attention and discussion…

    It is nice that uncomfortable and deep subjects are covered in the Den (as well as lighter subjects ofcourse). There aren’t many places / people I can share this with.

  46. Fredrick:

    80-200!! Crazy. I never thought the book would sell in the first place since I didn’t write it with the intent of sharing it with the world, and now I hear signed copies of the original are selling for that much – just crazy.

  47. Hi White Wolf. I am looking forward to the Orienteering Course and seeing some old friends and maybe some new ones also. See you Friday night !

  48. Diane:

    Yes, women can rape, but unless in ritual context it is seldom heard or talked about. Somehow, seduction always comes to mind when thinking of women in the dominant role. Do women rape during a state of wrath or rage?

    Actually there are quite a few cases where women have been accused of raping children… it unfortunately happens more than most would like to know and is kept more in the dark than many other crimes. There have been cases were “packs” or women went around ganging up and raping men. I have not heard anything recently but in the 80’s there was a notorious group in this country that made the news. There have also been cases of such odd occurrences in other countries.

    Yes though it is true is happens more often as a male expression, it does happen through the feminine as well. The real question I think might be is it the imbalanced masculine in the feminine that is acting out or is it a facet of the feminine as well as the masculine. The human psyche is a complicated and vastly uncharted territory.

  49. Thanks, Wolfgrylls.
    I think that in trying to understand the differences of male/female and feminine/masculine energies, there seems to be a difference in how we act out under duress. This is a fascinating discussion that can further show our similarities and dissimilarities in other ways.

    Although I am not sure if I have experienced rage much less wrath, it would seem the last thing on my mind is of a sexual energy nature.

    White Wolf: I have no experience in overt rage or wrath and am attempting to understand them. As for speaking about the rape line, I think that few other actions show as clearly how a dominant male attitude takes advantage of others. Taking this to what we see happening in this world in a more calculated way, wrath is very similar in outcome: coercion and retaliation, pillaging, (mentally) molesting, brutalizing and ultimate death.

    Yes, women can rape, but unless in ritual context it is seldom heard or talked about. Somehow, seduction always comes to mind when thinking of women in the dominant role. Do women rape during a state of wrath or rage?

  50. Diane, Wolfgrylls:

    I would agree that it in-part has to do with the outward expression of masculine energy as opposed to the internal expression of the feminine.

    Wrath comes into play during what is called the Black Zone. Those who take survival combat classes from me know about the three zones, Green, Red and Black. Very briefly here since the full description is rather involved – Green Zone is the zone we normally exist in energetically/physically/mentally, calm, collective. The Red Zone is the region we dwell in while pumped up during things like exercise, sex, being at rock concerts and anything that elevates our energy to a high activity state of being. The Black Zone is what is experienced when the mind and body are pushed beyond the capacity for consciously controlled and logically oriented thinking and action – this is the pure survival mode where the most primitive aspects of the human engage. Breathing, heart rate and thought processes become off the charts to where only gross muscle movement is possible. Everything that controls small muscle movement shuts down.
    Wrath only comes out of the Black Zone.

    I think it needs to be made clear that sexual response and rape do not have to be part of a wrath response or a Black Zone experience – not at all. Can it – sure, but does it always – absolutely not. But on a side note, are females capable of rape just like males – absolutely, and there are plenty of cases that prove it. But like males they may tend to seek smaller targets.

    I find it interesting that of everything that was displayed in this poem, it has been the rape line that was targeted for discussion… I also find it interesting that out of all the emotions targeted for a poem in this series it has been the one of the heaviest that has been the subject of most attention and discussion…

  51. Yes, that makes sense. To experience wrath one would feel at a most primal level of needing to survive. The male wants to continue the species and the female fights to preserve herself for future procreation, and/ or protect the young for the same reason. How males and females experience/express the feminine and masculine energies do seem to be different. It all goes back to males sending out their energies and women receiving them, does it not?

    After completing a wrath episode, what transpired? It seems that wrath according to how it is described here, is a place of not actually knowing if you are acting out these desires of rage – beyond control; seeing red.

    The rape and pillage attitude during wartime could fall into this category even if not feeling immediate wrath. It would be a way to rid self of repressed energies during battle – also connected with survival fears. Makes me wonder how women/females naturally rid themselves of wrath and rage, other than clearing out the cupboards and reaching for the butcher knife.

  52. Thank you very much Usha, feels great to be back! Yes… finally it has! ; )

  53. Hey Diane! White Wolf already gave a really in depth answer so I am just gonna add my two cents here, strictly from my personal opinion. First off let me state that I think rape is the worst crime a human can commit, only comparable to torture and should be punished by the same! Anyways, in moments of wrath when every single ounce of energy in my body is screaming to destroy then in order to find some form of release from these incredibly destructive emotions I need to visualize something of equally extreme nature.

    Now as to why it has to be rape for some men: it is no coincidence that the sexual organs are at the same time also the waste-elimination organs, since not only the primary sexual organs but also the anus are erogenous zones that can be stimulated to feel pleasure.
    We store our most intense, sensitive, intimate and primal emotions in the lowest two chakras while storing both sexual energy and bodily waste in the corresponding physical organs such as bladder and colon. So these organs as well as the chakras perform functions of storage and elimination. When making love with one’s lover the release of stored sexual energy is used for creating life and exchanging energies of love with the partner. This very beneficial and life affirming practice can be corrupted (as everything else in life) to be immensely destructive such as in the act of rape. There is a difference in forced orgasm and the kind of orgasm one experiences with a lover.
    Forced orgasm is an energy release no different that having bowel movements, the orgasm can also occur (as White Wolf explained in some other article) during extreme torture even though the sexual organs are not even touched, because the body needs to release energy, if screaming isn’t enough anymore, vomiting, pissing and shitting oneself isn’t enough anymore and you can’t black out then I imagine that orgasm is the last form of release the body can resort to before dying from shock.
    So when someone is full of wrath they equally experience a torturous pain inside that has become this searing all-devouring wrath, to release this (wrath is not a pleasant or uplifting sensation mind you) rape is what many men will resort to, they want to destroy in the most painful way possible while also finding release from that same energy.

    This is what I believe, I may be wrong, but I wanted to share my thoughts anyhow! 🙂

  54. yep it was 29$, the rest I found online were going for around 80-200. I haven’t read the newer version. Maybe I’ll pick up and read the rest of it online.

  55. Fredrick:

    An old used signed copy huh. Have you ever read the complete revision edition in digital format? So much better quality with more info:

    And yes, self expression is a very important aspect of life!

  56. Tis music ‘pon thine ears !!! the rapture of freedom upon my soul! lol for real though. being able to express what one must. I was rereading your book today, I found a used signed copy online and I just got to the part where you learned poetry. self expression is a good thing.

  57. Usha:

    Nothing taboo here in the Den 🙂 Not even wrath.

    I agree with you in that many people have become masters at covering up and hiding their emotions out of fear, fear of feeling them because they can be painful and fear or repercussion from others who fear them – entire cultures. In my mind it is never a beneficial path to suppress and hide what we are and all that it entails to be human.

  58. Usha:

    Good to hear 🙂 Sounds like very beneficial forward movements!

  59. Diane:

    Well that is a good question I really don’t have a solid answer for. Maybe medical psychology would? I would guess it has something to do with the emotion of wrath being so primitive in nature that it stems from the limbic region of the brain. This is where the fight or flight activities come into play. Wrath seems to be a severe expression of that fight or flight energy. When we look at research concerning many species, when life is threatened many times an increase of sexual energy is generated. For example, when a tree knows it is dying it will produce greater amounts of fruits and seeds than normal. If a male duck’s life is threatened and it survives it will look to mate in any way it can. When dolphins are stressed the males will pack up and rape females. Chimpanzees, other money groups, many bird species, some fish and various amphibians all act in similar ways when severely stressed or feel their lives being threatened.

    To me this points to some subconscious trigger of the primitive regions of the brain to in some way try to survive, and in some cases this may explain rape concerning the emotion of wrath. Wrath moves forward through anything at the expense of everything, including the person it is flowing through. The very nature of wrath may trigger a survival response from the brain, ironically the same brain in-which wrath is generated from. Perhaps this dual energy generation becomes a point of confusion and so the energy of wrath mixes with the energy of increased sexual desire in response to a perceived life threatening event – the very expression of wrath and can then turn to rape.

    Just throwing out some thoughts 🙂

  60. I like the fact that in the Wolfs Den an emotion like wrath is not a taboo. I think due to lack of experience or fear people judge it as bad. People generally do not have a very broad spectrum of emotions they think are acceptable to feel, think or talk about. That said, I think I am pretty good at covering up emotions, due to fear of feeling them.

  61. I like this sentence a lot:

    It is courage that allows us to investigate who we truly are and embrace that, no matter what is might be and learn to open and express that energy to the world rather than stifle all we are in the face of inner fear and outer oppression.

    Lately I have noticed that I feel more rooted in myself. I do feel the inner fear and outer oppression, as you write, that prevent myself from being myself as far as I know it. Still I notice that somehow I have grown more and more into the individual that I am and that I care less about what others think of me. You know how it goes, sometimes a leap forward is made, without us knowing that it was coming. Getting older (and wiser) can be such a blessing. It is my wish to explore the concept of courage much further in my life.

  62. Hi Wolfgrylls, hopefully life has become more peaceful for you now. Nice that you are back in the pack.

  63. Yesterday the idea once again came that this human race is in its Winter season. I remember White Wolf’s comment of last year that Winter energies continued throughout most of the calendar year. It does seem that we as a people are compelled to use this time for self evaluation, reflection, and to address that which needs resolution. As we self-examine and go inward, we are faced with unexpected situations that may cause us to unravel and go into states of fury or even wrath.

    Yes, scars occur from these open wounds but can be further healed with natural ointments and serums. A scar can become a beauty mark or even disappear.

    Wolfgrylls and White Wolf, both of you have expressed that during fitful times of dealing with wrath, you became sexually charged. (Not sure if this question will come out correctly) As males with extremely polarized energies at that moment, why does it naturally extend to raping? I can not imagine women in their wrath becoming charged in this way even though the masculine energies would be at work during a female state of wrath? Is this a difference of expressing masculine – giving or sending out, while feminine energies are of receiving or nurturing? I see women going in a fury of destruction, more like pulling every dish out of the cupboard and smashing them, for example, or of disfiguring another by slashing. Are being a male combined with exploding masculine energy what cause this sexual identification during wrath?

    Oh, and nice to hear from you, Wolfgrylls!

  64. Wolfgrylls:

    Or like someone recently said to me: ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you, is gonna leave a scar.” …

    Humm wonder who said that? 😉

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. It’s been quite quiet in the Den of late.

  65. Wolfgrylls:

    Well you and I communicate quite regular, but yes it has been a while since you shared thoughts here in the Den so thanks for stopping by 🙂

    For the most part we are all alone in our brains. We are alone with our thoughts and deepest emotional states. Therefore it is a sort of common relief to find out others can think and feel similarly to ourselves. My observation is that it’s kind of a familiarity valve common in communal creatures. Most communal animals change their entire posture and way of existing when around others of their kind because they can relate to one another; feel the closeness to each other’s energies even within the brain’s perceived isolation.

    So even though this is a very heavy emotion and poem, it makes sense to me that you feel a sort of a comfort.

    And yes, the execution or expression of wrath can easily drain a person.

  66. A beautiful poem White Wolf! This one too I can relate to only too well. The senseless and indifference of life to one’s suffering is what would occupy my mind and heart through periods of devouring depression, that nothing makes sense, nothing has a point, everything whether it’d be good or bad simply happens seen only by a blank staring eye.
    Or like someone recently said to me: ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you, is gonna leave a scar.” …

  67. Oh yes, WRATH, I’ve been there and just like all your other poems from this series I can relate very well! Hello Wolf’s Den btw, thought it was time I chimed in again! ; )

    The last 5 months were emotionally the most intense of my entire 33 years on this earth, past shit came up triggered by current events and so on and so forth. In moments of burning rage and wrath I felt just this way, that no amount of pain I could inflict on someone would be enough, to torture to death, rape and annihilate some low life’s entire bloodline would not be enough to quench that searing fire inside of me. I am luckily at a point in my life where I no longer judge my emotions, I try to use them as guides to figure out my deeper layers of “what’s wrong with me”, so this poem (just like all the others) felt comforting actually because it made me feel understood, which is really crucial for surviving mentally, emotionally and even physically!
    I feel wrath inside my guts and across my skin, my arms and legs feeling tingly and warm, I feel a strong sensation in my sexual organs and a fire behind my eyeballs that comes shooting out like piercing arrows, I feel a hunger that could only be satisfied by seeing my opponent suffer beyond imagination, afterwards though I feel burned out, cold empty and it usually swaps into either lethargy or depression.

  68. Fredrick:

    Music can have a profound effect on us all! Interesting you felt Unicorn energy when reading this poem.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  69. Fredrick:

    We live through association. All events and experiences we have are felt through emotional context and the memories we gain from them are bias to the emotional state we experienced the original events in. This is what makes memory very tricky. I think Peter Levine explains it very well in his book called Waking the Tiger, in his 14th chapter entitled Transformation.

    But yes specific emotions or mixture of emotions can trigger memory recall connected to them because we live through that association between our past and present. If you have a difficult time seeing something clearly from the past, try to connect with the emotional state of the overall event and usually details come forward, but not always.

  70. Thanks for clarifying, I will think about it.

  71. this one reminds me of the Unicorn. the magical quality of it associated with the joy of the inner child. I’ve got a link to it in the ether realms. I recently went to Tom’s philosophy class and they played this music when we did this meditation upon walking down the trail into the medicine arch. It was Kitaro’s Tenku. It’s amazing, it was the pure joy of a child. Then when I hit my medicine place I took off running through mountains with the wolves and flying like an eagle. I also found this Irish Folk music, which makes me feel the same, except I go dancing with the Fae.

  72. I like it, I’ve felt the same. I felt it when I read your book. It is a profound strength. And just an emotion, let it flow then let it go. It’s more like a vacuum of an emotion for me, like saying ‘I need some god damn life!’. Long before I ever heard of you I was going to get a wolfs paw tattoo on my life forearm in the same place you’ve got yours. But it reminded me of my Grandmothers basement, and the furnace down there, it’s flame and the flooring painted grey. We are of the Wolf genetics on that side of the Family, I was thinking how you and my Uncle look a lot alike. The way you stand and move and such. We are practically brothers White Wolf. I truly believe we are.

  73. Usha:

    You are correct that any emotion can mix with others or seemingly be either the result of or give rise to another emotion or set of emotions. But it is important to remember while analyzing an emotion we must isolate it from other emotions to see it clearly and trace it successfully. Many times people fear select emotions and so use other emotions as distractions to keep from feeling and facing them. For example this can be why for some people always feeling depression directly after they feel anger is a pattern. Depression can be a triggered emotion of avoidance so the experience and work to successfully gain discipline over the anger is avoided = distraction.

    You are right, life is not a fairytale… unless perhaps a Brother Grimms Fairytale! 😉

    Thanks for stopping in and sharing.

  74. I might add that in my case hate is sometimes coupled with frustration and hopelessness, I hate the feeling! In my experience hate does not go anywhere; it just wears me out and when it is triggered by someone it can make me feel bad about myself. Fortunately I don’t feel it very often, like I say, I hate it!

    At least you have managed to make a poem out of something that is not pleasant to feel. I appreciate it when someone speaks out about matters that are taboo for most people and that are just human, like you say. Life is not a fairytale, sometimes it is just plain ugly.

  75. Like the saying goes, “If ya ain’t done it, you can’t understand.”

    It’s Earth Wisdom, like in Eagle Mind 2. Knowing from real, practical, earth based hands on experience. It may many times be hard, but it is what gives us real understanding and perspective. As opposed to the New Age astral trash, quantum jumping and idea we have done something in another life and so we must surly know all about it in this one BS.

  76. Prajna,

    Mostly, but yes mostly comes and goes. Perhaps if my body would cooperate a bit more and I felt better more often, mostly would actually remain – mostly.
    But the few, well those are very hard for me, even today.

  77. I thought that might have been written a while back. Glad you are mostly at peace with your past and those few incidents you speak of. I hope that peace can over time extend to those areas that are still affected.

  78. I agree, adaptability is very important. I guess that’s less of a challenge for me than grounding though.

  79. Thank you Usha and Prajna.

    This was actually a poem I wrote last year. Though it is true that for the most part and most of the time I have made peace with this topic and its reality in my life. However, there are times when another layer surfaces and the internal challenges it presents shakes me.

    Yes forgiveness and acceptance are both huge aspects of this area of healing, but even so it is something that has touched and affected me so deeply that the seeming completeness of what it has touched can be quite intense.

    And as I stated at the end, it is certainly not something that stirs me for the majority, only a few few because they were very different.

    But even though I wrote this about a year ago I thought it contained some potent enough layers to share here in the Den.

  80. Hey All,

    Thanks for offering your valued opinions 🙂 Like I said, there is no right or wrong answer here, just personal perspective. I am glad you all gave it some thought.

    For me it is Adaptability. I feel if one is not able to adapt to both external and internal change, which happens continually, a person is then unable to successfully move with life. To me everything we do depends upon how adaptable we are on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fronts, but like water. Water will adapt to the ever changing landscape but also temps and humidity. Fog – still water. Ice – still water. Snow – still water. Steam – still water. No matter what form water needs to take to adapt to the situation it remains water. Its integrity is not compromised as it adapts.

  81. Perhaps you don’t need to bring them back to tell them you’re sorry.

    I imagine even worse than death though is the life of a fragment, existing in a mental prison of suppression, without any means for self expression or release, never to reintegrate with the whole self and condemned to a life of silence and crushing shame.

    Perhaps these are the only ones we can hope to bring back, not to say sorry but to offer forgiveness.

  82. Beautiful poem, I think you are courageous in writing about this. I can sense respect for the people who died and that seems paramount.

    Like the last word, unintended, I think you are not to blame, not at all, because you were forced in to it and under mind control. To me, you have every right to free yourself of any burden you might have about this. We don’t have to carry guilt all of our lives. Forgiving ourselves is powerful, and speaking out, just saying it like it is.

    Like you say, death might not be what we think it is. I feel that guilt, burden, our sense of right and wrong, have a lot to do with conditioning and with our limited perspective. They often don’t help us but keep us down. Our narrow perspective can make us feel bad when maybe it does not have to be so, if we broaden our horizon, our vision and open our hearts.

    I think that your life was stolen from you too in a way and I hope you can come to terms with it.

  83. To be “successfully interacting with life” implies that one has experienced, focused on and most likely has found it initially to be a challenge. Each is a tool and rivals us until we figure it out. I find that none on this list stands alone by itself, even loving and grounding. Each has a pitfall and its unique strength. But by learning how to use each of these tools and how to properly apply them according to circumstance will bring a richer experience in our lives.

    Yes, what attracts our attention on this list, most likely is our primary challenge at this time. We may see this tool as a strength, but it should be reviewed and not taken for granted.

    “Respectful” shows itself as mine for today.

  84. Grounded. So many of those interactions with physical life have the opposite effect and life requires constant recentering and refocusing to stay on solid footing and avoid good qualities being used to achieve less desirable outcomes.

    Also, it seems to me that all of the other qualities listed, though they have merit, can also be twisted and turned into a less beneficial quality (eg. a strong, enduring and patient person can have these qualities used against them by a manipulator).

    I see grounding, along with the improved perception it offers, as a good starting point for developing other qualities in a healthy and balanced way.

  85. Usha:

    I think you are right in that much of the population of the modern world has issues maintaining proper and healthy levels of post-natal energy.

    When people die of “old age” that is what typically happens. The organs slowly lose their vital energy, post-natal energy, and when they have lost enough over time the pre-natal energy depletes and the body gives out. The organs hold our physical energy required for physical life. When they weaken enough they can no longer hold that energy and slowly they lose it and the organ basically dies.
    That of course is the extreme end of that spectrum, but a reality nevertheless.

  86. I mean that being loving is what i value most in other people, and that being loving is what makes me feel good about myself, makes me happy.

  87. Nice Joanna.

    I would choose loving, to me that is most important in life. Other people may have a different background, intelligence or interests, but by being loving there is always a connection in the heart and to me that is what counts.

  88. Maybe a lot of people with burn out suffer from post natal depletion.

    This theory of post and pre natal energy makes sense to me, something to think about.

    I hope that restoring your energies is progressing.

  89. I would choose flexibility because it’s synonymous with the word change. I cant imagine going through life without the ability to change and grow. To accept that some of your beliefs are no longer valid here and now. I observe so many people in my work enviroment and personal life that hate change. I don’t understand where they come from. Maybe it gives them a false sense of security or maybe they fear the unknown. I don’t know. All I know is that all the big changes in my life have been for the better so thats the word that popped out at me, that’s the one I would choose. 😀

  90. Usha:

    Great examples of what I am talking about with those two people you know. Thanks for sharing!

  91. Joanna:

    Ahh the challenges of living in a flesh and blood body! I find it the hardest thing in life 😉

    Happy to hear you are gaining the upper ground on the issues though. The drying out of hair, if not from environmental reasons, usually stems from lack of Yin/Female/Deep core fluid in the body, most specifically the lungs and kidneys. Yin depletion can and usually does effect the quality of hair and skin and eyes. They can all become dry, inflamed, brittle, cracked, etc.

  92. It’s a good attitude to have as hard as it is to do anything when you are in pain. My father has had health problems, arthritis, blood pressure problems etc but he was never one to sit around and wallow in self pity. He worked full time until about a year ago and he’s well into his sixties now. He still does things around the house and keeps garden tidy even though it kills him. You are right you have to have some sense of achievement and purpose despite the pain.

  93. I had similar neighbours where I used to live and had them both sides! I’m glad I moved away. The area I live now is pretty quite but being semi rural I do get some neighbours burning garden rubbish sometimes and it’s always the hottest day of the year when you want the windows open! Thankfully it’s not too often.

    I did notice straight away that thier is is a quite a big litter problem around here and fly tipping going on. It’s very sad that people do this because it totally spoils the land scape. I have had to report it to the council a few times but at least they respond and clear the place up. It is illegal in this country to litter the enviroment but you never see anybody doing it to report to the authorities. Still at least they do react. That’s something these days.

  94. Thank you for the info White Wolf. I think I will use some of the other recommended woods instead of the Ivy. I look forward to the podcast when you have time to do one.

  95. A valuable lesson for us, because sooner or later we are all confronted with it. It is good to know how it works, to become aware, when pain strikes us.

    Today I saw a very old lady cycling on her bicycle, with her cane fastened on the back part of the bike: to me that is really powerful, nothing stopping her from going about!

    I know someone who is completely taken over by her pain and is addicted to it, and she has nothing left, except her illnesses and visits to the hospital. Her whole personality and life have changed, it is really sad. The only thing she can talk about is her pain and her illnesses, she is isolated now. Becoming a victim can happen easily when one is in bad health I guess, but like you say taking control in whichever way you can of your life can be empowering.

    My granddad’s health was deteriorating, he was very creative; first he renovated a French small chateau, when he could no longer do that he was painting, then he could not do that anymore, he started writing, in the end he could not do that and with the help of my aunts he restored an antique chair, that was his last project. He kept on doing these things till he passed away, because otherwise he would see no point of living.

  96. Interesting. My hair is rather dry lately, I could give it a go.

  97. That is too bad to have such neighbours! Bad neighbours can really affect the quality of everyday life. It is a huge problem in Amsterdam; psychiatric patients who cause trouble and ”sane” people who just don’t care about anyone else. To have fine neighbours is a blessing. Same here: the system supports it, the police hardly do anything. It can be frustrating.

  98. Thanks! I will definitely try this. My immune system isn’t as good as it should be. I know I told you about my ” frozen shoulder” problem a while ago. Thankfully it is 90% better now. I was also diagnosed with blepharitus, specifically MGD ( meibomium gland disfunction) It caused me to have severe dry eye, which causes eye lid inflamation and it would make my eyes burn and itch, it was truly horrible. I used a special eyesoothe mask for a few weeks to get the oils flowing again. I clean then several time a day with warm water and cotton pad. I also take Omega 3 oil capsules now and again. So far my eyes have returned to normal.

    All of these problems started 6 years ago when I went through a very stressful period in my life. It’s amazing how it effects the bodies health. My hair became very dry as well and brittle. Today I am much better. I eat a good diet and things are improving.

  99. The forgotten part of “Live and let live” is to “Do no harm to others.”

    On the upside, at least you are cantankerous enough to write this poem about how the world comes to your very doorstep, bidden or not. Though the contemporary Rednecks are often considered “white trash” who are messy, our type of Redneck is usually neat, who like hunting, sports, are a couch potato with a can of beer, etc. (The Native Americans are considered trashy.)

    Living without admitting consequence or taking responsibility is a huge weakness in this society. Bigotry and narrow-mindedness express themselves as Rednecks in many ways. Another facet of being a Redneck displayed itself in this way: About a week ago new neighbors came outside for a family backyard barbeque, which abuts our driveway. They set out a small speaker, playing ethnic music – not loud. To my surprise, within an hour a police car rolled up and stopped at their barbeque setting. I immediately “knew” who had called the police, thinking that we used to greet new neighbors with a plate of cookies. These days we send the police…

    I later talked with the person who called the police. She asked if I had heard “that blaring music.” I replied, “They are nice people, have you met them? And, no, the music was not blaring.”

    “No, but I have talked to ‘those people’ before – Cubans.” (They are not Cuban.)

    This is an example of clamping down and showing who is boss, especially in a state that is drawing international people from almost every continent. Many locals do not know how to deal with it and see it as a “bringing down” of their neighborhoods, of feeling threatened with other cultures and races. This Redneck attitude lives strong hereabouts, but other locals are quietly dampening it.

    And, no matter how much we try to insulate ourselves from these attitudes, they find a way to intrude, even in our back yards, attempting to get a rise out of us.

    Anyway, glad to see you up and about.

  100. Hey Everyone,

    Yes I am still here. Dragging butt and enduring constant pain, but plowing forward nevertheless. Once my lungs have rebounded a bit more… OK quite a bit more, I will work on the dream catcher podcast. I would bet it will be available by mid May.

    As to Ivy and other materials for the hoop; briefly for the time being, yes you can use grapevine, ivy (so long as it is common or English style ivy and not Poison Ivy), willow, pine, evergreen roots ans other study flexible tree roots… basically anything that will bend without snapping. Most young tree limbs and saplings are plaint enough to use. Most vines (non-poisonous ones) are also good to use. Anything you can braid like grasses and reeds can also be used.

    Experiment. 🙂

  101. Hello Matthew,

    welcome back! Yes as Joanna says, plenty of interesting reads! I took the liberty of sending White Wolf an e-mail, and he replied. But thanks for answering my questions anyway. Nice that you spoke to him.

    Have a great Easter Sunday everyone.

  102. Hello Mathew and welcome back to the Den! Yes, there are lots of threads here and it will take a while to get up to speed.

    Thank you for the update on White Wolf. I’m happy to hear he’s back on the road to recovery. As you may have read on this thread we are keen to learn how to make one of our own dreamcatchers. Maybe in a few weeks or months we will have an instructional download we can purchase.

  103. Hey ladies and everyone else in the Den. I recently signed back up a few days ago here and finally coming on to start catching up. Ive cheated some of the posts I was interested in over the time with some of the free views 😀 but you cant get to the comment section haha.

    Anyways I spoke to White Wolf today actually so to answer your question Usha he is in recovery. He ended up getting very sick these past couple weeks, but is now on the upside of it only. Unfortunately its set him back with alot of the healing work hes been doing as well. 1 step forward 2 back as they say. I’m sure he will tell everyone about all of it soon enough. The good news he was well enough to speak to me and hes just recouping his energy now. It may be sometime though before he posts again.

  104. Great to see that you are up again, White Wolf!

    Take care.

  105. Yes you have a point there Joanna. Indeed lets wait

  106. Usha. I have a neighbour who has an Ivy plant that grows over my side of the fence. Last year it was cut right back because it was getting too big. It’s possible you could use the branches but I read that some Ivy’s are poisoness so I’m not sure if it could be used. Hopefully White Wolf will feel better soon and will be able to advise.

  107. Hello Joanna,

    today I cut away several meters of ivy; I look it, but it took up too much space which I need for other plants. And we have quite a lot of ivy left. The older branches of ivy are quite bendy and might be suitable for a dreamcatcher, I put aside quite a few branches. Maybe you have ivy in your surroundings, or perhaps you have but do not like it.

    Does anyone have any idea how White Wolf is doing? I am quite worried.

    Best, Usha.

  108. Right. Sounds good.

  109. Willow would probably work well being naturally bendy. I will have to keep my eyes open for a willow tree. I have several large parks in my area that I could go look for bits and pieces. I would like to use as much natural materials as possible like crystal, bone feathers etc. I will wait until White Wolf has filmed his video for advice on what wood to use for the structure.

  110. Hah, thought that TLC was almost a universal one: Tender Loving Care… do not know the group – must be a generational disorder.

    Yes, I am thinking that many limber woods and saplings might be usable, or when wet and to tie them or fashion them? And, agree on how to wrap my favorite stones for hanging. Maybe with copper? For sure, getting the knack of weaving the web will be the most challenging. Sounds like a great project with no right or wrong, only personal expression.


  111. Hello Joanna, yes I think that it would be very nice to use whatever you can find yourself, in your garden or favourite places outdoors.

    So I am lucky to have grapevine, I thought so, I found quite a few pieces in our new garden and I am in the process of drying them, and then clean, rub them etc. I just liked them so much, and I was hoping my children would play with them, but they don’t, and I was thinking what to use them for. Now I have found a purpose for them.

    Maybe willow is suitable, since it is kind of elastic, or other wood from fruit trees, but I am sure that White Wolf will recommend to you. I guess it is personal too, apart from physical qualities of the wood.

    I have some semi-precious stones, feathers and shells (most of it I gave to my kids to adorn little clay works of art, I have only little left), so I guess I have something to start with. Not all of them have holes in them though, but I guess one can wrap around it. What kind of materials are you thinking about?

    Leather strings to attach everything would be needed I guess. We have homespun and natural dyed woollen threads, but they might not be strong enough. I know what you mean, it is about energy, and just going to a few shops and buying the materials does not feel right, it is nice to take time to assemble everything and find it, not buy it.

  112. Thanks Diane. What is TLC (apart from that horrid band that was popular in the eighties I think)? The pruning scissor is my best friend these days, because the garden we have at our disposal is kind of wild, it is therapeutic to prune away and to make space (there are too many plants, they don’t ave enough light and space).

    As to nurturing, we made permaculture raised beds, you know, layering, instead of using fertilizers. It is fun and looks great, I hope it works, I think so. This way we recycle everything in our garden.

    Good luck with the cold…

  113. Usha, how wonderful to have a conservatory for green-housing. Our last snow is now melting with the first meadow lark singing – definite call of springtime here. It has been a hard winter here and soooo looking forward to getting my feet and hands sunk into Mother Earth.

    Happy growing with you and your family. It is so amazing to see how plants respond to a bit of TLC, pruning and nurturing. They give back so much more.


  114. Yes, patience with yourself. None of us can know how much pain that you daily endure, but we support you in any way that we can.

    Interesting that my first impulse on reading this article was to consider doing a video. It must be in the winds. You can pace yourself according to the day.

    Hah, I got a further idea of having a virtual Sacred Fire sometime this summer where we can all participate from our own spaces, maybe even with assignments before such an activity? Circled around the campfire… listening to wisdoms of Element Mountain.

    As you say, “Progress” is the operating word. Be Well and find softness in that patience!


  115. Thank you, White Wolf. I will look forward to seeing this instructional video. We will have to send in pictures of our masterpieces when we are finished. 🙂

  116. Hi Usha,

    Yes there are a few members on here who would not be able to attend the workshop, so a video download would be a good idea. I noticed that White Wolf uses grapevine branches for his. We don’t get grapevines here in England with us being in a cooler climate. I would like to learn what alternative woods we could use. I like the idea of using organic materials within our own enviroment.

  117. Well, sowing at home, we have a conservatory and I am using it as a glass house, to sow everything. I have not put anything in the ground, but some things such as peas and certain herbs, can be planted already. And yes it is a little paradise.

    Alright that tree you are right, thanks for explaining, but I am glad you catch my meaning.

  118. Usha:

    Sounds like you have a little growing paradise there, and planting already!! Wow. We cannot even see the ground yet.

    Yes the tree is a good analogy. Of course the only small technical correction is that the tree actually did all the bud preparation work last year when the leaves were still on the trees 🙂 By the time the leaves fall off in autumn, next year’s buds are already made and ready to go on the branches. Most trees have next year’s buds ready by September!
    Even so, I got your meaning and thank you 😉

  119. Joanna and Usha:

    Good idea. Even if the workshop does not get any sign-ups I will still plan on making a video to be sold as a download for anyone who wishes. Funny, I thought about that last year, but the idea seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Glad you brought it back to life 🙂

    It will be a good little project for April as we wait for the snow to melt 😉

  120. Wish you the best White Wolf, I have been wondering just how you have been able the amount of trauma, it is understandable that it is a huge effort, to say the least.
    It is really spring here, and it is so amazing that new life springs up from branches that look as if they carry no life in them. All winter the tree was working but the effect was not visible yet. I am saying: you are working hard now, and later you can see the rewards and see that all the hard work has it’s effect.

    I am enjoying the huge garden we have now at the small plot of land, I have been sowing many herbs and working my way in the garden which was neglected for many years. I love it! Abundance everywhere, I feel very lucky. We have walnut tree, apple tree, grapevine, flowers, berries, herbs, andsoon. We have made a permaculture hebralspiral, and raised beds for the vegetables.

  121. Hi Joanna,

    funny I was having similar thoughts, I thought, a real pity I can not attend the workshop, I would love to make one myself, but the weaving seems too difficult for me too. I have dried wood from grapevine and other trees, great branches. A video would be great, good idea.

  122. Hi White Wolf,

    I wondered if this workshop is going to be filmed or if you plan on doing a video we can purchase on a download. I really like your dream catchers and the shop looks great. I would purchase one but shipping to U.K would be a problem and I think most natural wood materials would be prohibited here.

    I thought I could possibly make my own but I’m not sure what type of branch wood I could use. I have several fruit trees in my garden, apple and plum. Would they be ok to use? Also, I don’t know how to weave the webbing.

    Hope you are well.

  123. As you indicate in the “5 Wisdoms,” each core race has its strong points. Now we experience the end result of having each of these strong points decimated and perverted from their natural expressions. These emotions improperly expressed or repressed become cultural norms, all of them now based on fear. Instead of embracing our differences, as a society we fear others and their expressions or repressions of emotions. Anxiety, depression and anger all cascade from unexpressed, natural emotions that further enhance the feelings of separation to self.

    Even though “saving face” at any cost is commonly recognized as an Eastern philosophy this becomes a societal way across the races and cultures to protect themselves from outside interference. We wear masks of delusion and confusion so that no one naturally expresses their emotions. Communities (of emotion) strive to protect their identities – self preservation – until we exhibit downright bizarre extremes of emotions. Out of balance feelings of separation all contribute to ongoing polarizing expressions.

    The mere fact that we are questioning and addressing our individual emotions is a light in this dark tunnel. Many are now evaluating of how to step away from this quagmire and contribute to a more wholesome world of natural expression and that it is okay to “feel.”


  124. Our roots, yes that is so true. I can see that without strong roots we are really easy to manipulate. Thanks for helping us finding our roots. I am slowly starting to see the bigger picture you speak of, seeing the meaning of our genetics, in relation to the Five Wisdoms. I am just seeing a glimpse, but it is a start, it is really important, that much I can understand. If we start looking in the right places there is so much that we have (access to)! I think that we don’t need all the things society offers to us.

    Tonight I was talking to my new bellydance teacher and a fellow student. We were talking about our roots, the teacher is Chilean (I quit lessons with the Egyptian because he is a narcissist = creep). She has Spanish (Basque and Andalusian), German and French forefathers and the student is gypsy Greek and Dutch. We share that we really feel that the folklore we dance brings us in touch with our deeper roots, and places where we come from. It is empowering, and there is so much to discover, to dive in deeper. I love the feeling of the desert and the music where a group of people sing together, it feels ancient to me (and ofcourse it is, my point is that I feel it). And the rhythms ofcourse, I am learning to dance with fingercymbals now (zills), that has been done for centuries in various cultures. The teacher is going to teach me how to dance with a sword and daggers, Iraqi style bellydance. I am sure that it will bring me in touch with a whole new aspect of myself, closer to my roots. Sorry for going on about myself, I am just so thrilled.

  125. Usha:

    Sounds like you have wheels everywhere! 🙂 Neat how so many areas of your life share the symbol in common.

  126. This is really interesting.

    I just thought about my tattoo, an 8 spoked wheel which for me symbolizes the sun. It is a hindu and buddhist symbol, i discovered later on. When my dutch grandfather saw it he said, why do you have our family crest on your upper arm? And he was right, i had not realized that. My mothers german surname means wheel. And in tarot cards my birthcard is the wheel of fortune. That wheel is also a symbol for my indian family, their forefathers believed to be descendants of the sun. I take it they dont mean this literally.

    So that wheel, and the infinity symbol fascinate me, and making those movements in bellydance feel really good to me. In short in think that those symbols could help me to connect to my genetics. And understand it better, the fact that both lines are linked to the same symbol the wheel is confusing to me.

  127. I am glad that you found the three’s in all kinds of helpful ways.

    It is interesting to read about the difference between anger and rage.

    Maybe the therapists that contacted you are interested in other articles such as this one as well. Or for example the one on fear.

  128. Nice

  129. This article recently became so popular that within the last 4 days a few professional therapists contacted me asking if they could post it on their websites. Happy the info is getting out there a bit.

  130. Usha:

    Ha, yes it does suck, but as it is all part of the human experience here and has its purposes, I suppose that perspective helps in a minuscule way to deal with it – sometimes and on some levels.

    But yes if you want a better quality of life and to free yourself of old trauma locked inside the body (that slowly poisons and destroys you) then there is little choice but to continue to seek and work to address and clear it. Though there is no way I could have ever gotten this far without the support of a great many. I am not that strong.

    Viking, yes I will plan to type an article on that 🙂

  131. This is a good question sent to me through email:

    “I’m still wondering how we wouldn’t have all ended up in one big genetic soup? Isn’t that human nature? The opposite but complimentary races within the original 5 totally make sense. Yet with the seemingly natural inclination of humans to explore, plunder, and pillage….dont we get soup? If its not “natural” then what started the ball rolling against the original wisdoms/order of things?”

    My answer:
    I do not think the earth ever sets itself up for eventual imbalance and weakness. I think the original 5 genetic lines based upon duality of creation origin was formed with the intent of ongoing balance. However, the breeding outside the race lines I think was provoked by external means. Who can know for sure, but I can speculate it had something to do with off-world or maybe even inter-dimensional influence.
    I also think this influence was the catalyst for future overpopulation, in-part due to mix breeding of genetic lines.

    Even though wolves do not much like dogs and typically do not breed with them (actually in most cases wolves will kill dogs given the chance), if wolves and dogs are placed under high levels of ongoing stress and locked into smaller overlapping territories, in their state of stress and imbalance they will mate. This can be sen with a great many species around the world and so it fits in my kind that something similar occurred to the original races.

  132. Yes I am sure that it takes so much to stick with healing the trauma, I mean it is something that is rather avoided, that is the whole point. But I guess when you want a certain quality and free yourself you have no choice than to do it. I think it is amazing what you have accomplished, and have survived in the first place.

    I really don’t like it that emotional suffering is romanticized in Western culture, especially in art house movies and alternative music. I think it enhances certain feelings that make people feel bad. People identify with the (anti)hero and feel sorry for him and are impressed with what they feel, but how has that helped them? It is such a distraction. I don’t like to make myself feel sad, it does not get me anywhere. Basically what I am saying is that I think too that healing, and feeling low and worthless sucks.

    Right the Viking topic, that is what I was getting at!

  133. Usha:

    I have read that in war camps in Indonesia during the second world war and in nazi Germany, people had orgasms due to torture.

    I can attest to that myself having experienced it firsthand. It in itself can really mess with the mind. Plain and simple, its fucked up, especially during a time when you have no idea what is happening. I still on occasion have night terrors from that time frame.

    And even that mothers would make the children have orgasms, to help them cope with the fear.

    Very intuitive mothers.

    Healing slowly sounds logical, it makes sense that the brain can be damaged by moving to fast. I think that it happens often that people are damaged by healing to fast / not in a way that the trauma is healed.

    Yes you are correct, many people become even more damaged trying to heal too fast. A general rule is the deeper and more complex the trauma the slower the healing process needs to be. But no matter how slow or quick, it still sucks and takes a great deal to stick with it.

    Maybe in another article I will detail the Viking topic for everyone here 🙂

  134. It is important information. I have read that in war camps in Indonesia during the second world war and in nazi Germany, people had orgasms due to torture. And even that mothers would make the children have orgasms, to help them cope with the fear. It makes more sense to me now. It would be a fine thing if the subject would not be a taboo. I can imagine having an orgasm during a rape can mess up somebody’s mind for sure.

    So may (young) people have so much sex; I really wonder how they will age. Many people are addicted to sex, I don’t think it is healthy.

    Healing slowly sounds logical, it makes sense that the brain can be damaged by moving to fast. I think that it happens often that people are damaged by healing to fast / not in a way that the trauma is healed.

    I guess I have to look into the 9 connections and the 3 layers of Viking philosophy to try to understand what you are talking about 🙂

  135. I recently updated/revised this article, retitled it and added quite a bit more detail that I think many in the Den will find helpful.

    I thought about adding a part 2 article, but decided to just revise this one as I felt it fit better this way.

  136. Usha:

    Sounds like you have lots of great studying to do 🙂

    Have you been to Europe, to places where your ancestors come from? Are they from Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland?

    I have yet to physically go to the location of my ancestors 🙁 All my travels have been from Canada south to South America and out to Hawaii.

    However, I feel lucky in a few ways concerning that. My family is not an old generation on this continent. They came over rather late in the migration game so we have not been here nearly as long as many families. So that gave me access to relatives who came from the different parts of our genetic line’s old country. With that they carried that direct energy and culture. Since they knew many people “back home” they vacationed a lot back to see kin. They also loved to share stories, photos and items. I guess being very sensitive to energy I was able to intuitively pick-up on these energies and literally feel the place, the people and the history. This most certainly helped tap and open genetic coding for me to discover as my life continually unfolds.

    Good question, thanks for asking 🙂

  137. Thanks.

    I feel pretty drawn to Central Europe, Poland, Czech Republic, maybe my Dutch-German roots come from there, I have not taken the time yet to look further into it. My partner and I like the vibe there and nature is still pretty pure there.

    Have you been to Europe, to places where your ancestors come from? Are they from Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland?

  138. Greetings Prajna and enjoy your trip!

    This ongoing coughing/respiratory illness is reported around the world with heavy spraying throughout this winter. Unfortunately, the rain or snow only brings down what floats around. With lessening chem. trailing here we are now beginning to see some blue skies from northerly winds, but prevailing silver continues.

    I once read a report that human interference caused about 10% of global pollution. The rest was natural such as volcanoes that have dramatically increased in recent years. This was before the Fukushima and Gulf of Mexico events. I think that CERN and HAARPing would be included on massive weather manipulation. Now we have reports of more nuclear emissions in the northern hemisphere from a nuclear submarine explosion, they say.

    Regardless of pretense other countries are openly preparing for extreme disaster events to help their population, except for the US. This government must see us as not worth salvaging. Many of these cyclical, forecasted natural phenomena are survivable if we prepare for them.

    Several days ago we had +50 degrees and tomorrow night is forecast to be -7 (for five nights). Yes, the signs of Mother Nature are quickening. Time, what is time? Are we running out of it? Or moving out of it?


  139. Prajna:

    I’m curious whether you have found out why you align so easily with the Asian martial arts having no known Asian ancestral lines?

    I think because the ones I have dealt with align strongly with both element and animal study in relation to body movement. Also the development and goal to tap into the highest and most potent level of internal energy. Each of those three areas align very strongly with the far northern Teutonic genetic personal focus points in life. The ability to understand the animal and elemental world well enough to become them, to feel no separation from them and to develop the self through them and our connection with them. The drive to attain a level of self that has developed such an internal power from the paths, discoveries, challenges and diligence also resonate with equal strength. The fine details of the processes may be different, but the goal is the same. The personal drive of the northern warrior is similar enough to that of the southeast warrior, though how they outwardly employ/express it varies greatly – in technique that is.

    Though interestingly enough, as the years of extreme trauma and brutality have weighed upon my physical body, my far north genetics have allowed me to tap into those levels of self to adjust the way I move to be able to continue the warrior expression from which I am built. So even though my training has been primarily Asian fighting systems, life and years have forced me to discover true genetic alignments and openings in order to continue.

  140. Prajna:

    Happy vacationing for you all 🙂

    Yes things are far more advanced and worse off than I think most people wish to hear about or even believe. I think people started to really step up and become involved in projects to help correct some of the damage in the 70’s and 80’s, but my feeling is that as time progressed the pressure from big business and the massive scale of it all really swept the rug out from that movement. Today the environmental “market” is so flooded with distraction and disinformation that people get burned out quickly, lose focus and through sheer frustration just step back. The situation is tricky at best. How can middle and lower classes possibly stand up financially to big business polluters? The system is not set up for that process to be successful.

    But again, who is to really say with any amount of accuracy how much of the global climate struggles are caused by humans, natural earth shifts, off-world planetary movements, galaxy expansions and shifts and so on? The universe is in movement, which means the earth is subject to those movements. Needless to say, human pollution does not help any, no matter the potential bigger cause.

    Yes mid 50’s and sunny today only to drop back into the low teens and single digits this weekend again. The swing continues. The “warm” season should be interesting… and crazily enough daylight savings starts this weekend already! Time, as funny as it is, seems even more unstable and strange with these huge weather extreme patterns, don’t you think?

  141. This is a very interesting topic and one that I feel is often overlooked or downplayed. I’m curious whether you have found out why you align so easily with the Asian martial arts having no known Asian ancestral lines?

  142. Sadly, I think the massive die-offs are already here and the weather manipulation is extreme and global in nature.

    I’m visiting family in South Asia this month, where I have hardly seen any clear blue sky for two weeks since the chem haze is so pervasive. On the flight in I was alarmed to see that the haze is not just up in the stratosphere, but actually hanging very close to ground level. Looks more like population control than strictly weather modification to me.

    Several people we know well here are or have been suffering from some type of severe resperitory disease, general health condition or strange unknown dengue-like virus. I have never seen things this bad.

    There has been a very bad drought here this year, though it did rain for a few days last week. My girls and I were wishing for it, I hope that doesn’t count as weather modification – at least not in a bad way!

    Back home before we left was the same as you described, weather whiplash all the way. Crazy snowstorms, freezing rain, and temperature swings that defy any type of logic or reason.

    The fact that most people are still unaware this is going on is truly mind boggling. Even more so that so many people willingly participate.

    Humans are truly mysterious creatures.

  143. Usha:

    Yes to really begin deeply and seriously exploring one’s own genetics/lineage as well as global lineage we need to really take the time to delve into history. Without looking beyond the mainstream historical coverage most are taught and going further back into more ancient records it is all too easy to get lost in the many dead ends laid out by the religious and political factions trying to prove their ways or bloodlines are superior.

    Yes I feel that spending time in locations where one’s original genetic lines come from can dramatically help to open genetic coding within. It can also help one discover similarities in lifestyle and belief from two seemingly opposite genetic lines, as you mentioned with the Native American and the Norse/North Germanic.

  144. Interesting point of view White Wolf, thanks for expanding on this.

    I don’t know much about Germanic / Norse civilizations in Europe. On the whole I think I need to look much further into history than I have up till now. What I know a bit about is from 500 BC Europe and after, but not before that. It is like you say, prejudice among other things play a role in this. I guess it is a process, learning about it, spending time finding things out, letting go of information that does not seem right.

    A DNA test is something to consider indeed.

    Do you think that certain places that ”resonate” with the lineage can activate a persons DNA? Such as places that one can feel very drawn to, geographically? Well I guess it is, because like you have written before, a persons DNA is shaped by the surroundings, and so locating to another environment weakens it. Since we are so mixed these days, maybe we can recover some of our original strength by living in the ”right” location, a place that suits our most active DNA best or a place where the race pairs well with that of that place, like you wrote about your affinity with Native American culture because it matched well with your roots, but having different roots yourself. I guess several factors play a role here, for someone to feel comfortable in a certain place.

  145. Insane indeed. The wings of extremes seem to be the most dangerous and thus damaging new patterns we are seeing. Sure intense winters and mild winters have been seen throughout written history, but the swings of 60 degrees in two days time for weeks during winter are not a normal occurrence.
    Sure I doubt any of these severe fluctuations are being caused by cloud seeding anymore. I question how many various angles and factors are involved in these dramatic new shifts and weather patterns today, and I doubt anyone can honestly answer that with any degree of completeness or accuracy.

    It sure is a wild ride and the weather is shifting far quicker than life can naturally and successfully adjust. If this continues I think we will be seeing some rather harsh die-offs in various plant and animal species. I truly hope not, but though they are certainly tough, not even they can remain strong in the face of ongoing and perhaps worsening extremes.

    Snowboard in sandal and teeshirts huh – reminds me of some Colorado days years ago!

  146. Intuitively this all makes sense. We exist on a polarized planet that is now migrating its magnetic poles to new places. Some say to India and western Siberia. Are we now realigning to a place that these amalgamated races can better align and find a new polarity in which to find balance?


  147. Methinks that Mother Earth is going through menopause.

    Yes, November was extremely warm with flowers blooming at Thanksgiving. Then, we got 5 months of extreme winter in only 5 weeks. Area ranchers are comparing the brutality of it and great snow drifts to the 1951 winter. However, storms and winds come from every direction, not just the usual NW, causing shelters to be of little use for protection to the cattle.

    January, February and now March are fluctuating all over the place. Fortunately, the ground never froze and the 10 -15 foot snowdrifts are dropping and melting into the thirsty ground. Yes, snowboarding off snowdrifts in sandals, cutoffs and t-shirt has been seen.

    A nearby evergreen is moving sap near its baseline and early spring flowering plants are coming up. Geese began serious migration north about a week ago and continue to fly over by the thousands at sunset. And, I continue to see HAARPing or whatever one calls it these days in the sky. Some say that this is now done by satellites. Nevertheless, a cloud seeding plane came down during one of our serious snowstorms. Can not imagine why anyone felt the need to do any cloud seeding during the winter, especially in the wetter part of the state… leads one to really question.

    Just heard from my greenhouse friend who is hearing that this summer we may see the beginning of short/interrupted summers and by next year our crops may be in jeopardy due to weather anomalies.

    Oh well, maybe that article in Forbes from about 40 years ago that we are moving into another ice age might be correct – regardless of various warm ups. It is the cold that will kill our crops/animals across most of this area or dryness. Huh on weather modification and crazy scientists. Seems that they will try to undo or redo and meanwhile Mother Nature attempts to adjust. Hot flashes and sweating and mood swings…. sound familiar?

  148. Thanks so much for your reply.

    Before your answer was posted I was thinking of my question more like this: In nature we can learn the difference between rabbit tracks, squirrel and cat tracks. Somehow I am missing how to translate this into the inner searching, such as frequencies. (Ah, those internal pathways to explore our “genetic signatures.”)

    Well, if anyone else is tripping over this internal process, it may be a most worthwhile seminar some day.

    Yes, I will take your advice on the rest of your suggestions that you have already made concerning the family tree and DNA testing. Did you once report on a reliable lab that does the DNA testing?

    Thanks again

  149. Diane:
    Yes, I can feel such different vibes from other races. Is this their heritage speaking?

    If you are talking about feeling the energy coming from other people, then in-part it can be their genetics or genetic energy signature you sense. But obviously it can also be their cultural conditioning, belief structure, personal element alignment, fears and many other aspects of what makes up their overall energy that can easily either support or cloud their genetic signature.

    As you say, a family tree shows the outer version of its form, but our inner form is more difficult to trace. And a DNA test would still not show me how to decipher racial frequencies, although a test might enlighten me to other questions. Thus was the reason for talking about the simplicity of tribalism – back to the basics.

    The outer version (family tree) is really the starting point of internal genetic discoveries. If we have no blueprint to be consciously aware of all we can do internally is speculate. Pre-technological people understood this importance, the essentials of passing on genetic line history verbally through the generations. It allowed the people to tap into their genetic signatures and come to understand and utilize them more successfully than if that outer blueprint was neglected. This is one reason anyone who has ever attempted genocide did their best to wipe-out records of lineage.If you want to try annihilating a people, destroy their history.

    With all of this genetic ‘pollution,’ how does one intelligently start this inner search?

    Step one- do your best to trace your family tree. If that is not possible find a no nonsense methods of figuring out your genetics, like modern medical/scientific testing. Only with that conscious knowledge can you really start to target the internal pathways through genetic coding with conscious awareness. Otherwise you are just shooting in the dark and hoping you get lucky.

    Is this simply a matter of semantics; something that we do every day or need to learn how to apply a technique in a different way? What techniques can be used?

    Like I mentioned in the article, the techniques I know of are both physical movement and internal visualization in nature. They require the understanding of how energy moves through the body, at what times and variations through seasons; proper positioning and movement. I can teach this in a physical class, but due to their subtitles and technicalities I cannot teach them through typing. Without the physical piece the mental visualizations are useless since they are only part of the process. Of course there may be other ways, but what I speak of are the only ways I know and know well enough to teach.

    Could my assorted gene pool be the source of my strong aversion to domination and control, for example?

    Possible, but it could very well be connected to many other aspects like I stated above in this return comment.

    It goes back to Eagle Mind 2; Earth Wisdom – Knowing rather than speculating and this requires the legwork through physical methods like family tree tracking or genetic testing to gather the proper pieces to layout the initial blueprint in order to go deeper. I wish there were some short cut I could tell you, but like anything of deep power, depth and true wisdom, there are no short cuts.

  150. In speaking of frequencies and of examining them or tracking them… You have done this for years and have the ability/knowledge to discern what is correct and what might not be.

    Yes, I can feel such different vibes from other races. Is this their heritage speaking? As you say, a family tree shows the outer version of its form, but our inner form is more difficult to trace. And a DNA test would still not show me how to decipher racial frequencies, although a test might enlighten me to other questions. Thus was the reason for talking about the simplicity of tribalism – back to the basics.

    Is this simply a matter of semantics; something that we do every day or need to learn how to apply a technique in a different way?

    With this issue of lineage I can foresee that what we might think as being a strong/weak point of a particular race/ethnicity could be also mis-placed. With all of this genetic ‘pollution,’ how does one intelligently start this inner search? What techniques can be used? Could my assorted gene pool be the source of my strong aversion to domination and control, for example?

    Thanks in advance. Learning proper techniques would also go back to our strong suit of the gene pool and of how we connect, as you have been saying.

  151. Fredrick:

    I am 6 foot, 165-170lbs and about 15% body fat.

    You are a seeker so it does not surprise me you have looked into various areas of your heritage. Sounds like you have lots of unknown genetic pathways to explore yet.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing 🙂

    As to cptsd, there are many levels of diagnosed ptsd and cptsd and from my experience it is near impossible to deal with it all on your lonesome, or even self diagnose the level. If you think you have some form of it I humbly suggest you seek out someone following the non-drug avenue of psychotherapy and get a professional diagnosis so a proper healing path can be formulated.

  152. Diane:

    For those who wish they have full dna testing these days that can tell you every strand of dna inside you. 😉

    Does it not come down to simplifying into a tribal way of thinking?

    No I do not think it does.That is afar to simplistic and vague.

    Also, our mind gives us clues through symbols that we can most easily decipher – our own inner language. If these symbols stem from a particular heritage/tradition, maybe that could be considered a hint in itself?

    Possible but with the deep level of symbol conditioning in our modern lives you would need to be very certain the symbols coming up are not influenced by your modern symbol imagery banks.

    Does a particular heritage hold as the strong suit for most or all of our composition for a lifetime, or is it dependent upon stage of growth and/or focus?

    Yes this is what I have been finding out, the strongest genetic line remains so throughout life. Perhaps not across the board with everyone, but most people I have communicated deeply about this subject seem to agree based upon their own experiences as well.
    I think others can be opened and accessed but still they will not be as strong as the core alignment with a specific genetic code/set awake upon birth.

    Good questions though 🙂

  153. Fascinating Article, I like it. I wonder if I have any swiss in me. I know I have viking, these people fascinate me and have a very strong genetic expression. Almost otherworldly in a sense. People have definitely been weakened, why is it when you go into a health food store most of the people working the checkout line are 5 foot 90 lbs… I was wondering White Wolf how tall are you and how much do you weigh, I’m 6’2” about 170. I need to gain some more muscle though. The men on my mother’s side are all tall and lean, on my dads side they are short stocky and muscular. My brother is solid muscle like one of my uncles who was a bull rider, I was never that thick and solid but would like to be and I sometimes feel that way when I expand my consciousness. It is a part of my consciousness, I find it very interesting the levels of consciousness that go along with exercise. I think we might be a lot alike in some ways. I basically have cpstd too. I’m thinking that when I was young and my consciousness was split from trauma, separating the conscious from the subconscious mind this also created a certain level of block in using certain genetics. I think it’s interesting how it even ties into the elements and animal frequencies, I can identify with the vikings and their raw strength and power, heavy grounded earth energy and their bear like energy in the conscious mind. But my subconscious seems to be that more of wolf like energy.

  154. How interesting it would be to “try on” certain frequencies so that we can intelligently identify our sources of lineage; almost like going to the garden and sampling a carrot, or cucumber or pea.


  155. When you first challenged us to investigate our lineage, I found the whole topic to be a gray question mark for my background. Yes, for we “mutts” of the DNA world this can be quite a challenge. Since 3 of my 4 known grandparents come from an area that is known as a crossroads of migration for 10’s of thousands of years, I wonder what hidden bloodlines might be percolating. In fact, one of my cousins has the most distinct Oriental eyes and face shape! Some are very dark skinned and others are fair with light hair and eyes.
    I could focus on my German/migrating lineage and never catch sight of whom or what important part of me comes from it. Even then, to get it all wrong. Meanwhile, a quite unexpected lineage may pop up by simply doing “what comes naturally”! Then, later to explore why certain interests, hobbies and talents catch my attention. Does it not come down to simplifying into a tribal way of thinking?
    Also, our mind gives us clues through symbols that we can most easily decipher – our own inner language. If these symbols stem from a particular heritage/tradition, maybe that could be considered a hint in itself?
    Does a particular heritage hold as the strong suit for most or all of our composition for a lifetime, or is it dependent upon stage of growth and/or focus?

  156. Thanks I see what you mean.

  157. Usha:

    I hear you on the odd feelings about your lineage. Many people I feel have similar issues when thinking about their own genetic lines. However, I just added this last section because I feel other readers might share similar issues to yours:

    It is important to remember that when seeking your genetic roots and their pure energy you may run into personal issues if you have formed prejudices upon them. Remember that most prejudices people hold over bloodlines today are based upon partial views as well as tainted history, and the time frames depicting various cultures in a highly imbalanced state rather than their original form. This held view upon genetic lines would be a mistake for anyone seeking the purity of the genetic coding. All genetics were held in equal purpose and placement upon this world within universal eyes, as stated in the 5 Original Wisdoms mentioned above. Would you judge a baby, an infant for being “wicked” or “good”? You might judge the actions of an adult, but that adult’s actions today come from the struggles and overall influences of their entire life, not from their infant innocence. Genetic lines are the same.

    Therefore if you have prejudice issues with your lineage it will be something you will need to see through to what is beyond, not only the seat of that externally installed prejudice by another, but also to the original wisdom of those genetics to come to terms with yourself.

  158. That is interesting history about your roots.

    I see that a person can grow strong when he is connected to his roots, genetic coding. Personally I think I have still work to do, because my experience is that, feeling quite Indian inside, living in a Western country has not been easy, it is not an easy environment for me; people are very different than Indians and so I think that that has weakened me instead of strengthened me. I always felt people did not really knew me, understood me, because they did not connect to the Indian part of me, which to me feels like my essence. People who did and do connect to India are mostly people who look up to it, idolize it, it is something very different than what I feel.

    I feel I am in a big change right now, becoming more and more who I really am. So I will pay notice to my ancestry, think about it. I do have information about my Indian and Dutch roots. I just don’t feel very comfortable with my Dutch roots which are partly German, I feel different than my Dutch family, maybe the Dutch part is not so active. But I am not sure. It just does not feel very peaceful, that energy.

    I don’t feel I fit in with my Indian family either, but I feel the Indian vibe on a deeper level, and I love it. I am not sure yet how I use it in my life, maybe I can focus on that more. I think I might have psychic abilities from Indian side, but I stopped being active in that field, because it is tricky ground. I am focusing now on connecting with my partner, children, friends, and the earth.

    By the way I really enjoyed the interviews, thank you and Ben for making it available to us. It is priceless information to get out there, who knows who will benefit from it, now and in the future. 🙂

  159. Diane:

    Yes the possibilities for removing 1 emotion from our life is pretty incredible and fascinating to ponder!

  160. There is much to consider on your question. Those unintended consequences reach far and wide. Emotions that keep us out of the moment, such as baseless fear, are my vote.

    Following is what I came up with:
    Baseless Fear
    To erase baseless Fear from our minds
    Would take along with it many more things,
    such as feelings of doubt, distrust, lack, helplessness,
    And most likely anger, hatred and of being maligned.

    What would this loss of Fear do?
    Open some space for other emotions,
    Such as joy, happiness, and fulfillment;
    A change of focus to let the sunshine through.

    Time spent differently
    With channels of other memories,
    Vacant of all those listed and more,
    Would open other venues and doors.

    Can we even imagine a world
    Without baseless fear?
    The burden lies with us
    To rearrange our stinking thinking.

    We may even find that Darkness
    Is part of our “Is-ness”
    And not to be feared!

  161. Prajna:

    You are welcome and thank you for sharing your kind words and the energy you have been able to glean over the years to support you and those you care about in your life. I am happy to hear your insights from the topics have gone to beneficial use and in return your relationships grow stronger 🙂

  162. Thank you White Wolf for sharing this aspect of your life. More than any spiritual teaching, psychological theory or friendly advice, your example and ongoing commitment to healing has given me not only understanding but hope in various aspects of my life and the lives of those who are dear to my heart and who are affected by deeply embedded trauma.

    While many people fail to understand the mechanisms of triggering and CPTSD episodes, causing more conflict than necessary in our already conflicted world, I have gained a lot of insight that has benefited my family and helped us weather many storms – only to grow stronger and more deeply in touch with that which lies beneath all the trauma and triggering: authentic self expression.

    That is truly a gift that I believe many people in this world have not had the good fortune to receive.

  163. Thanks for all of these clarifications. I will reread the series again with this information in mind.

  164. Years ago now I announced that I would no longer use the name “Complete Self” to title the Manetuwak and that I would return to using the original term – Manetuwak. I started using “Complete Self” with the old school to try making it easier for people to remember, and say. I always disliked it. So I went back to using the real name – Manetuwak. There is no mid-step between this conscious/subconscious and our Manetuwak.

  165. Diane:

    In discussing the belief of judgmentalism you say, “The soul will always be directed with bias rather than purity in the pursuit of neutral understanding.” Are you speaking only of self-judging? You earlier stated that the core or soul only relates to experience as being experience without judgment… Can you expand on this?

    From the article – The soul, spirit, core… it learns from everything it experiences, no matter if the conditioned conscious ego terms something “good” or “bad”. To the core it just is and is therefore supposed to be, and what is always falls into the patterns of the dream the perception of the core is focused on.

    You took that statement out of the example of what the Manetuwak philosophy does not adhere to – the “Philosophies that are based upon judgment of the core/soul”, so the second part of your question holds no relevance to the Manetuwak philosophy.

    Karma – I do not believe in karma. 7th paragraph 😉

  166. Diane:

    Personally I think most people are far too distracted, preoccupied, living in a weakened state of being and whatnot to really access, interact or deal with anything beyond this conscious lifeline. For most people dealing with trauma the feat of making the subconscious the conscious is a toilsome and lifelong pursuit enough. So I have my doubts that many people are actually accessing other lines of lineage or lifeline conflicts.

  167. Also, how does the Complete Self fit into this? Is it actually the Complete Self in which the soul/core interacts and exchanges its life energies? Sort of like a mid-step between us and Manetuwaks? This would correlate with my first question about bleed-throughs of past lives.

  168. Thanks Diane.

  169. Would it be fair to say that bleed-throughs of other lifetimes are simply that? This lifetime remains unique to itself and to others. Since we are all formulated from the same (individual family of) energies in differing amounts, we connect with certain life-energies more strongly than with others during a particular lifetime. And, the concept of karma is the reconfiguring of energies to be experienced in a unique way with these similar energies?

    In discussing the belief of judgmentalism you say, “The soul will always be directed with bias rather than purity in the pursuit of neutral understanding.” Are you speaking only of self-judging? You earlier stated that the core or soul only relates to experience as being experience without judgment… Can you expand on this?


  170. Hello Usha,

    I think that what you say makes sense. Our desire to change the world can only happen if we turn this concept inside out. We actually do accomplish this change when we challenge ourselves and get personal things straightened out.

    Since your new neighbors have similar views, you make a congregate and strengthen. You attracted each other in the ethers. Who knows what this new community will bring about?
    As you say, “fighting the system” is playing into the game. But, we can stand strong and without weapons form a solid presence in ways unexpected, without defiance.

  171. You speak of access points to other hidden trauma and pain. In a sense are we uncovering deeper aspects of ourselves – those parts that might usually be considered beyond us? We are comprised of such a long lineage, and can we dredge up aspects tied into them?

    I remember a time when going through this inner turbulence that ebbed and flowed like surging tides. Emotions of pain, anger and every type of feeling erupted, far beyond my memory of this lifetime. Are we also moving through some portions of programming? That in itself would be a motivation for enduring these episodes when we feel them occurring!

    Yes, stretching our boundaries.

  172. Thank you Prajna, that is very kind of you. It is really nice over here. Today I made a small path in the garden with my middle son, of left over stones and branches, we really enjoyed ourselves. I hope that I contribute something beautiful to the world, although contributing to the world is not on my mind at all. I am investing all my energy in my kids, partner, dog (Lakshmi is still with us), house, garden and plot of land now, and in people and coops that I like, and try to find time for bellydance and I try to work as well…it is a lot for me but I am very grateful for it. If I can do these things with focus and with my heart then it is my contribution.
    I hope that you and your family are well and that you are building your own contribution to the world, whatever it may be.

    Thanks for your additional info White Wolf, I particularly like that last line, hehe.

  173. Usha, Diane, Prajna,

    Quite the little conversation on this article. It has been quiet so I figured I would test the political waters and sure enough people just cannot seem to resist jumping in. Always interesting that is.

    Thank you for all voicing your personal views, opinions and outlooks. I think many here are on a similar path of understanding and insights when it pertains to the political systems and environmental issues of this planet. Yes I am a stronger believer that most outward action directed at “making a difference” tends to swagger and attract manipulative energies, many of which seem overly rash for the desired outcome. In-turn this creates more strife and suffering, more rules and regulations and simply perpetuates the cycle of seeming chaos.

    Though non-action is also not necessarily always the most productive route to take. It all depends up each unique situation at the moment and where we as individuals are within ourselves. The more unbalanced we are, the less our outward action will assist in resolving issues. Putting a serious beating upon a mugger or rapist may very well be called for and be the most productive route to take, but perhaps rash and violent action in a “demonstrative” gathering to oppose say oil drilling may not be as it could very easily harm others who are just trying to get by through “honest means”.

    Usha – as to Europeans hate for Trump and love of Obama… those people do not live here. They have not suffered financially in the middle and lower middle class as the Obama administration undermined our economy for nearly 8 years and left us floating on economic hot air. A politician is a politician, and Obama was no saint. Trump will have his highlights and his utter downfalls just like every other strategically positioned president. People still do not get it – presidents are placed there, they are not elected. Te Obama administration did its thing and the Clinton administration would have been a re-run of it; lies, dissolve the middle class economy, support the rich, weaken the countries military, sell big business to overseas buyers, etc. The system obviously is ready to shift into another gear and so the presidential administration reflects that. What will it bring – only time will tell, but the masses love blowing things out of proportion and we are clearly seeing that happen all over the place with the new administration’s agenda. Hate and frustration ignites like a dry prairie and spreads like oil in water.

    “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.” 😉

  174. Thanks for the thoughtful comments and expanded perspective Usha. By growing your own garden you are contributing much to the world, on all levels. Congrats on the new place 🙂

  175. Thanks Diane! Nice to hear from you. In the past I tried to talk to people about things that interested me and that were truthful to me, but I found that people were not interested and did not want to know. Now I try to focus on living my life the way I want to and as best as I can, like White Wolf has written about. People who are not willing to listen or to scrutinize their way of living and the damage it does, will not change just because I talk to them. They are not interested, they want other stuff in life, they don’t care. Or they care about our planet but they are led by others. I don’t talk about politics at all anymore and I don’t want to change people. It is like White Wolf said, we can’t change the world, only ourselves.

    I know what you mean, it is really nice to meet people who are on the same wavelength, that can be stimulating and it is great to share. We moved to a very old house (1908 it was built) close to Amsterdam, and here in our street there are more people like us (weirdo’s), apparently this place has some energy that attracts certain people. I am glad that you have people around you that you can really talk to.

    We have a small plot of land now we rent from the government closeby with a cute little house on it with a woodstove, we’re growing herbs, fruit and veggies there now. I am so happy with the place. I swear the day we got the place was one of the happiest days in my life! So I am in a totally different vibe than marches, demonstrations and being upset by Trump. I know very nice people who are into those things; I just let them, I am sure there are things about me that don’t appeal to them. Ofcourse I feel for all the people who are victims of the way things are going worldwide, but I can’t do anything about it, and there is suffering in so many places, on so many levels, always has been.

    As to saving the planet, I think that often there are personal motives for wanting to be an activist. Attention, being a saviour, being a good person, impress people, maybe have a past in which the person always had to be the (emotional) helper of the parent(s), personal anger that has nothing to do with the planet, lack of trust in the world, people who have certain mores instilled in them and follow them but the values are not their own, and so on. Let me put it this way; in every organization there are people with different personalities, and they are not all as great as the goals they strive for. That is at least my impression, so the energy, the effect of what they do, may not be so great.

    And sure, there are very large organizations who are run by powerful people who have different goals than they present; I don’t sign petitions; half of those actions are led by an organisation that is not malafide at all, it is all part of the system and trying to fight the system is really useless to me. I don’t like the size of it all either; masses of people, thinking they are making a difference, it is a farce to me. But I understand where it is coming from, it is frustration, love for the suffering people. The question is how to deal with it, and to me demonstrations are not the way.

    Sorry for so long comment!

  176. Prajna, I have posed that question many times. By seemingly remaining inactive, are we contributing to the ongoing problem? Does our activity contribute to the problem?

    We will see how White Wolf answers, but I always come back to our core self, its sureness or strength within and how we can individually contribute. Others simply do not want to be shown the error of their beliefs. If we continue to challenge them, we only add to their fire. It is not our intention to retaliate, but it usually ends up coming to that point and causing alienation.

    So, what are the alternatives? It is not to ignore situations but to hold our view like an eagle. If we can find a common concern or “neutral” topic that can be expanded upon, they may come back later for more discussion. Otherwise, by certain types of activism and pushing our opinions on to others, we only deepen their entrenchment and inability to listen.

    White Wolf has just warned us about participating in demonstrations, sit-ins, etc., since they can so quickly turn violent. There are other ways that we can find to make a difference.

    Yes, Usha, your comments about placing your values and opinions on others… well said. So often, this is a devious way that the domination/control issue surfaces its ugly head. Your words about finding the goodness in another is a way to establish a good relationship that may allow for future discussion about these deeper life concerns.

    In recent months I have met more and more people who have a quiet demeanor but have similar points of view. It seems that we are attracting those of similar minds/beliefs as the lost continue being lost. Different worlds, are they destined to collide or will they pass by each other like a comet in the sky? I see it more as a shifting of myself and changing focus, rather than heating up myself with all of the ills of this world.

  177. It is a great pity that a lot of good hearted people are being misled by society (media, institutions) ; they act because they care about their fellow beings and our earth. I tend to be more positive towards people nowadays than I used to; a lot of people may not be aware of things, just as I am not aware of a lot of things. Yes, it is a great pity that there is so much lies and conceit in this world. But I just don’t want to judge other people. I know a lot of good people who may not be aware of a lot of things and unknowingly support destructive forces but who have a good heart. There are also people who are very intellectual, ”spiritual” and aware, but who emanate not so nice energy. If I would weigh it on a scale, who would be ”better”? No one, is my guess, and what does it matter who is good / better / right / ”a good person”.

    A lot of people feel that they have to change the world, just as people want to solve things when something is wrong. That is natural, but is it really the thing to do? For some yes, for some not. I think we have to watch ourselves to avoid judging other people’s lifestyles / choices. It is something I think about a lot; my tendency is to judge other people regularly, but so often it is a mere projection of mine. We are all different with different goals and things to learn, so why should I want other people to make choices that suit me / my vision?

    Regarding politics; people are just brainwashed by the media and feel angry towards Trump and love Obama (at least over here). Their emotions are created by the media, that is sad, a waste of energy. By the way, Obama is Barry Saturo or something like that is he not, and Michelle might be Michael Obama, so I don’t know what to think of this ridiculous show we are presented with anyway, haha!

  178. Hope you’re enjoying the snow!

    Underlying all of this insanity is the “with us or against us” veiled threat mentality – ie. If you don’t speak out in outrage against what these days amounts to trivial issues when compared with big picture issue that are kept silent, you’re one of “them”.

    Of course, if you should dare to bring up – in an intelligent and non-confrontational way – actual matters of substance when it comes to corruption, abuse, or any other “hot topic” issue, most people will also still prefer to look the other way. There are no hoards of people marching in the streets to demand justice for victims of institutionnalized pedophilia, forced child labourers, unconsenting pharmaceutical/psychiatric test subjects, or the entire web of life that is being destroyed by ongoing aerosolized heavy metals now is there?

    What this is producing is a society where people can feel that they are doing “something” to improve things in the world while actually reinforcing the very structures responsible for so much of the damage we see. The first structure being mental rigidity coupled with extreme ignorance.

    When I consider the world being created for future generations, should they survive the high level environmental destruction we face, I question how any truly caring parent could participate in any of this. Surely some of their ignorance is wilful after all, in this age of information.

    For the time it would take to craft an elaborate giant vagina and go running around wearing it to protest an elite puppet who holds no actual power, people would do well to research the real harm being done to their children and children around the world and act to effect real change, change that starts in one’s own mind.

  179. Prajna, good articles.
    It is almost like I want to pinch myself to verify that I am alive and sane.
    At any rate we have this Den to do a mental health check.

    Not sure where to place the vagina one… looks like we are not going to get out of the basement if this persists.

    Some MASH humor for the week:
    “DWI: Driving While Indian” – Myron Dewey, NA journalist at Standing Rock
    “VEGETARIAN: An Indian who can’t shoot straight” – large sign across a truck rear window.
    PLEASE, no more cold or snow for this area! (Keep it out East for a while. Thanks.)

  180. Diane and Prajna:

    Yes you said it well, both of you and I feel many of us in the Wolf’s Den are on the similar page of understanding. The linked articles, all of them, state things as clear as things can be stated.

    Walking hate filled vaginas – yikes!

    Psy-ops, yes Paula and I, as well as many of you are 100% positive that they have and are used against this website and have been since it started up; rolled over from my old website. Its all over the Internet. Nothing to be done about it though. The tech is too big and too powerfully complex and never sleeping to fight. So we do the best we can and help remind each other that it is being used and can undermine everything we attempt to share and connect with if we let our guard down. It has happened before and the aftermath still lingers.

    On the happy-side, we got a nice fluffy 5 inches of fresh snow today 🙂 Thanks Punxsutawney Phil 😉

  181. Yes, that pretty much sums it up.

    I like this author’s take on current affairs:

    From the article:

    “These psychological and social principals are understood well enough to be applied and so, of course, they have been. A large part of cultural engineering has to do with seeding us with fantasy-based fears that, over time, give rise to the social realities that control us.”

    I liked this one too, a nice reminder that the non-crazy are not alone.

    And now for some humour, in case you missed this:

    Yes that’s right, now that women around the world can all get together and spew hate while dressed as giant genitalia we will finally be free of tyranny.

    It’s sad to say, but so many people really deserve what they have coming to them.

  182. (oops, it should read ATF, not ATM!)

  183. I totally concur!
    Contrived insanity is growing and being used to ferret out those natural leaders who then will be “snatched and grabbed.” They will be held without bond or bond so high that they remain imprisoned.

    Our state legislature is in the process of defining ‘Riot’ to mean participating in a demonstration and therefore potentially “inciting a riot.” All face coverings are deemed a “threat” to law enforcement.

    The local legal system is being maneuvered so as not to provide proper representation, leaving key defendants sitting in front of the judge without legal representation during hearings. They seem to be using this state as a model for other states in how to deal with demonstrators. “Official” witnesses, such as police forces, ATM, etc., blatantly lie and do not offer proof. From the beginning government proclaimed protesters as assembling “illegally” and they have been attempting to provoke scenarios of rioting. The term “riot” plays a key role in their arresting/legal process.

    M-raps, L-raps, Stinger humvee all line the hillsides, along with snipers, military and border patrol (border patrol? Why?), not to mention official DAPL security from TigerSwan company. I think that they are also using a heat imaging technology, like a fingerprint, to follow certain ones, in addition to other hi-tech technology. Roads are blockaded and/or systematic stops are made – all developing a database of activists. Facebook information is confiscated and used to contact family and friends, attempting to intimidate and threaten them.

    Yesterday, while visiting a friend in a hospital, security guards swaggered about with their bullet proof vests. Some also had sidearms. Prevailing energies are so base and low, I could not wait to get out of this town. Provoking by intimidation and fear, causing chaos from unexpected strong-arm tactics… all of these are typical military ploys.

    I also see this insanity increasing on a more individual level with weak-minded ones going literally berserk. Yes, it is time to be low profile and continue our personal healings.


  184. Ugh, that’s unfortunate. Glad to see Element Mountain is still up and running though, and that you still find time to write despite the ongoing health challenges. I really hope things ease up for you and you are able to enjoy life more fully in the near future.

    I suppose I shouldn’t have said “given up”, that does seem a little dramatic. I think that most people would do well to focus more of genuine inner healing and less on trying to convince others to agree with them.

  185. It occurs to me that truth as often viewed, stems from our hierarchical – control system. Within it we have the need to categorize and establish facts. This critical focus and our linear reality all serve to place an importance on agreed upon truths.

    Along with mandated truth comes judgmentalism, conformism.
    Maybe the shattering of this agreed upon reality is the only way to break the mold of all these misplaced concepts. We are now experiencing this falling apart, piece by piece. How we temper or hone our inner steel dictates how we live our lives.
    Truth walks hand in hand with Reality. Both support each other but change with each passing moment’s personal perspective and experience.
    Tolerance and acceptance are helpmates.

    Whenever thinking about this subject of truth, I loudly hear the famous Jack Nicholson shouting, “Truth!! You can’t handle the truth!!”
    Yes, we are certainly being challenged by this concept of truth and sparring with it. This only enhances the dynamics of this world. Life would be so boring otherwise…

  186. Prajna:

    I will keep this short. The old body and its energy are really struggling again.

    Yes you obviously see the point I was making from my own perspective, and again it is only my opinion, but since its my opinion its also my reality.

    “The “truth” I was referring to in my last comment was more along the lines of breaking down the mechanisms of thought control and social engineering, not so much arguing over opinion. I hope that with that type of insight people might gain broader perspective and let go of some of their hardened prepackaged views.”

    Sure, understood.

    Do I sense you gave up on that seemingly futile struggle? I don’t blame you. Still, it’s hard to see people being so blatantly manipulated and say nothing.

    I would not use the term “gave up”, but rather moved my focus to more productive measures along my life’s path 😉 I find many times it takes an extreme amount of my time and energy just to maintain my own borders, weed through my own internal world and then also have to deal with the continual technological accesses and malintent tentacles from external sources that work to undermine Element Mountain and all I try to build.

    I think most of us here hope for “better” outcomes in social “evolution”.

  187. 😉

  188. Indeed, the word truth is overused and perhaps almost meaningless due to the subjective nature of life. Is it true that eating a very poisonous plant will likely kill you? Well, only if you subscribe to the notions of life and death that our culture commonly accepts as true. From a different perspective we never really die so how can that be true? Nonetheless I personally found it useful to learn about poisonous plants in one of your courses.

    I see your point though. Arguing over opinion and ideology isn’t all that productive. What I have observed in society is an increase in prefabricated ideologies clashing, and a decrease in people actually making up their own mind about things based on personal experience or insight.

    The “truth” I was referring to in my last comment was more along the lines of breaking down the mechanisms of thought control and social engineering, not so much arguing over opinion. I hope that with that type of insight people might gain broader perspective and let go of some of their hardened prepackaged views.

    Do I sense you gave up on that seemingly futile struggle? I don’t blame you. Still, it’s hard to see people being so blatantly manipulated and say nothing.

    I should also add that I do not in any way claim that I am not being or have not been manipulated, conditioned, lied to or otherwise made to believe things that are not true. Simply, that I am aware of certain mechanisms of control that include these tactics and that I hope for a better outcome than that which our society appears to be headed towards under the extreme influence of such tactics.

  189. That is a fitting response to this poem.

    For much of this Warrior series I could not decipher what and whom the warrior was challenging until the 13th chapter. At the beginning I questioned why the need for aggression when it provokes and leads to more polarization. Was this warrior fighting within or an outer opponent, or both?

    Neither a rabbit nor a tree live the other’s life, but they do communicate with each other. Their qualities, abilities and life purposes differ, yet they nurture each other through symbiosis and communication. What could one day be described as an amiable relationship might switch and be called food the next day.

    Interestingly, when you talked about not listing or defining other warrior paths and how we could better relate, the very first figure that came to mind was Ghandi – a most famous warrior using words and intent. Being a physical warrior was not an option for him.

    Your theme of the year of Bravery and Courage is fitting. With each we must identify what Fear to be challenged and walk through it.

  190. The rabbit will never understand what it is to be a cherry tree or a whale. We are the same. We can hear about what someone else is, we can nod and ponder and say, “interesting”, but in the end we can never truly understand something we ourselves are not. 🙂

  191. Oh yes, I do uphold truth at least to myself and offer small glimpses to those who can tolerate it. Usually in small amounts as that is all most people can handle. In this case I am speaking specifically about the current state of the environment, both natural and social. Real truth, expressed as compassion and genuine love, is of course less problematic to most.

    The more I strive only to prove myself to myself and stop even thinking of proving myself to others, it seems, the more enriching and complete life becomes.

    I have not had the luxury of disconnecting from the frenzy as the people I am constantly in touch with have not done so and their realities constantly bleed into mine. Therefore I approach it with caution as one would a rabid dog. From a safe distance, with the protection of trusted sources of information. What I have seen by extension is absolutely alarming to say the least.

    Enjoy the solace, and let’s hope it all blows over without too many casualties along the way.

  192. Good luck with your healing process, I am sure it’s not easy to say the least! Symptoms often worsen before it gets better, and let’s hope that in Autumn things will get better. I really hope so, you deserve time off regarding physical pain!

    I was having a cold and that little cold influenced my mood and thoughts; so what I am saying is that when you are very ill it is really hard to stay positive. I think it’s good that you are active on Element Mountain, even though it may be really hard to keep it up; that way you still do what you want to do and illness does not take over everything (although that sometimes is the case even though we may not wish it to be). We know that you are a fighter (in the positive sense!) in every way so you will keep going and keep your dignity.

    We are happy that you are sharing your insights and thoughts with us so we will be waiting for the next interesting article!

  193. Prajna:

    Happy to hear you have gotten something out of the series and found enough to ponder ongoing and in layers.

    Yes I agree with much of what you have plainly stated. All we need to do is look around and we see those imbalances all over the place and at every level of the social system. Personally I do not look at any propaganda, alternative news, hate and bashing sites of any kind. I have no time or need of them. Needless to say I am behind (happily) on all the new terms flying around you mentioned. But yes it is all just imbalanced being thrown by the unbalanced into the chaos of no-balance. Talk about a garden for confusion!

    Yes there are real warriors left, just far and few between. Most people have no idea what a real warrior is, what true warrior energy is, follow the disinformation about real warrior energy and are too busy trashing everyone to even care. It is what it is I suppose.

    A true warrior is like craftsmanship; it takes time, blood, sweat and tears to develop the skills and time, energy and patience to evolve into a state of a true warrior. It does not come easy or cheap. It does not come overnight and certainly not to those unworthy, ignorant or non-respectful of the warrior energy.

    Uphold truth within the self and let others think as they will. Nobody can change another’s mind anyway so yes if we try it is exhausting and pointless.

    While the world of people try to prove themselves to others, warrior energy only works to prove itself to itself. And even a developed warrior falls and stumbles along the path with such powerful non-productive energies flooding all areas of our modern lives. But a developed warrior recognizes this trip-up, stops, picks themselves back up, refocused and continues on.

    Many of my classes this year are geared towards Bravery and rather than proving the self to others, to instead learn to prove the self to the self.

  194. Usha,

    Wishing you well also and your feelings of early spring 🙂 We have lots of ice here covered in snow and more ice. This year lots more ice than snow. Yes as the light slowly returns the temps drop, typical of mid winter.

    I am well in the way that I know what is happening and have come to understand the process of this healing – finally. Even so the physical aspect has been… rough going and from the patterns and what I have been told my health care practitioners it could last for a a solid while yet, perhaps until autumn. Vomiting blood, migraines, violent cramps, extreme dizzy spells, brutal heat, etc. But it is all part of the healing process so even though it rather sucks, I have hope.

  195. I value this series a lot and I’m quite sure I will come back to it to review what was presented as time goes by.

    The basic principles outlined in this last post, aligning with the principles of nature on our planet, are very useful guidelines to live by.

    It seems society is in a frenzy these days, all types of triggered people running rampant with their ideologies clashing all over the place. Each upholding their own chosen elite rulers and hating on anyone who dares to disagree.

    None of this behaviour is anything close to that of a warrior. I think the “SJW” meme must be some type of psy-op, just like “pizzagate”, “post-truth” and all the other terms flying around designed to trivialize and confuse.

    So much childish and belligerent behaviour, so many people wanting nothing more than to prove to their fake friends on social media that they’re more righteous than the next guy.

    All hypocrites and cowards, scared to discuss any issues of substance and more than happy to point fingers and blame others over increasingly trivial fluff.

    Are there any real warriors left, or are we all just following suit in fear of society’s wrath? I know I have found the need to censor myself, at least somewhat though never entirely, because upholding truth these days is endlessly tiring and almost pointless it seems.

  196. Interesting series something to let sink in.
    I hope that you are well.
    Here spring is already on its way although we are still in winter ofcourse. Theres more light and birds, i enjoy that.

  197. Good for you! 🙂

    Winter nap… ugh, have been taking plenty of those.

  198. Too funny! I must be on track.

    Several days ago I felt a live flame rise from my belly to my heart center area; yesterday, I got a once in a lifetime phone call. Nope, nothing boring over here and we now have the ice covering all roads, some side roads, driveways are packed up to 6 or 8 inches thick of ice.

    I also just realized that 69 is very similar to my Cancer sign. Yup and the number of 70 is key too. Wow. More is packed into several days than in some months or years. I am having fun and wondering what else might happen. Do I dare take another winter nap?

  199. Hey Diane,

    Purposes and paths, challenges and the unknown, trust and doubt – in other words – LIFE 🙂 Yes this will be a big year for you as you traverse your 69th year to attain your 70th winter! The Chinese New Year arrives this Saturday and is the year of the Fire Rooster so that should certainly add some spark and attitude to your year 😉 We cannot have things getting boring now can we?

    Onward we trek and here in Vermont right now that is across ice!

    White Wolf

  200. All so true, looking forward to the next instalment.

  201. Prajna:

    Hey there 🙂

    Still pecking away at this series. I have been typing when energy allows. Still more to go 😉

    In your view of what it means to be a warrior, do you see engaging in physical combat as a defining aspect?

    No not necessarily because not all forms of warriors align with combat situations. However, all warrior paths involve conflict (of which combat is just one type) and so a warrior understands conflict, what it means to them as an individual and how it comes out of as well as radiates through all areas of life that touches them.

    Yes of course the listed pitfalls can crossover to other areas of life experiences, like people that have experienced trauma/abuse and whatnot. Just like some pitfalls of say an emergency room doctor or nurse. They can have many of those same pitfalls, but so can a child that may have been bullied throughout their childhood or even an adult who as a child witnessed some natural disaster firsthand. After all, there are really only so many emotional experiences we as humans can go through, so I find many pitfalls and elevators crossover between various life paths 🙂

    But no not all combat warriors will develop ptsd. Studies show that children who were not taught how to successfully deal with stress and trauma have a higher % of developing ptsd after traumatic events later in life, but nothing is stable across the board. The human brain is an amazing and mostly unknown universe within itself.

    Freezing rain, rain, ice, snow, blizzards, negative temps, 45 degrees, sun, and blustery winds through it all – we seem to have quite a bit of everything this season so far!

  202. Thanks for posting this series. I”m sure the class would have been great, reading the notes is interesting though.

    In your view of what it means to be a warrior, do you see engaging in physical combat as a defining aspect?

    Also, I noticed the list of pitfalls could easily describe an individual who had suffered some type of abuse or trauma as a child or later in life. Is this due to the PTSD a warrior will inevitably develop in combat, or because most warriors will have suffered abuse or trauma in their more formative stages? Or another reason.

    Hope all is well and you’re not getting too much freezing rain down there.

  203. Deep stuff

  204. Yes people are visiting, always a nice thing to see.

    I will let the series unfold and answer your question on what I am 😉

    The majority of Roots of the Warrior is my own discoveries and awarenesses through my life. Meechgalanne let me discover things for myself mostly. He would only relay deeper philosophy if he knew I already walked enough of a path to acquire my own foundation.

    Tomorrow, the 7th installment will relay some interesting things for everyone 🙂

  205. Thanks. I have good feeling about 2017 let’s make something good out of it.

    600 visits, that is a lot, it would be nice if more people would visit the site, because this kind of information you offer here and the interaction is really not easy / impossible to find elsewhere.

    Interesting concept, the warrior, I will give it thought I haven’t grasped it yet.
    If I may ask, what kind of warrior are you (in this stage of your life)?
    Is the teaching of Roots of the Warrior a blend from knowledge of Meechgelanne and yourself, gained through the years?

  206. Usha:

    Hey there 🙂 You know just two days ago I had about 600 visits to the Wolf’s Den in 4 hours. People playing holiday catch-up I suppose.

    The warrior is not always a “physical” one, but can also be a spiritual or astral one as well.

    The training must directly relate to the purpose of the warrior and their skill sets. Without proper train they are not a warrior, just a dangerous fool.

    There can be warriors who are focused on ecology and the environment, animals, industry, people, countries and so on. Each is required to obtain the proper and essential skills to successfully embark upon their unique warrior path. Someone who claims to be a warrior for the environment but has no training or experience in the depth of understanding of what the environment truly is, is not a warrior for the environment and cause far more harm to what they claim to protect than not.

    To be a true warrior requires a price to be paid and this price is through training and experience.

    Yes may the year of 2017 be what is needs to be for all of us 🙂

  207. Nice series White Wolf, this is my first introduction to the Roots of the Warrior.
    Is the warrior always a physical warrior?
    And the training, what sort of training is meant?

    It is interesting to think about the warrior aspects in myself, I haven’t thought about it much yet, haven’t had the time, but I am interested for sure.

    My Indian family is of the khsatriya caste, the warrior caste, maybe that means something time, will tell.

    Have a good 2017!

  208. Fredrick:

    “what a warrior might do in that situation, or in a survival situation”

    From the warrior aspect of me I would do whatever was most practical and efficient and that will always depend entirely upon each unique situation.

    Some years back I was working with wood poles in the forest when one snapped and splintered rather violently. A thick splinter about 1 inch wide, 1 inch thick and 7 inches in length slipped itself lengthwise into my forearm. Only about 1/2 an inch remained poking out of the bloodied skin. The most practical and efficient thing was for me to gather up some green moss and slowly and evenly pull the wood shard out of my arm (so it would not break on me). I hung the arm down and wrung it with my other hand to make it bleed thoroughly to bleed as much debris out as possible. Then I pack the wound with moss and wrapped it with a thin green tree branch. I found some pine sap and scrapped it off a trunk and melted it in my mouth. I removed the moss and spit the melted sap into the wound and wrapped it back up again.

    After, I built a small fire and brewed some tea with pine, horsetail and yarrow to both stop bleeding and treat for infection. I also poured some of the cool tea on new moss and repacked the wound with it and wrapped it with green bark.

    Since I had the skills and I was out in the forest, the most practical and efficient action was to treat myself then and there. I knew the forest, I knew the plants, I knew my body and I knew the wound and so I also knew I could treat it successfully and it would not get infected.

    But “what would a warrior do” always comes down to practicality and efficiency determined by the uniqueness of each situation.

  209. I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was out hiking at a local conservation area and had probably been out about two hours so I was becoming attuned to the woods. As I was walking I decided to cut across a field which had been cleared with the leftover ends of plants sticking up out of the ground. And as I was walking through a piece stuck me right in the ankle, went up into my skin and broke off. So I was kind of thinking about what a warrior might do in that situation, or in a survival situation. It didn’t hurt and I could barely feel it but it was about three inches long and underneath the skin. Then I had to walk out and I thought about cutting it out with my own knife… but I ended up going up to the e.r. and got it cut out. I thought it was kind of an interesting lesson. It made me think of the concept of instinct, being tapped into instinct from being out there for a few hours already… instinct and adrenaline because I didn’t really notice when it happened as I was more focused on moving ground.

  210. Beautiful tree, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family White Wolf, and all of the Den members.

    White Wolf, I highly recommend An esoteric healing practitioner who I have been talking classes from for a couple years now. She does a demonstration on the You Tube link above. She can work long distance so you can stay home for the treatment. This is an energy work that has It’s roots in Vedic India. This woman is a D.O. and her work can be covered by insurance, she will not handle the insurance work, she gives you the receipt and you turn it into your insurance.

  212. Nice.

  213. Good for you! Right on.

  214. Usha:

    Our pup, she is 13 1/2 years old! She does a lot of sleeping these days and enjoys lounging on the wool braid rugs and was using one of the boxes under the tree as a pillow 🙂

  215. Joanna:

    Thanks 🙂

  216. Diane:

    Glad you enjoy it 🙂 We celebrated the solstice on the night of the 20th with a nice bonfire in the snow surrounded by the Green Mountain forests and blanketed by the stars above 🙂 That is also the night and following day that we make our special family time together to celebrate each other, the winter and life itself.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  217. Usha:

    Recent events, not public info. Just someone from my long past who tried to arise after years and purposely try to trigger me. You know, regular BS, but I took care of it direct and nothing became of it. No issues.

  218. Happy holidays!

    What a wonderful picture card. It feels like you have opened your space and heart to each of us in the warmth and glow of lights, evergreen and even an angel topper over the packages containing mysteries of delight.


  219. Happy Holidays to you and your family, White Wolf. The tree looks beautiful 😀

  220. Merry Christmas, that looks festive, that is great! I love the dog, he likes it too. 🙂

  221. Thanks White Wolf and Diane, merry christmas, hohoho.

    That was a really long comment indeed, haha! I was writing down my recent feelings, a trauma I had / have was triggered and that was related to all kinds of misery….so nothing funny but it has opened up some parts of me that were closed off, and I have new insights now.

    Snow, are you kidding, it’s warm here! We bought new woollen 4-season duvets (yesss!!) but the winter ones are too warm!

    Diane, that is nice that you keep track of all your writings and findings. I don’t have the patience to do that, maybe it is the water element, it just wants to flow. I know it is important to structure things, and when I write a comment I do try to structure my thoughts, but mostly I just try to express whatever I am thinking or feeling at that moment, and the next moment things can be different and I just let it. You seem the kind of person who can organize and structure it.

    Recent event that has prompted the article White Wolf, I am not sure which event! I really don’t. Anyway if you don’t feel like sharing it that is perfectly fine with me.
    The articles have given me some insights, for example some parallels that I see between situations when I was a child and later settings, things like that.
    And choosing for myself, rather than letting people step in who want to undermine me. They like to stay in the shadows for sure, like some of our own feelings I guess that we find hard to face.

  222. Happy holidays to all.

    We are forecast to get a foot of snow and winds on Christmas day (blizzard). That would make four feet in a month so far, making up for previous dry winters. At least we are not scheduled for more -20 F temps.

    Usha, I have many out-takes of never sent comments that contribute to my personal journal. It makes for interesting reading and sometimes does get later included in responses.

    Yes, if I enjoy my own company more and respect myself more than others might, it is better to cut those ties. Maybe another time, another situation can prove more beneficial. However, I have noticed that the unscrupulous have a nose to use aggressive tactics. They smell what they perceive as weakness and come attacking. The world dynamics seem to be promoting or provoking those who need to make up their minds which side of that coin they find comfort with.

  223. Usha:

    That must have been a long comment reply 😀

    Glad you liked them both and found the reminder to be a useful one. Of course the article was prompted by a recent event (not Den or school related).

    Happy Holidays to you as well Usha! Have any snow over there?

  224. Wow another really relevant article; just like the one before this. I was writing a comment about that but it ended up being longer than the article… so I deleted it.
    Although it is not easy, I feel too the shedding is something that we owe to ourselves.
    Have a merry christmas.

  225. Prajna:

    Yes I agree about re-enacting trauma and have read and heard that many times through the years. But perhaps resolving them is in-fact just coming to understanding them. One issue I have pondered over many times is if we in-fact can truly understand every trauma on every level, or it some are like many others experiences in life – just too vast or complex for us to actually understand in this life.

    “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” And sometimes you will not be able to identify the flavor you got. 🙂

    Yes the asking for neutralized knowledge and energy being returned to us after releasing full experiences is very important in my opinion, whether general mind pattern release or specific experiences.

  226. I have heard that we continually re-enact our core traumas, in a subconscious attempt to resolve them. It would make sense then that we would continue to draw in these experiences that trigger core feelings of guilt, anger, etc. and that simply letting go of the newer experiences would not resolve the emotional charge associated with them.

    I do like the second part of your release work advice though, the part about experiences being processed and “returned” to us as pure knowledge. I think that’s the more important part of that exercise, and one that could possibly provide some relief from continual re-enactment of traumas. Perhaps we re-enact them not to resolve them, but to gain a better understanding of them.

  227. That is right, like buying a plastic bag in a grocery store and advertising for the store with the bag.

  228. Usha:

    I do not like being a walking advertisement for a company either. I do not wear logo clothing unless it is a small business of which I know the owners that I am trying to support. Big companies have quite the profitable game going with logos. Basically people pay the company to advertise for them for free!

  229. Thanks. The sun, moon and the tree appeal to me as symbols.

    Ofcourse brands have symbols as logo as well; my son of 4 years old knows the Nike logo and likes it, he knows that his peers think it is cool. What the logos signify (a luxurious lifestyle for example) is very different from what they are used for (exploiting people and destroying our earth and multicultural globe). I don’t like to see all these brands all the time around me.

  230. Usha:

    Yes especially down south you have a hard time driving very far without seeing some huge cross mounted in someones yard, or on some barren hillside or along a major highway… in pastures and whatnot.

    Something like the infinity symbol holds no violence in history so far as I know. It was never build and used to kill others on. 😉

    The sun has always been a huge symbol people have used for all manner of items and ceremonies. The sun – life giver, light, color maker… not so awful of a symbol. The moon has also been used heavily – controller of tides/water, effect on the emotions, mothering, helps us pace time throughout a year, light in the darkness… again, not so awful to use as a symbol. Trees are also found as symbols all around the world. The tree – growth, shelter, food, medicine, tools, beauty…

    Many things have been used as symbols that hold meanings of life and many are not so terrible to look upon. However, many things have been used as symbols that hold the meaning of suffering, control/manipulation, fear, greed, dominion and all other heavy energies. I wonder how people can go through their lives using those kinds of symbols to keep close to them, display them to the world and work to manifest those energies inside and around them. Insanity.

    Nice to hear your thoughts Usha 🙂

  231. Wow we don’t have crosses in the countryside but ofcourse they are all over to be found in other places over here. In Greece and Italy it is really way over the top. It is terrible indeed. I find it a depressing symbol, and disgusting too, everywhere that bleeding Jesus hanging on the cross with wounds. I have never liked glorifying violence and suffering, there is nothing great about it to me, it is horrible.

    I was pretty much into the infinity symbol, but I have let go of it. Symbols can be used for good and for bad, and, like you have stated before, is the meaning really something that we have experienced ourselves, or is it just a belief. We believe so many things, I feel kind of relieved to let go more and more of things that I do not truly know. Your writings help me with this.

    Waldorf people (Rudolf Steiner) are very much into the infinity symbol, they massage the back in the shape of this symbol, brush their walls with paint in that shape, I mean that just is too much for me. I think that it is out of balance, that people are brainwashed into believing they need to have the symbol around them. They are pretty crazy to me, believing all these things, to me it is a religion, but anyway it is their choice. It takes away their personal power I feel, because people become dependent on it. Like the cross and praying, it is insanity. A walk in the woods, or spending loads of time with my kids is far more spiritual to me and far more closely connected to the ”divine” than all that BS.

    But I still very much like the infinity symbol because for me it signifies balance and continuity and movement, which is inherent to life. I love the circle a lot too. In bellydance the circle and the infinity symbol are the most prominent symbols that are made, with the whole body and with bodyparts such as head or hips. They are round and that is feminine and that feels good, being a woman and having curves because of it.

    As you surely know, in India people are crazy about the shiva lingam, the yoni and lingam. They attach powers to it that have nothing to do with it in my view, a lot of fear is involved, of the mighty Shiva and his socalled force of destruction. I think that the yoni and lingam represent male and female energy, and on another level it represents sexuality, and those are a few of the things main things that are severely out of balance in India.

    Personally I dislike the way people use the symbols of heart with their hands (because popstars started doing it) and the fivepointed star which is aimed heavily towards children. People are into these symbols because ”stars” are into them. It is not only because I know that the upside turned five pointed star is used in cults, it is just a feeling. It seems we are brainwashed by the media into liking the symbols – that just does not feel right to me.

  232. As my wife Paula said,
    “They didn’t see what I saw you go through. You died. You spent months in bed barely able to eat and in terrible pain. They didn’t see what I saw every day. It doesn’t matter what people say. You know what you went through. I saw what you went through and we know what we had to go through together. We know what you still suffer from it all these years later. Nothing anyone can say will ever change that truth. They can say what they like, but it doesn’t change the truth.”

  233. Hello Prajna, thank you for the link, I think it will be of interest to me.

  234. 🙂

  235. Well that’s good, you can at least cross that one of the list of potential complicating factors.

    I have been trying to be less cynical but the world keeps discouraging me from that pursuit.

    Happy digging!

  236. Prajna:

    “Too cynical”?? You – no… 😉

    I agree that the test should be far less expensive. Its sort of like Lyme tests – most are insanely priced and in my opinion they are priced out of most peoples range for a reason, and not a very nice reason at that.

    Recently I was tested for it and the test was negative. (thanks for bringing it up because otherwise I may never have thought about it… even though it was negative) My naturopath is pretty good at ordering any test I ask for. I may have been tested when I was poisoned as well, but I have access to very few of those old records and the ones I do have do not say.

    And the pursuit continues 🙂

  237. Hey Usha,

    You might like this site – along with some of the author’s video presentations, it has me quite convinced of the reality of more ancient civilizations.

  238. About measuring homocysteine but not testing for MTHFR – I think this clarifies the point well:

  239. Well, maybe I’m just too cynical but to me the fact that mainstream medicine continues to ignore this genetic polymorphism that can literally change people’s lives is a red flag.

    As for the cost mentioned in the article, I would think that dropping a couple hundred bucks on a 23&me test would be fairly insignificant as compared with the myriad expensive medical treatments people with the mutation undergo for all kinds of conditions, not to mention the frequent inability to function at a high enough level to earn an adequate income.

    Just think what it would mean if large segments of the population started getting tested and realized all their so-called diseases could be tied to a simple but highly significant metabolic infuficiency. This would represent huge losses for the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the vaccine industry since one of the main problems with mutations in the MTHFR gene is an inability to detoxify heavy metals. Many children who develop autism after vaccination are later found to have this mutation.

    Also, this particular article mentions folic acid supplementation as a solution so I assume that the author isn’t all that knowledgable about the subject. If he were, he would know that folic acid supplement (as opposed to methyl folate) is extremely harmful to people with the MTFHR mutation due to their inability to methylate the folic acid into a usable form.

    Nonetheless, it’s an interesting topic to research! If you find anything else of interest I would be interested to see it.

  240. As my wife Paula said,
    “They didn’t see what I saw you go through. You died. You spent months in bed barely able to eat and in terrible pain. They didn’t see what I saw every day. It doesn’t matter what people say. You know what you went through. I saw what you went through and we know what we had to go through together. We know what you still suffer from it all these years later. Nothing anyone can say will ever change that truth. They can say what they like, but it doesn’t change the truth.”

  241. Yes I know, the don’t feel ”right” to start with.
    And although the artefacts that are discussed by Klaus Dona are interesting, I don’t need ”proof” that there have been advanced societies here on earth.

  242. Thanks Usha, I will pass it along and maybe I will feel up to watching it myself one of these days.
    But yes I typically avoid that particular organization as I feel they fall into the sticky categories of many others I avoid these days.

  243. Just for reference:

    Thought about posting these 5 years ago, but never did. These are private links for paying members only. Nothing more than side points of interest that fit with this posting, nothing more – old news.

    For annual paying members:

    For monthly paying members:

  244. Thank you for being so open with us and sharing it. I can understand that life is hard when you feel so exhausted and have pain, and that it affects your life deeply and everything that it entails.

    It says something about ourselves that it is so difficult to find people who can make the right diagnose and help people heal; we have lost the knowledge about ourselves, our body and how to heal it. Hopefully the people who are helping you can make life better for you, and ofcourse you are doing everything you can.

    So let’s hope for a better year healthwise, it would be so nice if you can have more energy, so you can enjoy living more than you are able to do now.

  245. Thanks, our new home is certainly perfect, real good vibes here.

    Here’s a link to a doc that intrigued me, it is about a Austrian conservator named Klaus Dona who collects artefacts that do not fit in linear history theory.

    I think Klaus Dona was interviewed by the people of Project Camelot, I don’t feel connected to them but they have interviewed a few people that had interesting things to say. Your son might be interested.

  246. Thanks Prajna. There is another alternative to the MTHFR testing:
    This is something I am still researching.

  247. Yes Prajna there is lots of evidence to show the strength of these theories about human history. My son is recently quite taken up in all the conspiracy theory shows out there right now. Its funny and interesting to see his wheels turning with all the info he is exploring 😉

  248. Thank you Usha. Your silence is not offending 🙂 We all need times of silence in life.
    Hopefully your new home is perfect for your family this holiday season 🙂

  249. That’s really rough, though in some ways better than Lyme disease I’m sure. Hoping you have time to rest up and get stronger this winter. I know you’ve done a million tests but if you haven’t tested for MTHFR I highly recommend it – could be a game changer.

    Be well 🙂

  250. Agreed, I have also seen enough evidence to convince me there have been other global technologically advanced civilizations before ours, and they likely self-destructed just like ours will likely do.

    A discussion, indeed! Hi everyone 🙂

  251. Hey White Wolf, a discussion I’d love to join in! But every time I start writing something as a comment I delete it, I just don’t think it is that important and so I stopped trying. You know, writing about myself and what I feel and think, I just don’t feel like it now. I am not saying that my thoughts are unworthy, but I just feel it is better to stay silent. Maybe it is part of being in fall and winter approaching.

    Anyway I read the articles and comments, and ofcourse I hope that you are hanging in there and that you will be able heal some of the physical problems.

    Have a good holiday season with your family, and I wish that for all the Den members, celebrating and remembering with yourself, family, friends, pets, candles, blankets, chocolate, who/whatever you feel comfortable with.

  252. I don’t think that all humans on earth or throughout history are necessarily responsible though for this mess that we’re in. People around the world who had previously lived a far more balanced and aware existence have been brutalized, subjugated and taken over by the system of violence and control that we live in today. Yes facets of this energy have always existed, but it has not always been this severe and widespread.

    Of course not every living human… but since there have been a number of advanced human civilization time periods before this one, to me it seems this is just another of the same cycles that have been before. In our human history records this level of global distress has never been as widespread, I agree, but I think this level and beyond has been present prior in previous advanced civilizations and therefore prior to their own downfall and destruction.

    The globe regenerates; it is always trying to do so. I would guess there has always been enough time between the collapse of one advanced and destructive civilization and the next for the planet to heal before the next onslaught began.

    Wow – are we having an actual discussion in the Den here? 😉 It has been a while. Of course my energy does not allow for anything regular these days so I take advantage of the short times I feel up to it 🙂

  253. I think it is only a state of awareness rooted in embodiement and self acceptance that can really be called peace. That is what we truly seek, though most people are probably unaware of this.

  254. I really echo many of these sentiments, and have found that many people prefer ignorance over the acceptance of blatant truth. Sadly, it is this same ignorance that’s in such great part responsible for the situation we find ourselves in.

    Indeed our situation on this planet is so precarious, and people want to pretend that nothing is wrong or that if something is wrong then some quackademic will find a way to fix it.

    Personally, I would be much more comfortable with widespread public recognition of the problem leading to a full stop on all weather manipulation activities that involve microwaving the atmosphere and dispersing ozone-shredding metal nanoparticulates then turning a blind eye on it all and trusting a bunch of clearly insane people to “fix” things with their destructive technologies.

    I don’t think that all humans on earth or throughout history are necessarily responsible though for this mess that we’re in. People around the world who had previously lived a far more balanced and aware existence have been brutalized, subjugated and taken over by the system of violence and control that we live in today. Yes facets of this energy have always existed, but it has not always been this severe and widespread.

    At this point, with the level of control, fear mongering and social engineering that has been deployed around the world it’s true that the hope of a more balanced future seems slim. Nonetheless, I still say it could happen.

  255. It’s true, all emotions and aspects of existence exist as an ecosystem and should not be eliminated. I don’t think this means we can’t hope for a brighter future where psychopaths don’t have free reign to commit extreme acts of violence and abuse to all life on earth though.

    About history – just a side note, but an interesting one. Have any of you come across the work of Anatoley Fomenko? He’s a brilliant Russian mathematician who has spent years focusing on the chronology of the past 2,000 years or so. He makes a very compelling case that this has been falsified – mainly at the hands of the Jesuit monks who literally rewrote history a few hundred years ago – and that we are actually much closers in time to the “ancient” civilizations then we are led to believe.

    Food for thought.

  256. Aires response… ha, maybe so, but we cannot be anything we are not. 😉 When you are born with horns on your head there must be a reason, just like scale, fin, wing, hoof or venom.

    Yes Diane winter is just a newborn and there is much of it to come. It’s what winter is. 🙂

    “Doomed to repeat history” – even the act of “waking up” or embracing and spreading love and peace is nothing new. It has happened throughout history around the world. What has it done? It has done as much as any other view and energy, but this world was created with every energy here and none can be removed. The world is an ecosystem, just like a forest or the ocean. It is made up of energy. The energy is faceted into many individual energies. Just like the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, insect kingdom, etc. We can easily see what happens when one species is exterminated. The ecosystem pays the price.

    Love, anger, sadness, happiness and so on all have their place within us and within the overall actions of the world. Personally I do not think dreaming of a world where everyone embraces each other in love and brother/sisterhood and no conflict exists is a balanced dream. I feel a more equal spread of the emotional states (Love, anger, sadness, happiness and so on) should be the goal of the global population.

    Anytime a culture or time period of people have tried to stomp out one level of energy it has backfired. We cannot deny our nature and succeed at anything.

    It is through the exploration of all these emotional energies that we discover who we are. How can we expect new generations to omit themselves from such an natural self exploration? The world turns on and life continues here and no matter our personal dreams we cannot stop or change what was here long before humans ever set foot upon the planet.

    Yes balance and the acceptance of balance through the acknowledgment that everything here belongs here for reason far beyond out understanding.
    Again just my opinion 🙂

  257. Hah Prajna!

    Yes, this area is a tundra with frigid weather. Today, I shoveled my car that became part of a snowdrift only to find that snow had packed itself into the whole engine area. No wonder it does not turn over. I am now waiting for the busy towing company to move it to a garage… no relief in frigid temps any time soon. Feels like blustery January weather with -20 degree F windchills much of the time.

    As for memories and history: If we do not learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it. This last article wishes to show that a groundswell of energy is building to overcome and to make right what now so badly ails this world. We all have the opportunity to focus on improving without using overt retaliation methods and continuing this very long siege against Nature – which includes mankind.
    This is often called a world of dreams. I guess that we choose in which dream we want to participate. I may write more when I get more focused on this article and its purpose.

  258. Typical Aries response LOL 😉

  259. Joanna:

    No problem. I see the stats and everyone still reads and visits, but folks are busy and absorbed in their own lives and minds and so engaging in discussions can be a bit too much at times. I certainly understand!

    I will view the link in the next few days. I have not heard of the project until now. Thanks for taking the time to share 🙂

  260. Diane:

    As noble a cause this all is and as touching as the whole scenario is playing out to be, I think it is very important to remain realistic as well. Prayer is great for some… total unity and a peace loving shoulder to shoulder world of brotherly and sisterly love is an interesting desire and dream of some as well, but in my own small opinion based upon viewing the history of the human race, it will never come to pass on this earth. People have prayed for it probably as long as human tribes were dwelling here and it has never come to pass. Tens of thousands of years. What lessons could be learn if there were no strife, no conflict, no opposition; if everyone became hug buddies on the earth?

    I am not saying harming one another is a “good” or “bad” thing, but it does seem like it is one of the foundation energies of life on this planet. Even in nature we see this on every single level of life. No layer is exempt.

    Yes we are all related, but that has never meant we are all meant to get along and life becomes all sunrises and rainbows. It simply means we are all in this together and both care and agreement as well as opposition and intense conflict are part of it. Just ask the insect that eats the life from the tree or the earth that slides down and crushes a forest. Even the lion that attacks another lion from another pride, even though they once lived as brothers of the same mother lion.

    Make “peace” where we can while being realistic as to the energies of this physical earth.

  261. Hi White Wolf,

    Hope you are well. Sorry I haven’t commented for a while but I still come in here and read your articles. I agree it’s shocking to see the level of pollution in the world today and so many animals and eco- systems being destroyed. I was going to write an article a while back about a project I found called the “The Ocean Cleanup” Have you ever heard of it? I will post a link for anyone who wants to read up on it. I found it really interesting and it’s a positive step forward in finding a solution.

  262. There are two poignant videos just released.
    The first is of Wesley Clark, Jr., asking forgiveness from Leonard Crow Dog (Lakota Medicine man who fought at Wounded Knee), December 5, 2016:

    The second video is “Sound of Silence” sung by Disturbed, saluting Standing Rock and all Americans:

    This powerful black and white video is so significant in its production and message.

    The newest message that I am getting from Standing Rock is this: Same as the water flows from the sky to the earth and nourishes every living thing, this power is now flowing outward to feed all roots in this country and around the world. This water strengthens and unites us in ways that we do not comprehend.

    Most of all, we shed those masks of color and see each other as sister and brother. We walk together, no longer harming each other, or Mother Earth.

    We leave unsaid shallow words. Although a tear is shed, it flows in gratitude – not pain. Humanity finds its purpose and remembers that “We are all related!”

    Eagle Flower

  263. It is said that 60 to 90 million bison once populated these prairies, almost beyond my imagination to envision.

    Even though humanity has grossly interfered with the natural rhythm of this biosphere, it comes to each of us to do the best that we can to correct our transgressions. It is beyond time for us to emancipate ourselves and change our thinking.

    What you say is another way to describe our feelings of separation, lack and unworthiness. Today, 4 December, is a national day of prayer for all of these reasons, stemming from Standing Rock. We can join in and through humility spiritually join together and find our correct place. Already, I feel great uplifting out of this morass, with a unified intention of forgiveness, healing and gratitude.

  264. I also agree that nature is trying to balance herself against the onslaught of manipulated weather and temperature fluctuations, whatever the source may be. But that this balancing effect is being crushed in many cases.

    I think this is a solid rebuttal to the movement of people who insist the planet is cooling and not warming:

    On one side I see facts, and on the other mostly propaganda that is strikingly similar to corporate “big oil” propaganda, and often funded by the same actors as well. Many “alternative” news sources are heavily controlled, just like so many NGOs, news media, governments, and people. We need to become better at discerning truth because the “truth” movement sure seems to have a hard time with that on many fronts.

    I think it is easier for many people to believe that the planet is cooling than to accept the likely reality that we’re already in a runaway global warming feedback loop being made worse every day by weather manipulators and other man-made environmental disasters. That the oceans are already superheating, that the coral reefs are already dead or dying due to the rise in ocean temperature, and that once large amounts of methane are released from the depths of the warming ocean life on earth as we know it may likely cease to exist.

    I can’t blame them, it’s a hard reality to face. We all have hopes and dreams, family, and love of life after all. Yet the facts are the facts.

    Nonetheless, complacency isn’t an option to me and I still believe it’s our responsibility to do what we can to help turn this disaster around in the hopes of preserving life on our planet.

  265. Another thing,
    Old articles that I once read about Ice Ages often show the polar caps as being warmer and melting while the lower areas are wrapped in glaciers. This is the conflict of deciphering information these days. What seems to be may actually be the opposite. So, I stay with knowing that we are going through Changes. Weather indicates how we are doing as a civilization…

  266. Thanks Prajna for that link. I am not surprised. Yes, much of this snowfall was micro snow… the wettest that I have ever seen here. It was almost impossible to shovel or push, like a rock. Great for making igloos! I am more concerned about the ramifications of toxicity to this area from the snow.

    Yes, testing is being done on other samples from the Protector site on what has been hurled at them. The night of December 5 shows a drop of temps in the minus 0 F. range with several days of winds.

    These changing weather patterns I suspect are a combination of geoengineering and of Nature attempting to rebalance. Consequently, we experience all types of extremes throughout the globe.

    Earlier this year I saw articles of how past and present temperature records are being altered in order to conform to a warming trend.

  267. Sadly, from all available data, it seems that the reality being covered up is that our planet is in meltdown. Artic sea ice and ocean being good indicators, in addition to global heat records being broken every consecutive month this year.

    The cool downs are isolated to different regions in our part of the world and their industrialized nations, and they’re being engineered. Record November snowfalls in North Dakota? It’s called weather warfare.

    This comes at the expense of the entire web of like though, and the artic is often at record highs these past winters while we experience record lows further south. Our ozone layer has been degraded beyond belief by the stratospheric aerosol spraying and anyone who spends any time outdoors can attest to the searing heat of the sun due to the increase in UV rays.

    Droughts are another consequence of these programs as the nanopariclates are designed to sequester moisture. Instead of the increase in precipitation one would expect to see as the planet heats up, we see extreme heat couple with drought. This is all over the world, and crop failure is a major outcome that will affect us all.

    Are those the realities you meant to imply that people are trying to hide?

  268. Today, we are digging out of a snowfall of about 15 inches. Last year our total was about 24 inches. Methinks that Mother Nature is attempting to balance things out in her own way. I saw the first major flock of geese flying south this morning.

    The cry of warming trends has gotten so politicized that for the most part I do not listen to any of it. Yes, weather patterns are changing and will continue to do so. Our solar system is going through much heaving and storming. However we can get smart and work along with these changes would by our smartest venture. But then, who says that we are smart?? lol

  269. Yes, I am in the county seat of Morton County, Mandan, that is about 25 miles north of the Cannonball River and Standing Rock. Mandan and Bismarck are separated by the Missouri River. Bismarck has the only two hospitals in this area. Hwy 1806 parallels the Missouri going south on the Mandan side. Activities and tensions build here with occasional protesting and courthouse activities and have seen the lights of policing activities serpentine down Hwy 6 that goes south from the west side of town. Hwys 1806 and 6 are main corridors to South Dakota, affecting many people. Closing one or both causes much tension, frustration. The pipeline at the Hwy 6 side is about 15 miles south of town, angling down to cross over Hwy 1806.

    Yes, the ravens were relaxed, almost cheerful, and I continue to process the meaning of their visits. I deeply hope that the hearts of people will begin to awaken to the deeper meanings of this Protector message.

  270. What a hoot! I can see White Wolf’s next video as he talks like a Valley Girl, morphing into rap and head banging. Fortunately I sidestepped that era, even “gag me with a spoon.”

    Yes, we are such a conditioning peoples; one can wonder how we could use this ability in another direction – away from self victimization that brings about this pain and suffering. We are so much more than that.

  271. Hi Diane, Inhave been thinking of you, wondering how close you are to the situation unfolding at Standing Rock.

    Thanks for this article and for bringing the perspective of hope peacefulness among all of the violence we are shown in the media. I do hope a more peaceful resolution can be found, that does not further trample on the rights of the First Nations people of Standing Rock and their ancestors.

  272. 🙂

  273. There are additional links showing how momentum is peaking for this coming week. Local media is highly censored, causing ongoing confusion with local residents as to why and what is really going on. There is no local investigative journalism but only repeating what is handed to them from “official” sources, much of which is incorrect or incomplete hearsay from anonymous sources.

    Military veterans called to Standing Rock by Dec 4: (at least 200 are already committed and on their way)

    December 5 closing of camp mandated by Obama:

    This is an emotionally written article but contains info on the militaristic tactics being used and presents a context of what happened a week ago. The ramping up…

    No, I do not spend my day searching for info or dwelling in this heaviness. I focus on bringing myself to center and maintaining a level higher than this maliciousness now playing out. Every day I learn more about what causes past triggerings and move along in learning my real center while ridding past causes of interferences, delusions and emotions while focusing on forgiveness and gratitude and abundance in a balanced way. Quite a Game of Life! This morning I hear “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”

    By the way White Wolf, Interesting that you chose a leaf for this photo gallery. On two consecutive days a pair of ravens came to the closest tree, one sitting and preening in it and the other on the ground picking at a large leaf. Their cawing did not seem agitated and stayed for quite a while.


  274. Ha, glad you think so Prajna 🙂

    Yes we all do or have done it before. It’s life and human nature. It just is what it is, no real good or bad involved, just the nature of an aware minded creature to want to remain, be accepted and make some sort of difference in their environment.

    I think it comes with the territory of the awareness of “Self”.

    But yes, there are some severe imbalances going on with DAPL right now and ongoing through history.

    For me I know my life current is not so much controlled by the nature of what I discussed in this article as it was in the past. The fact I see everyday is my refusal to fold up the school and quit. Even though I do not have the health or energy right now to do much of anything with the school, I cannot fold it up because I love what I do too much. I truly enjoy it and truly enjoy bringing the awarenesses and showing the connections of the wilderness to people. If it were just about me, me, me I would have quit the school a while back when I first started to realize I had not the energy or health to be the “bright and shiny” on top as they say. 😉

    But thank you for your belief and support Prajna. Wishing you well and thanks for stopping in.

  275. Quite the antidote to your typical Happy Thanksgiving article! So much truth though.

    It’s hard to stay happy in a world where injustice is the norm and those who try to reverse this are so often mercilessly attacked – see the latest news on DAPL for example:

    Personally though I am still inspired by those brave people such as yourself who have made the effort. There is no success or failure in this struggle, and beyond all ego gratification needs I do believe there is also some honour there.

  276. No Mark I have not heard of this machine. I am not on facebook so I will have to look the machine up elsewhere online.
    Sami recently told me about a rather hard to find alternative healing modality called Biontology.

  277. Honestly. Talk about blaming the victim. No wonder so many people in this world are so F’d up…

  278. Prajna:
    Ditto that! Ha, remember that from the crazy slang in the 80’s – grody, rad, Sike, wiggin, gnarly, bogus… BOGUS, yes that is what I have to say about all that “karma” talk on why we suffer today from some past life deed. Every living creature suffers on one or more levels in this life. It is just part of the physical world and as it gags me with a spoon sometimes… it is what it is. All the new age foo foo people wanting to point fingers at others for “ugly” past life garbage to blame for suffering today can eat my shorts 😉

    “cosmic brownie points” – ha, I like that 🙂

  279. The way I see it, suffering is inevitable to our current state of existence. Perhaps it soothes the mind to rationalize suffering, making it the result of some abstract theory and therefore less troubling. Perhaps it makes people more apathetic too, seeing the suffering of others as karmic retribution. Tell that to the children all over the world who have suffered or are suffering at the hands of the Western world’s military industrial complex.

    We have the choice to at least try to relieve the suffering of others, or we can make the choice to cause suffering instead. Even in small ways, moment by moment, with those people and living beings in our most immediate surrounding and most directly affected by our choices.

    I don’t think we should label suffering as wrong or bad, it exists and that is that. Sometimes we grow from it and sometimes we are destroyed. If an opportunity to relieve the suffering of another arises, when it is within our means and the limits of what we ourselves can bear, we can act on this and relieve it. Not because of some system of cosmic brownie points, but because relieving suffering is as much a part of existence as suffering itself.

    I really think it’s as simple as that. No need for complex theories of karma and what not. I agree that relationships and the memories formed within them are what matters most and what can help us through our own experience of suffering.

    That and self forgiveness for the suffering we have caused to others in our less aware states.

  280. 🙂 8 – 26/8

  281. haha, no ? oh well. Nevermind then… what is then? it’s got to be a powerful number. Mine is 11. 38/11.

  282. Fredrick:

    Thanks for the detailed write-up and reference to Dan’s book

    However, NO my birth number is not 45/9 or 9 in any form actually 🙂 Sorry to shoot that one down.

  283. Oh I know what it is telling me and I have been telling all my healthcare professionals… trick it getting them to listen, but I think some are finally starting to 😉

  284. I was just thinking about you this morning White Wolf, I was thinking about studying some man-traps and how much I’ve learned about the wilderness and I remembered the event from your book where you set that trap for the guy coming down from the trail in the violet protection. We have a lot in common in some ways. I have this book on numerology, I remember reading one section on a birth number that sounded exactly like you. the 45/9 birth number. I don’t know how it works but it seems to describe everyone to a T. It goes into a lot of detail but I always remember it sounded a lot like you when I read it. And it goes into spiritual laws and so forth and a lot of the things you are talking about in this article. I hope you don’t mind if I share some of this.

    ” Physically strong and mentally quick, with a desire for adventure and excitement, 45/9s often deal with life-and-death issues. Depending upon how positively they work their energies, these individuals may have to pass through disillusion and difficulty to reach compassion and wisdom. During their lifetime, most 45/9s experience both the up side and the underbelly of life.
    The central life challenge for 45/9s entails moving attention from their busy, visual mind to their peaceful inner core, where they can contact their deep intuitive wisdom. At this place of wisdom, all spiritual laws are revealed through the feeling dimension in the moment they need them. When 45/9s have made contact with their inner knower, they can ask an internal question, feel their heart and know.”

    Those working 45/9 are here for more than understanding; they come for wisdom, which emerges as they begin to live what they understand; then 45/9s can teach others through example, without words. Whether stable and practical or ungrounded dreamers, 45/9s aspire at levels deeper than their conscious awareness to the wisdom or experience that sets them free. Intentionally or not, 45/9s draw to themselves demands and disciplines as a means to discover and embody higher wisdom”

    And then it even goes into how people with this number may have to deal with broken bones, head injuries or illnesses that may affect the the brain or nervous system.

    ” depending upon their lifestyle and background they may prefer varied, exciting, or challenging exercises, such as martial arts, water sports, and mountain climbing.”

    that is just some from that section there is a lot more, it’s about a 500 page book though that goes into detail of all of the life paths and spiritual laws. If anyone is interested it’s called the life you were born to live by dan millman. And is free online in pdf.

    is that in fact your birth number ?

  285. Another lesson that you show us: To listen

    What is the pain telling you?

  286. One of the major lessons that you have taught me is about “wrongs and rights”; that they are part of the false belief systems. How all of this makes sense in the bigger picture, I do not know. Right now, many of your questions are being asked by others around the world in this space of time as we see and experience it.

    Through it all I firmly believe that since we are so much more than the physical, many of these questions will not be adequately answered here in the physical realm. Whether or not it is necessary for us to experience exorbitant pain, be it physical or emotional or both, seems to be part of this quandary of civilization. Intellectually we know better, but continue to cause it or allow ourselves to be its recipients in many ways. Then we get to the pains such as you now experience. How much can a body handle and why is it necessary? What is the greater purpose of chronic pain?

    Yes, November being the month to review relationships brings us face to face at many levels. There must be a kinder and gentler way for us to experience life in the physical. I guess figuring out why the physical takes the brunt of all this pain might assist us, since yes, we end up concentrating on pain instead of the inner core of ourselves and developing that.

    Our human bodies and minds are certainly wonders. However we got here and whoever put us together, we somehow continue onward. Hopefully we learn a little something along the way.

    Thanks for taking the effort to write this article, White Wolf. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  287. Have you heard of the biocharger machines.?

  288. Prajna:

    Yes I have begun the tedious and time consuming venture of seeking out qualified and highly experienced specialists who work with treating Lyme and coinfections. I have a number of appointments set up for December (the soonest I could get in).

    MTHFR – no I have not had this test, but will discuss it with those whom I meet with in short time, thanks 🙂

  289. Usha:

    Years ago I had the bull’s eye rash, the circle, on my leg. So I went to my medical practitioner (he is regular and rudolf steiner) and he said that it was Lyme but that antibiotics would cure me from it. I took the antibiotics and have never paid it any attention. So, after reading this article, I guess I am infected, that is no good news but then better late than never. I don’t suffer from physical complaints but according to the article one does not have to and can still be infected.

    Many times a round of antibiotic directly after a tick bite infection will kill the bacteria. So it is quite possible that is what happened with you and you may not have it anymore. Stats show that the longer a person is infected (chronic) the less chance antibiotics will work to kill the bacteria, but in the very beginning research shows pretty high percents of antibiotics working.

  290. Diane:

    I wonder why our bodies accept it and do not see it as an intruder to be eliminated. Could the syphilis relationship be part of this reason that Lyme disease can settle into a body and hide?

    The book Healing Lyme explains it exceptionally, in perhaps more detail than most would like. Very basically the bacteria sort of stun the immune system and then mimic other more beneficial things in the body so the immune system does not see them. Syphilis does a similar thing so yes from what I gather it is kind of a relationship thing from one naturally occurring bacteria and the man-made one.

  291. Oops my last comment is missing the end of a sentence! Well I’m sure you can fill in the blanks 😉

  292. I’m so sorry to hear this, I have seen first hand how difficult this disease can be especially if it’s had a chance to become well established. Nonetheless, I know it is also treatable though the road to recovery can be long and requires so much diligence. I also know you have no shortage of diligence and you’ll most certainly recover and come out of this all the stronger. At least now you know why so many

    I hope you will find some answers and solid healing tools. If you haven’t already, it could be a good idea to get a genetic test done with a lab like 23 and me to see if you have the MTHFR mutation. It can make recovery more difficult from what I understand if you have this and don’t take it into account with the treatment plan.

    Best of luck 🙂

  293. I am curious to know what the specialist will say and advise as treatment; probably first he will want to do a lot of tests. What an ordeal to handle this.

    Years ago I had the bull’s eye rash, the circle, on my leg. So I went to my medical practitioner (he is regular and rudolf steiner) and he said that it was Lyme but that antibiotics would cure me from it. I took the antibiotics and have never paid it any attention. So, after reading this article, I guess I am infected, that is no good news but then better late than never. I don’t suffer from physical complaints but according to the article one does not have to and can still be infected.

    When I was in Wales in a survival camp (yes I went there my parents sent me) there were lots of ticks and we regularly had to take them out of our arms etc. Maybe I was infected in Wales, but like it is written here, they are all over the place so it could have happened anywhere.

    I have an acquaintance who had Lyme disease and did nothing about it; at a certain point half of his face was paralyzed and he had to be hospitalized. I don’t know what they gave him but he seems to be ok now (but who knows what kind of damage is going on in his body).

    Scientists can create quite a lot I believe so; creating a bacteria that has these traits is a clever creation and one that definitely weakens the population.

  294. Oh my! Keeping my fingers crossed for obtaining health insurance. A very revealing article. I should read more and remain calm. Thank you for this information.

  295. (the comparison borelia/syphilis link did not come through on the article)
    This is indeed bitter-sweet news. On the one hand you are finally getting some answers; on the other you experience ongoing pain. You say that healing is possible. Hooray!

    While reading this article, I am once again struck about how labels are given as diseases, with no further need to investigate further as to actual cause, such as fibromyalgia and other related diseases. That it can mimic so many other diseases is frustrating and interesting. How many millions suffer from MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. and may have actually contracted Lyme disease? One cause providing a panoply of symptoms for the medical community to thrive on?

    I wonder why our bodies accept it and do not see it as an intruder to be eliminated. Could the syphilis relationship be part of this reason that Lyme disease can settle into a body and hide? Not sure if that even makes sense but seems somehow pertinent.
    Are you finding weather changes affect your pain?

    I wish you well!

  296. That is impressive and it is true, being constipated is kind of a foggy feeling, I understand why now.

  297. Science tels us that we shed about 1/3 of the microbes in our body when we have a bowel movement. But by the time we have the next one those microbes have multiplied back.This is one reason is our bowels are off and we are not moving them daily we begin to feel so toxic, because those microbes continue to multiply even if we are not shedding their numbers.

  298. Usha:

    Yes it is all quite amazing!

  299. This surely places us in another light, I did not realize this at all. I am starting to see now what you meant about relations, in the month of November. I did not know that they are living with us at this extent. I have to get used to the thought. Once more it is amazing how little we know about our make up, our selves.

  300. Right, especially with such fleeting beauty as flowers. I look forward to more of these photos. That does not sound good, the warmth, even though flowers may still bloom. Here it is finally starting to cool down, I bought new woollen socks, I am all ready for it.

  301. Yes, who and what are we?
    Are we not addressing this same concept when doing the mental basket and heart basket? We are acknowledging and joining the macro with the micro, or the outer universe to our inner universe?

    The masterful planning of how synergy works in nature is awesome and inspiring. Again we are shown how we are a part of nature and each has a place or function.

  302. Thanks Usha.
    Photos are much like journaling. They provide a memory of a certain moment that might be forgotten. Yesterday, we had 70 degree temp; not sure when/if we have been this warm in November. Hardy calendula continue blooming. Amazing.

  303. Nice photos Diane.

  304. Diane:

    Nice to hear your chaga made it safely 🙂

    Yes mushroom spores can take full advantage of bear markings as well as deer rubs, porcupine chews, sapsucker holes, plaited woodpecker bark tears, and even things like animal scat left on the sides or in crooks of trees.

    It makes perfect sense that mushroom extracts are used to heal bees as many are super immune stimulants in many animals and insects 🙂

    Last month I was posting various mushrooms with their medicinal uses on both my Twitter account and the LinkedIn account for anyone who missed them.

  305. I received the chaga and am making another batch. Thanks, White Wolf.

    I came across this interesting article that nicely explains another relationship of nature with trees, bees, bears and mushrooms. Paul Stamets, D.Sc., mycologist, further talks about how certain mushrooms, including the chaga, are being used to heal or protect honey bee colonies.

    Dr. Mercola further quotes Paul Stamets in explaining how mycelium creates a web across the ground bed of decaying plant mass for mushrooms to grow. He asserts that mycelia offer “healing agents” in addition to mushrooms.

    Both articles are quick reads and well worth it. Enjoy!

  306. Escapism is an attempt to dull nerve endings from incoming barrages that we do not know how to deal with. Humanity’s propensity to seek comfort and tranquility results in our staying at a confused and numb Inner Child level. Technology is the drug of choice for most, sustained by pharmaceuticals and other natural ones. If we continue as a child, we remain in the state of helplessness.

    We are in those depths of being out-of-control at almost every level. And it seems that our task or assignment is to learn how to deal with it during these vulnerable and/or numbing times. As you say, to be thankful for lack of pain and lack of strife, while appreciating the simpler or more real things in life.

    Yes, totally agree that there is a limit in too much suffering and pain. I will be glad when this maelstrom completes its cycle that humanity is now experiencing. It often feels like we are in a centrifuge. Even a centrifuge has an “off” button. It seems that we are going through a time when all unfinished business, whether personal or from the ages, is coming up from the depths to be dealt with. On the other hand we are forced to remember the least used of our tools: Acceptance (while appreciating the most significant things in life).

  307. Interesting. I had never heard of him before and don’t know much about his life other than what I glimpsed In a couple of articles. No doubt he was a lost soul, seems like a suicide mission to me.

  308. It is really interesting to get to know about our nature and origins, it is amazing if you think about how little we know about ourselves on several levels.

  309. I studied the story of Mccandless years ago when his story took place. Books, documentary, spoke with people of people who met him, etc. In my opinion and nothing more, he was a lost soul inside. He had no idea what he was doing, had some very deep personal issues driving him on a suicide mission. He had no respect for the wilderness as he claimed to. Nobody who has a deep respect for the wilderness approaches it like he did – in ignorance and a juvenile attitude. I think part of him knew he would never survive because he never stood a chance with his lack of skills and so in part it was a suicidal endeavor.

    I think the books and movie shows that tried to depict him as some modern day Thoreau hero philosopher kind of individual are grossly inaccurate.

    And yes make no mistake, potato seeds will kill you, as will the seeds of a great many plants.

  310. Somewhat unrelated but I heard mention of this story today and the topic of toxins in seeds came up again. Do you have any take on this tale?

  311. Haha I would have thought you did the owl, didn’t know Paula was also a skilled carver! I guess it’s no surprise that your son is too! I definitely upped my pumpkin game this year, but I don’t think it even comes close to the owl.

  312. Prajna,

    Yes many fruit seeds contain glycocides that turn to cyanide in the stomach. That includes some popular ones like peach, apple, cherry and apricots. The cherry bark can be harvested when the content is lowest and thus create a useful medicine. Fruit seeds however contain fairly high levels as a way to protect themselves and can be much harder to work with as a form of safe medicine. So yes, basically the same thing going on.

  313. Yep. Paula did the owl, our son the Jack the Pumpkin King face and I the big sly grin 🙂

    There was not as much damage with this storm as two December’s ago, but I still spent a fair amount of time chain sawing, cleaning broken trees as well as staking many upright. Time will tell how heavy this winter will be. I am expecting a really intense one.

  314. Interesting, I had never heard of this. I did know that many swear by abricot seeds as healthy while others caution to avoid hem due to the cyanide content. Is this a similar phenomenon?

  315. Cute! Did you each do your own pumpkin? The snow looks pretty, hopefully there won’t be as much damage this year as there was a couple years back!

  316. Nice article White Wolf. I have not had a clear overview concerning thoughts, it is useful to categorize them. I will read this more closely soon because i am unpacking.

    I think i recognize some thought staat that dont feel like my own. During full moon or due to hormonal fluctuate , pms; negative thoughts seem to spring up from nowhere and thesedays in ca n let them be most of the time. You have written about the role of hormones extensively lately.

  317. Thank you Diane. I realize though that someone has to help him or herself; ofcourse I hope that she benefits from this but she has to really want to look for options hetself and i dont know if she is in for that.
    I just moved to a new home yesterday i dont have internet only on my phone . The house is an old dike house built in 1908 it is beautiful. Lots of woodwork, glass stained windows.
    The eartship was not within our reach and i dont mind that.

    Hows the garden?

  318. Diane:

    Was this outside interference or animated thought forms of my own wanting recognition?

    Only you can say for sure.

    Would the idea that “I want to rape someone” be a case where this is a part of some old business that until shocking us with such a thought, we would have continued to repress? I am thinking that rape may not have been a real issue, but rather would connect to some other previously denied feeling, as if I were being raped in body or mind by someone and not acknowledging or dealing with it.

    Could be, but perhaps not. No matter if the thought deals with rape, murder, thievery, kidnapping, or anything else, the actual meaning is personal and cannot be held on the same par as everyone else. Even though something like rape has a general meaning, each of our brains processes information about our world slightly different, and so the exact meaning of what comes up will also be more unique to an individual standpoint.

    What techniques are best used in exploring which thought is from where when you speak of following them to their source?

    I think Eagle Mind laid the answer to this question out fairly well. It will also differ from person to person. What works for one will not always work for another. Thoughts come from the brain and both past and current experiences. If we wish to know why some thoughts are with us we need to explore our past, our childhood and everything built upon it. Only by working to make the subconscious conscious will we be able to find the origins of these thoughts. The thoughts are merely a product result of experiences – so explore the experiences.

  319. For the past year you have been guiding us down the “we are physical” path that makes us more aware of what/why thoughts actually lurk in the background, forming our chattering minds.

    This past summer while being deluged with various triggering incidents, for a time I became very aware of an oddity. As if a sentient energy came up, skirting to my right side of the head, I suddenly became agitated and filled with all sorts of old and triggering thoughts. This situation repeated a number of times. I realized that these were not my present thoughts as such, more of an impingement that attempted to overlay on old, unresolved topics. There was an odd feeling to this energy and of intelligence.

    At any rate I figured it was from an outside source of some sort and rallied my concentration to focus on calming and strengthening at my core and enhancing my protections. I imagined this energy to leave my space and later focused on these old triggering topics. Was this outside interference or animated thought forms of my own wanting recognition?
    Yes, this business of wondering where all of these thoughts or ideas come from makes us more aware of what has been repressed and seeks a way out for us to address, sometimes shocking.

    Would the idea that “I want to rape someone” be a case where this is a part of some old business that until shocking us with such a thought, we would have continued to repress? I am thinking that rape may not have been a real issue, but rather would connect to some other previously denied feeling, as if I were being raped in body or mind by someone and not acknowledging or dealing with it.

    What techniques are best used in exploring which thought is from where when you speak of following them to their source?

  320. Folks can just shoot me an email 🙂

  321. White Wolf, is there a link to the part 1 of this series, or do we need to email you for it?
    Thanks, Diane

  322. They have closed this site for information.

    I will compile a list and make an article out of it.

    In the meantime may your neighbor not panic and not decide to go with traditional medicine as we know it in this country!


  323. Thanks Diane, our neighbour has been diagnised with cancer recently and she might benefit from this, I will look into it.

  324. Slightly off topic: There is a 3-day repeat of the “Cancer Truth” conference that includes many physicians and scientists of alternative health, much like a Who’s Who listing for 3 days. Great information on how to live a healthy life and many speakers sounds as if they have spent time on Element Mountain. (If you come into what looks like an infomercial, it is simply between speakers.) After signing in, the full 3-day schedule is listed below at Eastern time.


  325. Diane:

    I do not think the eggs are on top of where the leaf miner would be. Leaf miners usually pick the same location on most leaves, close to the main stem near the bottom. These eggs patches are in many different locations on each leaf.

    Borrelia burgdorferi is like most life – adaptable to time. It has morphed into many, many strands and every few years new strands of it show up under microscopes. So long as something continues to so quickly shift and adapt to the changing surroundings it will continue to persist. Like many forms of “germs” I do not think we will see it dying out anytime soon. Instead I see it continue to multiply, morph and spread around the world.

  326. If I understand what you are saying, the leaf miner maintains the green spot on the leaf while another species may have left its eggs on the same area? Might there by a symbiotic relationship of some sort if this is accurate?

    If the Borrelia burgdorferi is hybrid or manmade, why would it not eventually die out?

    Sounds like a great project.

  327. How amazing that a little orb can cause so much difference to this earth and us. For that matter are we not influenced by all of the planets and stars? “Back in the day” I noticed that my body cycle of menses preferred to stay in cycle with the full moons. When out of cycle with the moon I tended to have more cramping, etc.

    The moon has always held an interest for me. No amount of scientific explanations can answer why the waxing and waning of the moon in broad daylight shows a sliver while it stands in plain sight of the sun. And, while it moves to half moon in our dark, it is opposite the sun while only showing half and continues to a full moon. Have you ever seen a bottom half of the moon and not the side half? Of course, those will say that the moon is more opposite the sun from our perspective while making its monthly swing to form a full moon. Oh well, I shall continue to enjoy the moon in its many moods and shapes as it skates across the sky.


  328. Thanks, I will definitely look out for the one in nov. 14th.

    Prajna yes in India people are quite aware of the moon and other planets but I think that the meaning of the moon to a lot of Indians is coloured by superstition; people believe everything their astrologer / brahmin says. The person they marry, the date of their wedding, the rings with gems they wear, it is all decided by the astrologers and seen as a truth by almost everyone. I think that unfortunately the perception of Indians of the moon is not pure and direct and therefore genuine, but conditioned.

    There are a lot of things I love about Indian culture, but not the societal mode of thinking that is not free or ”spiritual” at all, at least not to me. It just keeps people in ignorance and fear, and gives power to people who know certain things, or who don’t even know what they are doing, but who want to be in power.

    Maybe I am a little extreme, but most events that are initiated by either the state or religion I do not trust and usually I find that there is an agenda behind it / meant to reinforce some kind of belief. I am an anarchist after all if I had to choose a political system. 🙂

    The Japanese are also quite enthusiastic about the moon, they go out for walks during the full moon toadmire it.

  329. Quite interesting! Good luck raising your little family of mystery bugs 🙂

  330. Thank you for this reminder, I had not realized the supermoon was upon us and also did not know there would be three in a row!

    Where my husband is from every full moon day is a national holiday and here people are for the most part oblivious to the moon’s cycles, too busy to even glance at the sky.

    Strange “advanced” society that we live in!

  331. Futility of this life as many know it, bring us to a state of ‘suiciding’ or death by destruction unless and until we find a way out of our muck. These energies can be most enuring, as if drawn by a magnet. It seems that many are playing with this magnetism these days.

    Since we daily change our life paths according to daily decisions that we make, I agree that suicide may be an option for some but not a destiny or set in stone. It all depends on which we paths we choose. Some suggest that through our timelines we have several options to die, depending upon the course or path that we take. Looking back, I can think of several times that I could have opted to “die.” It sounds like we always have the final choice in one way or another. Do we choose a path of destruction – a more obvious outcome, or do we walk a path more in harmony with our true self? Either way, we choose.

    As in all things we must change our focus and actions for things to change.

  332. Interesting article as always, a good topic to ponder in this fall season.

    Death may also be imminent for all on a global scale if so many members of our species continue their all-out assaults on our biosphere. I do believe there is hope though.

    If you want to hear stories from the front lines of those who have had enough of being abused and poisoned by the war chemical and GMO manufacturer Monsanto, tune in for the International Tribunal happening and live streaming now:

  333. Fredrick:

    Personally I do not really see how knowing one’s own death, unless planned out by the individual (suicide) can be possible. It would mean that nothing we do matters, that the future is set in stone and our actions every moment cannot change it. In other words – Fate. But perhaps some people do walk a path of set predestined fate and nothing they do can shift it in any way? If feel most people do not, and so every choice made in the moment will hold sway over the future, include the moment in which we exit this world.

  334. I’ve been through so much, and I know so much. I’m pretty epic on that scale. between life and death. Apparently Tom knows when he’s going to die. He knows a lot. The closer to death the more alive I am… but I usually don’t give up. The more alive I am, the closer to death. I’m not sure if it’s premature kundalini awakening or what… perhaps it’s multiple personality disorder. but I’m not dead yet… and I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.

  335. Diane:

    Masks can be like cameras. They can invoke or evoke preconditioned energies from their chosen audience or subject, rather demand a poise if you will. They seem to demand levels of self-conscious masks or weaknesses that are exposed through the reaction to the lens or mask, the poise taken before them.

  336. Wolfgrylls:

    Phoenix, what a hole… but some folk seem to like it. Hope your show went great though 🙂

    Glad you liked the article and it hit home, made sense and helped move personal perspective to one more along the lines of understanding the level of self acceptance.
    Look forward to your more “in-depth” response and thoughts 🙂

  337. Yes, good points White Wolf. We wear masks throughout our lives. Let them be of our choosing and understanding with appropriateness.

    I wonder how or if masks also relate to how others perceive us and of how we become mirrors for others at certain times. Do we put on this mask or do others ‘see’ a mask that only relates to them?

    As you so often remind us, Life is a play filled with delusion. It is only through our inner child that we find our true essence.

  338. WOW!
    Ok, I think this is the most important article, at least pertaining to my personality and life, I have read in a long, long time!!!
    I am still on tour across the country (in Phoenix right now) and my internet time is limited so I will make this brief but I wanted to quickly acknowledge the post and comment on it before too much time has passed by again.
    This subject of growing up my inner child has been one of my main life long struggles that pretty much defined everything I am and do today. I at some point simply gave in and just allowed my inner child and my outer adult to live in harmony, even if that meant one of them at times having to allow the other to step forward, by no longer associating my biological age with that of how I feel inside nor with societal norms and my own expectations of how I should be and how others are perceiving me, or in other words: I stopped giving a f@#&! 😉
    But I did not know for example (even though it does make absolute sense) that we basically develop until the age of 7 and so I wanted to quickly take the time to Thank You White Wolf for this great article!! I’ll try to comment more in depth next week, until then: cheerio you guys! 😀

  339. Diane:

    For many one of the most difficult things is to let go of the masks, but with the world as hard and challenging as it is, perhaps it is not so much the shedding of masks that is most necessary, but rather understanding the masks, their purpose and how to use them in balanced ways as opposed to hiding behind them in fear, etc.

  340. Hopefully you will both be fine soon, and I look forward to reading the two articles.

  341. These recent years, especially during the summertime and communing with nature, I have spent a great deal of time becoming acquainted with my inner child. Yes, at first I found a very fussy and confused one, wanting attention. Later, I relished the wonders and freedoms of living like a child and no longer wanted to repress it. This may explain why I have so many experiences with the birds, bees, dragonflies and other animals that enrich my life. They are simple and pure, without masks. We trust; they trust. We show compassion or play; they do, too.

    Living with the wonders of a child, the fascination of life, the sense of dreaming and aspiring or imagining are all aspects of ancient cultures and their deep connections with Life. We are to experience this world in such a way. I understand better of why the NAs call the direction of South as “the way that we always face.” It includes more than abundance and growth. The South is of childlike attitude. Yes, they also recognize the second childhood. I continue to embrace it and each day, discovering richer possibilities of becoming what already exists.

    Embracing our inner child frees us while we ‘grow up’ and leave behind those clay masks of pain and sorrow.


  342. Usha:

    Nice to hear from you. I have been sick all week. Actually both Paula and I have been sick. First time since winter of 2014. So I have been laying rather low giving my body a chance to kick it out.

    Not many people comment these days and that is fine. I know folk are reading and that is why I post articles anyway, so it is all good. I do have two in-depth articles coming up the next two days. Being down gave me a chance to type them up 🙂

  343. Here is a great photo album of recent events, “Standing Rock Police Standoff October 5” at:

    One sign on the back of a jacket reads: “Homeland Security – Fighting Terrorism since 1493”

    And written summary of many recent events:

  344. Hello White Wolf, how are you? I haven’t been commenting much lately, but I do read and appreaciate your articles. I read somewhere in the comments that healing is not going very well for you, I hope that it is not really bad.

  345. White Wolf, Please sign me up for the excursion up Mt. Washington. I know it will be a great hike and adventure. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, but also hope to see some new ones as well. If you are reading this, live within driving distance to New Hampshire, and are still deciding, please commit and join us. It may be the best hike of a lifetime! See you on the trail ! – Kip Kruckel

  346. Wow!
    One is more spectacular than the next. You even found a green one; that rounds out the rainbow of colors.

    Our dry prairie has small puff balls and an edible one after rains. I could not find a source to ID other common ones in this area, although more wooded areas along riverbeds must have some. Did find that morels grow in certain parts here. The nicknames for various mushrooms are as fascinating as they are unique to each other.

  347. Indeed! You will get to see even more tomorrow in part 2 🙂

  348. What a rainbow of colors, shapes, textures and sizes, as if the mushroom complements the colors of green that surrounds it. I have never seen such colored mushrooms.

    I can almost see the little people delighting in such fanciful splendor around them. There must be a greater message to be called a “Destroying Angel,” yet look so innocent and pure.

    Thanks for taking the time to pull together such a colorful display!


  349. Thanks for the input, White Wolf.

    Of course we categorize and discriminate every day. My intent was to show how easily what might initially stem from logic and worthwhile reasons, becomes systematized and not necessarily for our benefit in the way that it is used to promulgate a certain attitude.

    So often we deny that we are conditioned into a certain way of thinking and by using the establishment medical system example, it brings forward how easily we get swept into a certain way of thinking/believing. As we individually assess our thought processes, this may be one example of how devious or deceptive our society has become into forging group-mind thinking. I think this is also an example of how young medical students get processed into this system and enter professions quite different from their original aspirations.

    You touched on the other aspect of knowing what might be poisonous versus necessarily giving it a name/categorizing it. Both are valid points of communication, first to self and second to others. Most of our daily decision making is not based on poisons as such, but maybe if we used it as a barometer, we may find simpler methods of concluding what is or is not beneficial to us.

    Yes, dealing with our fears comes in hidden packages, waiting to be opened.

  350. I agree that too much categorization is a non-productive, stale format of view. I agree that a great many things in existence do not have words to describe them. However, some categorization is essential to the structure of our survival on this physical world. Categorizing poisons from non-poisons for instance. Even if we did not categorize them in words as poisonous, they would still remain poisonous to the body.

    Therefore I see categorization existing in levels of essential and non-essential, necessary and burdensome. I think as with most everything it comes down to how we use our focus and intent surrounding the topic of categorizing, because yes, the act of trying to categorize everything I think falls back upon a foundation of fear.

  351. Diane:

    Come to think of it, nobody who partook in this years quest is in the Wolf’s Den. Actually most people who participated in any of this years Element Mountain events are not in the Wolf’s Den; a few but not many.

  352. Diane:

    The quest is such that the details of the process and experiences gained along the journey are not topics for open discussion. It is a personal journey and quest and the whole thing is between the individual and spirit. Anyone trained in leading quests are just mentors, like myself. My part is simply to help the individual prepare, support them, assist them with the planning, preparations and traditional steps of each phase of their sacred quest journey. It also typically takes weeks, months, seasons and sometimes years for the total events of a single quest to truly open and manifest in one’s life. Those who just came out of the hills are still in the initial phase of unwinding and reconnecting with the flesh, and will continue through the next fullmoon.


  353. Joanna:

    Yes the healing path, a genuine, deep and universal one is very challenging and slow… and requires many times more patience than I have! I actually felt decent for a couple months in mid summer, late spring, but my system crashed once August arrived and has yet to recover. We are awaiting results from a few more tests… I am just surprised this body still lives, and thankful all the while.

  354. Usha:

    Yes we are moving into the season of the lungs and this is a time of year when the lungs are most delicate. Rest when needed is a very good practice 🙂

  355. For those of you who have participated in this and previous Vision Quests, I wish you well on your journeys and wonder how your original focuses have materialized or morphed as time transitions. How has Questing become a greater comprehension in your life journey?

    I would like to hear more about the year of planning, leading up to such an endeavor.

    With so much focus and energy devoted to this time of Vision Questing it seems that much has also been occurring to some of us actively participating here at Element Mountain. It must be the time of year and of our readiness, each at our individual pace.

    Thanks White Wolf for the link and find this topic of Questing most interesting and certainly wish it were possible for me, but have to be satisfied with the piece by piece experiences as they come up.

  356. Thanks for clarifying things. I have watched about 4 or 5 discs by the way, not 1, and they were highly interesting.

    In my experience autumn has started already, all the signs are there, I forgot that it has not really yet. I try to take it easy because it is an inbetween season and our delicate lungs should be taken good care of, if I remember correctly form what you have written about this subject. One of the things I try to do is to sleep a lot and let my children do this as wel. It seems to work.

  357. Usha:

    Good for you! Yes “good” and “bad” should really just be called positive and negative and each of those has a wide range. Both the positive energy and negative energy can be beneficial or harmful depending upon the circumstances. As you have been realizing, placing our focus on staying centered and grounded as much as possible helps us at least have a chance of discerning which energy is most beneficial for us at any particular moment. The fact that you are seeing patterns in your own life is a great awareness opening. Well done 🙂

    Yes the autumnal equinox is this Thursday – Lovely 🙂
    Nice to hear from you.

  358. Usha:

    They are beautiful dogs. Hopefully you all will have a wonderful time together 🙂

    And yes it is time for acorns again!

  359. Hello White Wolf, although I have only watched the first DVD of your DVDset Eagle Mind (I will watch all of it, I think this fall or winter) I think about it quite a lot.

    This morning I felt really good because fall is approaching and because I am happy with Lakshmi our dog. I thought, wow I feel really good, and I know it is partly because of the stage of my monthly cycle I am in at the moment, and I would like to not let myself go in this, but stay balanced, in the middle.

    And then I ”saw” that everything that exists is energy and that it is up to me to choose which energy to engage in. I saw all things in terms of energy, not in colour, tone or symbol, but rather as intensity of energy (from subtle to very strong energies). Everything was neutral and I could see that engaging in ”bad” (could range from weak to strong) or ”good” energies was all up to me, and this felt like a whole new freedom because now I seemed to have the eyes to see that everything is energy.

    I took the opportunity to raise some questions at that moment and I received the answers. I saw how the stronger energies tend to lead me a way from myself, and that it does not matter if they are good or bad. They are just so strong that it becomes hard to listen, look or feel the self because the self gets overwhelmed, too engaged in what is outside itself. Grounding has taken on a new dimension for me; staying connected not only to the earth but also to the self.

    I saw how in my life I was attracted to some strong ”bad” energies beause I had known those energies (similar ones, ofcourse the form was different) before. The way was already paved and so it felt ”natural” for me to take that route, to attract those energies. It was like the pathways in the brain that you have written about so much in relation to trauma and addictions; somehow when you have a pathway it becomes difficult to take a different route (thoughtpattern).

    Also I saw how those strong ”bad” energies that I was attracted to before, were not the same energy that I am made up of.

    It certainly all looked like a big game, and I can understand now better so many things that you ave said, about balance and grounding for example. I thought let’s write it here because I think that it has to do with the Eagle Mind.

    I wish you a good fall and thanks for providing the Wolfs Den for us.

  360. It´s acorn coffee time again, we harvested some yesterday and it is delicious.

    It is interesting that you brought up the subject of dogs because we have one now, my sister´s dog, probably a Himalayan shepherd. Her name is Lakshmi, she is from the Himalayas in India, my sister brought her here 9 nine years ago when she was a puppy, an orphan. She will be living with us now and soon we’ll move to a new home where we have a garden which is good for Lakshmi. She is a very sweet and intelligent dog.

    I hope that you are well.

  361. Oh dear, it’s really tough this healing stuff. Look forward to reading your supermoon article.

  362. Joanna:

    Yes it was a good time. Been real busy getting my Vision Questers out into the wilderness for this week. They are all out there now, but I will still be busy with checking and getting ready for their closing ceremonies on Saturday.

    Super Moons, yes I will probably write an article on them before too long, once I get the chance.

    Great to hear that shoulder is healing up well!! Joints can be buggers to heal, but it sounds like you are doing exactly what it wants 🙂

    Best not to ask about my healing right now…

  363. Hi White Wolf,

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. What a lovely place to camp out. I love a storm there something so refreshing about them, clears the air and the smell of the earth after the rain has soaked the ground. It’s like the forest becomes alive again. It’s good to hear everyone enjoyed it.

    I was just read your “quick news”regarding the super moons. I have defiantly been feeling very emotional lately which is strange for me as I hardly ever feel that way. Maybe need to do some grounding meditations to help with that. I haven’t done one for a while and don’t like feeling emotional 🙁

    Anyway,I just thought I would mention that my shoulder is getting better, not much pain know and the stretching excercices are giving me some movement back. I am hoping it will be back to normal soon.

    Hope you are well too and that you are progressing with your healing.

  364. Nice article, White Wolf. Interesting video. Yes the supermarket fake honey is terrible. I always buy local organic honey and its beautiful. You can really taste the floral pollen flavour. Always have it on my porridge for breakfast.🙂

  365. Interestingly it has never been very healthy to live in agricultural areas, especially where fertilizer, even natural ones, are used. Many reports have come out in the last decade pointing to many health issues among farmers and surrounding populations due to breathing the fumes of the manure as well as the dust all summer from the dry manure on the fields blowing around in the air people breathe. Yes then you add the synthetic chemicals to the mix and you get some nasty things in the air, soil and water in those regions.
    I liked the way many eastern tribes planted their three sisters crops (beans, squash and corn). They made hills upon which to plant the three sisters and in the center of each hill they buried a single fish as fertilizer. No poo spreading all over the landscape! 😉

  366. It’s awful that just by living in a rural agricultural area you’re subjected to all of this extra toxic load. I hope you find a good community people to help bring about change in your area.

  367. Thanks Prajna!
    And, yes to Stephanie along with a round robin of others that one day might become an article. I wrote this piece as if speaking to local farmers out here and have been told several times by certain friends that my recent writings should get published (out here). You would not believe the (hard) attitudes here, but am finding a small but strengthening surge of healthy attitudes who are somehow joining up with each other. The time is quickly coming to force our local growers of grains and animals to look at what they are doing — more to the point to admit what they are doing! Watching the yellow bi-plane repeatedly come and go, solidified it for me.
    Thanks again, Diane

  368. So much truth Diane. Did you watch the Stephanie Seneff video link I shared? Hugs <3

  369. I have developed allergies to scented soaps, body wash, bubble baths, shampoos, eye cosmetics, especially mascara. Any type of product with scent in reacts to my skin. Even body sprays. I just can’t stand the smell of them. It’s like pepper spray to me. I use a roll on deodorant.

    For the past few years, I only use fragrance free hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner now and scent less soap. Strangley, I am ok with perfumes, not that I wear them much. I do think there has been a big increase in the use of chemicals in many toiletries. I think it’s a really bad thing and makes me wonder if they contribute to the increase in cancers.

  370. This is very critical information, and I’m all the more glad that I have mostly stayed away from using any soaps or other products on my skin, including sunscreen. Apparently skin cancer rates have only gone up in accordance with sunscreen use, go figure!

    I have been enjoying listening to this researcher lately – these topics and more addressed in this fascinating interview:

  371. I agree, mostly. I do think there is something to be said for astral or interdimensional type interference and that this need not be tagged as off-world since they seem to be very much intertwined with the human experience in planet Earth.

  372. Proper amounts of D3 that we can also absorb is essential in the fighting off of 17 different types of cancer and ward off flu and colds as well. And yes Diane, Vit K2 is essential for the proper metabolism of D3, magnesium also, but there are different types of magnesium and they are not all the same. Magnesium citrate for example is more of a laxative, but magnesium amino chelate is far better for the bodies full range of magnesium requirements.

    D3 is best taken in the morning because it can supply energy that could keep people awake at night, but magnesium is best absorbed at night and so we should be taking the magnesium in the evening. I like the Douglas Labs Amino-Mag.

  373. Hi, I need more time to take this in, and it seems that I am not the only one. 🙂 There is so much contained in this article, I am thinking about it quite a lot. Nice one!

  374. Excellent news Joanna 🙂

  375. Nothing can beat a good nights sleep, especially when you are healing, it takes so much energy. Keep it up!

  376. Thanks, Usha. I actually had a decent nights sleep last night for the first time in months. It feels a bit looser.

  377. Yes I agree White Wolf. It is a matter of priorities, I did not know it was so destructive to our health. And yes Joanna, the mere convenience of it is addictive (I hope that you will get well soon), the role it plays in our lives is ridiculous.

  378. It’s a shame these agencies use these technologies for negative purposes, it’s such a waste of time and resources. I know the satellites they use are very powerful, it’s almost impossible to hide anywhere these days, they can see and hear anyone, anywhere now.

    I have thought of switching the wifi off, its hard though because like Usha has pointed out we become addicted to using these things for our convenience, same with mobile phones. In fact I’m using my iPad right now!

    On a more positive note. I had some ultrasound therapy done on my shoulder this morning So far no pain at all today, I’m still taking the collagen which has been great help. I’m just hoping this therapy can help me regain some movement back quicker, it supposed to help reduce inflamation, increase blood circulation and heal the tissue much faster. I will just have to wait and see how things go over the next 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.

  379. Usha:

    There is always a way around technology. Whatsapp is not required, they just make you think it is.

  380. Joanna:

    Yes I have been sweeping for bugs for the last 25 years or so, no matter where I am. Yes I have found some before, not in my current home, but many other places. If you are in an urban setting an agency, private security organization or military can park a van outside and see everyone in your home right through your walls, listen to everything you say, record everything and even direct tech waves of various kinds into your home to directly effect you. This is old news. They can set up shop in a neighboring building as well. For very high priority cases they can tap satellites and use them instead.

    But wifi routers not only spy but are dangerous to our health and that is the biggest factor. But just like I have said and Usha pointed out, we each make our own choices based upon our feelings towards self.

  381. Thanks for letting us know White Wolf, I know you have stated it before. We have Wifi in our current home but we are moving to a new house and that is a good opportunity to change things and not have the wireless Wifi. My eldest son will not like it but he will have to accept it and he can have Wifi in so many other places.

    It is like you say; when technology becomes so much part of daily life is becomes inconvenient and can be even a social barrier to not go along with it. And we get used to the device / the idea of it; somehow when you see something so much around you and everyone is using it, that sheep-mentality can set in after a while, it is a form of mindcontrol, making us think that we need these things.
    Yes it is up to us what choices we make, decide what is best for us. Over here everyone uses Whatsapp and you need Wifi / internet for it and not having it can be pretty inconvenient regarding social and work relations.

  382. I have wifi router in my home. I have it on because I use an iPad and the new printer I have is also wifi. I had read that some people were getting sick when using them, I never thought about them being used as listening devices as well. Many years ago I read an article about princess Diana, she used to have her home swept for bugging devices on a regular basis, then one of her secret service friends told her that they could still listen in on any conversation without them, something about being able to bounce signals off mirrors within home and this was years ago. There are probably many ways they can on people these days and technology has just progresses so rapidly.

  383. Okay, it must be DSL. I think we are WiFi free in this complex and will verify. Is it about 20 to 25 feet that one can get radiation from?

    lol I have this extra piece of shungite and wonder if it would do any good on the modem/DSL box.

  384. Okay, I had not heard of the Venus Project until now and looked at its site. Its stated purposes and philosophy sound like something humanity might want to work towards, in general. I am not saying that I espouse this Project but that their “Aims and Proposals” sound a heck of a lot better than any form of government that we now live under which is probably why these projects become so popular. Intrinsically, most of mankind wants peace and quiet with safety and nurturing that gets all twisted around by the minority of control freaks.

    I agree that it sounds ridiculous that some would spend millions on a dream, but that is the curiosity of one person to the next. Who is genuine and who is not? Yet, there are some generous entrepreneurs who do have their hearts and minds in the right place to benefit mankind.

    Personally, I do not feel comfortable with any large project for a number of reasons. It is difficult enough for 5 or 6 people to get along with each other these days, much less hundreds. I would be happy to find like-minded people who understand organic farming, respect for the land and its inhabitants, etc. That alone, is a step forward without getting all involved in a large organization of unknowns.

    How can we emancipate ourselves as a society into becoming a better, more responsible culture? This do-over needs to be done on a massive scale if this generation hopes to hand down anything to its children, much less seven generations to the future.

  385. If your little box plugs into the back of your computer’s tower, it is probably a DSL box which is for direct Internet service through your phone line verses wifi or dial-up service. Your phone line would plug into it as would a power source and your computer’s tower.

  386. I have cable with a desk top and hard line phone through the cable. I have no other devices using or needing WiFi. No antenna.

  387. Our Internet comes directly through our hard phone line. It is a package deal through the hard line phone company – no wifi – just a wire going through the wall to the phone line out on the pole.
    Most desktop computers are set up through the hard line, but laptops are many times run off wifi. Does that little box you speak of have an antenna? Do you have a hard line or a just a cell phone?

  388. Soooo, that second box, next to the modem is the router? Got one of those and had no idea what it was or did. Disgusting.

    How do you connect to internet? Can it be taken off and not interfere with the running of the computer and phone??? I will gladly disconnect the darned thing without calling the company and get told nonsense.

  389. Yes Joanna, that Venus Project does not make sense and the ideas are unnatural, bonkers it is.

  390. If anyone is interested, Search “Leith, ND” and see what comes up. You can see that Cobb tried several more times in ND before moving on down the road.
    The local property owners had to put up enough funds to prevent any further purchasing of properties and provide legal fees for suits. Quiet, sleepy areas are the ones that get sought out. The outsiders at first attempt to fit in with the community while establishing rapport.

  391. Although it can be humorous to look at Bolton Mountain’s situation, I can see all types of motivations for getting caught up in such a scenario. Those who are disenfranchised and looking for a better way of life will donate their “sweat” equity and without realizing it become “Debt” equity. Their desire to find a better way of living and a sense of community are two allurements for such seekers.
    Then, selfish motivations are added to this mix. Another personality would be the fast talker who brings nothing to this table and intends to have others do his bidding. Who would contribute large amounts of money to such an endeavor unless they saw a way to profit from it? Could be two ways: the stated intent with investment to another way of life, or if the whole thing falls apart, it is a financial investment with various assets brought in, as part of the initial negotiations.

    Once again, the ones donating their physical energies – the ones on the bottom of this pyramid – are the contributors and will end up leaving with empty hands, same way as they came.

    I wish the community of Bolton well. They may easily find themselves in court with suits of harassment, technical issues of improper paperwork signed off for various purposes and of discrimination. Meanwhile, any houses and plots of land are quietly purchased. This happened in Oregon some years ago. There is much going on across this country, and any large investor can run circles around them with the legal system on their side. Fortunately, Vermont is a strong state when it comes to individual and local rights.

  392. The news article sounds exactly like “The Venus Project” that’s has been floating about on the New Age scene for years. It just sounds completely bonkers to me. Her quote “it takes money to be free from money” what kind of daft statement is that. Lol. To think that people have actually donated blows my mind. If there is E.T life out there I think they would stay well clear of earth, they must think we are the loony bin of the universe, and they would be right!

  393. I was attempting to be general and it ended up sounding like gibberish.

    Hah, this area got Aryan Nation leaders buying up a dieing town, attempting to make it a conclave. In fact, they were run out of the state after several attempts. One never knows who is trying to buy up property these days or with hidden intents. Mostly, our state is embattled with attempts by corporate farming to get legalized here.


  394. A no money community dream requiring tons of money to get started… and all in donations, mostly from people out of state to replace a business that brings Vermont and the people who live here needed revenue. The whole principle of the idea fails from the starting line.

    Diane I am not sure what you are asking here: “About off-planet sympathies or ties: What about using certain things made by them – actual helping aids? Do these products come imbued with these intentions of their belief systems and/or energies from “off-worlders” that they communicate with? I do not mean intuitives who shop their wares.”
    Who is “them” you are referring to in the first sentence?

  395. Pfff haha! Oh I used to work in a New Age shop / bookstore many years ago, I know all about those weirdos! I have met some crazy people and stuff. I once met a violin player at a full moon shamanic ritual (I know, embarrassing) who liked me and came over at my house. I really did not like his behaviour because he was belittling me (I think that he was a narcissist), so I asked him to leave, and he refused! I had to pressure him a lot, it was awful, I was so glad I got rid of him. Weeks later I when I was working at the bookshop I saw a big poster of him sitting crosslegged: we now had the chance to do a satsang with this man!! He had become enlightened and people could come over and look at him, listen to him and adore him!

    Somehow I have stayed away from most UFO, Pleiadian, channeling subjects because it didn’t feel right, but I have been led astray quite a few times myself, I find it is a very tricky road. I have experienced that in our minds we can perceive things that maybe are our imagination, we don’t really know, and making us think we know it. Once you start believing something it can become a truth. That is a pitfall, discerning truth is difficult and I agee with White Wolf, the more one goes looking outside of him- or herself, the more blurred it all becomes.

    Nowaydays I go more and more with what White Wolf says: I just want real things, the real world, my real self, and that is interesting enough for me. We can find so much in ourselves and expand our awareness, it is not boring at all.

  396. Ha, nooooo please people from Sedona stay under your rocks, escape the sun and keep your “Ubuntus” to yourself, the Soviet Union (and I am sure it came with the best of intentions as well) didn’t pan out either… arghhh!
    You can clearly see from the picture that she is the mastermind of the two, good looking as she may be her smile could flash frost my margarita faster than a can of liquid nitrogen, whilst her hubby is grinning away high as a kite on an assumed salvia trip.
    Just when I thought it was safe to go skiing again…

  397. Thanks Diane, I love Weird Al, he’s the best!

  398. Locals here claim that northern Ukraine is “where it’s at…”
    This article about developing a mountain resort town smells at so many levels. I guess if anyone wants to build an idyllic place of “communityarism” a going business could be the way to go. But this one would only survive by maintaining its presence as a winter tourism destination spot.

    Meanwhile, I have heard of others who really want to work the land and become self sufficient. They are actually making inroads and doing it step by step so that as it builds and the foundations of this enterprise are set, they can comfortably add more who are capable to truly become self-sustainable. After the correct property site, comes water rights/sources, roadways, alternative electricity, etc.
    I wonder if all participants of this Bolton project would be included on the deed of ownership of this property.

    Unfortunately, many who are frustrated enough in eking out an aimless life, will sign on without asking the right questions. However, I do agree that a system of bartering is important if we are to ever begin moving away from the present economy.

    As for only contributing 3 hours per week to the community… any ‘by the bootstraps’ group who can survive, much less thrive, on 3 hours per week of work per person will not last through a complete year of seasons. Maybe the 3 hours mean to work after the paycheck comes in from a full-time job elsewhere. It does not sound self-sustainable to me to depend on winter snows for several months for a full year’s worth of food and shelter.
    About off-planet sympathies or ties: What about using certain things made by them – actual helping aids? Do these products come imbued with these intentions of their belief systems and/or energies from “off-worlders” that they communicate with? I do not mean intuitives who shop their wares.

  399. Look at this tripe. This New Age programmed to the hilt couple straight up from Sedona, one of the biggest New Age centers in this country, wants to buy out one of Vermont’s best locals friendly ski resorts (one we go to most often every winter) and put in a “Utopian paradise” community! REALLY??

  400. Okay, Wolfgrylls, this sounds like a bit of “Weird Al Yankovic.”
    Love it!


  401. Yes so true Diane.

  402. Southern Ukrainian?? Oh my god, now it all makes sense…!! Ha ha ha 😀

  403. Wolfgrylls:

    I knew I did something wrong. I used southern Ukrainian Unicorn hair. No wonder I got nasty results. Ah live and learn I suppose 😉 Thanks for the friendly clarification though.

  404. Glad you will be there Kip 🙂 Ha, yes it will be a big contrast to Survival Combat… unless we run into some rouge militant running through the wilderness… but the odds I feel are quite low 😉

  405. I fully get your point White Wolf, now as a good friend I suggest you do the following to further aid in your healing:

    First, get some tinfoil (!) and roll a nice pointy hat from in, double ply works best! Then, pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster three times a day while facing North-South, but only if it is 4 am, otherwise the effects would be eli-reversed, which as we all know is baaaaad mojo!

    You should be in a semi-backwards, upside-horizontal seated position (of course) on a nice carpet made of unicorn hair.
    Nefro-Ugalian Unicorn works best in my onion, I meant opinion, but only if it was raised on a fair trade, organic, vegan, low car, gluten free, zero emission, high transmission, low print, 4 inch diet!
    Then, soon your healing should be delivered to you in the mail, ingest the healing as prescribed on the bottle and don’t forget to recycle the stamps from the envelope or else the karmic consequences would be dire, Wolf… ha ha! 😀

    Sorry guys but I got what you could call “New Age allergy” these days…. 😉

  406. My ego takes a blow every time I realize I am not as smart as I think I am. Then I feel more humble. Humility and gratitude are the states of mind I want to stay in. Even though I am not where I thought I wanted to be, there is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for all of you here in the den.

  407. Sounds great, White Wolf. Count me in ! Hoping to bring a friend. In contrast to our 5 day Combat Survival Camp, I won’t have to evade getting jumped in an alley, dis-arm a gun and knife wielding hitch-hiker or escape a death strangle hold in 55 degree F stream water ! This will be a little bit more relaxing and a great time. See you at the trail head .

  408. Yes, Usha, there are so many things included in these various beliefs, far from New Age – they seem to be very Old Age, brought down from the millennia while making twists and turns along the way.

    Along with ego is making choices and decisions that are necessary in everything we do. It is popular to categorize decision making as Service to “Self” or to “Others.” It seems to me that both are needed throughout an average day.

    My implied point in the first comment was that with a body/mind in a stupor, such as the man appeared to be, maybe his inner Self gave him a message that might be useful to others as they hear it coming from such a lost soul.

    I also find that an exaggerated ego brings on the greed and power-hungry type of people. Is it any wonder that someone such as this guy as described, veered to the other extreme and lacks any self-judgment or vision long enough for him to see what position he has placed himself in? Both extremes are advocated in this old society as it has been, and both attitudes are mental slaves with no care about self responsibility or social responsibility.

    So, as usual, everything in moderation as we figure out how to dance along our paths while learning to make friends with our egoic self.

  409. Yes I really agree on this. So many New Age beliefs want us to forsake our ego, but I agree that it is something we can use in this physical reality. And yes, without it nothing is accomplished. But that seems to be the goal of those beliefs: to float in nothingness, to not have thoughts, emotions and a body. Tough task, and a pretty nonsensical one.

    I have come to the point where I am using the ego more in my life now, I value it now and understand it’s functions better. People with very large ego’s are fascinating to me, I have learnt a few things from them.

    I find that downsizing our ego has a lot to do with conditioning; we are taught that the ego and all things related to it are bad. That New Age agenda and major religions have really have really taken away so much of people’s personal power.

  410. Hawaii sounds like a beautiful and relaxed place.

    Yes I can memorize it like that, good idea. I think that laziness plays a role in all of this. It will become more of a priority and then I will take more trouble to find things out and remember them.

    Touring, it can be so refreshing to visit places and step back from daily routine.

  411. Yes, this reader has a good point, needing clarification.

    Finding the right set of practitioners has been a long search for you and probably needs emphasis when it comes to your comprehensive medical treatment. How many average physicians are prepared to accept the causes of your physical ailments at face value? And, go on to work with you? You have had to go back to the basics of what can be verifiable and what can not. You continually search for your own confirmation of symptoms, causes and possible treatments.

    You come as a whole package to the practitioner who is confident in his own treatment modalities and informed enough to intelligently set you on a healing path.

    Would it be fair to say that you continue working out the masterful ploys of a ‘psychic’ (handler?) who dazzled you into their web of lies and deceit? In all fairness I have not heard responsible psychics advocate various health treatments without getting verification from medical testing, especially for chronic and severe symptoms. I am also sure there are charlatans who are looking for nothing more than to fill their own coffers.

    Your persistence in finding remedies is a lesson to us all that somewhere the correct answers and professionals can be found.

  412. What an interesting story and one that stuck in your mind.

    Others may need jarring to remember this chap and his plea, even though his values do not match most. Deluded? Most likely. I remember the stories of St. John the Baptist, dressed in animal skins, deriding any passersby. His purpose? To shock those who heard him, so that their hearts would be softened to hear another.

    It might be concluded that in his stupor of life this fella has a gifting message and dares one to accept it, regardless of how his package is wrapped. In an allegorical way this guy was showing how most actually live their lives: in mental and emotional squalor and filth. Also, we are faced with evaluating (judging) ourselves and our attributes as we judge him.

    As you say, balance in how we live and in what we do is the correct way for most of us.

  413. An email recently came in from a reader of my new e-book inquiring about my seeming shift of belief in western medicine as opposed to alternative modalities. I thought my clarifying answer to them was important enough to post here as well:

    Now do not get me wrong, I am not a total supporter of western medicine, not by any means! It has massive shortcomings and in my opinion, highly dangerous procedures. However, I find the system to be useful for select things; imagery, diagnostic labs, bone setting and things of the sort. Older forms of healthcare and more natural methods (easier and more deeply affecting to the body) are wonderful healing modalities, modalities such as acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, aromatherapy, and other such processes based upon researched facts, scientific data and supportive documentation rather than hearsay, speculation and someone’s said “psychic sight”. Sure I have met a few, and only a few, genuine people who had provable intuitive sight that seemed to work anytime they used them. But the vast majorities I have approached for assistance over the years were just the opposite.

  414. Usha:

    Yes Hawaii’s beaches were amazing. Red and, black sand and white sand and the ocean was incredible; so much different than any other coast I have been to before. People of all ages went all natural/no clothing – from infants to teenagers, people in their 20’2, 30’s, 40’s on up to elderly. People down there are so much less stuffy than up here. They do not seem to be bogged down in the insanity conditioning of religions that promote shame and guilt for being born human, in a human body. Like us, other families seemed to teach their kids they should never be ashamed of their bodies because it is natural, as nature intended.
    But more people it seems than not are so locked in the suffocating grip of shame for being naked under their clothing. Their loss and their prison.

    I would guess that unless you study things and practically use them a lot, lists to bring with you and post around the home would be a great help for remembering 🙂 Teachers would have us do this when we were kids learning other languages; tape the to-be-learned words on the objects around the home. I think it worked pretty good 😉

    Now we are off to do some touring today!

  415. Yes I know White Wolf, I followed the discussion when you all went swimming last year I think it was, during the water course. Yes it does feel like freedom. I know, people are quite shocked when they hear about this, and even people who passed by on the beach, some of them saw our family and looked at us really shocked. I mean, we are not hardcore hippies or anyhting, just people. Most people on the nudist beachers here are older than 40; I guess when one gets older one start caring less and less what others think of us. There were some really old people on the beach, I think it is great that they just have a good time and accept themselves. Swimming in Hawaii, that must have been such a treat!

    Now I will just try and get to know more about oils and vitamins, when it comes to physical facts I really have to try my best to memorize that information, it just doesn’t stick easily in my brain somehow. I just need to put in a little effort I guess.

  416. Here is a nice graph comparing many types of fats, their lipid composition and smoke points:

  417. Julia:

    Refined coconut oil is OK to use. It does not have to be unrefined. Some people do better with one verses the other.

    Shea butter is actually a composition of oils. It is mostly saturated fats, oleic and stearic. There are two low percentage polyunsaturated fats in it, but again it is mostly saturated so I think it is fine to use.

    Lanolin is also, I think, mostly a saturated fat since it comes from an animal.
    Thanks for your take as a masseuse 🙂

  418. During the original oil discussion and reasons to discontinue polyunsaturates, I came across several articles explaining how coconut oil is processed (somewhat denatured) to get refined. I have not found these articles again, but both said that as with any processing, the original nature of coconut oil is changed, specifically eliminating or altering some proteins in the oil while being processed.

    Yes, refined c’cnut oil has a higher smoking point for heating and cooking, but am wondering at the reason for using in other food prep, other than for convenience as a liquid.
    I will continue looking for these articles and post their links if found.

  419. Usha:

    Good for you! Glad you and your family got to go 🙂 Yes we have been to clothing optional beaches in Hawaii and locally by the rivers and lakes. Personally I hate swimming with clothes on. It is so constricting!

    When our son was young and we were out in the country he ran around all summer with no clothing and he loved every minute of freedom and skin interaction with the elements. I have written about this before, how our skin is so empty of hair/fur and so sensitive because we are meant to engage with the environment when mild enough and to bring us as human closer together through touch. Breggins talks about this in his book Guilt, Shame and Anxiety.
    Of course I have tried to write about these types of things before in years past, here in the den, and was met with such brutish triggering by many that I decided to move away from the topic. If you want to trigger peoples issues just bring up the naturalness of the human body uncovered!
    But glad to hear you and your family are tapped into that freedom 🙂

  420. Diane:

    The photo – not sure which one you mean, but I am sure it is just lighting and angle. My hair does lighten slightly in the middle of summer, but it never gets all that light. The sun brings red highlights out, but any photo where it looks blondish is certainly a light trick in the lens 🙂

  421. After reading Kate Deering’s book, I have been only unrefined and refined coconut oil for cooking and eating. I recently switched to refined because of my digestive issues. Is this okay? Or should I go back to unrefined? I also make my own skin care products. I don’t use anything but unrefined coconut oil on my face and even then only in the super cold and dry winter. I’ve recently started making a very effective deodorant using coconut oil, essential oils, arrowroot powder, and lanolin. should I seek to use the lanolin? Also, what about shea butter? I use this along with the coconut oil and a little bit of vitamin E oil for my body butters. As for massage, it’s interesting that when I’m doing my energy work, I don’t use any creams or Oils. I have clients remain clothed except for shoes. I didn’t think about that choice, it just seemed the right way for me to do it.
    Thank you for this information 😀

  422. Interesting information. I went to the beach yesterday and used coconut oil beause I had just read the article! I have other oils as well and did not know that they can harm the skin.

    We use organic sunscreen for our kids, as little as possible. I don’t like the synthetic stuff that people put on the skin of babies and children, in fact all synthetic creams, clothing, detergents etc.

    It was so good to soak up the rays of the sun and to feel the salt water! I love the sun! We went to a ”nudist” beach here on the coast of Holland, it was nice and quiet and it is really refreshing to be able to feel the elements without clothes on. After all we are all born naked, and it is great for children, they love it. There were no other children, I think that the media has scared parents into thinking that nudist beaches attract pedophiles…people are really obsessed about dressing their children at all times these days, they have become fearful of something natural, it is such a pity.

    It was also good to read in your other article about using soap; I think I’ll just leave that too. My partner never uses it and his skin is naturally oily. We don’t need many cosmetic products; the less the better, for me.

  423. Yes, your story of family lineage and Kira were my questions… I continue to get the feeling that when you least anticipate it, some of your questions will almost drop into your lap.

    I agree that these days various technologies sound intriguing and are certainly hot topics from many facets, such as time-folding.

    Here is a trivia question: One of your photos used on older podcasts, shows you with a backdrop of trees and almost blonde hair, pulled back, and a much fuller face. Is this the angle of the photo or something else?

    All of your listed areas certainly deserve answers. I/We look forward to possible answers as you may find them.

  424. Diane:

    Thanks 🙂

    Patience brings progress… eventually, hence the patience part 😉

    What questions continue to linger you ask. I suppose it depends upon the day and how much I care! However, with that said, the following are a few areas that I will continue to pursue until I am satisfied enough to no longer care:

    – any potential parental or other blood relation involvement or awareness of the cult or agency events
    – the presence last year on the website of Kira – though there has been slight discussion here in the Den and through email from both sides of the possibilities coin, the topic remains a light source of triggering and emotional upset for me (not knowing) which is why I have not contributed to those comments much – it may very well be the next big external pursuit I embark upon in my research
    – what kind of focus is still upon me concerning my past employment & lilith cult involvement from agencies, private organizations, the cult, etc
    – how much technical involvement is still in-play to divert people away or otherwise interfere with my business
    – what kind of drugs were used on me in the cult (already have a list of ones used on me in the agency facility)
    – areas inside me and with memory yet to be uncovered
    – the time bending topic told to me and other odd sounding technologies
    – among other areas

    It is a lot and I may never find anything more out, but until I know that I cannot know more, I will pursue.

    The biggest outstanding issue for me however is my health, wellbeing and wellbeing of my immediate family. Beyond those, everything else comes second, and those two major things take a great deal of time, energy and focus and always dictate what else I can pursue and when.

  425. Several days ago a local organic farmer said that commercial sugar beet growers are now spraying their crops for earlier harvesting.

  426. “Illuminating Lies” powerfully shows that you are on a forward course.

    Through painstakingly pulling apart what you know as fact from programmed beliefs reveals them as lies and deceit. Fortunately, those of us who have read your many articles here in Element Mountain can gain greater insights of how you are reaching your conclusions.

    Your desire to find greater and quicker healing will soon come, it seems, as you decipher your body’s needs. Patience brings Progress in this case. Finally, you are able to allow the past to recede and face your future of today!

    Thank you for allowing me to participate in bringing this new chapter of your life to the public.
    P.S. Beyond repairing your body’s health, what question of your past continues to linger? Where do you see your path leading?

  427. Joanna:

    Happy you like it 🙂 Yes most sun screens are terrible for you! There are a few that are not so bad, but they do not work very well. Brands like Babo Botanical, Safe Harbor Natural and Garden Goddess Organics are among the better ones, but again you need continual reapplication for them to work.

    It is good that you do get some sun. We do not have to sunbathe to get the sun’s benefits, but getting regular sunlight is one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies in my opinion. It boosts hormone production, increases nitric oxide, allows us to make Vitamin D3 and so many other great things. But like anything, it can be overdone 😉

  428. I never use oils on my skin and after reading this I’m glad. A lot of the sunscreens around are bad for the skin, even increase the risk of getting skin cancer. I don’t sunbath. I hate feeling hot and sweaty. I like to sit out and get a bit of sun but not to the point where I think I could burn. Good article!

  429. Joanna:

    Yes I was always busy anyway with martial training, woodland training, camping, backpacking, etc, so even prior to the agency I would be away for decent blocks of time.

    I agree that many conditioned/programmed/brainwashed people are used to trigger and manipulate others. The alternative media is full of people like that – those unwillingly or willingly manipulating others and those who wish to be manipulated (knowingly or unknowingly).

    Well sure I am happy with how far I have come along my healing path and that I am able to help others along the way. Most days I am content and accepting of where I am within the process, while other days none of it seems to happen fast enough and severe aggravation sets in. Before I thought maybe it was programming garbage stepping in to throw me off, but within the last year I am leaning towards hormone imbalances due to the health complications with the endocrine system. I am sure that programmed issues within take advantage of those down periods and may have been the original cause of the endocrine system issues, but the flair-ups today I think are mainly the extreme fluctuations within the parasympathetic and central nervous systems and endocrine systems.

  430. In a balanced and healthy environment and a healthy body it is my understanding that regular supplementation of Vitamin D is not necessary except for seasonal and weather changes since a healthy body and diet/sun boost what is already manufactured in the body. One article indicated that Vitamin D deficiency is so flagrant around the world that the medical sector is seriously considering a new category of disease: Vitamin D deficiency Syndrome. (Of course this only adds to the medical wheel for sanctioned treatment.)

    I was also thinking that for anyone having a battery of lab tests done to see if you can get copies of these lab tests to take home and study. Most likely they will not allow that. (I think that I would ask to at least copy some of the readings down, or take a pix of them.)

    Some of these lab Norms are quite different from what is commonly recommended by more trustworthy or “alternative” healthcare practitioners. These lab norms are a baseline of averages; your body can function well, above or below these averages and also not function well while showing within Normal ranges.

    These lab norms tie into (I suspect) with the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) that are the food intake guidelines by Establishment healthcare and are periodically adjusted. Meanwhile, these RDA levels are now considered by alternative healthcare practitioners as baselines for minimal “staying alive” rather than as optimal levels. Vitamin D is a perfect example. See this discussion that shows the disparagement of lab norms and RDAs with optimal health levels:

    At any rate a daily intake these days of quality Vitamin D3 of between 7-10,000 IUs is about right for us according to various practitioners. Also, Vitamin K2 and magnesium are popularly advised to enhance Vitamin D3 absorption.

    Thanks again for bringing up this topic. All of this wraps around deficiencies in cholesterol – adrenal functioning, gene repairs, etc. Complicated subject.

  431. Hi, Yes, it does seem a bit far fetched now you have explained it. Your parents must have just thought you were off camping out somewhere being the out door type. Being so close to the compound would also make sense, traveling short distance would not have been a problem.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this stuff lately. I have come to the conclusion that many programmed people are used to spread disinformation and bolster programming in others (most unkwowingly but some definitely know what they do). Very few it seems are able to break their programming and heal. You must be very pleased with your progress considering how many times you have come close to death. I hope you continue to make good progress. It has helped so many other people.

  432. Joanna:

    Thank you 🙂

    Time Folding… I really do not know at this point. Its still something I am working on uncovering the facts of, if even possible to do so with such a subject. I do wonder about the reality of it in my past because I do have quite a bit of missing time in my adolescent years. Less than I did say 5 years ago, but still there is a decent amount. My parents told me it was not uncommon for me to be gone for large blocks of time during my mid and late teen years, especially during summer. These were the years of the training facility, so it makes sense to me. Between the empty time (missing time) and things my parents have told me, it may not have even been necessary for any “time folding”. I lived less than 2 hours from the training compound.

    So yes it is just another aspect that is still unknown, the time folding bit. Good question.

  433. Hi, Read your book last night and I agree with many of your conclusions regarding Reptilians and werewolf genetics. I definitely have no doubts about your martial arts skills and knowledge of the outdoors ( you have demonstrated these to many of your students ) I think the chips inside your body are real, probably a very early prototype as they are so large, chip technology has become quite sophisticated now. The last time I read about this stuff they could fit a chip through the needle of a syringe. Maybe we all have chips in our bodies that we don’t even know about. They are definitely trying to push the chip implant agenda.

    I wondered if you have any thoughts of the “The Time Folding” technology Ammon talked about. Do you think that was disinformation too? I am beginning to think there may be some truth to that. It’s so incredible how they can programme so many people from all walks of life and nobody can recall any missing time.

  434. It is important to mention for everyone that just because the stats show many people are deficient in D3, does not mean you are.

    I was told 4 or 5 years ago by a so called “globally renowned healing intuitive” that I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals which was why I was having so many health issues. Well being me I went to a doctor to have them all tested. My doctor said they could tell I was not deficient in any because of the tone and color of my skin and hair, the health of my teeth, frequency of erections, color and clarity of my eyes, my posture, the sharpness of my mind and so on. But we went and ran tests anyway. Guess what, I was on the high side of all the numbers for every vitamin and mineral and so not even close to deficient in any.

    Yep, another false report given by a so called health intuitive, globally renowned or not… titles mean nothing, action and ability are everything.

    If you wonder, go get tested. Better to know from verifiable numbers than assume 😉

  435. Oh, another thing that I am going to do is make a WW Resource sheet for items such as this brand of raw Vitamin D. It will make it easier to find for this little mind.

  436. I remember reading/hearing of research done in Australia within the last year or two over quite a spread of people. They found that even those who spend most of their days outside in the sun were extremely Vitamin D deficient. Many claim our hazy skies are filtering out the necessary UV-Bs from the sun. Some have labeled this ongoing malaise as “Chem Trail Flu.” It is difficult to find good info without the hype. I did find this site that is probably already on your cue: by Chris Masterjohn. It seems to have decent detailed information.

    Thanks for the tip on the raw Vitamin D; found it for $18: 5,000 IUs.
    Another good reason to use coconut oil on our skin, it seems.

    Before this article on skin and Vitamin D appeared, I was already wondering what/which nutrients might be better absorbed by the imbalanced body than through the digestive system. We have skin, sublingual, nasal and IV… probably more.


  437. Hello, it is a fine booklet, I really enjoyed reading it, there is much worthwhile information in it. Well done!

  438. Wolfgrylls:

    Thanks and happy you got something out of it 🙂

    If you have a moment do not forget to leave a review on either amazon or smashwords – whichever you downloaded it from 🙂

  439. I just read it and gotta say it is an amazing addition to “Shadow Scorpion”! Such clarity and transparency in writing, separating of facts from smoke and lofty conspiracy theories, is much needed but unfortunately largely missing these days from the “alternative media” scene.
    All the best for your continued self healing path White Wolf!

  440. Hi Usha,
    Yes, sticking around EM does tend to move us to the ground, does it not? Like a tethered balloon.

    Ugh, you brought up a sore subject – the garden! An article is waiting in the wings that tells a bit about that. So, I am using it as a learning tool with messages quite different from previous years.
    Take care,

  441. Thank you Diane, I am becoming more solid these days than I used to be, indeed. I hope that you are enjoying the summer; I am sure that there are plenty of flowers and vegetables to be found in your garden this time of year, accompanied by birds and butterflies?

  442. Yes, I must say that it feels like a mini-reunion with everyone joining in to say “hi”!
    Julia, I too feel the ongoing energies of Knight Island and recently wrote about it, again.
    It is so nice to see Prajna, Wolfgrylls, Limor and even Usha, back from your short sabbatical. (You feel more solid, with new composure.)
    So, as White Wolf brings us more of his tomes, we can gather here and query while offering each other support.

    So, hello everyone!

  443. Hey Julia, thanks, it’s nice to be reading you again!! 🙂

  444. I think all of my comments in the Den are supportive. Lol! I’m laughing at myself because I don’t question much here. Not publicly, and rarely privately. I take things as feeling “right” or not for me and won’t make mention of it if they don’t. If only there were a gold medal for conflict avoidance. ;-D
    It has been a little over a year since the camping trip to Knight Island and I have been on an intense path of self healing and growth since then. More like a roller coaster than a path. I’ve been shining a flashlight around some dark corners of my past in order to understand and accept my present, and then change what needs changing.
    I thank you all for your abilities to express your opinions, and share your thoughts, and question in this forum.

  445. Difficult for me to add more to what Wolfgrylls said. 😀
    I had to get off the conspiracy train and take care of myself. That’s the short version ;-D

  446. I’m so sorry!!! To hear the telling of how he suffered and his asking for mercy. How loving and brave he was.
    I love you Jasper. You are truly missed.

  447. Thank you all for your precious support and continued belief in me; kind words and stories of your own. None of it is easy, but like I continue to say – it is necessary and potently worthy of our time and efforts.

    I have been working for about a week on the writing of an accompanying booklet to go with Shadow Scorpion; Memoirs of an Assassin. Our very own Diane has been helping me edit and format for the last 2 or 3 days. (thank you)I think it will be ready for publication on 8/15 or 8/16 of this week. I will post once it is successfully published as a digital book.

  448. Usha:

    Happy to hear you had a nice time in France 🙂 Nice!

    I am also happy to hear you have been rolling through new insights and self realizations. No matter what else is going on, that process alone is so highly beneficial and worth of our time and energy! Keep it up.

  449. Wolfgrylls:

    Thanks for chiming in! I know you are busy, always, but you always have some great stories and commentary to share here in the Den and as with everyone here, it is appreciated 🙂

    Lots of stuff laid out in your dialog. We shall speak more through email 😉

    But yes, there are many energy layers and nothing exists completely in one or another. There are many overlaps, complexities and thus confusion. Many people I think get lost (easy to do) in those overlaps, especially with so many people globally talking about so many crazy things – truth, fiction, bits and pieces of both and whatnot – easy to get lost if you attempt or are forced to leave yourself, your center in pursuit of You.

  450. Limor:

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and support 🙂 I hope your travels are going well and you are enjoying your time, wherever you might be.

    Indeed it is a crazy world and it takes a LOT of time and energy to uncover facts about our own lives and the search never seems to end, but I suppose it is part of the “adventure” of this earth walk!

  451. Hi everyone, it is interesting to read all the comments, I can relate to what you write, and the articles ofcourse. White Wolf I think it is great that you uncovering more of your truth and letting go of what is not you.

    Wolfgrylls, Prajna and Wolflimor, it is nice that you are all back in the pack!

    Like it is stated in the short daily news, life evolves, it is one of the fundamentals of life. When there are new insights, the perspective changes, it is only natural. Maybe it takes time to adjust or understand, but there is nothing wrong with it. For me a person does not lose his credability by changing views.

    I have also shed some ideas about myself and that is a relief. I was trying to understand myself and my life and jumped to some conclusions, partially influenced by others. I thought that a lot of people who are traumatized were programmed as well, but now I think otherwise. In fact Kira (and White Wolf) told me that regression therapy and those findings can often lead people astray, and that had me thinking that maybe programming has not so much to do with me. There are still things about my life and myself that I don’t fully understand but I think that in the course of my life there will definitely be some more answers.

    I don’t know what to think about Kira, I thought that she was the real Kira, but I can understand better now why people thought it wasn’t her. Whatever the truth is, it is awful for White Wolf.

    France was great, what a beautiful country.

  452. Well, Wolfgrylls!
    You left us wondering more about your story!

    Your final paragraph does say so much, of how to remain limber and flow; otherwise, we are too rigid and will break and fall.

    Even though you reference things as being neither black nor white, of this I do agree,
    within ourselves is both to discern and accept, to balance – more dichotomy.

  453. Amazing White Wolf! This current article series is so eye opening, refreshing and honest, like Wolflimor was saying in an earlier comment: it is hard to add anything to this! Except that I will say that it takes an extreme individual with an incredible clear and strong mind to be able to go through his life, time and time again, and always work diligently at removing disease, falsehoods, programming or whatever garbage others have put in you from such an early age, regardless of how painful and confusing it may be!

    As far as my own thoughts in regards to the topics at hand here I have so much things in my mind that I wanna ad and so my thoughts might come out scrambled and a bit chaotic, but I’ll try my best anyway:

    First of all, I have had enough martial arts and military combat training from elite Special Forces type of individuals, for many years now , that I can with the utmost confidence state that I know when something (or someone) is the real McCoy or not, and White Wolf is one such individual. He possesses skills and an endless well of knowledge that you simply cannot find on the internet or in books or anywhere else, lest with access to such training straight from the source!
    So when someone like this lays open his internal self healing path and the discoveries made therein, they come with a lot more weight than if it were someone who was all claims and no action. I can say this because I have know and have been around enough wannabes and pretenders to be able to see the difference these days as clear a night and day.

    About the reptilian/werewolf and other supernatural aspects of White Wolf’s life’s story: I have had an obsession with these things, above all Werewolves, since I was little and have spent a too great amount of time into finding out the “truth” behind these claims. I myself have seen a UFO in 1997 and to this day I can almost not believe my own story anymore because it seems too long ago for me to be able to accurately remember, and too incredible a thing to witness for someone as skeptical as me but yet I did see it, and whether it was man-made or not but from it’s shape and appearance it was something that officially does not exist.

    Now, since times of ancient people have reported were-animals and I for myself have thus far come to the firm believe that, when someone’s energies go through a shift (as in say the Viking Berserkers) their appearance can in fact change in the minds of sensitive eyewitnesses. Even to this day there are numerous weird, inexplicable and unimaginable stories about sightings where one can only shake one’s head in disbelief. Like the caterpillar example, I do believe that others (even without the aid of spfx or drugs) could perceive someone as changing their physical form if the inner energies of this person transmit so strongly!
    There is a great movie called ” Wer” that in my opinion best depicts the actual truth about werewolves.
    Then the changing of eye color and slight facial features, this too I firmly believe can be enough to spark someone’s imagination. Now, to share a bit more from my personal “treasure trove” here: a few years ago, before I had even met White Wolf yet, a former friend whom, at the time, I greatly respected for his psychic abilities and knowledge of the occult, had told me that he saw in me that I had lupine shapeshifter DNA.
    At that time I thought that that was a pretty cool thing to say even if I did not believe it and thought that it was just bull. Then a few times again here and there some people would make certain remarks to me and in them reference animals, or to be specific, the wolf, when making statements about my behavior or appearance at the time.
    And then finally, a few people have commented to me about how different I can make myself look depending on my hair style, clothing, body posture, facial expression, in other words that I could be a good “grayman”.
    So I figured that, for whatever reason, I might have a physique that is more expressive than average Joe Shmoe and so people will simply see things in me in accordance to what is going on inside their own brain at the time.
    Inside of a demon worshipping cult for example, and with someone like White Wolf who is the closest thing to an actual human wolf or a were-wolf as one can hope to find, some people will see him shift in the flesh, I see no problem there whatsoever.

    Once a person is in an agitated, extreme emotional state, whether that be extreme terror or lust or joy or whatever, the perception of reality becomes heavily distorted. Then again, since we all know that physical reality is not “actuality” and that the real us and the real world takes place in a higher, non tangible realm, the question remains comes up what is more real then anyway?
    There is the case of British “werewolf” Bill Ramsay, who was exorcised by Ed and Lorraine Warren, he too did not physically change form and yet he put so much terror and fear into police officers who witnessed his superhuman strength and ferocity when being apprehended, that the distinction becomes almost irrelevant.

    Then there are the implants, White Wolf is clearly showing anomalies in his x-rays and my instinct and gut feeling (which 99.9% of the time are correct btw) I don’t think the hospital would fake them, I strongly believe that there has been some deliberate implanting at work there but to what end, who knows.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that life is not black and white, our own lives are not black and white even when we have been conscious for most of it and just when you thought you understood something or had it all figured out there will appear a new puzzle piece that will again make you question everything all over again.
    If you allow yourself to fall into the trap of wanting the world to indeed be black and white and picture book simple to explain you will find only yourselves disappointed and confused.

  454. Joanna,
    The Kira incident affected everyone connected here; I suspect each uniquely from the other. Maybe it is time to address now that the emotional dust has settled, such as you have done. A festering or untended sore does not properly heal.

    For me it was a first-hand experience of how outer triggering (at the very least) could and does affect us. From the very beginning there were a number of participants who were most suspicious, but remained polite. Even though we are remote and communicate in writing, a certain amount of our energies do travel. Knowing that these lines/connections can be piggy-backed or hijacked, bring forward the reality of mind control and programming – no matter who we are.

    It is interesting how our inner selves put up those small red flags of skepticism and doubt. So often, we override these warnings and shrug our shoulders.

    This experience also painfully showed me how our very thoughts, ideas can be prodded from outside sources in ways never before imagined, like a drilling beetle auguring into our minds to lay its eggs.

    Even so, we are stalwart enough to continue onward. I am confident that one day when least expected, White Wolf will find out Kira’s true story. Lessons to be learned by each of us, yet somehow with each other, forging trust.

    Thanks again, Joanna for bringing this up.

  455. Oh, There is much that deserves great respect here. And perheps it’s best to not reply at all if time and words can’t do justice, and I am traveling currently and not with a computer connection good enough or time. I am sorry for that. I share some experiences of the rituals and aliens – a lot of those! to do with government involvement in that. I used to live right infront of the prime minister’s house in Jerusalem in 1996 and 1997. I read and follow your reason White Wolf and hold this tremendous love and respect to the relentless search for truth and healing that seems to never be ending in your journey, but also see how the capacity for sharing and educating is nonetheless is what made you a ‘risk’ – much to do with an eloquency, and not only that.

    Yes, Worlds upon worlds of illusion. That is the ‘reality’ inside the simulation game that we reside in – ‘All the world is a stage..’ etc.

    I am an infant compared to you, but the findings are going rapid. My understandings backed with some research work of dedicated researchers, some you know yourself may reflect the opposite to your stance. Our world is not human, we are not human and we are under control of certain species who repress and covet our divine source connection per our creation abilities to ‘work’ for them, therefore we are re- farmed and manipulated for our souls and our creating abilities and energies. Not fun, but changes are happeing now, shifts of consciousness.

    To the best of my unpretentious understanding the humans (who give us illusion of alien encounter at times) are programmed themseves and are subjects of that same force that controlls the world (and appears in many ancient scriptures) and would like to leave all on-goings at the human to human level.

    Their deire for us to keep things within the human interaction only, and to negate the interdimensional level is primery, in my eyes, to their desire in continuation of the subjagation of our recycled souls when looking at the facade only and immediate layers and not so much what really propel the wheels.

    There’s much to say and think about, when considering our own ‘cases’ and also the collective story. Much assistance is provided in this world as well. I will be happy to continue and read your perspectives further – looking forward to the third part, which is so very interesting to consider as we all contribute from the different points of understandings while appreciating our humanity, never give up on appreciting ech other and staanding together, as this is the real deal without shred of manipulation and games. Thank you deeply from my heart for who you are ~ Limor

  456. Hi Diane,

    I don’t like people to think I’m suspicious of anyone in the Den, it was just this one incident with Kira. I had a feeling that she was not going to part of the Den for very long, I was not surprised by her death. It is what is, I can’t say for definite it wasn’t her, I just hope that if it was the real Kira she had some kind of life after leaving the facility, evading capture for so long must have been hard work. She sounded upbeat and happy anyway.

    Yes. I could pick over stuff she said that seem fishy but out of respect
    for her and White Wolf I just don’t want to. Both have been through so much, it really doesn’t matter. I like the fact we can just be honest in here.

  457. Thanks!

  458. Honesty – truth – maturity.

    Yes, honesty as we identify with it. Unfortunately, a bastard rationalizes honesty in his own terms, too.

    Any time that I hear someone speak about “personal truths” a red flag waves for me. Although they may be seen as truths, as you have often said, they are opinions. These are different (for me) from what is commonly called Universal Truths.

    These ‘personal’ truths are what gets us all hung up in Beliefs.

    When I spoke about maturity, I was implying the growing up spiritually, mentally and emotionally – the package.

    Quite a fascinating Experience that we all have chosen!

  459. I doubt that many or any of us can comprehend this difficult road of healing for you, but am so glad that you continue doing so while providing your insights as you traverse this healing path. As you uncover all of these layers and tell us about them, I wonder what we might be accomplishing if not all tied up in these quagmires.

    I begin to gather a basic understanding of how magnificent we are in this physical world with many untried potentials. The power of persuasion, connected with imagination and whatever else is already in our memory banks… we could use these abilities in a much constructive fashion.

    It will take a while to more fully comprehend your updates and put them into context. Overall, your focus on simplicity – down to basics – seems most important. Strip everything away and see what is left.

  460. Diane:

    But honesty to self and others requires us to be in a position to see through falsehoods previously fully believed to be truth. Honesty is just the perspective of truth that our consciousness knows. If the consciousness is programmed to believe a falsehood is actually truth, then being honest plays out in telling falsehoods in the solid belief they are truthful facts. For some I think you are right, it comes down to maturity. To others it comes down to shedding lies others programmed into them in childhood. Yet for other people it might come down to something very different.

    At this point the facts of Kira in the Den is here nor there for me. Maybe she was, maybe it was someone playing me… at this point it does not matter. My focus is still digging through my past in order to more fully uncover and understand the now. I cannot hope to understand the full reality of my now if I cannot make clear various areas of my past.

    But yes, updating is beneficial 🙂

  461. The only thing with the Kira/WW/EM saga that I ever wondered about was if she was severely compromised. Once or twice there seemed to be glitches in the stories or info as transmitted. Eventually White Wolf will let us know what he discovers.

    In many ways this seems to be an attempt to get White Wolf suspicious and distrusting of others. That is another angle to the web of deceit: to divide and distrust.

  462. Maybe using the word “big” should have been “honest” both to self and others. I think that as we mature as a person, honesty is a key component, regardless of how others might accept or reject.

    Each of us is a continuing book and have no final chapter. So twists and turns can be read from one chapter to another in our ongoing sagas. Updating is good!

    Joanna, on your questioning the validity of Kira’s re-appearance: The more that I learn about how overlays of one’s energetics can be done, anything is possible in that arena, especially at a remote site such as on websites. All the more with Kira to get White Wolf’s attention and deflect him.

    For the average person, why would we question someone’s energetics?

    One thing for sure I am learning to watch from which direction my thoughts emanate. This gives me clues if something persistent seems to be pushing at me or in me.


  463. Joanna:

    I am happy to hear your are question as well 🙂 Good for you!

    Also great news on how the gelatin is helping your shoulder! I hope it continues to heal smoothly.

  464. Diane:

    I see it as a necessary process for me in the true discovery and understanding of myself, free from the lies others have ingrained. We all should question our own personal lives, their integrity, facts and experiences to work to discover for ourselves their reality verses falsehoods. Being “big” I do not think needs to be part of the process because with over 7 billion people in the world, if you open your mouth, no matter what you say, people will ignore you, love you, hate you, think you are mildly interesting and everything else. The discovery process must be for personal matters I think to really work. The only reason I am posting it and plan to make a free pamphlet to accompany Shadow Scorpion is because I am not satisfied having falsehoods remain in my work when I have healed to a place to know otherwise and therefore know the actual facts.
    But that too is all part of the healing process – reach a point and lay it out… though you might not have all the facts and they may come later, still to lay it out helps the process and perhaps will help others see pitfalls before they get to their own.

  465. Interesting series White Wolf. You must of been reading my mind lately because a lot of what you have touched apron in these articles regarding Ammon, Blake and Reptilians etc I have been questioning and asking myself the very same questions. I mean a 7 foot reptilian that needs 2 human body guards in a restricted area, it just doesn’t make sense. And the only people who have ever seen Reptilians are under Mkultra mind control, you can’t really take that as concrete proof they exist, especially when they have been tortured and drugged up to the eyeballs.

    As you said in your article, I don’t think Ammon was trying to feed you disinformation either, he would have had his programming, and like you said, most likely would have been used to reinforce your programming. I still don’t believe it was your friend Kira that visited the Den recently, I didn’t find that the information was credible, and the whole Scenario did not feel right at all to me.

    I don’t buy in to the reptilian theory anymore and I agree the group that call themselves the illuminate are just rich corrupt families trying to play God. I don’t think they are in control most of the time. Lots of in fighting and giving the appearance that they are all powerful and unstoppable. You can see everyday people are waking up to the bs, the mainstream media are a complete joke. Not sure where this is all going to end up but it’s interesting times.

    By the way, that collagen hydrolysate has really helped my shoulder heal. It’s feeling so much better already, with the physiotherapy I hope to get it working fully again soon. 🙂

  466. You speak of “ritual with the aliens.” I can not think of a better way to describe what is being said about our histories with ETs. They have taken what was perfected in these programs and projected it to the general population through sci-fi movies with varying threads of story lines. Our imaginations take these possibilities and use them as fact.
    That you are big enough to admit errors of previous conclusions or beliefs is most important. It indicates your growth, different than others who might spout the same diatribe without a change in their story, like a robot. How you are able to backtrack through certain thoughts or false memories remains a mystery to me. I get the impression that it is visual, like watching a screen of memories.
    It does not surprise me that “Ammon” or any other well placed figure might have been a handler of some sort.
    As you say, laced with a little bit of verifiable truth comes much that can not be verified – insert the Big Lies. Believing and Knowing become tricky.
    I look forward to the next parts of this series.

  467. Oh I would love to read that pamphlet, if you got the time it would be an amazing accompaniment for sure! 🙂

  468. Diane:

    Yes I think the pure kosher salt is fine. It has no additives of any kind. If you want to decrease granule size just run your salt through a coffee grinder before placing it into a shaker.

    Anyone can refute any linked article I might supply, so people may as well do their own leg work 😉

  469. Wolfgrylls:

    Indeed! More to come 😉 I thought and am still thinking about writing a short Shadow Scorpion accompaniment pamphlet to add to my e-book list detailing such things. It comes down to time I suppose.

  470. Amazing tip indeed, one I shall keep note of!
    It really is utterly mind boggling how much confusing misinformation is spread these days that all finds it’s own support group…
    With all these myriads of contradicting diet fads, all supported by some ” breakthrough research”, it is no wonder no one really knows anymore what to eat or not to eat, so ultimately people will turn to supplements and medication when their diet isn’t fixing it.

  471. Yes, indeed! When I think about how we were trained and never knew better about these low salt diets. This salt thing is a key component in orchestrating our bodies for the pharmaceuticals. “Sticky blood” is one example and so many are now on coumadin, high blood pressure meds, etc., etc. Got water retention? “Take diuretics and reduce salt intake…” Usually, this is the exact opposite of what we should do.
    Your notes about how mineralized salts are more difficult for the body to utilize are interesting.
    Yes, on the pickling salt. Would kosher salt also be advisable to use? Their granules are more natural crystals, not ground. (I am looking for my box of it to verify NaCl only.)
    I find it amazing how our bodies are able to continue functioning at all with these various interfering pharmaceuticals. Reading how a medication works, I found that especially heart meds do the exact opposite of what one would expect them to do if assisting the body to healing.
    It would be nice to provide references for some of these articles. It is very difficult in sifting the wheat from the chaff on who might be considered reliable for their info.

  472. Wow, now that’s what I would call a potent post! 😀
    Awesome White Wolf, everything you just stated matches what I have somehow been pondering and feeling inside for a while myself now. I do not have any insight information or experience to draw from when asking myself the question as to who or anyone at all, is truly the “Illuminati/the one world controlling power, I was only able to form thoughts and opinions through my mental faculties of reasoning and observation.
    I have been following many different threats and thought patterns regarding so called conspiracy theories for years but at some point just felt like it was mostly bullshit, confused people finding comfort in one another’s confusion, not much different than fantasy role playing games.
    Amongst all that clutter the real stories get buried too easily and the real deal individuals like yourself become invisible amongst those who holler the loudest about who they are and what they have been part of, without ever putting forth any actual hard evidence.
    There are surely plenty of individuals and groups hard at work at this very moment trying to gain some level of personal wealth through some for of conspiracy, but not nearly at the size and scope hat weak minded, fear filled individuals like to attribute to the feared “Illuminati”, but then of course to any tinfoil hat wearing internet cowboy me saying this would just make me a mind controlled dis-information agent… lol
    Again, you really nailed it with this article, separating with razor sharp common sense the wheat from the chaff in a gray zone where “lies” and “truth” are almost interchangeable.

  473. Usha:

    I agree that many people do not feel as if they have any control of their lives and machines give some a false sense of it. But then if that is the case look what people do behind the wheel when they think they have control!

    Yes it is true that many men need to express the aggressiveness primarily found through testosterone and today’s society, starting at young school age, suppresses this form of expression. Since it is the way of the natural world, no matter how much society and individuals try to suppress something like that, it will find vents of expression. If it exists than it must create. However, the more it is suppressed the higher the chance of imbalanced expression when it gets a chance to vent.
    It cannot be stomped out, only forced into imbalance through the attempts of oppression.

    That aside, my observations show me that at least half the aggressive and insane drivers are in-fact female.

  474. PC, I had to think for a while what that meant. I just feel that the media influences what subjects people think about and how they should think about it, and in general it is nothing too deep, interesting or truthful. And so they go on about racism but not go to the core of the issue, of real racism, the roots, meaning and effect of it. It is just to keep people’s minds busy with a small distorted portion of the truth and stirring up sentimental feelings. People generally start caring abouth things when and as long as the media tells them to. People get sidetracked so easily these days. The things people get excited about, it is all created by the media.

    And I mean, Trump is a joke is he not? And Hillary…, never mind. But yes let’s not go on about words or details like Clint Eastwood says, and focus on what truly matters.

  475. Wow that does not sound like fun.

    I sometimes feel that machines give people a sense of control and all lack of real control in their lives and frustration about that comes out.

    And I think that a lot of men do not have much chance of expressing their manliness in fulfilling ways these days, and then when they get into a car or watch soccer those testosteronlevels seem to just rise too much! It seems to be some primal feeling, as if they want to fight, it is highly unpleasant.

  476. Thank you Diane, yeah I guess I can’t help it as rhythm is such a big part of my being! 😉
    Nice poem btw!

  477. I must say that the East Coast had nothing on So Cal traffic and temperament when visiting these last two summers.

    Tailgating in SoCal became the thing to do
    When lane-changers wedged in
    Only a half-car length in front of you!

    More than once a vehicle
    Started its lane-change
    Into my car space!
    Was I invisible??

    Women in Hummers,
    Bikers with chains, and heavy footed 18-wheelers,
    Made driving a demolition derby
    Making one feel unsafe on interstates.

    They feel anonymous
    — rebel without a cause;
    And act impervious
    With no-accountability.

    “Chicken” they play,
    Daring you to engage.

    Beyond stupid and reckless,
    They lose their heads
    And use their cars as weapons,
    becoming suicidal, at best.

    Insanity abounds… Road rage is the new Norm.
    Situation is Out of Control!

    We people do so mimic What we see and how we are treated. Passive – Aggressive, all over the map. We trigger each other without wondering why And do not realize this activity is a huge, societal speed trap. (Could these driverless vehicles that they are now touting be a reason for allowing/promoting this mania? Once more, “we have the solution…” to insanity on our roads.)

  478. Oh we are melting this summer alright! This summer is far hotter and more humid that years passed. Bring on the winter! Blah!

  479. It’s as good a time as any to melt the ice blocks with all this heat I suppose. I hope they transform to soothing waters and bring you much healing.

  480. Okay, here is a caricature; just change the names to White Wolf and Jasper:

  481. Just an addition/refinement to the lessons/purpose:

    Yes it all has its place and purpose. The combat training and the passing of Jasper were not directly connected as far as I could feel. Instead I saw one as a side healing to the other. The combat is part of who and what I am and there is not a single level of doubt in me on that front. Even my wife and mother and father see that and are in agreement. BUT the past holds many things connected to when I was simply used as someone else weapon through the front of combat. So the pains of those many experiences through old combat have bed themselves in me and my psyche to deal with. Therein lies the difference. Like a natural wolf energy/medicine verses a piggybacked tainted wolf energy downloaded.

    So the passing of Jasper, as well as many other events in my more recent life continue to help me “melt” the ice blocks of un-accessed and so unexpressed emotions from the past. Never easy, but necessary to my overall healing.

    What I find is the teaching of combat helps me heal even further and with much more depth than if I avoid it, like I was doing for many years along my healing path. It is like house cleaning a necessary room that was filled with the debris of visitors… or intruders, so that it can once again be used for a personal uplifting process of self growth.

    Well, those are my thoughts and observations anyway.

  482. Greetings all!

    when feeling your comments,
    I felt pace and rhythm,
    As if reading a poem.

    So too, with me
    In recent weeks;
    A changing beat,
    Like merging and blending
    In two-part harmony.

    I remember the day
    When Old Bush did state
    A new coded phrase:
    Political Correctness –
    Most laughed in his face.

    Only a decade it did take
    For PC to be nationalized.

    And, now today
    Most cower in fear,
    Not expressing or saying
    Or knowing their minds.

  483. Thank you all for your heartfelt expressions. Yes it was very difficult and difficult to place into words since the heart has a much great vocabulary than any spoken language.

    You are not wrong Prajna, it was for a purpose and I did realize that after the fact. Even though it is the way it is, a hard past seems to go along with more challenging and difficult experiences in the now in order to assist in dissolving the remaining energies of the past, those that could not be fully experienced at that time. True it is not always the case, but I have found truth in this many times over. The heavier the past was, the more trauma involved, the more unexpressed energies reside locked away… and so in time they must release in one way or another and I doubt that is ever easy so long as it happens here while the body is still living. The manner in which he suffered was also a reflection in relation to what I just stated.

    It is life and it tis what it is…

    Again thank you all for your condolences.

  484. Lots of comments all of the sudden – must be because I have returned a bit 😉

    Politics… well I am not so sure any of you want or need to hear my opinions on politics! I think many of your opinions are parallel anyway.

    Nevertheless, you have all pointed out good solid feelings on the matter of speaking your mind, walking your talk, upholding the lessons of Crow and feeling a similar disgust at how weak and meek the general population has become – including politicians and entertainment stars! Apologizing left and right at everything they say because they fear to offend anyone. I have some news… with over 7 billion people in this world there is noting any of us can say that will not offend someone!

  485. I am very deeply sorry for this loss White Wolf. I know you have taken many lives and hunted many animals but taking the life of a friend and companion in mercy must have been very difficult albeit unavoidable.

    I hope that this experience helps you to in some way to heal from those that are buried in your past. I would see this as a gift from your companion as well, not that it makes his suffering any less real or painful. But that he suffered in some part so that you might access that part of yourself that has been suffering all this time.

    Hugs to you and your family.

  486. Politics aside of course, because neither side is worthy of support really, the main difference I see between the approaches of Clinton and Trump is simply in what they will say out loud. I don’t believe that either of these candidates truly holds respect for humanity in their heart. That is the main issue, not which humans they favour. It’s all divide and rule tactics anyways and really they’re putting on a great show to be getting people so divided and distracted over the most mundane of issues.

    I think PC culture is more extreme here in Canada. It’s quite insideous. There are trigger words and ideas that will put people into fight or flight mode and you lose them, it’s like they’re unable to hear what you’re saying. Yes, I agree that a big part of it is not wanting to have opinions or beliefs that would put them outside of their herd mentality comfort zone. Going along to get along. Pathetic, I agree.

  487. Couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said as well as good ole’ Eastwood!
    Most people these days have become so full of bs, absolutely weak and pathetic, apologetic and unfit to speak about unpleasant issues out of fear to be unpopular, of conflict etc!

    I recently had that discussion with a 23 year old guy who would change his opinions and points of view depending on whom he was talking to.
    He simply couldn’t stand up to a single of his beliefs in front of someone whose believes were contrary out of fear of any form of disagreement and so would just say whatever the person in front of him wanted to hear, absolutely spineless and pathetic!
    Then when I called him out on this he just said that “it is more important to get along with people than to have unnecessary conflict” and that it doesn’t matter to him if he needs to “make some small concessions”, for inside he still knew who he was… what a joke!

    Unfortunately this is a perfect example for this whole embarrassing pc culture, it is meaningless and cannot stand on it’s own.

  488. Heya Wolf’s Den!!
    It’s been a long time since I commented here in the Den so I thought this was a good “in” for me to start partaking again!

    As one of the lucky ones who attended the Survival Combat Camp last week I just wanted to take a moment and share a few words and experiences from it.

    First of all I want to say that, as a long time student of a great number of martial arts and combat systems, White Wolf’s teachings are the most intense and brutally efficient that I have ever come across!
    I literally left the class feeling like a different, improved version of myself, I felt lethal, extremely confident and full of life and that was only after a few days!!
    It’s a feeling like I have been forged, as if the clusters of molecules that make up my being have literally been forged and folded in White Wolf’s searing fires to a new level of strength, vigor, sharpness, speed, endurance and resolve unlike anything I have experienced before, what a feeling lemme tell you!
    I cannot stress enough that for anyone who is looking for something truly unique and extreme, something life changing, to make it out for the next Survival Combat Camp, where meeting new faces and making new friends was as much part of the camp as getting your butt thoroughly kicked, ha ha. 🙂
    Every day was so filled with a myriad of different lessons, techniques, energies, it was absolutely intense and yet my body was craving for more the next day, no matter how much it was aching and covered in bruises. 😉
    We not only learned about the nature of surviving deadly combat but also of the body as a whole system: energy channels, pressure points, it’s own inner cycles and on and on.
    Honestly no one I have ever met knows more about the human body and it’s strengths and weaknesses than White Wolf, whenever you think “ok that’s about it I guess” he pulls out something new that makes you shake your head in amused bewilderment. I just gotta say it how it is: I love White Wolf’s teachings as they are the most holistic and potent that I have ever come across!

  489. Nice to see old Clint stand up and be counted! I am sure he has several burrs under his saddle about this racist thing since having been a mayor for many years. His standing up to how our mainstream media encourages so much name calling is great.
    No, I do not think that Trump would be recommended for giving a Sensitivity Training session any time soon. But, often what he says, if heard in context, is refreshing and comes from a more of a shoot-from-the-hip sort of guy. I would rather do business with someone who can look me straight in the eye even if I do not care for everything he says.

    The challenge of racism and sexism is now protected by the federal government that places their definitions into effect at every level. So, as our constitutional rights get stripped away one by one, inch by inch, we can hear Clint’s challenge, “Make my day!”

  490. Sad indeed, I can imagine that it stirred up a lot inside of you.

  491. I really sad to hear that your little rabbit friend suffered so much at the end of his life. Ending his pain was the only thing you could do and that is really upsetting when you have grown to love them like a member of the family. 🙁

  492. Thank you White Wolf. I will get some of that and let you know how things progress. Hopefully it should do the trick as it does feel sore around the joint.

  493. I am sorry for your family’s loss and not surprised to hear that the dog and the bunny became close friends. I had pictured that several days ago.

    We underestimate our four-legged friends. They have much to teach us in the purest of ways, both giving and receiving.

    Gosh, I am hearing others who are also going through what might be called ‘excessive grieving.’ This is what I describe as “going through the neck of the bottle.” If allowed, as I did, it can last for weeks, off and on — a very deep purging of the soul, its depths beyond my conscious understanding at that time. It brought up strong emotions that were greater than anything previously felt.

    Yes, there is healing for both you and your furry friend who was so glad that you found mercy and met his stare.


  494. With simplest intentions,
    I wish you back to good health.

  495. Joanna:

    Collagen Hydrolysate Gelatin works great for joints, connective tissue, hair, nails and skin rebuilding and health. Great Lakes sells a very good product.

    I sympathize with the time it may take to heal. I have a number of things the docs tell me may take years to fully heal. And other issues they do not even know what to do with yet.

  496. Hi, Yes, fortunately I can still play my guitar. I’m taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules to help reduce the inflammation and help the pain. What kind of gelatin do you recommend? I’m hoping I can regain full movement again sooner rather than later. The physio told me worse case scenario it could be 2 years!

  497. Yes that is also my experience; it there is no strong intent I will not succeed to alter habits.
    Good luck with the things you encountered after the camp, I hope you’ll feel better soon.

  498. Joanna,

    Good to hear you are home cooking 🙂 Not only is it better eating, it also helps to bring back the real essence of food as it involves all of you.

    I am sorry to hear of your shoulder. Frozen shoulders… very slow healing. I hope you and your healing team have great success getting that healed up and strengthened once again. I bet it is difficult to play guitar now or can you work around it?

    Lots of anti-inflammatories and gelatin to help heal that ligament and surrounding tissues.

  499. I’m really glad to hear that your health is improving and you have found a diet that works for you. Totally agree that we should be eating as much organic food as possible. I stopped eating processed food quite a while ago now and like to proper home cooked meals. It certainly makes a difference to how you feel. I have finally narrowed down the things that trigger my allergies and haven’t had a flare up for months now. I was feeling good until I injured my shoulder! I think have torn the ligament, it happened when I went to grab and lift my guitar. It has now turned into a frozen shoulder. The physio has given me stretching excercise to do to help keep it moving but it’s painful and it’s going to be a long healing process. 🙁

  500. Usha,

    Perhaps some day you will make the time to take proper care. Until we are deeply willing though it is not always worth the effort since the brain will get in the way and create distraction.

    Yes I am somewhat back. My energy is still trying to recover from the 5 day class, as well as a couple other unexpected events that dragged my energy through the mud. Ever since I have been quite fatigued struggling with full body inflammation among other issues. Though it is interesting that I did not really feel such things from teaching the class. It was the other events that took place just after that really hit me. But as always, I am working it.

  501. Wow I am glad that you disovered all of this, that certainly is a drastic drop. Great news. And yes, we can make it better for ourselves if we really want to. At the moment I am really bad at it, I am eating pizza and stuff like that! But I plan to look into this diet soon, I just need to put time and energy into it. Thanks for sharing and good to have you back!

  502. Limor,
    thanks for taking the time to comment and glad that you enjoyed it.
    If you like, I could email a slightly altered version if you have a favorite place to post. Let me know.

    Yes, this whole topic presents many avenues for discussion. Every day a different nuance is added. Of course, nestled in the midst of it might be a kernel of truth. Who knows what all of this Shifting means?
    Thanks again,

  503. I wish your tongue in cheek poem could be posted somewhere else ~

  504. Phenomenal! Thanks, Diane, such a lovely, witty, true capturing of the delicate essence of our time from your observation. And the looking around is not easy. And it seem reality is different for everyone, but some can sense what you are talking about, and reffering to. Love ~

  505. Good that you remember important details about health Usha 🙂 France – never been but I would love to go one day. Enjoy the wine country and smile at the Alps for me 🙂

  506. Yes good times… articles to come 🙂

  507. I will be here Mark and the camera will be waiting 😉

  508. Sounds like a great camp, learning so much in so few days. It is nice that you are back and that you were able to do this camp, healthwise. Like Joanna says, looking forward to your articles.

    I m going to France next week looking forward to it so much! I am working now in a really nice company. It is great but quite tiresome; this is the first time I am looking forward to fall and winter: letting go, going within, get rest and do some serious cocooning. Summer energy is nice and vibrant, but, like you say, with moderation. I keep on thinking what you said; if I use up too much during spring and summer things wil catch up in fall and winter like last year.

  509. Nice to hear the classes went great. It’s interesting that so many animals come paid you a visit curious to see what you were doing. Hope you had a good vacation and look forward to reading your articles.

  510. I want to get my pictures in some of these classes.

  511. Diane,

    Though the protective energy is associated with the masculine energy of the world,it is based in the feminine energy of caring/nurturing. One cannot successfully protect if one does not care enough about what it is protecting, including self 😉 Yin/Yang – one rests upon the other.

    Male, female and any size or shape are welcome to the classes. The class is gaged to the participants and if some are more experienced than others, this is taken into account during the practices 🙂 Though all male this time, each student was at a different level and it all worked out.

    Yes it was a great camp!

  512. Thanks for providing this article and photos. This hands-on class looks male-driven. In my younger days I would have liked to attend a for real session to find my strong points and to play off of them to my advantage. Hah, my height, or lack of it.

    For the meek (females and elderly) it almost seems like a prelim class would be good before mixing it up with brazen, stronger dudes. Of course, the perceived weakling is considered an easy target. Nevertheless, learning the tools that we have at hand and how to use them become the hidden advantage.

    Looks like a great course!

  513. Poetic is good!
    Yes, the same picture and everyone sees something else. It is amazing that we are able to communicate at all since words have different meanings too. I did not see dragons in these particular photos but have recently noticed some clouds looking much like a dragon. Maybe some day we can all move beyond thinking of things as good or bad. What a different world this might be.

  514. Sorry, I was a bit poetic here – but what I am long seeing in those clouds, the fluffy white muslin like ones – is a long theatre of charcters arranging themselves for me. At times – as if a hidden hand was oredering this view or play in the sky in sync with other stuff in my life – dragons, ‘good’ and bad’ battle and the many faces, letting know they’re there.

    By the choice of your words (symbolic), it might have been the same for you, itcould be interesting to hear. Yes, enjoyed the pictures, the words and the expresions. Thank you, Diane

  515. Ah yes, those faces. I was surprised at how many can be seen in some of these photos. Do you care to explain “the innocent ones are not what they seem”?

    I do agree that there are things going on around us that most of us do not see or comprehend.
    Fortunately, in recent weeks we are getting more and more natural clouds with little or no chem trails. I see a lot of HAARPing before storms, but this particular cloud did not seem to be part of any of them. This cloud formation ended up being quite symbolic in a special way for me and was glad to have others enjoy it too.
    Take care,

  516. Hi Limor,
    You bring up valid questions. This poem came about after listening to a show with some Light-minded folks not knowing what to think that their family bible’s words had changed. Our false reality of believing that the solidness of ‘facts,’ of earth, and bible, shatters around those who rely on such.

    Yes, your asking about time is important. I agree that each of us forms our own mosaics that hold significance, marking time from event to event rather than by a calendar or a clock. Moving away from the strictures of arbitrary time is soooo liberating. Since there is no linear time, are we not moving within all of our past and future events all of the time? (What a pun!) Our having a physical body makes these events seem more solid and linear.

    Also, with this natural ability to access all of our essence, are we not updating or correcting events in the best way possible? This is where karma enters and switches definition to perceived past and present lives. All of us are flowing in a river of our making… we are the river and its events. How we intercept and complement with each other and our greater selves in this ocean is indeed the magic of living.
    Nice to hear from you!

  517. Beutiful play with the clouds and colors and faces, Diane. I am long suspecting that these innocent ones are not what they seem… and that there is a whole ‘life’ and dimension up there that are watching us, quietly waiting for us to find out what’s going on. Games on Earth and plays in the sky ~

  518. Thank you, Diane! So well said and with much accuracy in the words which describes our time. But is there really such a thing as ‘our time,? since it seems that almost not two being in the same room are on the same time line. thinking one thing you shift left, feeling another you are turned right. Are we collectively forward or backword.. and the peeling of layers (for those who still needs that work) feels like peeling your skin. But you are so right, this i an opportunity. Learning to navigate can bring us to beautiful places of truth and creation, but can we do that together? can we come back to complement each other, can the exhilarating time will stand still to show us a new view..

    Blessings ~


  519. Ever considered selling these on Etsy?

  520. Thanks for this input, White Wolf.

    And I found this one that explains the players: the National Environmental Health Sciences published their 2007 ‘study’ in the New England Journal of Medicine and the NIH published an alert of tea tree oil and lavender oil….
    Is it any wonder as to why this confusion continues almost 10 years later? I was looking for more on this story before posting the article and could not find much about it. This article further links to a 2013 abstract in the International Journal of Toxicology refuting this original claim that lavender oil is estrogenic. I just noticed that this study used corn oil as the control. lol

    This business about the reliability of testing and research is so convoluted. We have learned not to trust so much of it. Frankly, I do not hold out much hope that any nano studies will come forth as reliable unless they come from another country. All of this only adds to our running in circles and never knowing who to trust for information.
    There must be a reliable PDR of sorts for herbs and plants that itemizes hormonal interactions, mineral content, etc.

    At any rate this topic serves to alert others about the seriousness of using essential oils, aromatherapy, etc.

  521. Though I think all essential oils should be used in moderation, I feel there just is not enough genuine and in-depth research to warrant their toxic or beneficial natures with any completeness. I think this article AND comments show just how strewn the research actually is as well as how little is really known.

    As to the heavy metals, bromine and iodine, yes all of those certainly work against the thyroid function as well as many other areas of the body.

  522. Cheers White Wolf!

  523. Thank you Diane, you too congratulations, I hope that you had a fine day. 🙂

  524. Happy Birthday and New Year Usha and Diane! May it be all you wish and create 🙂

  525. Usha, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    (It was mine, yesterday and had a nice day, too.) It is those intangible things and moments that make for a memorable time, is it not?


  526. Thanks for the link White Wolf, I will read it later on for sure. it seems like a worthwhile indepth article.

    It is my birthday today, hurray! It is raining and I was up all night because my child fell ill, but hey I am enjoying this day! I feel blessed to have people around me who care about me and love me, that is the best birthday present, and the drawing my middle son made ofcourse. 🙂

  527. Usha:

    No I do not eat nuts and seeds anymore. Personally I think all detox routines should be done slowly, gradual and unless life threatening, never fast.

    Here is a great article I just now read on how polyunsaturated fats suppress the immune system:

  528. Interesting info White Wolf. I am not sure yet what to eat regarding this, although you have mentioned things like coconut oil, grassfed butter andsoon. But then I haven’t looked into it, haven’t had the time. The site of Dr. Peat offers so many articles.

    Do you not eat many nuts and seeds now, since they contain polyunsaturated fats?

    The caution makes sense. I used to take the vertargil clay (like benzonite clay) to cleanse for a couple of weeks, but I think it was too fast because every time I would fall ill. I should try it again and take very little and take it slowly. I took the yellow clay and that works on the liver more than the green clay. It is with so many things; just because something is ”healthy” or natural does not mean one can consume it in great quantity or change a diet just like that without negative consequences. I guess we want quick solutions and not really want to work on changing habits that are not good for us.

  529. I do want to say, after communication with some folk through email, that I do not approve of or agree with Dr. Peat and Katie Deerling’s belief that white salt and white sugar are healthier than natural salts and sugars like primordial Himalayan sea salt and Celtic sea salt. It is well documented that refined salt lacks over 80 trace minerals found in natural salt; 80 some minerals required by the body to metabolize the sodium. Sodium is poison to the body and we need the natural balance of the 84 minerals found in natural salts to properly utilize it. White, refined salt is nothing more than a manufacturing waste product that is acid forming and toxic to the human body. Regular “sea salt” is proven to contain high levels of pollutants now found in our oceans, so is also not the best choice for health.

  530. Usha:

    I understand. For me, well, health is everything in this physical reality. It is our foundation. Compromised health equals a compromised life. I have always been the kind of person who either gives it my all or nothing. If I place weight in something I do what it takes and pursue it like wolves pursue elk, relentlessly. But as soon as I no longer believe in or feel strongly about something, I remove my focus, time and energy from it. This is just who I am and I understand very well it is not like everyone and that is just fine. We are all here to live as we live and to know how that is an accept it is a big plus 🙂

    Happy birthday Raphael! 13, big number for a big year 🙂

  531. Thanks, sometimes I just don’t think long enough about what I am going to write and then later on I think, this might be a bit incoherent.

    I wish you all the best with your healing, it is a lifetask and you get to know so much, you really have such endurance to keep on researching and making things better. I must say that at the moment I just don’t have the peace of mind to really study this and your previous article, but I am sure that there will be a time where I will do this, it is important for all of us.

    Yesterday my son Raphael turned 13, what a big boy! I really enjoyed having his friends over, boys at that age are really nice (that is not what I thought when I was 13, but anyway).

  532. Your welcome, Usha and White Wolf.
    Hopefully, you will have some frilly whites to open later. That is some cold weather. The ground is very dry here and will not have the flowery show of recent previous years. So, my summer photo taking is limited to a few photos of color.

  533. Usha:

    Well said.

  534. Thanks Diane. We had a beautiful stand of my favorite – pure white frilly iris in the yard. But then we had a week of heavy wind and rain with temps in the high 30’s and 40’s. There is not much left of the iris now. Hopefully when the warm weather returns they will have a few buds to open yet.

  535. I agree, sometimes it takes wisdom to decide what to do or not to do, I find that sometimes I don’t have an overview the situation and of the consequences of the choices that are made.

    I am glad that you have found the information that was useful to you and that you could use for your choice.

    I think that fear and ignorance often make us think that we have to do something, when sometimes it is better to do nothing. It seems to be part of the whole leftbrain society; where people are condotioned to want to act and think, instead of wait, reflect, meditate and feel.

  536. Wow those are really beautiful photo’s Diane! A real joy for the eyes and heart. Thanks!

  537. Julia:

    In response to your avocado question:

    A quote from the linked article: Not all fruits, of course, are perfectly safe–avocados, for example, contain so much unsaturated fat that they can be carcinogenic and hepatotoxic.

  538. Julia:

    The best saturated fat sources according to this way of research are:

    – refined coconut oil
    – grass-fed butter
    – ghee
    – raw cacao
    – organic beef lard

    But all saturated fats should be eaten in moderation.

    Extra-virgin olive oil is a monosaturated fat and is OK raw, never cooked.

    I discovered after 9 years that the blood type diet philosophy has many holes and is not the most well-rounded or healthiest form of eating!

  539. Hello Julia, thanks. I am not the best either but I agree, it is not important. Keep on dancing and singing, if it makes you happy that is what counts, I would love to see you dance or hear you sing. I am not a good singer at all, I have gotten a little better at it because of my children, but even to my own ears it is not always a joy to hear myself sing haha 🙂

  540. Crap! I thought avocados were a good way to eat saturated fat. Apparently I missed something in his article on fats. Lol.
    Well, I’m ordering the Heal your metabolism book and some gelatin. If I understood the gelatin article, it’s a good thing for me to consume.

  541. Julia:

    Yes it is a lot of info and though I can understand about 90% of it, there are areas that are out of my level of understanding. That is PhD writings for ya 😉

    Avocado… big thyroid suppressant and endotoxin creator. I could never digest them anyway so I did not need to cut them out.

    We use both hydrolyzed gelatin and the whole form. The hydrolyzed we use in shakes, drinks, basically anything uncooked. We use the whole form gelatin in soups and most everything cooked. But I know a guy who makes natural jello out of it to eat everyday.

  542. Wonderful Usha! Thank you for posting your impromptu dance. I loved watching how your body responds to the music. I really like how you move.
    I love to dance, and I am awed by other dancers. I’m not the best, nor do I try to be either. Dancing, like singing, is a really joyful expression for me.

  543. I have now fallen down the Ray Peat worm hole. Lol!!!
    It takes a lot of concentration for me to get through some of his articles. They are are bit over my head, so gleaning the pertinent information is trying, but worth the effort. The thermometer says it is 69 degrees in my apartment but I sit here freezing. Something must be done. Not that I haven’t been working on solving my health issues, but this article and the links may guide my efforts in more beneficial directions.
    It’s funny, I’ve been craving avocados and the skin and fats of the meat I consume. Most dinners are prepared in the crockpot. All the parts of the animal I can fit go in there. I chew on bones and cartilage. This has been going on for a couple of months. The avocados were added about 2 weeks ago.
    Until I get health insurance, I will hold off on the testing, but in the meantime will make as educated decisions as possible.
    I did fully comprehend the Ray Peat article on Gelatin/ Glycine. Do you use the hydrolyzed or whole form? Can I use it in soups? Or should I make savory jello?

  544. Thanks, I am going to read it later on when I have the time. You’re right about the acid lactid, it is no good.

    What a terrible diet and effects the lady made you take!

    I thought that fermented foods were healthy because of the vitamins, but yes the acid lactid I can understand, is not good for us. Well I was never a huge fan of it, although here in Holland we eat sauerkraut, you have to eat it with pork and potatoes, the Dutch kitchen is terrible!

  545. I am going to watch it when I have the time, I think I will like it, I love spices.

  546. Oh thanks Joanna, I just try whatever I can, I am not a pro or anything. I just like to accept myself the way I am, and not focus on what I can’t do. There are so many great bellydancers out there I could no way compare myself with. The point is that everybody is different, it is not about being the best. Thanks for supporting me in this!

  547. Yes, I am the same, couldn’t live in a permanently hot climate. I love the change of seasons too.

  548. You were very good, Usha. I think practicing on the spur of the moment is the way to go. I like this style of dance and you did very well considering it was your first attempt.

  549. Diane:

    Am I missing the point that treating adrenals versus thyroid becomes the focus, rather than addressing the two together?
    For example, one of many: If the adrenals are damaged (scar tissues, etc, etc) and they are the main issue, treating the thyroid will not properly address or heal the adrenals.

    On the fermentation topic. Old cultures all seem to have a long history of fermentation of some type in their diets. That is another long discussion.
    True, but just because many cultures did such does not mean it has been healthy. Many cultures around the globe have used hallucinogenic drugs, even for spiritual means, but that does not mean it has been healthy for them 😉

  550. The thyroid temperature article was great. The author, Ray Peat, had to go back to the 1930s for reliable information.

    I was amazed and deeply disappointed that the medical community cites commonly known symptoms for hypothyroidism as being hyper. Although while taking too much thyroid can manifest similar symptoms, the correctly ordered lab reports would tell otherwise.

    This must be more of the incorrect training for general practitioners these days. The laundry list of this article clearly shows common, chronic ailments, such as hypertension, of which the symptoms are being medicated and not treating the cause. An old time endocrinologist could easily sift through these symptoms.

    I can see your frustration in obtaining some reliable information. Even with your previous cortisol articles I privately questioned why this whole area was not explored by the medical community while they acknowledged the PTSD issues and never dealt with its causes. How can lab reports be trusted if so much is left to the individual to sort out? I have been hearing horror stories about labs for years.

    This medical “healthcare” issue is far worse than I anticipated, and I already did not trust them.

    Onward to more reading…

  551. Thanks for the comments.

    One comment about what does it matter concerning the cortisol and thyroid issue… right now both need addressing and both hinder or help each other in healing or not. Am I missing the point that treating adrenals versus thyroid becomes the focus, rather than addressing the two together?

    I suspect that with the food issues and general toxins there are far more than 5% of the population having thyroid/adrenal issues. There is an underlying reason of why so many are diabetic and pre-diabetic, not counting all of the other related hormonal insufficiencies causing immunodeficiencies.

    As you say so often, how our body functions and feels brings us to our thought patterns and emotions. All of it fits into a neat package of balance or imbalance. “They” have done quite a job on us.

    All of this seems to keep coming back to knowing ourselves and moving from there. I look forward to reading your posted links and seeing how this fits in with my situation.

    On the fermentation topic. Old cultures all seem to have a long history of fermentation of some type in their diets. That is another long discussion.


  552. Diane:

    My TSH was normal, but since my cortisol and other tests were not, further thyroid tests were ordered two years ago. They showed some imbalances at that time.But since symptoms have advanced over two years they are ordering the full test panels again.

    Personally through studying the research I do not think thyroid treatment with synthetics is necessary in most hypothyroid cases. I am no expert of course, but the research shows mus of it can be corrected with proper diet verses drugs. Considering an estimated over 5% of the global population is suffering from some form of hypothyroid, it is easy to see why doctors and pharmaceutical corporations want to press the drugs rather than diet.

    I was not consuming fruit juices for detox, but vegetable and high fiber shakes. Big difference. I did one of those detox diets as I described 5 years ago and forgot what it did until I went back to read my notes. The same thing happened and I was taking less than half the fiber doses during that time period. It took longer for the harsh results to occur but they did come about 5 weeks into the diet as opposed to the 2 1/2 weeks this last time, so concentration was not the issue.

    I will not debate the fiber topic. I will let you read the research yourself and see how clear it is. The health of Bulk is not what we were led to believe and is actually quite dangerous.

    Yes it matters which came first because how we go about treating it depends upon the foundation, not all the symptoms. For instance, if the thyroid came first we need to know exactly what and why; T3, T4, the conversion rates, etc. If your thyroid is imbalanced one way and you treat it another you will only worsen the issue. If the cortisol came first it could be a direct adrenal issue which caused the thyroid suppression. Treating the thyroid in that case and not the adrenals directly will not bring about results.

    Much of this research has been around for decades but has been suppressed by the mainstream doctors, food companies and pharmaceutical corporations. The amazing works by people such as Ray Peat, Benedicte Mai Lerche, Gilbert Ling, Dodie Anderson, Lita Lee, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, John Gaddum, and countless other, many listed in Kate Deering’s book linked in the above article.

  553. Diane:

    Fermented foods are proven to contain lactic acid which triggers inflammation and is said to lead to fibrosis. Research also shows that anyone who is hypoglycemic will tax their liver by consuming yogurt because the direct action “draws down liver glycogen stores for energy to convert in into glucose.”

  554. As to the yogurt discussion.
    Unless you make your own or know the process that commercial ones use, most commercial yogurt is not made in the old, traditional way, but rather synthesized. Those ingredient labels can be most interesting.

    The same goes for foods that we might presume are fermented, such as sauerkraut. Commercial ones are not fermented. (I speak of this for this country and do not know what others provide.)

  555. It will take some time to go through all of these links.

    In the meantime: it is so sad that well-meaning physicians, nutritionists and other healthcare people are inadequately and incorrectly trained.

    Long ago while dealing with my own thyroid issues I found that the common TSH lab test is the general “marker” for further panels to measure hypothyroidism. Let us know which of those panels divulge the most accurate information. Physicians always commented to me that my various T3 and T4 tests showed low-normal and most would not have prescribed thyroid supplements.

    Of course, there is a whole other issue with raw thyroid versus synthroid for treatment. Sometimes for sensitive bodies the raw thyroid fluctuates too much in assimilation.

    This is another reason for others to be aware that food cravings can actually be an indicator of a body out of balance. For example, my sluggish body craves energy and sometimes desires quick energy such as chocolate and coffee. These are signs of a stressing body.

    What is the reason to abstain from fermented foods? Natural fermentation (different from synthesized) are touted to assist in digestion.

    Could those fruit drinks that you were consuming as a cleanser simply have been too concentrated and too much? Fiber and pulp are necessary for bulk and clearing of the intestines while pulling along toxins and other indigestible foods. Yes, fiber also binds certain minerals during this process.

    Does it really matter which came first – high cortisol or low thyroid – for your personal treatment? My guess is that your history caused a thyroid issue because of the adrenaline and cortisol hyperactivity. Now, your body is ‘depressed’ and you are getting much closer to resolving this whole issue. As you often say, “There is always hope!”

  556. In April a supposed “high class and well renowned” nutritionist was trying to help me “detox” to see if I could raise my energy enough to get my body ready for chelation therapy for the lead poisoning (more about that in another article). So she had me take two shakes a day made from all raw vegetables, nut butter, hemp seeds, chia seeds, lemon and water. Each shake contained about three cups of raw vegetables. She said this high fiber would detox my intestines, liver and that I should do this for a solid 4 weeks. During that time I would eat nothing else besides a light dinner meal that had a small amount of meat.

    Well at first those shakes filled me up so much I did not have to eat anything else and some days I was too full after the morning shake that I could hardly eat the noontime shake. I was going to the bathroom like crazy! Raw vegetables in and raw vegetables out, like a scrub brush!

    2 1/2 weeks later my energy plummeted, my digestion stopped and I was no longer digesting anything, my stools got pencil thin, I was sluggish, bloated and felt horrid. The inflammation pain throughout my body increased dramatically and all my symptoms skyrocketed. It was only after that where I found the information on fiber and its horrible effects on the body. Basically that supposed “detox regime” intensely inflamed my entire digestive tract, almost swelled my intestines shut, seriously suppressed my thyroid function which shutdown my digestion, lowered my temperature and pulse rate, inflamed my nervous system, muscles and fascia and destroyed my blood sugar stability, which increased my already high cortisol output, which intensified all the symptoms connected to it.

    I stopped that insane food intake protocol and never went back to that nutritionist. Since than I have been doing an incredible amount of study and been slowly shifting my diet based upon how I feel, my systems challenges and the extreme amount of research that has been done for decades decades.

  557. Joanna:

    Yes it is really great stuff! I could never live in a place like that with no real seasons, no down-time, but hats off to the people who do live there and work with the land to bring the rest of us such bounty.

  558. Usha:

    According to the studies I have been reading, yogurt is fermented and should be eaten in moderation. Fermentation can disrupt sleep so if you are going to eat fermented foods maybe try to do so earlier in the day.

    I take dairy in moderation and only raw and organic. Typically goat dairy is what I lean towards because it is astringent and easier on my system than cow dairy. But the research shows that raw and organic dairy is very beneficial and considered the “perfect food”, BUT only if the digestive system is healthy. If there is inflammation in the digestive system than the dairy can create digestive issues and mucus production. It is said that as you start eating correctly and your digestion heals, you can slowly eat more and more dairy with beneficial results.

    The sugars I eat are really the same as I have been for about a year – fruit and raw honey. I have also added organic non-pulp juice, no sugar added, like orange and blueberry. The fruit is either raw or cooked depending upon what kind it is. Some can be eaten raw but many need to be cooked or they cannot be digested. But we should never eat any kind of sugar without also eating protein and a saturated fat because any sugar without protein will thrown off the blood sugar balance. This is where gelatin comes in handy! Not only is it amazingly healing, but it also contains a solid level of quality and easy to digest protein to eat with sugars.

    Yes I have cut way down on my fiber intake because the fiber was irritating my intestinal tract and causing extreme inflammation.Check out the following link:

    Links showing the harmfulness of Polyunsaturated fats:
    and many more on those sites.

    Yes studies have been done clearly showing how unhealthy most extreme athletes truly are. In the short run they seem to perform amazingly well and be in incredible health, but in the long run their bodies breakdown on many levels because of the extreme ongoing stress on the body. High stress, high exercise and fast lifestyle suppress the thyroid function. I know this all too well…

    I am quite young in the new eating process so it will take a while for changes to occur I am sure. Years of high inflammation and thyroid suppressing lifestyle take time to heal. 🙂

  559. Very interesting. It is unbelievable that you had to research all of this yourself while doctors have been studying for years and should know these things. But then it is focused on pharmaceutical medicine.

    I was just thinking the other day that I feel eating yoghurt is good for me and that I crave it, while thinking it is a bad habit. Do you eat / drink dairy now? In Chinese medicine dairy is not seen as a healthy nutricient I think.
    And what kind of sugars do you take now, in fruit?
    Fibers, so you mean eating too many greens for example?

    Those polyinsaturated fats… here in Holland they advertise this and tell people it is in maragarine, making people think that they should eat that poison. You’re right, we should try and find out what is good for us, because we can not rely safely on what is presented to us.

    You have put so much effort in your healing, I hope that you will soon start to notice effects.

    Extreme healthy diet or exercise, yes I believe that it can be harmful. I know people who have had problems with digestion, because they were eating so healthily that they could not digest the amount of fibers.

    Yes we all should pay attention, I am not eating as healthy as I would like to, I still have a long way to go and I dont want to wait for illness to make that change. But I take it step by step, and it is all about lifestyle.

    The thyroid, I really have to read this over and give it more study, I am retty much a layman when it comes to this but I understand the imprtance of it. I might order the books you mention. Thanksfor sharing this with us.

  560. Great video, thanks for sharing this. I love spices and coconut milk. I never knew how much work goes in to farming good quality organic produce. Thats the first time I’ve seen a nutmeg tree, thought they were lemons! Its fascinating seeing how things are grown.

  561. Haha! Sure. I totally agree. I think I am young at heart and I would like to remain this way, it means being alive!

  562. Thanks for the idea. I found a source about using charcoal to bind pesticides from gardens – why not? My organic growing cousin says he makes his and am getting some from him today. Intuitively, I think that all of the cilantro growing and some other growing ‘weeds’ are also natural binding agents.

    This morning I felt energy flowing from my hands as never before while focusing on healing and purifying of the garden. Did not do any belly dancing, but if I knew a drumming group I would invite them over. lol

    Life’s lessons. I am determined to “Let it go” and be in concert without attachment to all of this nonsense.


  563. Youth is in the heart, is it not 😉 That is what people have told me for years!

  564. Lupines leach out and “eat” radioactive isotopes. Not sure about chemical pesticides.

  565. Thanks,
    Might have to go with a flower garden for this year (inedible). Think that I am still in a bit of a shock over such thoughtlessness, heartlessness. It seems that some are so unhappy that they can not tolerate seeing others get a bit of enjoyment, no matter how small.

    I am wondering if there are some plants that might be able to leach out poisons. So far I have not found what I am looking for by doing Searches. Maybe I can plant clover. That would really put the landlord into a spin. lol

    Hah, maybe I should start belly dancing in the garden while doing my exercises in morning.

  566. Thank you Mark. Young lady, I am not so sure, haha!

  567. Sorry to hear about your garden Diane.

  568. Keep up the good work young lady. (Maybe work is the wrong thing to call it.)

  569. Thanks Diane, later on yesterday I thought it would be nice to copy the text.

    Who knows one day I might be hearing ”my” tone.

    Sense my real self and inner tone when dancing without music; that could well be Diane, but I will be bored! I do it sometimes, in the kitchen for example, just to practice a few moves, and my children look at me like, what is she doing??

    I feel good doing it like this and I do it because it feels good and it is beautiful to me. I don’t have a goal, except trying to do it as well as possible (technique, expression, variation in movements etc.). I know that bellydancing brings me in touch with my self, and this goes for a lot of women around the world. Have you tried it?

  570. So true and I am taking the liberty of copying it here to retain its context:
    “Be authentically YOU and stop caring what other people are thinking, wearing, doing, eating, being; just be you and express yourself authentically as YOU and you will be so much happier inside. Expressing the authenticity of you is part of your creative process and a free flowing creative energy is prone to less stress and a higher percentage of happiness.”

    As to the personal tone or vibration, Yes, since we are unique, we carry a unique energy – tone – color. I heard recently that when we are totally relaxed and grounded with Mother Earth we can feel our essence/vibration/tone.

    Usha, when you dance without music and simply flow, maybe that is the moment when you can sense your real self and inner tone.


  571. Basically what this post is about is what White Wolf has well written in Quick News.

  572. Oh thanks Diane. I feel a bit unsure about showing myself like this, but then what is wrong with that, I am just being me. I am aware of the fact that people think bellydancing is very sensual, while to me it just feels natural and I express a certain style, feelings, and technique.

    I do not feel so inspired everyday though Diane, some days I get caught up in daily life or just feel not that good.

    Tone, I do not hear a tone and I did not know I had one. Do you mean a unique frequency, as in colour, tone, symbol? What is your tone?

    I think I try to being the middle when I imrovise; thinking about my next move and just feeling it intuitively at the same time. It is a creative process.

  573. Joy, joy, joy.

    How we take a moment in each day to simply move with it and acknowledge it, brings us to another node of self-fulfillment and completeness. Self awareness.

    Since each of us has a unique tone, do you feel or hear it when dancing?


  574. That is one of the beauties of this world. It has space enough for all and for each desire, if we honor it and each other.

    Yes, enjoying the physical is great and something that we should not take for granted. So much to experience.

  575. Interesting.

    They could try to leave their body and live solely in nonphysical realm, since it is something they want to move beyond.

    Other dimensional beings might not have a physical body.

    A person who eats real food can be holistic, is what I think.

    Sure we can try and live without food or ego, but I personally strive for being in my body and listen to it. Besides that, I like food! 🙂

  576. Several years ago I saw a video of a young, educated couple in South America who were breatharians. Their demeanor was very modest as they explained how and why they had become breatharians. She went through pregnancy and occasionally ate while under medical monitoring. Their child was fed and was voluntarily moving toward breatharianism also.

    At this time very few aspire to this level of receiving their (food) energy only from etheric levels. Other dimensions do not eat foodstuff, they breathe in prana. Could breatharianism simply be a step toward being more holistic?

  577. Well there are people who try to live without eating, I am sure that you heard of breatharians…
    I personally don’t see the point of trying to supersede physical laws while in the physical body and see this as an end in itself.

  578. Interesting, I was not at all talking about “stomping” out an ego, but rather attempting to understand why the phrases of “controlling” an ego or “subduing” an ego are used. Maybe it is semantics.

    Thanks for comparing holistic thinking to whole-being thinking. This adds to my better understanding of this series. If I understand your definition of holistic thinking, it means a more refined, higher level of evolvement, and one therefore has a more complete perspective from a more neutral stance.

    Life is such a kick. We are imbued with ego and spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out how to deal with it.

    I look forward to your upcoming article on your healing insights. Great news that you are making progress!


  579. Usha:

    Absolutely! The ego is part of the experience of this life. To try and go through this world with no ego would be like trying to live without eating. The ego is the mind fuel that we use to DO anything in this physical world. Too much fuel floods the engine. Not enough starves it. It requires the proper amount 😉

  580. It appeals to me that you do not reject the ego; so many newage and religions tell us to get rid of it and judge everything that has to do with it. Understanding it, its functions and limitations makes more sense to me.

  581. Diane:

    Again, it is not about stomping out the ego, but rather controlling it through the understanding of what it is and what it is for – it is a tool to physically navigate a physical consciousness, which has limitations and many pitfalls so long as we lock our perspective into the ego view.

    But yes, a “whole-being” focus is a more productive avenue of energy direction than a one-sided, whether only division based or only holistic based. The high level holistic focus comes into play as being very productive in species that do not have an overactive logical side of the brain, but function more from a center point, which utilizes much more of the holistic dream than the division dream. But humans for the most part have a very overactive logistical consciousness and tend to require a bit more focus to move and navigate to a more holistic perspective, the holistic dream verses the division dream. Holistic does not mean ego-free, but rather ego understanding and proper utilization.

    Good question though. I hope that helps clarify a bit more what I was talking about.

  582. Thanks for explaining. I think I will read the whole Manetuwak series again. And ofcourse I hope that you feel better because of the breakthrough, it is good news.

  583. These are some thoughts and questions…

    Do we really desire to control or subdue the ego portion or our selves?

    Your various awareness techniques such as bringing the root and solar plexus energies to the Heart center for refining, and the balancing and harmonizing of brain/mind techniques all seem to move ego to a more natural/neutral place along with all other mind-thinking.

    Consequently, we move more to a Whole-Being thinking. We no longer desire to subvert our various aspects with egoic claims of mastering, or of being in control. Whole-Being thinking is not exclusively of the brain, but acknowledges all input and experiences. One might use a different word than thinking to describe this ability? Might it simply be the shifting of awareness to the Moment of Now while experiencing this flow?

  584. Usha:

    Yes I am doing alright here. Been quite busy working on a major break-through on my health! Might wright an article once I fill in all the gaps…

    It is fairly common to find adults who have been locked into the left-brain ego style of thought and living to have a difficult time comprehending the holistic dream concept of reality. The ego side needs to be worked with in a way as not to induce fear responses which will trigger its defenses. The ego wants to believe it is Self and in full control through the complete understanding and acceptance of time and separation. That philosophy becomes its pacifier, its comfort zone so to speak. Once the ego can be subdued the inner focus can expand beyond the limited ego and tap into what is beyond the small and limited perspective of “self”. But if the ego is running on fear and locked in defense mode, it wins the focus game.

    I cannot say I found my way out of programming, but rather that part of my energy make-up here understand that I am not the programming inside me and I am far more. The ego has the programming attached, but the energy of me focused in the holistic dream is free of the programming. It becomes a very sensitive balancing act. If we are here in a physical body with physical consciousness, we cannot completely override the ego and enter fully the holistic dream. Therefore we must acknowledge the ego and learn to use it from within the holistic dream. This means acknowledging the programming as well if it exists. If the programming is intense it cannot be successfully managed from within the ego. I found I needed to access and maneuver healing from within the holistic focus back into the division dream of the ego.

    I have not yet written part 6, so you did not miss it 😉

  585. Hello White Wolf, I hope that you are well.

    I think that I can fee the limitations of the Division Dream when I try to get to know my Manetuwak. The concept of being a vast energy is quite difficult to comprehend I find. Notions of time and place that belong to the Division Dream are also in my way when I try to feel my Manetuwak; I try to go beyond those notions.

    It takes time like you say, it feels strange to get to know my Self, at this age, but it is very rewarding.

    It is so amazing that you have managed to find a way out of your programming, if you just think of the harm that people have done to you. I am referring to the part where you write that because of trauma you were pushed to te Holistic dream, and that this connection was used for purposes in the Division Dream.

    At the end of the article you refer to Manetuwak part 6, but I can not find it, perhaps it has a different title? I am sure I have read it but I don’t remember. I really like this subject, there is so much to explore! 🙂

  586. Yes the majority of dream catchers for sale online and in craft fairs are mass made, quick glue and dyed things made in Chinese sweat shops.

  587. Yes, I had one of the wire hoop ones, it was a manufactured type, turquoise in color with dyed turquoise feathers and beads I had it hanging from my bed post for ages.
    I like your hand made ones much better, they look more interesting in shape and design.

  588. Joanna:
    I make some of the beads, yes. Some of the ones you see for mass sale online are neat, but I do not like the fact they are all made the same formatted sizes from wrapped wire hoops. Sometimes if you find a better site they might use a willow hoop, but again most are formatted sizes and look very much alike.

  589. Usha:

    Oh yes, you can certainly feel them 🙂

  590. I can use grapevine, willow, maple, cherry, pine cedar, hemlock… and the size really comes down to cost and shipping. The first one I posted a while back was about 9″x10″. This last one was about 14″x14″ so took longer and would therefore cost more and cost more to ship. The 9″x10″ size is a good manageable size that does not take too long to make, but again, I can make just about any size. 🙂

  591. They look great! I like the 3D design and the energy of the natural materials. Did you make the beads too? The turquoise colors give a vibrancy.

  592. Something to keep in mind, even from the photo’s they emit energy, very nice pure, natural, personal and handmade artefacts. I guess one can come in touch with the spiritual energy of the sources in the dreamcatchers and necklaces, maybe with our totem animals, stones and plants. Spiritual and physical made in one, that is how I see it.
    The threedimensionality of it makes them interesting, more perspectives to see.

  593. It is good to know that you sell the dreamcatchers. Is there an average size that you prefer to make, or that the grapevine works best?

  594. Diane:

    Yes I sell them. They take a little while to make so if someone wants one they can email me at and request one. Through email details like size and whatnot can be discussed as well. Then I will start working one up for them. Otherwise folks will have to wait until I get around to making a bunch, which could take a while…

    Yes the black hair is horse hair on the catcher in the images. 🙂

  595. Huh, did not realize that you were selling your double dreamcatchers. Let us/me know when you have more. Is that horsehair – the long black strands almost looking like horseshoes?
    As usual, very nice.

  596. Usha:

    Here is some history of the Von Trapp Family:

    This is the lodge in Stowe:

    Personally I feel the Trapp lodge is a very snooty establishment. I have been there a few times and never got a nice feel from it or the people that work there. Just my opinion though.

    Yes the Green Mountain Inn was a very nice and comfortably welcoming place 🙂

  597. I did not know that the Von Trapp family really existed, so they went to a mountain area. The Green Mountain inn seems to have kept that nice oldfashioned feel to it, going back in time.

  598. Usha:

    Thanks! Stowe sets below the highest peak in Vermont, Mt Mansfield. It is a rich valley surrounded by mountains and the Trapp Family (depicted in the Sound of Music) settled there and today have a resort all of their own. The Inn we stayed at; has some nice history 🙂

  599. Congratulations with your anniversary! 🙂 I had to look up where Stowe is, it is in between forests, lovely and quiet place I imagine. An inn from 1800s, sounds good, a lot of woodwork I guess. I am glad that your health was good enough to have this experience together.

  600. Usha:

    Glad you found something useful there. Yes releasing stuff is one thing I still find very useful and important from techniques of old…

    Just got back from Paula and I celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary 🙂 We treated ourselves to a weekend in Stowe and stayed in one of those old and really nice Inns built in the 1800’s.

  601. Usha:

    Yes as everything, if we have not done it before, it takes time. Also it is important to feel it out for yourself without bias to see how it works or does not work for you as an individual. Not everything works for everyone 😉

  602. I don’t know what woosh means but I like the word. 🙂 I think the response was not just days of seminar but decades…I cath the drift that is enough for me.

  603. Thanks Diane. If you manage to look like a dog shaking you are doing a good job! Shimmy is great to let it all go.

    Here is an old clip of Egyptian bellydance superstar Fifi Abdo shaking it:
    You can see that Egyptian bellydancers dance to Egyptian classical music (”tarab”) which contrasts with their status (they are generally not respected) and that in the Arab world women can have all sizes (big or small, old or young, it doesn’t really matter). She is wearing a sheer top over her bra, you can see the seam at the back, that means she is covering her body, it is considered more decent than just wearing a bra.
    Fifi Abdo is not particularly refined; she dances in her own way; in bellydance there is relatively much space to develop a unique style, in comparison to other dancestyles.
    It is clear in this video how deeply bellydance is ingrained in Egyptian culture, and that shimmying is very much part of it.
    I hope this information is interesting to you…I get carried away when it is about bellydance!

  604. For any car enthusiasts you may enjoy these photos and article on Ken Ryan who has built a road worthy car of wood, except for the necessary frame and wheels, etc. Quite a passion and “looking good.”
    Photos only:

    The write-up:

  605. Usha,
    I, too, felt White Wolf’s two sentence response was at least a 3-days worth of seminar energy packed into a few words. Rather, make that a lifetime of learning compressed into words, like a rock, holding messages as we are able to receive them. Did you feel the whoosh?

  606. Hey Usha,

    Believe it or not, I incorporated your Shimmy technique with the ‘letting go’ of attachments exercise for the night. Yes, it helps me to shake like a tree, imagining all these mental and emotional attachments within and around me to quietly fall away. Okay, so I might look a bit like a dog shaking from head to toe, whatever… it connects me to myself in a special sort of way.

    See, someone has taken something from your recent input.


  607. I need a break now, let my brain recover from this answer.

  608. It was helpful what you said in CD 5 or 6 about release work. I had heard about it but did not know how to do it, and now I know. Well I only started doing it recently. I think it has a huge effect and I try to do it every night before sleeping but I forget often or I am simply too tired and just want to sleep. However I can imagine that after a certain time it becomes part of routine.

    At first the thought of releasing all experiences was rather scary to me, but now I think it is refreshing, and really if you think about it, there is no future or past, so why hold on to something that is not there anymore, it makes no sense. Release is as much part of life just as growing or accumulating is so I just want to do all of it.

    It is very nice to be able to always fall back on medium green to fill up the space where there has been a release, as a beginner. I have not reached the stage yet where I feel I can specifically do the releasework and work with specific colours, I have only started.

    I think I have some clogged up release to do first; like when doing cleansing work for the intestines; if one has not done that at all, a lot of ”dirt” has to come out first, before the cleansing can really start (not that I am an expert).

  609. Hello it is me again. I just wanted to say that I am starting to get to know the silver; somehow it was difficult to visualize the colour silver (gold is much easier for me) at first. It is pretty strong, it has really opened up my connection to it.

    Visualizing myself in brown for grounding and safety and medium green for oxygenating (is that proper Engish?) and heart energy was difficult too at first but it is getting better. It does take time but I think I can notice the effects.

  610. Usha:

    The additions have been the continuation of internal energy cultivation, flow and cavity press work with the expanded awareness and funneling of the spiritual nature through the movements of self and the non-physical movement of the internal melding between the energy gates on a dual level. In a nutshell this is where the expansions to the art have been going. 🙂

  611. Usha:

    I think you can get to that depth doing anything you love and that ‘clicks’ with you. It is not really something you try or force, it just happens all on its own.

  612. Usha:

    Yes it is a fascinating culture, at least the olden times culture. Modern times, not so much…

  613. It is nice that your teacher wanted you to explore other forms as well, that can put it in perspective.

    Honouring the art and master is only natural I think but rare in these days, where nothing really seems to matter. I appreciate it when somebody delves deeply into an art or craft and dedicates his or her whole life to it. I feel it is important to carry on the traditions otherwise they can be lost and then we have to live like the system wants us to live and we have no personal power, no knowledge. What is offered to us most often does not have real quality to it, it is like an offspin of the original.

    In India musical teachers are honoured by the pupils and it is fairly normal to keep on studying until the beginning of being in the forties; only then the master will feel that one has mastered the acquired level to go solo.

    I respect my bellydance teacher because he is a master of the art and he was taught by a master. It is not easy because his personality is very difficult, but I can learn so much from him, he has decades of experience.

    What I am wondering is, what have you added to the art of jujitsu, since you are a master and carry it on? Maybe it is mentioned in the interview and I have overlooked it.

  614. I thought about what you said about learning jujitsu; that at first you thought it was about the art and then finally you discovered it was about you, the relations you have and interactions in life. I think I am experiencing something similar in bellydancing, although I have not delved into it as much as you have in the martial arts, in depth and scope.

  615. Hey Diane, I was wondering if this was Ben H. but now I think it is him.

  616. Hello, the interview about Small Circles 5 animals Jujitsu was very nice, I just read it. It is interesting to read about the Eastern martial arts. What I like about it is that the physical and nonphysical complement eachother, as far as I understand. That appeals to me much more than, say, just sitting and meditating, which is also a ‘spiritual’ practice, but it does not involve the body. personaly I can relate to forms where there is movement, that is life to me. But to get back to fighting, it is petty fascinating and although I hardly know anything about it I can somhow understand that people are drawn to it.

    When I was working in a Japanese antique shop we had katana’s, wooden boxes to keep the katana’s in, real Samurai harnesses, and secondhand hakama’s. The artifacts were mosty from the Meji period, it all was very interesting to be introduced to Japanese culture of the past. All of it was surrounded by an air of sacredness somehow, art such as scroll painting was considered something spiritual. I am pretty much in awe of this culture.

  617. What a great idea, Ben! And, love the topic, too.

    As a person who has not been around any of these philosophies of martial arts, I had no idea there were so many versions.

    I will have to spend more time with the Q & A to form some questions that make sense.

    Hopefully, you can continue this type of forum on occasion. Questions from another always bring up topics that might never have been discussed otherwise.


  618. It was a good interview, thank you! Might also a bit more “accessible” than the ones you gave years earlier.

  619. Thank you for clarifying.

  620. Thank you Diane I hope that you had a good one.

  621. Hardship and challenge force us into the darkness of the self to find the core in order to survive. The more intense the challenge, the more difficult the hardship, the deeper we are forced to find the center. It is along such paths where we find the issues deep within that need addressing for personal evolution. The deeper we go into the dark self, the more areas we find to work on that we may never have found if we would have had it easy or stayed in the light all the time.

  622. Mark:

    Not much improvement physically, no, but with spring here it helps me move with it a bit better.

  623. Diane:

    I think those who have been forced to live in the dark for long periods of time have a bit of an advantage in getting to know the dark side of self. Those who live primarily safe and light lifestyles may have a more difficult time accessing their dark side and fear it more.

  624. It was good to hear you talk without loosing your breath, are you noticing much improvement in your physical health?

  625. Yes, thanks for that response, White Wolf.

    Your comment of “Light is the outward male energy of self and dark is the deeper core energy of the feminine” directly relates to an upcoming article of “Handedness” about the feminine aspect and can be correlated throughout the “handedness” series.

    Yes, darkness and fear of the unknown. Given the strong attachments to the Light, it is amazing that any of us are able to see beyond it.

  626. Diane:

    I have a black wolf on my arm and its there for a reason. Though I am White Wolf in this life, I carry the black wolf on my arm as a constant reminder that none of us are all light, we contain the dark as well and light and dark are not enemies as the human race has painted them to be in more modern history. They are opposites that together bring a whole, a balance.

    Creatures that live only in the light are blind to that which lives in the dark and so they fear it. Creatures that awake after nightfall have evolved to see in the dark and navigate it with ease, without fear of it. But they can also navigate the day and the light. Darkness is the bigger challenge, which is why so many people avoid it, because it is hard and forces us to delve into our depths in order that we might grow to a place that sees both light and dark as equals.

    I recognize the light aspects of me and do my best to monitor and regulate them so instead of burning me out, they work as refinement energy. I do the same with the dark aspects of me.

    So many people expend so much energy trying to remain fully in the light all the time and show the world what light beings they are, but that imbalance catches up to every one of them. Many of them are not so light after they go to sleep and enter the land of dreams… and we create as much in dreams as we do awake. We cannot hide from ourselves no matter where we go or what we try to show or tell people.

    Light is the outward male energy of self and dark is the deeper core energy of the feminine. Day and sun, air and fire; night and moon, water and earth. If you fear the dark you fear your own core. I walk with my black wolf as equally as I do my white wolf.

  627. Ohhhhh, Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

    For whatever reason I have kept this as a day of “Good Luck” for many years and have no idea why. Must be my contrariness.

  628. Speaking of the ‘dark,’ we have been so conditioned about its evilness. This civilization seems to base itself on light versus darkness in so many ways. For us to navigate towards understanding and experiencing darkness in a better light (oh, the puns), what have you discovered along your healing path? That may sound like an oversimplified question and is not meant that way.
    How does Black Wolf fit into your daily life?

  629. Speaking about things of the ‘dark’ in the proper way hold equal with speaking about things of the ‘light’ in the most beneficial manner.

    Proper or most beneficial communication is key to personal evolution in my opinion, and if more people focused on it I feel it would solve so many issues of todays world. Communication in general is being lost in younger generations who focus primarily on short, broken text messages and are bombarded with lightning speed changing mass media imagery far too quick for the brain to properly register. It all adds to distraction and the fragmentation of focus and thought processes.

    But to focus on the subtle communications of nature can increase the awareness of the subtleties within the self and our ability to enhance our listening abilities to the point where if something must be said, it is said with the utmost integrity, clarity and purpose.

  630. Right.

    I find it is difficult to speak about things that are ´dark´ in the right way; if a person carries his or her own fear or anger then it can be felt by the receiving end of the dialogue. I am guessing that when a person has truly transformed the darkness that is spoken about, then he or she can speak about it in the right way and it can be received properly, like you have.

    Communication is a subject that has been on my mind lately. I would like to really listen to other people (and plants, trees and animals), give the other and myself more space, so there can be higher quality of communication and more heart to heart and telepathic communication. Sometimes I think that listening is like receiving and embracing life. This is just a sidetrack. 🙂

  631. Usha:

    Thanks again for the feedback. Yes it is not easy for me to speak about such thing from my past, especially publicly! It is difficult to address such things in a therapy setting, especially since therapy goes so much deeper. But my determination has been such that my drive to present the information in a format that can possibly shed light on these many times overlooked areas of our life in order that people might benefit by learning and seeking help or moving to help others.
    Saying enough, in the proper way without saying too much… yes it is a learned skill.

  632. Finally I had the time to listen to the interview, it was interesting and I think that there are listeners who can benefit from it. It is quite something to talk about these parts of your life, I think that you did it well. It really is an art, what not to say, how to say it, when to say it, because is all energy we send out. A lot of it was about healing, I feel that it balanced the horrid things you have had to go through. And the lady who interviewed liked it a lot, the whole thing had a good vibe to it.

  633. Usha:

    Meechgalanne called it the “Sacred Silence”, the 4th attainment, the void within, the emptiness in-which the depths of our work and creativity can generate. Happy to hear you are getting a lot out of Eagle Mind 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

  634. Hey Diane thank you. If ever, that is right, I don´t think I can explain more clearly, I am not White Wolf. 🙂 I can imagine that it sounds rather vague. Let’s just say that I dig the Eagle, I really do. Sorry I am not in a serious mood.

  635. Nice, Usha

    Care to explain what you were feeling or how you might describe this “space… to make choices”?
    I realize being flooded with a new concept can take time to place into words, if ever.

  636. Hello there, just want to say that I think the Eage Mind DVD series is very effective; it has opened up my mind, I am watching CD 6 so I have a few more to go!

    Today as I was driving my car I suddenly had a small grasp (to me it was enormous) of the space we have to make choices, the space in which exists good and bad, so to speak. What freedom, I felt really grateful. It made me aware of the responsibility that goes with it as well.

    And I am more connected to my complete self now which means that my perspective on who I am has broadened and shifted, and so has my potential and understanding of life. We are indeed so much more than we think. 🙂

  637. One time in a class I brought up the subject of frequency machines, and you responded with contempt towards them, now I see why.

  638. That is a very informative map. Most of the northern hemisphere is very bright with most of Europe and Italy! looking almost entirely lit up. When the huge blackout occurred in 2003? in the eastern U.S. and Canada, there were stories about children seeing the night sky with all its stars for the first time. Hard to believe.
    I cannot imagine going out and looking up and not seeing those familiar constellations in the sky.
    Thank you for the map White Wolf and also for the cartoon Diane. Love

  639. Okay, i thought that you probably want to get that fixed 🙂

  640. Interesting map. I think it is probably quite accurate. I know that the street lights here in the U.K used to be very bright and lots of them. I have noticed over the last 5-6 years though that they are much dimmer now and I know that councils in some towns and cities are switching some of them off completely at night. This was more to do with saving money because of government cut backs rather than tackling light pollution.

    I noticed on the map what a stark difference there is between North and South Korea.

  641. Very nice map. It is a problem, here in The Netherlands too, as you can see on the map. If I sleep in the country somewhere abroad I sleep so nicely, it is so different. We have a problem here with greenhouses that are lit all night long. They are not permitted to light up all the time but they cause a lot of light pollution. And there are so many streetlanterns in the cities, right up next to people’s bedrooms.

    And yes it also depends on the quality of the lights; here ”normal” bulbs are not allowed anymore, only other kinds that are cold and very white, it just adds up to it all.

  642. I contacted Christine and told her about that mistake. She said she did not write that and the guy who posts her youtube stuff did and she will have him fix it. So at least it will be removed…

  643. Yes, I agree about light pollution. It bothers me as much as noise pollution. Even though this map is enhanced, the point is made.

    That proposed ordinance that you speak of is how encroachment begins and continues on the Wilderness one step at a time. Your area is one of the few remaining pieces of forest wilderness intermixed with population. It would be a shame to have industrial parks and zoning take away that serene, mystical feeling of the roadways. Hopefully, this measure will not be allowed and will be replaced by a measure that prohibits further encroachments.

    Here is to a Muttsy day.


  644. Diane:

    Thanks for posting the linked article because as I was viewing various areas of the world on the map I was wondering how certain regions, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, could be producing the amount of light shown on the map.

    Even so, the light pollution issue stands. As a matter of fact right here in small town Vermont there is a zoning law proposal stating: “commercial uses may be permitted in all zones except the forest district, and industrial uses may be permitted in the Village and Agriculture Districts. The proposed zoning makes it possible to have up to 50,000 lumens per acre for commercial and industrial uses. According to the proposed zoning a 100 watt incandescent bulb is about 1150 lumens, so imagine 45 of those bulbs outside per acre. The proposed zoning places no limit at all on how many acres, one next to the other, could have up to 50,000 lumens. And the proposed zoning makes this possible throughout almost all districts in town.”

    So while the article map may not be as accurate as it should be, I have no doubt light pollution remains an issue and while some cities might be attempting to mask their all night lighting, many places are not.

    Nice cartoon 🙂

  645. This article is spot-on.

    About a year ago this very website was castigated for its inaccurate visuals via enhancements and is worth the read. Our Bakken oil area was the subject. It does point out how information is gathered, especially in this digital era.

    I have also noticed new street lights giving off an unusual squiggly light beam. They are yellow lights. Until seeing them, light bulb beams were always in a relatively straight line. These new squiggly beams are almost impossible to gaze upon with my eyes quickly wanting to turn away.
    Various cities have used a subdued yellow light for years. These are different.

    Also, some cities concerned with light pollution have incorporated an upper shield on their street light poles to prevent unnecessary upper light pollution. These covers do make quite a difference as observed through the years.

    Totally off subject:
    Pull up today’s (May 9, 2016) “Mutts” cartoon – great message and fitting for this Den!! lol


  646. Yes… I contacted her this morning requesting she remove that part of the statement since I never said anything about it. Hopefully she will make that change.
    Band name or not 😉

  647. Oh my god:) “Leader of the greys” :):):)

    That is a band name right there :):):)

  648. I might do that. If distance were not a problem I would prefer face to face.

    Mark T

  649. Mark:

    Why not write it in a letter and snail mail it to me? If it requires a response I will reply in kind through snail mail. Much less invasive for of communication for long distance 🙂

  650. Diane:

    All tattoos imprint energy, which is why it is very important to really know what you are putting on your body, where and why… something many people today are lacking. All my tattoos were designed by me, fully understood in energy and meaning and patiently discussed with my intuition for a long while before they ever got put on my body; sometimes years of thought went into a single one. And then I only used places that worked with all vegan inks; no petroleum products, plastics, heavy metals, animal by-products, plastics or other garbage – only inks derived from plant oils.

  651. Yes it will. Just thaw it out and dry it up.

  652. Will this work with frozen mean?

    Mark T

  653. I hope your uptick in writing articles indicates an improvement in your health.

    Mark T

  654. I is hard to believe that I have the good luck to encounter someone who can share this information. I sure hope you will put these articles into an eBook some day. This article brings up some issues that I wish I could talk to you about without electronics involved.

    Mark Terpstra

  655. Hi Diane,

    Yes, I agree. I suppose it’s just a journey we all have to embark on. For years I used to go to a spiritualist church, attended medium development circles, healing circles. Back then I knew nothing about programming. I stopped going 7-8 years ago. I still have spiritual beliefs but I don’t believe in using psychic ability to influence people’s lives, giving readings etc.

    I don’t believe that anyone is better than anyone else. I encountered a lot of people with huge egos and snobbery within the church.
    I know a few psychics that would assist the police in trying to solve crimes. I think that probably a better way to use that energy.

    I used to be into a lot of New Age stuff until I realised it really wasn’t me. I spent a lot of money too but I have to take responsibility for that and don’t dwell on it.

  656. Hi Joanna,
    I was thinking about your statement of the ‘awakenings and ascensions.’ It occurs to me that given how entrained most everyone is through religion and whatever, that this awakening/ascension topic is almost like a coming of age signal. Unfortunately, it takes a while for most to even recognize that they have moved from one religion to another.

    It reminds me of harvesting a field of dandelions. Tomorrow there are more blooming than today. So, even though it is frustrating to see so many clamoring to follow the ET or ascension phenomena, they have gotten their heads above the deep trench that they have been so buried under.

    And, yes, there are those out there usurping their energies and money while the unfortunate ones continue getting caught in various dramas. Like White Wolf asks, “How are you feeling now that you are (healed) reclaimed?”

  657. Your welcome.

    on a show I just heard the phrase, “psychic tattoos” denoting the scarring from trauma. One might change this phrase to “cellular tattoos.”

    Since you altered your arm tattoo some years back, maybe this is an appropriate description of clearing away those old traumas.

  658. Thanks Diane.

    As I was laying out the three rituals in the article here, the one repost and the two shorter ones near the end, I was nervous, actually nervous posting it. It took me a bit of emotion searching but finally figured out it is because there are still parts of me locked in that time period of trauma that are afraid of the cult and the repercussions for ever bringing anything forward about them. Crazy how trauma knows no time.

  659. Diane:

    The broken or “missing” pieces and not of the soul, but of the brain. Like I have written about in my trauma articles, when the brain receives trauma that it cannot successful deal with or work through, its survival instinct is to seal it off so the conscious memory cannot freely access it. Those parts are still there within us. They have not gone anywhere. They are just sealed off through the electrical systems of the brain itself. Therefore the issues locked in the body will be unable to properly heal, if they can be fully discovered to start with, until the areas of the brain that are distorted by the old trauma have been addressed. Of course sometimes by working deeply with the body we can reverse the healing process by affecting the brain through the body rather than affecting the body through the brain.

    In extreme cases of trauma or brain damage there is controversy in the medical profession as to whether the brain can truly and fully heal or if pieces are so damaged that they cannot regenerate. In such cases those areas of personality could very well be lost forever. Just like in the article I posted on the story of Phineas Gage.

    The damage to his brain was so great that his personality completely changed permanently. He was no longer the same person. In physical consciousness we are what our brain portrays. No matter what the soul is, if the brain is damaged, we are physically changed and no soul searching will fix that. But in my opinion the soul is not damaged, only the physical, thus part of the physical lessons and experiences.

    If you are playing a game and your player gets injured or taken out, you are not damaged, only your playing piece, your game character. 🙂

  660. Usha:

    I am giving it my best… I have really only just begun to embark upon the direct physical healing from those events. Everything prior was directed towards other issues, so this is rather a new leaf turned over.

    But yes more people should be aware of this dirtiness in the world around us, because it is all around us no matter where we live. Cults are everywhere.

  661. Thank you Joanna. Yes I have been at this healing for many years and I continue to find what works and what does not. The most productive avenues I have found are the ones solidly based in body-brain dynamics. Yes of course spirituality can be greatly assisting, but the real work comes down to dealing with the imbalances of brain and body because we are in a physical world and in physical bodies. That must take priority in healing.

    I agree, forgiveness is the only way forward along paths where someone feels wrong has been done.

  662. I listened to the radio show last night. It’s good to hear that you have found some solid organisations and experienced therapists that can help you with your healing. I agree with you about the soul retreaval thing, sounds like total nonesense to me. It’s the same with ascension and spiritual awaking. There is so much silliness in the alternative media right now that it’s getting ridiculous. I think it does us all good just to step away from it and just enjoy our lives. I’m glad you found some peace with your mother and still have some kind of relationship with her, it couldn’t have been easy to do that, I guess forgiveness is the only way forward.

  663. Your welcome, Laurie

    Yes, the pressure that it must take to make hardened rocks and stones. I never got a good explanation of how the cannonballs were actually formed. They did not have a civilization of Sisyphus around to roll them up and down….!!! Of course, they rolled, but really – to have so many in a specific area. Mother Earth must have been doing some serious rock and rolling with water and wind to make these sandy gems. Then, they are polished off to sustain them.

    Rocks and general cut-off hillsides provide such history if we understand what we are seeing. One level compacted over another. All forming these layers of sediment with differing stories. Arizona is famous for its red hues, is it not?

    Yes, the floured bun. It needs a lettuce leaf or pickle garnish. It truly looks like a bun and, yes, floured buns are common in these parts.

  664. You and Christine briefly touched on the reconnecting lost parts of the soul topic. How would you better describe what has happened? Is it a lost part of the psyche?
    Is it part of your present therapy in addressing those hidden cellular memories?

    I can see how some might get swept into the reclaiming of ‘lost soul parts,’ especially those with serious trauma background. As you say, the child or baby has no ability to process things (I suspect many who are traumatized), and have lost parts of themselves.

    I do not pretend to understand what happens when one’s mind has been broken to a pulp, shattered. Where are these pieces? Are they deadened, waiting for resuscitation and/or connection?

    This sounds like an interesting article when you feel up to it… lol

  665. Wow, very interesting Diane. Mother Nature is certainly an artistic force. And patient. Imagine how long it takes for one of those large cannonballs from start to completion.
    I marvelled at the many rock formations of the Arizona desert several years ago but have never seen anything like these.
    I had a little chuckle at your floured bun description. Thank you for posting these. Love

  666. Job well done on the radio show, White Wolf. You give us much to consider and thanks for storing your valuable energy to do this show!

    May your messages reach the right ones who need your information to begin their path of healing.


  667. Right, it definitely needs more light, it concerns us all. It is so hidden, it is amazing that you have been able to survive and lead the life you do now. Kudo’s to you (kudo’s are a compliment as far as I know) and let us hope that more people get to know about this and that one day it will stop. I hope that you can heal it on a physical level, from what I know about you you will do it and are already doing it. Take care.

  668. Wonders never cease, do they?
    I am reminded that we are much like these cannonballs. We begin with a nucleus and with movement we expand. Depending upon the minerals, salts and sands, we grow into varying solidification.
    Eventually, we may solidify further with a polished sheen or varnish that encapsulates or protects us, just like the tethered egg yolk within its encased shell that breathes. The difference that I also see is this: If we become too concretized, we do not allow room for expansion and breathing… more dichotomies. Yes, each of us is a piece of art.

  669. In an arcane way it is a miracle if we get out of this world “alive”!! (My dry sense of humor rears its head.)

    Thank you again for making Element Mountain. This is a place to compare what seemingly is occurring in the rest of this world. Simply coming to the realization of what is being shown in this crazy world is a major fete. Then, we need to learn simple tools that are long forgotten. For some time I have realized that most of us step from one deception to another until we identify and rid ourselves of these deceptions.

    The Game is so rigged and at so many levels – something for everyone. These entanglements are much like the Gordian Knot, all entwined within the other until one works each strand, one by one. Occasionally, a whole chunk drops off.

    I do find that by listening to others gives me perspective on discerning and of gauging how my understanding of life has migrated. Many flow from one matrix to another and continue fostering their old beliefs while speaking about a new paradigm. This confusion of itself denotes more distraction and delusion.

    Each of us comes from a different perspective and at a different spoke on the wheel of life in our spiritual growth. How we can come together at its center is one of those special gifts of Element Mountain. It provides a focus for us as we move through our own illusions and deal with them.

  670. Interesting, I never knew these things existed. Natures art work 🙂

  671. These concretion formations come in all sizes. I have found some right here where I live. Not all of them would be called cannonballs, however.

    Would you believe that yesterday after posting this article, I went outside and on an often walked path, a small fossilized bone piece was just laying there? Too funny. It looks like part of a hip bone and has obvious bone striations along a chipped side.

    We are surrounded with ancient artifacts, rocks and boulders. The mere sense of their age often misses our understanding of their richness and potential messages.

    Yes, I slept a solid nine hours last night and am definitely on a “no time” energy today.


  672. Hi, Yes I also stopped reading stuff on the Internet from the alternative media a few years ago. I had several David Icke books but stopped buying them because he was basically re writing the same book over and over again. I sold them on EBay before I moved house along with a lot of other New Age paraphernalia I had collected over the years.

    The only thing that I can for certain verify in my world is that mind control definitely exists. I see it every single day not just through tv and news but in family, friends, people around me, it’s everywhere! What can any of us do about it really. We can only be mindful that it’s there, work on ourselves and try not to let it rule our lives.

    I will listen to your upcoming radio show, it’s been a while, the topics are always interesting listening. Thanks for answering my questions.

  673. Joanna:

    Yes I think many people miss many pivotal articles I have written. After all, there are a great many things to read on this website!

    No I do not believe I ever encountered any reptilian species in this life. I now know that all my perceived interactions with them were from either forced drug effects by my handlers or programmed suggestions while in an altered state of mind. In rituals and targets, they were just humans.

    I feel perhaps somewhere there is a reptilian alien species, why not, but I do not believe the world is over run by them nor that they are hiding underground manipulating the masses and waiting to rise up and claim dominion over the earth. I have not believed in that in many years and even during the brief time I pondered it I could never fully bring myself to invest all my belief into the concept.

    I have no idea what anyone is speaking about on the Internet anymore. Ike or anyone else for that matter. I have not read or listened to other sites in at least 3 or 4 years. I have no interest in the game. If I cannot get it from my own experiences and insights, or through my personal healing path than I do not need it. From what I saw for years is that there is little more out there beyond drama and craziness and I have no use for it. Personally I would not even be talking here on this website or on the upcoming radio show if people were not continually asking me to. I do it only because other people ask me, not because I in anyway need to for myself. I used to do it as a part of my own healing, but I have moved past that need a good while back.

  674. Diane:

    What we might plan on a soul level as you say does not mean it will hold up once we enter this physical perspective. The sheer intensity of interference today in such an electrically polluted world makes a mess of just about everything. A child today I feel has a much more difficult time connecting and aligning with any soul layout than perhaps 200 years ago.

    I bet there will be quite a few listeners on the show tomorrow and for those who cannot make it I am sure there will be a recorded show link in a few days I will post.

  675. Laurie:


    Nice to hear from you 🙂 It has been quite some time.

  676. Usha:

    Yes, anytime you speak out about anything today you become a target form someone’s unresolved personal issues. It just happens to be part of the journey…

  677. Hi Whitewolf, I,m glad you posted this article because I hadn’t read the “Memory of Glass ” series. It’s interesting how perspectives change over time when we have a chance to reflect. Everything always in a state of flux. I wanted to ask you about the reptilian stuff if I can Do you now believe that all of your encounters that you had with them in rituals and the two others you were programmed to kill were human? Do you still think that there is a reptilian species that exist underground? Why do they use that form to mask there human identity in rituals? Is this the demons form that possess them? There is so much conflicting imformation in the alternative media now. Even Ickes is starting to change his views on them, he said in a video cast the other day they are just a computer virus in what we perceive as reality.

  678. Interesting, these balls, beautiful things can evolve from dust and friction.

    In India there are the shiva lingam, those eggshape stones, I am sure that you know them, they are stones from the Himalaya carried by the Ganges, one of the greatest rivers of India. They are not that old as the cannonballs, and far smaller. There is a spiritual meaning attached to them, people rever these stones.

    Hopefully you are well soon.

  679. On your Lifeline explanation: Yes, that is the only thing that really makes sense, especially when thinking about our distinct uniqueness within a grander consciousness or Complete Self.

    One thing that I am confused about concerning “Children” planning or designing their future: Would not the planning be before birth at the soul level? Yes, I can easily see that a child/youth has little say or decision making abilities, or can do much about life situations.

    Oh, White Wolf, I caught your notice on your interview at Revolution Radio. For anyone not familiar here is the site:
    and is on Studio A, I believe. Have a great time. I look forward to hearing this show and might even go into the chat room!

    Thanks, Laurie; I actually felt like I was in the midst of an elixir today; very strange but most welcomed and feel much better tonight.


  680. Personal evolution is important to our progress in this life. Without change in our thoughts, ideas, physical well being or what have you, we begin to stagnate. Stagnation creates illness and hampers our ability to move and dream and create and be. People that refuse to change anything are doomed to live out their lives in a self created rut that just endlessly loops back upon itself.
    Thank you for the update on your thoughts White Wolf and I hope your healing journey is going well.

    Get better Diane. Gardens and sunshine are definitely good medicine. Love

  681. Thanks, White Wolf.
    I feel like an infusion, today, of sunshiney energy; spending time in my newly planted garden and waiting for things to pop.

  682. Good one, and it is only naural to have changing views, life is changeing all the time. I think that it is a quality of water, to keep changing the course, to let it flow.

    I guess your speaking out about some fundamental things make you a subject for projection, both positive and negative. You explain yourself but if some people do not understand you correctly then so be it.

  683. Diane:

    Sorry you are not feeling well. Rest up and feel better soon 🙂

  684. I like that bear looking out over the valley. Thanks for writing up this article. Good discussion points in it.

    Interesting that so many of your listed topics are coming up in other conversations; a progression of clarity. It seems that mass consciousness is riding the same wave and some get it.

    These items that you have listed all are one’s of losing sense of self-empowerment.

    I have not been feeling great with a bit of a flu and will write more when I feel better.

  685. Currently we have 35 Den Members out of almost 50 from the start of last winter.

  686. Thank you Karl.

  687. Nice!

  688. Hello Laurie it is nice to read your comments again, you are back in the civilised world then, welcome back.

  689. I have never doubted White Wolf’s integrity or the story of his life. After all, I came here to learn about him, he did not recruit me.
    As for the short time we were allowed to share in Kira’s life, that too felt very real.
    Maybe I am a little naive but it never occurred to me that anyone here was not real. I have never met any of the people here in person yet never questioned that you were a part of my reality when in the Den.

    And if we are considered crazy for questioning the layers of our reality and seeing through some of the programming then as Usha says “I am glad that in the Den there are more people like me….” Love

  690. electro magnetic pulse

  691. What is Emp?

  692. oops, did I mean EMP rather than ELF? lol

    yep, time to raise our shields…

  693. Right, I am not sure about psychic readings either, I used to give them too but have doubts about it. How can I know that what I am saying is pure and how can I know what to say about someone else, it is a great responsibility and one that people should perhaps take on themselves. It is tricky and a lot of people believe anything that is being said to them.

    I don’t know about what goes on in prisons, depends also on the kind of prison and place, your friend must have suffered terribly. I have read about experiments in prisons, the whole concept of prison is an expression of the control we let others have over us.

    Well said, about being aware of being programmed. Most people aren’t and that is why they think that we are crazy. The few people I know that are aware of such things are into new age things, and other things that do not feel right to me. I am glad that in the Den there are more people like me who I can communicate with freely about such topics, without being branded paranoid or crazy.

    I was also curious about how many members there are in the Den, I have no idea.

  694. Joanna, there are some articles that I go back and read every several months (including mine). And, they always feel like new information for me. So, yes, many layers and messages for the particular place that we occupy for that day.

    As to the number of members, someone else would have to answer. I think that some of the contributors are busy in their personal lives and will write as they get time or are able to do so.

    Yes this discussion about mind control is never ending with revealing of the latest techniques, etc. In fact, several days ago I heard some questioning if this latest full moon cycle was used as a ‘carrier’ for additional ELF because so many are commenting elsewhere on how out-of-sorts they have been during this past week.

    Glad that you are participating, Joanna!

  695. Hi Usha,
    Yes, some prefer to stay in the background for various reasons and one of them might simply be tight schedule and being busy, for example. There are many topics provided that do not speak to emotions, or of revealing personal opinions. I guess that I am wondering why some prefer never to say ‘hello’ or leave a smiley face… some acknowledgment.

    This challenge of getting to know ourselves is quite a task, is it not? We have come to fear so many things and taking this false matrix apart, piece by piece is the only way to accomplish it. Much like taking apart a flimsy house and disposing of the unusable parts, back to Nature.

  696. Usha, I definitely agree with you that psychics are used as a way of mind control and prisoners that are experimented on because I have experienced both. I used to give psychic readings and have had psychic reading done for me. It definitely influences people to do things are not positive at all. I also I had a very good friend who was in prison so I know a lot about what goes on in prisons. It’s a vast topic. There are so many ways they can control people it’s mind blowing. Until you become aware that you are programmed there is not a chance that you can ever be free from being a slave.

  697. Diane, I do have to admit that I don’t always understand every article posted in here. Sometimes, I have to do several read throughs before I get the gist of what it’s about. I don’t why that is. I do feel a bit of a dumb ass if I can’t understand it lol To be truthful I’m much more of a reader than a writer? I have always been a book worm and not much of a talker. I think maybe others are the same. Writing really isn’t my thing but yes a bit of participation is required just to keep things moving in here. Out of curiosity, how many members we have in here? I noticed that some of the article writers have gone as well.

  698. Hey Diane, I think some people simply do not feel the need to ventilate their thoughts and feelings here in the Den, it does not necessarily have to do with people not being ready, in my view. Some people like to observe and reflect or simply acquire knowledge and have other interactions in life.

    The Den, who knows how things will proceed. It is really nice to read White Wolfs articles but if he is not up to it it is fine with me. That is life, things change all the time.

    As for the whole perceptions of people of Kira, it just shows that we are not as mmuch in control of our thoughts and beliefs as we think we are. High time to balance that pineal gland and drink less coffee! 🙂

  699. Joanna and Usha,
    I suspect that the major reason why this Den would ever be closed is from nonparticipation. As long as we continue to contribute and to learn, we add growth to this ‘basket.’ Others who choose not to participate have their reasons. If fear is an element of these reasons, then that has to be dealt with on a personal level.

    There is another aspect of some vicariously watching without participating. Unfortunately, that is becoming all too common with techno/internet users. Others do not want exposure or are not ready to participate for many reasons.

    As with everything, we choose our attentions and intentions. So, with that said, I choose to participate in this Den and Element Mountain and encourage everyone else to do so in their personal ways.

  700. That is certainly plausible I think. Or the use of psychics to infuence people, but I guess they don’t need them all the time anymore because they have the technology to influence people’s minds directly. Soldiers have been experimented on a lot, just like prisoners…

    Maybe this is a whole other topic, but during full moon, when there is a lot of ELF-activity, I notice that my thoughts are different than on other days. It takes awareness to not let those thoughts take over, so to speak.

    ”They”, whoever whatever they are, can really make us believe the most incredible things, in so many ways. If you just look at the stuff that we are made to believe, it is laughable. I am thinking of subliminal messages for example.

  701. Sami, it has been too long in hearing from you.

    Not that Kira needs verifying, your words might assist those who have doubted her veracity or of being a person.

    Yes, having met White Wolf and spending several days around him, I concur that meeting someone and “looking him in the eye” solidifies an assessment of someone. Without doubt I felt his modesty, sincerity and integrity that is aligned with deep presence and power stripped of ego. There are no pretenses, nor should there be.

    This drama thing… I suspect that until each of us disentangles from our unexamined issues, drama will continue in one fashion or another. It is a shame that these distractions are part of this factor. What would drama – triggering – be without distractions? (Nothing)

    As painful as triggering can be, there is a bright spot to it here in this Den: Now, one can identify what is happening and evaluate why it happens to them. This brings one closer to self-examination in areas that beforehand were unreachable and to the topics or source that causes individual triggering.

    Again, good to hear from you, Sami!

  702. I read something about similar mind control techniques being used in the Iraq War. Enemy soldiers just laying there weapons down and surrendering without firing a shot. They have obviously been testing this stuff out for a long time.

  703. I was watching a part of Eagle Mind DVD today and it is explained how the pineal gland dictates the way one experiences reality, and how when it is balanced one can discern what is real and what is not. So that Voice of God technology is probably aimed at the pineal gland.
    Joanna I hope so too that the Den will stay open.

  704. It’s good that everyone feels ok about giving you there thoughts and opinions about Kira. I read the articles written but nothing about her presence ever really led me to believe that it was her from your past. I do believe she existed though as stated in my email. It is all very strange though because I have never met you either in person but have no doubts you are telling the truth. Inner knowing is a strange thing. I guess everyone’s is different. Who is right and who wrong. I hope this episode doesn’t put your school in jeopardy and the Den stays open. It would be a shame for it to close. Your articles are always make very interesting reading.

  705. Hello Sami, this is very well said, thanks.

    I agree with what you write about knowing, although I have found in my life that sometimes I thought I knew, and then later on I found out that I didn’t. Circumstances can shake knowing. My stance in life at the moment is, I feel and know certain things, but life can shake it all up and change my perspective. I try to be like the eagly, to stay in the middle, but ofcourse I am nowhere hear that.

    Kira seemed indeed to be a very honest person, someone who could see things the way they were, like you write. A very kind person, and very intelligent as well. It says a lot about the condition of our world that someone like that was not permitted to live in peace.

    Trust in White Wolf; I did not doubt him, but maybe I was not targeted; I can imagine that my thoughts could have been influenced. I am glad that they weren’t. It must be very difficult for White Wolf to repair damage done by others all the time, by people trying to undermine him, it takes energy that otherwise could be spent in other more constructive ways. The ony thing to do is to minimalize the impact I guess, to accept it, the energy spent on it, let it go, and move on.