A Den Code of Conduct

Wolf’s Den Code of Conduct

Greetings Wolf’s Den members. This is a short and to the point section to layout some basic ground rules for Den participation. Please read it through and visit from time to time if you feel the necessity.

The Wolf’s Den was originally created to allow for a space in which people could openly communicate on articles and topics that contributors write about. We believe in open communication, however, we also believe in:

• Mutual respect • Compassion • Honesty • Temperament • Integrity • Politeness

We certainly understand that people all come from different paths and conditioning. Thus we understand that everyone has their own opinions. That being said, it becomes an even greater point of focus to pay careful attention to the above list of six powerful words and their meanings. Minor disagreements occur and add to strengthening dynamics to the growth of all of us. But there is a limit.

Under no circumstances will personal attacks, bullying, offensive language, stalking or any other juvenile, severely imbalanced energy/actions against members or contributors be accepted. It is also against Den Code to allow non-members to access the Wolf's Den through your account. There are a few moderators in the Wolf’s Den. If any of these moderators see any actions such as previously mentioned occurring, the following actions will take place:

1.The member accountable for the offense will be contacted through email with a reminder.

2. If that member acts out again, they will be contacted through email an issued a warning

3. If that member must be contacted with a second warning they will be placed on temporary suspension of a week

4. The third warning issued will result in closure of their account

If you are contacted by a Moderator about your conduct in the Den it is non-disputable. This means your comment(s) have been reviewed by more than one person and have been deemed unacceptable through the Den Code of Conduct. Email arguments towards the Moderators will result in automatic suspension of one week.


This is not something we want to have to post, but we also want to be very clear about our policies on Trolling. We do not suffer Trolling of any kind on the Element Mountain website.

Definition of Internet Troll- An internet 'troll' is an abusive or obnoxious user who uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities.

If a Wolf’s den member is caught executing Trolling Activities (harassing other members, verbally attacking members, inducing arguments beyond simple and polite opinion exchanges, posting any material deemed “unfit” by the Den Code of Conduct, etc) they will not be given a simple reminder email from Den Moderators. Instead they will get 1 warning email addressing the unacceptable activity. If the activity of Trolling should executed again by that same individual their account will be deleted permanently. All comments and unacceptable submissions will be saved and archived along with the users email (s), and IP address(es) in the backend of the website. This information will be retained for the purpose of legal needs should such a situation rise.

We do not take Trolling lightly and will take any legal means necessary to assure it does not happen here at Element Mountain.

We wish the Wolf’s Den to remain a “safe haven” within the complex world of the Internet for the purpose of individual growth. “Trolling” will not be tolerated and we will be strict about this policy. If someone is not mature enough to be civil then they have no place in the Den. The Wolf’s Den was created for people to come and feel safe about openly communicating in beneficial adult manner and we will work to keep this integrity in place.

Thank you for your support and understanding. If at any time you feel you are being personally attacked in any way within the Den, feel free to email us at info@elementmountain.com with the subject line written as: Den Issue

Element Mountain’s website and contents are fully copyrighted and protected by law. All rights reserved. We encourage you to post links to the Element Mountain website and articles in other locations on the Internet, but please do not copy and paste full articles elsewhere as this is a violation of the copyright laws.

If you should find full articles of ours posted in other locations please contact us at info@elementmountain.com so we may take the proper action.

This is a privately owned website and therefore by law any article or comment submitted is the property of the owners of Element Mountain. Legally comments submitted on the Internet cannot be claimed as “intellectual property”. What is published or not published here at elementmountain.com is at the discretion of the website owners and operators.

All images found on our website are either our own or public domain images or images that we paid for from outside companies. Please be aware of Internet copyright laws in reference to copying and posting images not of your own in other locations.

We do not necessarily agree with information posted by other contributors in the Wolf’s Den and so all details and opinions expressed within contributor articles are their own insights and opinions.

Best Regards, Wolf’s Den Staff

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