This contributor, Kira, passed away in the winter of 2016, but her articles remain with us. I was a nurse of White Wolf's when he was in the government training compound, but that's not who I am. It's simply one of the many things I've experienced in life. I'm a graduate of MIT and have been in the medical and medical science field ever since; facilities such as trauma centers, adolescent and childcare and behavioral research. I've also worked in BSL-3. My credentials are MBiotech, PMHCNS-BC, TNS. I'm not really a writer, but members seem to want to hear more of my own life's story. I'll give it my best and see where it all leads. I've partaken in a lengthy interview in spring of 2015 that can be found and read in the Wolf's Den, as well as written and posted numerous articles dealing with my past and experiences for those who are interested.

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