Diane grew up on the Dakota prairie as a farm girl. She studied dietetics and interned at Walter Reed General Hospital in the US Army, later assigned to a general hospital in Tokyo, Japan during the Vietnam War. Diane later moved to Southern California, working as Director of Food Service in various types of healthcare centers. After 40 years of enjoying the oceanside and the desert, Diane has moved back to the prairies of her home state, North Dakota. With much coaxing by others, Diane began her Eagle Flower show on Wolf Spirit Radio in June 2013. Eagle Flower takes her around the world, visiting with those guests who have a message that is important for others to hear. Throughout her life Diane searched for answers about the meaning of this life, this world. This past year Diane again began writing while progressing in this learning process. Most of these writings are inspired with layered messages for any who read them. Some writings are humorous, others are poems. All are thought provoking.

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