Julia Semple

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Julia graduated from The Academy of Massage and Bodywork in 2007, is certified in traditional Thai massage and Thai for the table, and holds advanced certification in Lomi Lomi and Chair massage. She has 6 years experience working in some of the top spas in the greater Delaware area and provides massage sessions for sports, social and corporate events. She not only attends numerous workshops and seminars continually learning and keeping current on the latest massage techniques, but also travels frequently to massage conventions in the U.S. and Canada as an assistant with the Nayada Institute.

Her talents as an energy worker emerged after 3 years of suffering from daily seizures. She calls it her Remembering. Many Alternate lives began bleeding through her body at once, turning the jerky spasmodic seizures into very specific rhythmic movements, mudras, and tones for the purpose of helping others.

Julia also loves to travel in her spare time, enjoys cooking organically and admiring the beauty in nature.

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