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When: September 10-11 including the night of the 9th Where: Breadloaf Wilderness Vermont Cost: $320.00 USD *** Breadloaf Wilderness is the largest in the state containing around 25,000 acres and numerous mountains in the Presidential Range over 3,500 feet (@ 915 meters) and was established in 1984. Deep in the Vermont wilderness of the Breadloaf […]

Scheduled – June 11, 2016 Cost – $180.00 Preregistration required – please email to inquire   Within this event we will be taking a short hike in the high country of the Green Mountains, to immerse ourselves in the wilderness and connect with the land. We will be upon one of the oldest mountain ranges in the […]

Do you enjoy hiking through the wilderness with everything you need right on your back? How about spending night after night deep in the mountains after a long days hike? The sounds of the forest and mountain life surround you and every breath sucks in the freshness of the wild smells. Perhaps a glimpse of […]

Scheduled: April 9-10, 2016 In our Plant Medicine Essence, stage 1 philosophy class we embark upon a sacred understanding to our most intimate connections to the plant world around us. Since ancient times around the globe people have been utilizing plants for food and medicines and through this evolutionary process, deep and profound understandings grew […]

Medicine Wheel- Inner pathways Prerequisite: Rite of the Medicine Wheel If you have walked the Rite of the Medicine Wheel and learned the structure, layout, history, overall meaning and purpose of the Wheel, then perhaps it is time to go deeper. The Medicine Wheel is truly a lifelong journey of self discovery and the wide […]