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Breadloaf Wilderness Loop Hike: Breadloaf Wilderness is the largest in the state containing around 25,000 acres and numerous mountains in the Presidential Range over 3,500 feet. Deep in the Vermont wilderness of the Breadloaf lays a trail that wanders through an ancient boulder strewn canyon left from the days of the glaciers. Rushing river, ancient […]

South Mountain Cross-country Hike Nestled in the heart of Vermont exists a little visited and known wilderness area. Wandering, breathing and expanding into the wilderness and over steps of deer, moose, bear, fox and turkey; passed swift babbling mountain streams and under thick green canopies of ancient trees… this is Bristol Cliffs Wilderness established in 1975. Set back […]

Scheduled: April 9, 2017 Cost – $75.00 Preregistration required – please email to inquire Length – all day Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine Winter closing and early spring rising like the heady smell of rich loam from the moist earth; April in the Vermont Green Mountains. The leaves not yet out and snow patches […]

Wilderness, River and Mountain! Spring in Vermont is a time of gratitude after a long hard winter. It is also a time of excitement and newfound vitality after months and months of subzero temps, deep white snows and many days of gray skies. The earth begins to warm and wildflowers, almost forgotten from the prior […]

Many people wander their world and daily life during the daylight hours. When the sun is high people take full advantage to explore. New places and faces; different terrain passes by wandering feet. The outdoors become a welcome and familiar place to the wanders of day. The gentle flowers and swaying grasses, trickling streams and […]