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Scheduled: April 9-10, 2016 In our Plant Medicine Essence, stage 1 philosophy class we embark upon a sacred understanding to our most intimate connections to the plant world around us. Since ancient times around the globe people have been utilizing plants for food and medicines and through this evolutionary process, deep and profound understandings grew […]

Medicine Wheel- Inner pathways Prerequisite: Rite of the Medicine Wheel If you have walked the Rite of the Medicine Wheel and learned the structure, layout, history, overall meaning and purpose of the Wheel, then perhaps it is time to go deeper. The Medicine Wheel is truly a lifelong journey of self discovery and the wide […]

Many people wander their world and daily life during the daylight hours. When the sun is high people take full advantage to explore. New places and faces; different terrain passes by wandering feet. The outdoors become a welcome and familiar place to the wanders of day. The gentle flowers and swaying grasses, trickling streams and […]

Scheduled – August 6, 2016 Cost – $65.00 Length – 6 hours Preregistration required – email to inquire Do you remember times of past when you were a child? Did you ever play games where you were blindfolded and had to rely upon your other sense to figure things out? As people get older […]

On Element Mountain we have what is called the Truth Forest. This is an area that contains the energy of personal challenges laid out in a wilderness setting. In life we are often presented with challenging times and within those times we discover more about ourselves than almost any other time. The reason is simple; […]