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Earth Medicine: The Earth element has different states of being. Each state contains its own unique energy within the Earth Medicine: Clay Silt Loam Sand Crystalline Each of the above types of earth contains a unique Medicine quality of the total Earth element. When we break them down to specifically focus on each individually we […]

The Roots of the Warrior, like an ancient bristlecone pine that has stood for almost 5,000 years enduring and surpassing all that life has brought to its rocky slope. The Roots of the Warrior; as the foundations of a mountain that has towered above valleys for millions of years being assaulted by the elements and […]

Winter Wilderness Walk of the Spirit With snow billowed upon the land like clouds covering the earth and sleeping trees jutting to the sky like long stands of kelp under the vast sea we will wander. The distant and ancient calls of the raven flying somewhere over the forever rolling mountains and deep tracks of […]

The mind of self control and total self awareness is the Eagle Mind. During such modern times of stress and turmoil, the human mind can become scattered and confused. Difficulty focusing and knowing what we want becomes a serious issue in daily life. Modern society is created to induce confusion by way of keeping everything […]