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Many people wander their world and daily life during the daylight hours. When the sun is high people take full advantage to explore. New places and faces; different terrain passes by wandering feet. The outdoors become a welcome and familiar place to the wanders of day. The gentle flowers and swaying grasses, trickling streams and […]

Scheduled – August 6, 2016 Cost – $65.00 Length – 6 hours Preregistration required – email to inquire Do you remember times of past when you were a child? Did you ever play games where you were blindfolded and had to rely upon your other sense to figure things out? As people get older […]

This page is dedicated to the Wilderness Survival level courses offered here at Element Mountain. There are a number of levels to the courses that are laid out in successive order from beginner to expert below. Each class title is a link that will bring you to the appropriate course page that contains the full […]

Have you ever wanted to enter into the landscape unnoticed and disappear without a trace? Ever toy with the idea of blending into the surroundings so well that you could literally sit for hours without human or animal detecting you? Perhaps you have wondered how you would successfully move through, camp and move on through […]

Scheduled – August 7, 2016 Cost – $60.00 Length – 5 hours Preregistration required – email to inquire Have you ever wanted to be able to see the natural world through the lens of a camera in a way that captures so perfectly the true dynamics of life around you? The natural world is […]