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The ancient art of Tracking is well observed still today on every continent by all forms of life. It is truly alive and well in the world we know and exists from the highest reaches of our atmosphere to the deep levels of soil beneath our feet. From ocean depth to desert floor, rock and […]

On Element Mountain we have what is called the Truth Forest. This is an area that contains the energy of personal challenges laid out in a wilderness setting. In life we are often presented with challenging times and within those times we discover more about ourselves than almost any other time. The reason is simple; […]

The Wolf level events are given the category of Wolf because their energy is much like that of a Wolf. The wolf, like the bobcat is a traveler and explorer, but with much more territory. The wolf is the master traveler and explorer, pathfinder and seeker. Following the energy of the wolf into the wilds […]

The Mink level events are given the category of Mink because their energy is much like that of a Mink. The mink is a curious creature that loves to explore the waterways and nearby forests in search of food, dens and occasional company. Differing from the porcupine, the mink travels a bit further and of […]

  This is the Element Mountain1 week Intensive Deer Tracks Program for eligible applicants. The Deer Tracks Program is set up to allow the student the opportunity to spend one full week of high quality time in the wilderness of the Vermont Mountains. The student will be living in the wilderness 24 hours a day […]