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Scheduled: April 9-10, 2016 In our Plant Medicine Essence, stage 1 philosophy class we embark upon a sacred understanding to our most intimate connections to the plant world around us. Since ancient times around the globe people have been utilizing plants for food and medicines and through this evolutionary process, deep and profound understandings grew […]

Medicine Wheel- Inner pathways Prerequisite: Rite of the Medicine Wheel If you have walked the Rite of the Medicine Wheel and learned the structure, layout, history, overall meaning and purpose of the Wheel, then perhaps it is time to go deeper. The Medicine Wheel is truly a lifelong journey of self discovery and the wide […]

In certain Native American and other Aboriginal cultures around the world it was and in some areas still is part of the belief system that there are “spirits that exist in all things”. But what does that mean? What does it mean to have “spirits” existing in “all things”? Where do these spirits come from? […]

It is well known through the deeper and more traditional shaman practices of the 4 worlds, or levels of reality that connect to us all. Within this concept are drawn dynamic paths of understanding and journeys to attain wisdom. Unlike many spiritual practices that are around today, the way the 4 inner world are taught […]

The Porcupine level events are given the category of Porcupine because their energy is much like that of a Porcupine. The spiny porcupine does not travel far and spends most of its time high in treetops eating, sleeping and observing. When it does decided to move it simply goes from one tree to the next […]