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Rite of the Medicine Wheel  The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and sacred structure that has been created and utilized by pre-technological peoples for thousands of years. Many natural materials have been used in the construction of Medicine Wheels depending not only upon where they are located, but also upon the type of energy their […]

  My first traditional Vision Quest came when I was quite young in the Appalachian Mountains. The Quest is an ancient traditional practice of self spirituality and deeper connection to life, physical and non-physical. It is a highly personal time in which the individual delves into themselves, in such a way as to surrender all they are conditioned to […]

Scheduled: June 5, 2017 – June 10, 2017 – August (date to be announced) Cost – $50.00 Preregistration required – please email to inquire Length – 1 full night, the prior afternoon and the next morning Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine Meals – Included/Supplied My Teacher always spoke of the great importance of solitude for […]

The Totem is a very misunderstood energy today in the modern world.  So much disinformation is around today concerning the Totem that I find many of my new students to be very confused and severely limited in their abilities with Totems. In my training years ago under my Native Teacher, the Totem was a huge […]