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This past Memorial Day weekend I went out to a primitive island on Lake Champlain to camp for a few days. This is the same island were the Element Mountain Lake Champlain Island Camping Event takes place. I do not want to get into much written detail here because I made you a video instead […]

Greetings from Element Mountain Vermont! Below you will find a few photos from our last set of events that took place a couple weekends ago. We hiked up Mt Abe in the Green Mountains, toured the Ausable Chasm in the Adirondacks, wandered back into the Green Mountain National Forest to a remote natural pond, went […]

Here is part 1 of Northeast Woodland Plant Id. Enjoy!

Spring May Wander… This is a small video for you all on some northeast plant identification and other features in early May. This, as the title states is part 1. Enjoy~

Watch the new Element Mountain welcome video made just for you.