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Here are some of the many photos I took while in the Franconian Range of the White Mountains New Hampshire. Enjoy 🙂 (Please remember all images are copyrighted)

Now that you have hopefully viewed the previous video on the robin family, you can follow up with this second video. This video is short and contains both tragedy and hope, ending of course with hope 🙂

Greetings from the Green Mountains! Here is a small video of an American Robin family nest life. Close-up shots combined with text dialog descriptions and the sounds of the natural forest ecosystem make up the video for your enjoyment.

This past Memorial Day weekend I went out to a primitive island on Lake Champlain to camp for a few days. This is the same island were the Element Mountain Lake Champlain Island Camping Event takes place. I do not want to get into much written detail here because I made you a video instead […]

Greetings from Element Mountain Vermont! Below you will find a few photos from our last set of events that took place a couple weekends ago. We hiked up Mt Abe in the Green Mountains, toured the Ausable Chasm in the Adirondacks, wandered back into the Green Mountain National Forest to a remote natural pond, went […]