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This very short video shows some nice insect activity on a young white pine here in the Vermont Mountains. Bald faced hornets, yellow jackets, ladybugs, ants and others congregate on this one tree for a very special reason. Take a look and find out why.

Here is a short little video of a wild honey bee hive I found here near Element Mountain in the Vermont Wilderness. If you are interested in reading the full article on the Wild Honey Bee, please track on over to The Wild Honey Bee in the Wolf’s Den.

Greetings from Element Mountain here as the autumnal energy grows with each cooling day. For those of you who have visited our Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu website in the past, you might be pleased to hear we have added a couple new pages as the website continues to grow. You can find them […]

If you kayak as much as I do you probably go with folks from time to time, which means transporting more than one kayak. For the average sized car this can pose difficulties. With standard roof racks it is fairly easy to fasten down a single kayak, but trying to cram two up there, well […]

Now that you have hopefully viewed the previous video on the robin family, you can follow up with this second video. This video is short and contains both tragedy and hope, ending of course with hope 🙂