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Greetings from the Green Mountains! Here is a small video of an American Robin family nest life. Close-up shots combined with text dialog descriptions and the sounds of the natural forest ecosystem make up the video for your enjoyment.

This past Memorial Day weekend I went out to a primitive island on Lake Champlain to camp for a few days. This is the same island were the Element Mountain Lake Champlain Island Camping Event takes place. I do not want to get into much written detail here because I made you a video instead […]

This video shows a traditional way of harvesting chaga. It was pulled from my detailed article on chaga and its many uses. I thought I should also place the video here in the video section of Element Mountain. Too many people just go out today and basically rape the wilderness of its medicines without respect, […]

OK, here is part two. This one has some nice footage of some real Green Mountain caves and deep woods ledges 🙂

Hey Everyone, This is a video I made the other day in the mountains while seeking bear tracks. I think there is some real nice footage that you will enjoy 🙂