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Hi Everyone, This is the latest Element Mountain video. I started it thinking it was going to be short and sweet, however t turned out to be a half hour in length. There was just too much to film and take the time necessary to get good footage of 😉 Anyway, there is some great […]

Hello Folks, Here is the latest Element Mountain video for you to enjoy on another pond/wetland water plant. Filmed from inside a kayak the Arrow Arum is explored up close along with the beautiful scenery surrounding! Come along and take a good look at a plant you won’t see much of unless you are in […]

Hi Everyone! Hoping you are all well. Here is a nice video for you on how to easily fix a wet trail while thinking conservation as well as some nice footage and identification of some pond critters. Enjoy!  

OK everyone, here is part two of the previous Northeast Woodland Plant ID video. Hope you enjoy and perhaps learn a few things 🙂  

Here is part 1 of Northeast Woodland Plant Id. Enjoy!