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Greetings from Vermont! Hopefully you had a chance to view the May Spring Wander- part 1.  So you should be all set to continue wandering along with me to explore yet more wonders in this next presentation, May Spring Wander- part 2 🙂

Spring May Wander… This is a small video for you all on some northeast plant identification and other features in early May. This, as the title states is part 1. Enjoy~

Tree Perspective This is a small video on simplicity through the perspective of a tree.

Extreme Outdoor Sleep System for Winter A great little video showing and explaining a hardcore winter sleep system for extreme conditions that can be camouflaged for winter! A simple little teaser for the Scout Stealth course.

A Red Fox Den with Kits This is live footage of some close-up Fox Den action clearly showing the kit’s activities!