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This is the third and fourth interviews White Wolf agreed to take part in concerning various aspects of training in martial arts, combat, general life activities and the importance of genetics. To access the interviews head on over to the Interview Page. The fourth is listed on top of that linked page. For the third […]

It was asked of me over the summer to perhaps host a class on how to properly dress for winter weather. Well maybe one of these days I will try to get such a target class together, but in reality it would need to be an indoor class since people coming to such a class […]

October 22, 2016, north-central Vermont Mountains, elevation of 1500 feet. All day on the 22nd it rained like it rains in Washington State, one of those heavy constant light rains, almost mist in quality. Temperatures hovered around 40 degrees all day and the air was dark. The remaining colored leaves hanging onto sugar maples, white […]

When: Not Currently Scheduled  Where: Pinkham Notch Visitor Center, Mount Washington New Hampshire Who: A guided excursion led by White Wolf of Element Mountain Cost: $120.00 (this includes your personal shelter fee for one night) ~ For a two night stay the total cost is $135.00. You may choose 1 night or 2 nights (White Wolf […]

In May of this year White Wolf was interviewed on the topic of his martial art, Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu and his extensive martial arts experience. Recently he agreed to partake in another interview dealing with the system of Survival Combat he teaches in Vermont. In this second interview White Wolf offers up […]