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Greetings to the World, This is a short information article on the Element Mountain website. Many of you may have noticed, especially from the Wolf’s Den side, that there are certain areas of the site not working properly over the last few weeks. Some of our side bars are down, the videos and photo page […]

I have been asked what it takes to be a wilderness guide a few times over the last couple years. People are interested and exploring the possibility of trying to become a guide. Naturally part of this exploration brings up the curiosity questions of just exactly what it takes to pull off being a wilderness […]

Greetings to all on the last day of April. I just wanted to bring a few items of interest to your attention. First I would like to remind anyone wishing to participate in the 3 Day May Adventure to email me ASAP to confirm your participation and reserve your space. If you have questions feel […]

Element Mountain Wolf’s Den Update This is for anyone who wishes to join the Wolf’s Den membership section of Element Mountain. At the start of last winter the Wolf’s Den was closed to new sign-ups because quite simply, I needed a rest. As spring came closer it was decided that the sign-up process needed to […]

This is simply to let you all know that I have a new blog starting up directed towards chaga. I hunt chaga here in north Vermont and the wonderful tea artisans company called Wild Tea Qi sells it. It is on the Wild Tea Qi website that the new blog has launched as of today. […]