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Greetings on this soggy Vermont day! Some folks have wondered what kinds of food are served at the Element Mountain outdoor courses, such as the upcoming Greenfoot Wilderness Survival. I understand that this is an important question for many that are health conscious. I too am very aware of what I eat. Here at Element […]

Hello Element Mountain Friends! I hope that you have had a chance to at least start tracking through our new website and enjoy what you see. For those of you who are Wolf’s Den Members I trust that you are getting yourself familiarized with the new layout. It is quite the wonderful day here in […]

Greetings Everyone! This is a reminder of the upcoming Greenfoot Wilderness Survival course taking place over June 27, 28, 29 and 30th of this month! The class will take place here in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont over the four day and three night period. This is Greenfoot, which means the class will take […]

Welcome to the new Element Mountain website! It was a longtime in the making, but it has finally been completed enough to launch. We are returning like Canadian Geese return in spring. Since it is brand new and wanted to launch as soon as possible, there will be small items that we will continue to […]