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Word has it that the Dream Catcher came originally from the Ojibwe Native Americans around the Great Lakes region. The oldest legend surrounding the Dream Catcher can be found from that tribal people. However, like all good things, the Dream Catcher spread far and wide as time flowed across the land. If we leave the […]

Greetings! Last week White Wolf accepted an interview dealing with the topics of martial arts and his art called Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu. We might do some further interviews on this topic, but for now it felt like a really good starter and since, to my surprise, nobody has ever really done any […]

Hello from Vermont and London! Below you will find a link to the Christine Joanna Hart London radio show that took place on May 5, 2016 where she interviewed White Wolf for two hours. Please be advised, White Wolf stated on his article that’s associated with this interview: “*** Please remember that what follows are […]

This year we are stepping back from teaching and guiding and focusing primarily on the Vision Quest. The Quest is an ancient traditional practice of self spirituality and deeper connection to life, physical and non-physical. It is a highly personal time in which the individual delves into themselves, in such a way as to surrender all they […]

The Wolf has been revered for as long as humans have been in contact and sharing the land with them. People observed the many similarities between the Wolf, wolf pack and human, human families throughout the ages. The Wolf has been a grand teacher to human beings by-way of their traits and interactions with the […]