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This is the third and fourth interviews White Wolf agreed to take part in concerning various aspects of training in martial arts, combat, general life activities and the importance of genetics. To access the interviews head on over to the Interview Page. The fourth is listed on top of that linked page. For the third […]

It was asked of me over the summer to perhaps host a class on how to properly dress for winter weather. Well maybe one of these days I will try to get such a target class together, but in reality it would need to be an indoor class since people coming to such a class […]

Word has it that the Dream Catcher came originally from the Ojibwe Native Americans around the Great Lakes region. The oldest legend surrounding the Dream Catcher can be found from that tribal people. However, like all good things, the Dream Catcher spread far and wide as time flowed across the land. If we leave the […]

Greetings! Last week White Wolf accepted an interview dealing with the topics of martial arts and his art called Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu. We might do some further interviews on this topic, but for now it felt like a really good starter and since, to my surprise, nobody has ever really done any […]

Greetings to the World, This is a short information article on the Element Mountain website. Many of you may have noticed, especially from the Wolf’s Den side, that there are certain areas of the site not working properly over the last few weeks. Some of our side bars are down, the videos and photo page […]