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I realize that not many people in today’s society are so open about their health, but since I own Element Mountain and have many dedicated and caring students and friends around the world, it just seems appropriate, polite and even professional to keep you all somewhat informed. The reason of course has nothing to do […]

This testimonial is from the summer 2016 Survival Combat Camp that took place here in Vermont: As one of the lucky ones who attended the Survival Combat Camp last week I just wanted to take a moment and share a few words and experiences from it. First of all I want to say that, as […]

Happy March! Just the other day I was out by Lake Champlain here in north Vermont and found myself exploring the cliffs and countless ice features so meticulously sculpted by snow, wind and water. To me ice has always been something fascinating, truly alive and filled with the heart of winter itself. Winter after winter […]

Lake Champlain, considered the “Most Historic Lake” in all the United States, fed by Lake George and draining north used to be saltwater during the times of the great glaciers. After the glaciers melted the land, no longer burdened by the massive weight rose up and sealed the Lake off from the Atlantic Ocean water. […]

Been real busy up here in the Vermont Mountains. This entire week at Ways Of The Wild Institute is booked solid! Just thought I would share a few images with you of a just for fun cedar hut. Plenty of room for at least six or seven folk 😉 Don’t forget to plan ahead for […]