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Happy March! Just the other day I was out by Lake Champlain here in north Vermont and found myself exploring the cliffs and countless ice features so meticulously sculpted by snow, wind and water. To me ice has always been something fascinating, truly alive and filled with the heart of winter itself. Winter after winter […]

Lake Champlain, considered the “Most Historic Lake” in all the United States, fed by Lake George and draining north used to be saltwater during the times of the great glaciers. After the glaciers melted the land, no longer burdened by the massive weight rose up and sealed the Lake off from the Atlantic Ocean water. […]

I must get out to teach apprentices today so this is a short and direct article in response to numerous inquiries to the same topic. The topic is the Ways Of The Wild Institute dvd sets and cd sets and why is it that I do not hook up with one of the many websites […]