Contact Info & Lodging

Contact Info:

Below you will find our contact information here at Element Mountain. Please note that these forms of contact are intercepted by the small staff at Element Mountain and are not funneled to one individual. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning our school, events, courses or products.

Please be advised, this is a school phone number to be used for inquires about the school, questions about classes/products, directions and so forth. This is not a phone number to call just to “talk” because you want to “meet” someone at the school. White Wolf especially is far too busy to just chat with everyone who calls in wanting to meet him by phone. In behalf of the school and staff we thank you for your understanding.



Below is a partial list of suggested local lodging for anyone out of town seeking to participate in a class that does not involve camping. Students have stayed at all of these local accommodations in past years with positive feedback. Please mention you are taking classes at Element Mountain with White Wolf upon contacting these organizations. Some know us well and openly welcome our students.

  • Hardscrabble Quilting A beautiful home situated in the picturesque setting near Bristol Pond (Winona Lake) and a few minutes from downtown Bristol. Contact: Wilma at (802) 453-7228
  • Firefly Bed & Breakfast Another beautifully situated home in the mountain country of Lincoln with great views of the Long Range. 15 minutes from downtown Bristol. Contact: (802) 349-0200, or (802) 453-2223
  • The Old Hotel A lovely quintessential B&B atmosphere right in the center of the small village of Lincoln. Contact: (802) 453-2567
  • Inn at Baldwin Creek A beautiful country layout with an amazing all local and fresh restaurant! Contact: (802) 453-2432
  • Russell Young Farm Bed & Breakfast Contact: (802) 453-7026

There are more with a further driving distance, but these are the most popular among students in the local area with very short drives to classes and dining.