5 Original Wisdom’s part 2

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If you have not already, or if perhaps it has been a while since you read the 5 Original Wisdom’s, you may wish to go and read the article again so the information is fresh in your mind before continuing on.

I realize that some people who read the 5 Original Wisdom’s and never attended a class here at Element Mountain where more in-depth information is taught may have some questions. Not so much on the Wisdom’s themselves, but more so on the races. Therefore in this short follow-up article I have addressed some of those questions and attempted to layout a more direct view of the 5 Original Races that coincide with the 5 Original Wisdom’s.

Keep in mind that the following information is my own perspective based upon my own understandings gained from research, time, personal meditation/feeling, study of genetics and curiosity. Therefore the following is not to be confused with me saying this is fact, merely my insights based upon my own perspectives formulated from my own observations.


It is my feeling that each of the 5 original races had two places of origin on the earth and though each race had a twin elsewhere, the twins had variations, uniqueness even within the same color/race. I do not feel that each of those 5 races had singular starting places around the globe. The Black Race for example had two separate locations on the earth where they originated. Each was a twin of the other, both of the Black Race, but even so they were polar opposites of that genetic line.

Below is a list and description of the 5 Races and their points of origin.

Red Race:

Atlantis and North America — the reds from Atlantis sailed west to the east coast of North America and became the eastern Native Americans — the North Americans of the center plains mixed with the brown race of the south/Mexico perhaps long before the Atlantis red race even landed on the continent

Brown Race:

Lemuria and North Africa — Lemuria Browns spread to most of the Pacific Islands as well as Mexico, Central and South America — the Browns of North Africa spread into India and the Middle East; ancient Sumeria (I think east Indian people are actually a mix of the Brown and Yellow races)

Black Race:

Mid and Southern Africa and Australia — they are both black races but very different people who can trace ancient roots back to their respective continents. (I think original Maori people are a mix of Black and Yellow races as well)

Yellow Race:

Northern Asia (Mongolia) and Southern Asia

White Race:

Atlantis (Celt tribes) and Northern Germania (you know the Norse belief system actually started in northern Germania, not Scandinavia) — once again, both White, but very different in nature


Personally I think the original “plan” for humanoid species upon this planet was to have two sides of every race forming in various regions of the earth in order to hold a positive/negative balance within the individual races themselves. 5 original races, each with two polarities like the poles themselves, north and south. Aborigines of Australia, obviously a Black Race, but very peaceful and “off-world” connected and then we have the overall feel of the African Black Race which tend to be more aggressive and warlike, though just a spiritual. The Atlantis White Race of the original Celts were a very different energy people than the White Race of ancient Northern Germania tribes – polar opposites within the same race.

I think it was inevitable for the races to mix, but I also feel that the original race set-up was to ensure interracial breeding only between the two polar opposites within each respective race; white to white, yellow to yellow and so on, rather than all the races just jamming together and washing each other out. What would you get when mixing two polar opposite White Race genetics… a more balanced and very powerful offspring carrying the gifts of both sides of the racial scale as opposed to a washing out of the genetic coding.

Some people may think this all sounds rather Arian in thought, but truly it is not. Do we see Elk breeding with Mule Deer or Hawks breeding with Eagles? No we do not. Though Elk and Mule Deer are both of the Cervidae family, but they do not interbreed with one another. Their genetics do not wash out by mixing blood. Elk and Mule Deer races remain strong. Red Fox and Grey Fox do not mate even know they occupy the same territorial regions and they could physically breed. There are some Ligers in the world from forced mating situations between captive lions and tigers and many of them have birth defects and health issues and shorter life spans than either pure tigers or pure lions. When we look at many species that have mixed genetics we find many health issues of both brain and body that are not prominent in either of the pure strands the mixed genetics come from. Take dogs that were bred with wolves, you end up with very unstable animals prone to a variety of complications.

Even people with Native American (red race) blood have great difficulty finding organs from the white race for organ transplant that will be accepted by their bodies. The topic of mixing genetics from different races floods quickly into the medical world and not just ideas and philosophy.

However, a genetic line remaining too pure also creates health issues, like blindness in Dalmatian dogs and deformities in deer trapped on a small island. Most species seem to require fresh blood in the gene pool to remain at their peak. To me it makes sense then that human genetics are similar in that each of the 5 Original Races required similar but opposite genetic energy within the race pool to keep the population strong.

When we look at many old bloodlines we see very powerful talents/gifts seemingly born of those genetics. As those genetics are washed down with other genetics not of their original race, the talents become less and less.

This planet is based upon duality, polar opposites and the balance point created between. In my opinion original genetics must follow the same set of patterns since they are part of this earth. This all goes along with my next article entitled Genetic Alignment Importance.


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