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The 5 Wisdoms are connected to the 5 main races of the human species. I mentioned this in my last article called Genetic Connection, physical and soul level. This is a spin-off of that article and specifically targets the detailing of the 5 Wisdoms.

Quoting myself from that previous article:

You see, unlike science tries to tell us, Native Americans as well as many other pre-technology cultures understood that humans did not all evolve from the same ancestral species. We did not sprout op on the African continent and travel round the world. It has been widely believed and known that the human species came from numerous races that all began in different areas of the earth. There were many bloodlines, not one original. These bloodlines were strong within themselves and the spiritual abilities of those people far surpassed most people today, because their bloodlines were not washed down.
When the bloodlines of the various human races were strongly intact, the sacred wisdom bestowed on a soul level was understood and embraced. You may recall in the series I wrote on Meechgalanne, in Part 6, The Elders, I quoted the old Chief Tatheleu:

Tatheleu continued, “We see the races of the world in your vision and we see their responsibilities as well as what many have let go. Remember always the responsibilities of the earth’s people. Remember our people, the Red People have been given the responsibility of care-taking the Earth. If this knowledge is lost the earth’s people will become weak and die from sickness because it is within the plant people where the greatest medicines flow. We are entrusted the sacredness of the plant people and their medicine shared by all life on this planet. The White People were given the gift and responsibility of the fire. Fire can move and consume and create. If this knowledge is abused the earth will burn and be destroyed in mindless movement of destruction and waste. The Brown People were also given the knowledge of care-taking the earth, but in the form of growing and protecting the integrity of food. If this wisdom is lost then the people of the earth will starve and fall to diseases from foods without integrity. It is the Yellow People that carry the wisdom of the sky, of air and the movements of the winds. They hold the medicine of spiritual growth and its knowledge. If this is lost the people of the earth will be lost. The Black People were given the gift of water and emotion. They were to be the leaders of adaptation just as water will find a way to flow through anything. If this knowledge is lost people will die in their hearts.”

  • • Red Race = Earth Care-Takers for plant medicine
    • White Race = wisdom of the fire, movement and creation
    • Brown Race = Earth-Care-Takers for food
    • Yellow Race = wisdom of the sky and spirit
    • Black Race = wisdom of water and emotion

Each race had bestowed upon them the higher wisdom of the physical universal ways that directly connected to spirit. They understood and upheld this wisdom. Of course there have always been lazy people who want nothing to do with such life-given power and choose to ignore it all, but the races as a whole onto themselves support, upheld and honored the 5 wisdoms.

Before detailing each of the 5 Wisdoms I need to mention that contrary to some beliefs, the 5 Wisdoms were never in conflict with each other. They were not meant to be clashing or in competition with each other. Rather the 5 Wisdoms were and are compliments to one another in every aspect. Each Wisdom supports another and together they weave an energy web of balance, of harmony. It was only when these Wisdoms started to slip from human understanding, due to the washout of genetics, that they became strewn from understanding on a whole within the mixture of races. However, this does not mean the original understandings were lost within the original race genetics, only in the confused mixture of genetics.

Let us take a foundation look into the Wisdoms. Since we have 5 Original Races we have 5 Original Wisdoms. The Red Race consists of peoples with a slight red pigmentation, said to originate from Atlantean times. The White Race of course is the overall lack of dark pigmentation and said to have originated around the Caucasus range of ancient Germanic bloodline and Scandinavia with the Norse bloodline. The Brown Race having a rich brown pigmentation originated in the South/Central America regions. The Yellow Race are the Asian peoples who have that distinct yellowish hue to their skin. The Black Race have the darkest pigmentation and are said to have originated on the African continent. Each of these 5 Races are unique unto themselves and do not have the same humanoid ancestor as a Darwin theory suggests.

Prior to these 5 original races it is anyone’s guess as to the origins of the 5 human races, and from what I have heard there is nothing out there but wild speculation. That however is not the subject or focus of this article. Beings that the 5 Original Races were scattered around the world, each one had its own environment and region. Each of these regions had its own unique energy. Even so, it is interesting that history tells us these pre-technologic cultures all shared very similar foundational beliefs and even lifestyles. They were all based in nature structures, very visceral, very real, very physically connected and grounded. The basics of animism remained the same no matter where in the world we look and therefore the underlying focuses of earth connection resonated throughout the people and everything they did. When I say ‘history’ I do not just mean modernconventional history, but tribal history of the decedents of the 5 Original Races.

Let me go back to the list of the 5 Races and their 5 Wisdoms:

  • • Red Race = Earth Care-Takers for plant medicine
    • White Race = wisdom of the fire, movement and creation
    • Brown Race = Earth-Care-Takers for food
    • Yellow Race = wisdom of the sky and spirit
    • Black Race = wisdom of water and emotion

If we look at each of these individually at first we can discover the basics of the 5 Wisdoms.

The Red Race = Earth Care Takers for plant medicine. The Red Race was given the wisdom of the plants and plant medicine. The earth requires species that understand how to heal. Even many animals understand what plants to seek out when they are sick or injured. The Red Race was given the knowledge of how to completely tap into the Plant Kingdom and communicate with it is such a profound way as to bring forth the potent and vast medicines, both physical and spiritual into physical manifestation for the purposes of global healing and balance. Through this wisdom a great reverence for the Plant Kingdom was born and that respect was elevated to a global caretaking levels. The understanding that all animals and people lived only because the Plant Kingdom exists. Thus the vital importance of respecting and protecting the Plant Kingdom as part of the overall function of caretaking the planet was paramount in the Red Race.

The White Race = wisdom of the fire, movement and creation. They prompted the expansion of energy and growth around the world. The White Race was given the wisdom of fire and fire is movement and creation. This is the wisdom that drives the creative forces of possibility and potential. Fire wisdom moves a people to seek new ways, release built up energy into the physical world in order to move, avoid stagnation and share both light and heat. This wisdom works with the joint understanding of both physical and non-physical existence and the knowledge that energy itself is eternal and spans both. Therefore the fire wisdom needed to be tapped and released equally between both aspects of existence for a balance to maintain. Physical action could only be successfully and beneficially executed if first the non-physical, spiritual aspect was consulted. Fire is born into physical life from a non-physical state and so physical action must also be born from non-physical existence.

The Brown Race = Earth-Care-Takers for food. They are great farmers. The Brown Race was given the wisdom of caretaking the earth through the sacred knowledge of sustenance. All animals, plants and humans require food to survive. Food is sacred and therefore everything that comes together to create food is also sacred. The act of finding food or growing food, the act of harvesting, preparing, serving and eating food is also sacred. In order that balance upon earth be maintained, the deep and profound respect for food and everything that goes into its creation must be upheld and respected. The Brown Race was given this wisdom as part of the overall earth caretaking energies. To respect food and the entire process of gaining food, one must also respect and honor all life that works together in the total creation of sustenance. Physical and spiritual as one.

The Yellow Race = wisdom of the sky and spirit. Their culture holds the secrets to universal balance, the emptiness, the tao and all manner of element and male/female balances and relationships. The Yellow Race was given the wisdom of sky and spirit in order that humans remember the sacred bridge of illusion between physical and spiritual/non-physical. The Yellow Race was given the depth of understanding of the illusions that make up this world and its apparent separation from the non-physical level of existence. Their wisdom allowed them to see and comprehend the vast and complex details of all life’s connections with each other and to non-physical states. Look to any of the ancient oriental texts and you will find a wealth of information containing arcane wisdoms of a balanced life living between both levels of existence.

The Black Race = wisdom of water and emotion. African tribal dance is one of the oldest and most emotionally expressive of all dances. The Black Race was given the wisdom of the waters and emotional expression through everyday life. They carry the understanding of the essential importance of living through emotional expression and thus the vital energy of emotional balance through release. Water flows ever onward, releases everything in its transformation to vapor only to return to earth purified. All water is connected, none is separate from itself. All emotion is also connected and not separate, but rather one continual flow of expression. To block this flow at any point creates serious implications. The Black Race was given this wisdom of how to openly flow and express as one streaming energy connected to everything and the importance of expressing and honoring the heart.

Those are the original Races and their 5 original Wisdoms in basic form. The 5 Races make-up the 5 points on a 5 pointed star. They were not in opposition with one another, but instead compliments and strengthening agents to each other, just like each point of the star is connected to another. Each point, each Race is equal to the others, none is better or worse. But like all elements, all races contain pieces of all the 5 Wisdom energies, obviously. The Brown Race was not the only race to know how to grow and prepare food. However, it is because the Brown Race is here and they had the wisdom of earth caretaking through food that all other races had a part of this innate wisdom. The Brown Race is the holder of this original wisdom for all other races. The same goes for the wisdoms of all the other races. It is what connects all human races from ancient times with the profound wisdoms and feelings of this world and why the original lifestyles and animism beliefs were so similar. It was through the unique race wisdoms that the uniqueness of expression and life involvement came into play.

Nevertheless, the human imbalances of weakness grew with the disconnect from original region foundations. And this leads back to my previous article on the Genetic Connection, physical and soul level. Hopefully all this gives you a pretty good idea of the 5 Wisdoms of the 5 Races and what they all mean and how they connect.

Continued in: 5 Original Wisdom’s part 2

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