7 Year Regeneration

October 17th, 2012 by

One week from now marks the 7th “anniversary” of when I was poisoned, died and returned to life.  7 years is quite the time frame and cycle for the human body. Last weekend I had an advanced group of students gathered for higher teachings. While we sat around the fire my wife mentioned that it was going to be 7 years since I was poisoned and had my “Medicine Death”. Today people call it a “Shamanic Death”. Then she said that I was brand new again because it’s been 7 years. One of the students asked what she meant and she told them that every 7 years the body regenerates every cell. We were surprised that nobody in the group had heard this before.

I decided to write a small article here explaining this because I find it fascinating as well as important to know. I need to clarify that most cells in the body regenerate within the timeframe of 7 years, but not all. The cellular structure of the human body certainly is not stagnant. It is alive and therefore both dying and growing like all life within the physical. It is a continual process of rejuvenation. This of course is how the body heals and is such an effective self healer. If you get a cut or bruise, it heals. If you get sick, you heal. If your liver gets sick, it can heal. Of course it requires many dynamics to heal, but the point is that if given what it requires the body will and does heal. I, among millions am living proof of this. I have lived through 5 major stab wounds, around 30 major lacerations from head to toe of which some severed tendons, many broken, cracked bones and shattered bones, chest wall contusions, major concussions, direct poisoning of the spleen, stomach and small intestine of which over half the stomach was destroyed and a quarter of the small intestines too; electrocution torture, widespread nerve damage, among many other physical traumas and injuries. I am stronger and healthier today than I have been in the last 7 years. Why and how?

On a baseline physical body understanding here are some facts of body cell regeneration:

  • The surface of our skin is new every 2 weeks
  • The stomach lining is new every 5 days
  • Our taste buds are regenerated every 10 days
  • Our intestines are completely new every 2-3 days
  • Our red blood cells are new every 4 months
  • The lungs take 2-3 weeks to regenerate
  • The liver fully regenerates in 2 years
  • All of our nails take between 6-10 months to fully regenerate
  • Our hair takes between 3-6 year to become new again
  • Did you know that every 7 years we produce our body weight in new red and white blood cells?
  • Many people once though the heart does not regenerate cells but in fact it has been proven that about every twenty years it completes total cellular regeneration.
  • Though our eye cells do not regenerate the cornea does every 24 hours.
  • Our bones take a bit longer to fully regenerate- 10 years
  • The one main organ that does not regenerate nerve cells is our brains. The brain and eyes, besides the corneas are the same age as we are in cellular structure.

That should give you a taste of how amazing the body is at regenerating itself through the cells. So why is it that so many people are diseased and sickly so much of their lives? Why is it that things like cancer stand such a chance of existing in the body if indeed the above regeneration processes are true? Those of you who understand mind energy should know the answer to this. Those of you who have taken my Eagle Mind course had better know the answer. 🙂 The mind creates the body and therefore any non-beneficial mind energy will create and hold such non-beneficial physical manifestations in the body. Why does the skin regenerate? It does so because the brain tells it to regenerate. So if the skin is diseased it will persist or return after medical treatment until the non-beneficial patterns of the mind are changed. This is why all disease begins in the mind.

Our human bodies hold amazing potential IF we understand how to work with it. Most of the energy workers who have assisted me along my difficult healing path have commented that they are amazed I survived all of my injuries and traumas because the average human body is not built to withstand such ongoing and intensely brutal abuse. Every injury and trauma above that I have been successful at healing up until now I have done without any western medical drugs. What I have used with great success is the power of my own mind, old self healing techniques taught to me as a child, meditation, acupuncture, massage, infrared saunas and infrared heating pads, herbs, proper and specific diet, select and high quality vitamin and mineral supplements, cranial sacral, visceral manipulation, physical therapy, essential oil steams, rubs and compresses and proper exercise and stretching. This is how I have healed what I have thus far. I still have a long way to go to heal from all the injuries and traumas, but I am happy with the success I have made so far. I teach much of what I listed above through our school. I teach it because I have lived it, seen the results and so believe in its energy.

I get many emails from people who tell me that it’s “hopeless” and that they will never be able to heal. Read the above and you will see that I don’t believe that for a second. I did what I did and continue to do what I do because I believe in myself and I don’t give up easily. Sure if you give up then nothing is possible but failure. For me that is not an option. I cannot answer that for you. All I can do is relay the path I have walked and the truths I have this far found along it. Why do I celebrate the anniversary of when the government poisoned me to my death? Is it because I enjoy sympathy. NO. I celebrate it because I use it to further my hope and faith in myself and the life that I am living. I use it as a landmark to see how far I have come in body, emotion, mind and spirit. And so far I am pleased with what I have become in the evolution of my life and earthwalk.

I wish you all happy and fulfilling healing!

White Wolf


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