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Much is flowing through my mind… putting various parts and pieces on the puzzle board, rearranging them; standing back and looking at the greater, whole picture that is forming.   Again, the winds of change prevail as a smooth, billowy day to ride the Wave.

What is on the horizon?  More importantly, what do we surround ourselves with?  Many of us are taking this Moment to quietly gaze upon the sky and ruminate.  We reach into and find various memories to digest or to simply gaze upon.  Once again, the dichotomy of experiencing and observing is learned.

What is to be left as a memory and what should be experienced? 

My sense is that all of us, while working through this matrix, are deluded in one way or another.  If we find ourselves wanting to ‘prove’ our position, we are caught in a trap.  If we see ourselves as more informed than another, we are caught in a trap.

Some fancy themselves as being liberated from the matrix, while still caught up in it.  Sometimes, it shows as arrogance of knowledge.  Once again, this is ‘perceiving.’  Perceptions are part of polarity; polarity is greatly ensconced in Control these days.  As long as we separate ourselves as being different from or clearer minded from others, we are, indeed, part of the matrix.

Yes, there are different ways of thinking, or differing streams of consciousness.  And, as we learn to respect these differing ways of others, we come to learn more about ourselves – indeed, about how our methods of Self arise; of where they come from.  As we progress down the River, we find differing landscapes.  We have the option of stopping off and immersing ourselves in them, or we can continue cruising.

Feeling separate or apart from….

As long as we feel conflicted, we are part of the matrix.  Inner conflict indicates imbalance.  It manifests in various ways.  Take time to analyze what irritates.  Why does it irritate, like a burr under the saddle?  An irritant is a symptom not a cause. 

We may come to a point of ‘agreeing to disagree.’  And, for this moment, that is okay.  However, that same point of conflict will come back again.  It may not show with the same person, but the same situation will repeat until we get the message and grow from it.

Darkness and Light simply Are.  They comprise parts of the Whole.  They teach us; we teach them.

Reference is often made about Synthetic Light.  If there is synthetic light, there must also be Synthetic Darkness.  Is it possible that the synthetic darkness is our shadow… a learning tool?


A quiet pool

From something comes nothing

Huh, that is an interesting thought and can be translated in a variety of ways, depending on what perspective is taken.  

Is Darkness our friend or our enemy?  Should it be either?

Some may find that question too ticklish to even ponder.  If so, come back to it later.  Delving into the unknown brings up to the surface some pearls to behold.  As we continue to tear down any false belief systems, it is questions like these that lead to great revealing to ourselves.  That we have not dared to beforehand even question such a thought, should bring up some red flags. 

My Water Sign nature wears and erodes the hard, sharp crags with the continuous ebbing and flowing of the tide.  Eventually, those jutting barriers tumble.  Just as the bird breaks open its shell to the outer world, so does the continuous flow of a tide.  Peck, peck, pecking away from the inside… we break free from the confinement of a shell.  It is time for us to break free of all that constricts us.

We feel free; we breathe easier. 

Shall we dance?

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