April Update and Health Layers

March 29th, 2017 by

Yes I have put up the schedule for this year through Element Mountain. Yes there is a decent amount on it and all great events. Yes the plan is to start up next month, April, which is right around the bend with both a hike and dream catcher workshop. When I laid it all out I was filled with high hopes and healthy dreams! Slam! Reality strikes again!

I do plan on keeping all the great events that are currently on the schedule… from May forward that is. Right now here in the mountains we still have about two feet of snow on the ground and at the end of this week we have yet another winter storm warning calling for up to another foot of snow. What does that mean for the early April hike and dream catcher workshop? It means that there will still be plenty of snow on the ground come the time of the cross-country hike; heavy wet snow at that.

Even when I wrote the March newsletter I was in high hopes of feeling well enough to hike in early April. Life remains having its own ways about things however. Early this winter I laid out in basics what I have found out about my health and why things are and have been as they have. A basic four part recap for those who may have forgotten –

1: My organs never healed the way they should have from when I was poisoned in 2005, and time has progressed enough to force my body to stop and seek immediate healing attention to halt the steady downward spiral it has been on for almost a decade. 2: To top that off professionals health care practitioners have recently told me that my body is holding incredible amounts of trauma in my nervous system from literally a lifetime of trauma and that is preventing my organs from healing the way they should. 3: All winter this year and still today my organ health is in the dumps to say the least because we have been targeting them specifically over the last few months as well as have been targeting the physically locked trauma in the nervous system. 4: The treatments are intense and brutal and though progress is being made and everyone is hopeful, my system is struggling day-by-day to merely function because it is all so exhausting.

With that being said, we are seeing progress, but at this time progress means getting worse before better. The timeframe I have been presented states that it could take about 8 months to stabilize the organs and about 5 years of weekly work to completely clear the nervous system of the locked trauma. Oh joy. Talk about patience! It is what it is and it cannot be rushed or helped. All winter we have been targeting the first level stabilization of the liver, large intestine, small intestine and spleen. We are now into the lungs and kidneys. First we need to bring proper energy rooting to each organ and stabilize their external energy in reference to their opposite pairs. After that we need to bring energy stability to individual organs. Then comes rebuilding the energy communication between organs (each organ literally communicates with other organs and is an integral aspect of their primal functions in the body – the liver cannot function without the large intestine and vise versa, the heart needs the small intestine, the kidneys require the lungs and so on). Once that is achieved we need to root each organ into its proper energy mode by healing the core of specific organs, and finally we need to go through the whole process backward to make sure nothing was missed along the way. There are days I can hardly speak, get out of bed and other days I have to carry around a cane. Blah!

I do know that warmer weather and plenty of sunshine will help out, but this is north Vermont and we are not quite there yet. Winter seems to want to drag on this year. But it’s OK.

With all that said I tell you all that I will be in no shape at all to guide a hike in April, sad to say 🙁  However, for anyone who wishes to join in on the Dream Catcher Workshop I am still running that class on April 9th. Please let me know if you are interested. From there I plan on holding the May events and trust the spring weather will help my energy out by then! 🙂

Just wanted to keep you all informed so you can make your plans accordingly. Thank you all for your understanding and continued patience.


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