Arcane Irony

January 20th, 2016 by

This life is founded upon the very irony that keeps it moving and shaping in the cyclic patterns of physical existence. The irony that blesses and plagues the hearts and minds of the souls who come here to walk the earth through a time between, upon a stage of a dream all the while forgetting that ironic foundation while seeking only light. The shuddersome awesomeness of darkness, the inconceivable eternal pattern of the totality of existence is the arcane dominion within the depths of our brains and it enslaves the ego in a life of fear. The irony is fearing that origin from which is our bosom, our mother, the darkness passed the illusions of consciousness and into the forever. The call of our soul, eternal existence beyond human comprehension in the very seat of our creation. It is that irony that enslaves the consciousness of those whom walk this earth. Fear of annihilation and the return to the very force in-which we were created. What greater comical paradox is there than to fear our source and refuge, our eternal energy? Nevertheless it is the main foundational fear carried within human nature, the nature of the consciousness of which is a tool to dance in this play and bind us equally to the irony of which the consciousness cannot comprehend; our source from through the dark. The root of our survival instincts rooted in the arcane irony of this life.


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