Awareness Point- 1

May 2nd, 2015 by

I spoke on this in detail during my Eagle Mind 2, sacred door of freedom course. I decided it was important enough to present here separate of the course. More of a point specific topic. Perhaps for some of you it will be familiar and to others it may be completely new. If it is somewhat familiar, consider it a review.

The Awareness Point is an energetic area in the torso of the human body that has a seat, a foundation in the center. However, it can move of its own free will or by force. The energy contained within the Awareness Point is vital to the entire emotional state of the body, which in-turn can, will and does affect the emotional state of the mind, and vise versa. Yes the chemicals in the brain through the endocrine system create emotions. However, the body also holds emotional content and can be manipulated by the body itself aside from the brain function. Sure they are connected and the brain runs the body, but the body holds energy centers that act as mediators between brain and body on energetic levels.

The following charts begin by showing the Awareness Point and what occurs if it moves into various directions of the torso. The charts continue in consecutive order explaining more about the Awareness Point and the Triad Mind.

awareness point

To Be Continued…Awareness Point-2


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